Is Willow House and the Southern Living at Home Opportunity Worth It?

If you’re looking at the Willow House Southern Living at Home business opportunity, there are some important things to consider before you become a consultant. Read on…



Willow House, formerly known as Southern Living at Home, is a home based business opportunity in the home decor and jewelry niche. Which is probably one reason why the Southern Living at Home direct sales opportunity caught your eye – there aren’t too many companies like this in the network marketing industry.


If you’re not familiar with Willow House, watch this:


This opens up a whole large field for you to build your business in, however, there’s a huge stumbling block in the Southern Living at Home direct sales opportunity.


You see, although Willow House/Southern Living at Home is a party-plan type business, you may later want to take your business online and try to build it that way.


And herein lies the problem…

Making Money With Southern Living at Home – Online


Southern Living at Home direct sales is meant to be an offline home based business. This means that you find people like your friends and family to host Southern Living parties.




Which can create a problem is you want to build your business online – which is the way that most home based businesses are built nowadays.


The good news is that Willow House does give you a website. The bad news is that you probably won’t know how to drive traffic to your Willow House website.


Without a way to generate leads, your Willow House/Southern Living at Home direct sales business will wither away like an old forgotten flower.


Dramatic – sure, but when you put all your hopes, and your heart and soul into a business and then later watch it die a slow death taking all the time and effort you put into it, you can’t help but feel sad, angry, and even downright frustrated.


 The Latest News With Willow House


If you think that building your business online is the biggest problem you’re facing, you may be in for quite another shock.

willow houseApparently Willow House has decided to discontinue the home decor line and focus on its jewelry line (see story here).


This may be another bump in the road if you were looking forward to sharing the home decor line with your friends and family. This is definitely disappointing but whether or not it’s a deal-breaker is up to you.


Here’s the bottom line…


If you’re still thinking about joining the Southern Living at Home direct sales business opportunity (or Willow House as they are now called), do yourself a favor and learn HOW to build your Southern Living at Home direct sales business online…even if you plan to do parties.




Somewhere down the road, you’re going to run into lots of people who want to join your Willow House business – but they’ll want to build their business on the Internet. How will they feel about you once you tell them that you don’t know how to use the Internet to build a Willow House business?


Either they will join another consultant or they may even decide to join you only to give up in frustration after trying to build the Willow House business online.


If you want to prevent all that heartache and not lose business, then learning how to generate leads online is a skill you must learn right now.


As someone who’s been an Internet marketer for a bit, I can tell you a couple of the easiest ways to generate traffic online are with social networking sites (Facebook, etc…) and blogging.


Social networking requires you to have an authority posture which is basically attraction marketing. Beginners and people new to the home business field typically have a hard time attracting people to them because they smell “green” i.e. a little “wet behind the ears.”


The good thing is that the longer you work on yourself, the more attractable you’ll be to other people. And if you’re not attracting people to you, then odds are you’re driving people away. Keep in mind that there are other home business ideas that are competing for your prospects attention – you want to stand out amongst all the “noise” online.


The main takeaway is this…


Yes, Willow House can be built online and yes they have products that are not commonly found in the network marketing industry. However, before you join Southern Living at Home, give yourself a chance at success by learning traffic generation. Your wallet will thank you later 😉


Your partner in success


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