World Ventures Can Continue to Sell Its Membership in Norway – Victory or Defeat?

The final word has come down from Sweden that World Ventures can sell its membership in their country. With a long list of problems for this mlm travel company, is this the end or only the beginning?



World Ventures

World Ventures execs are probably jumping up for joy right now with the news that Norway has now allowed them to sell their travel memberships in their country. You can read the article here…


World Ventures, one of many network marketing travel companies, has endured a lot of controversy since its inception – see these:


I’ve personally never been a fan of mlm travel companies – and neither are business regulators in many countries. That doesn’t mean that the travel program is completely flawed (from all accounts, it appears it used the Travelocity travel engine), it means that there is something to be said about the business opportunity side of things.


There has to be something consumable in order justify the monthly price tag which is one of the reasons why World Ventures gets accused of playing a money game.


Hopefully WV can learn from its mistakes and detractors and create a more solid business opportunity that doesn’t come with the skepticism and controvery this one has created.


Just my two cents.

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