What’s BLOCKING Your Wealth?

If you’re struggling at all in your business, you’ve got to see what some of those issues could possibly be. In this short article, I’m going to narrow down a few culprits that could be standing in your way of success.


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No traffic to your website…


No profits…


Increasing business expenses…


What a predicament to be in yet many entrepreneurs find themselves in such a situation.




It’s like the domino effect…


One thing breaks down and it leads to the next thing and so on and on. Pretty soon you’ve got a mess and you have to retrace your steps just to figure out how all of it got started.


Here’s the funny thing…


If you can’t figure out what caused the break-down in the first place it could very well end your business – and all your future business ventures.


You see history tends to repeat itself when you don’t learn from it. And how can you learn from it if you don’t know what the initial cause is?


Well, you can’t.


For this very reason so many well-deserving hard-working entrepreneurs pack up their bags and head for the hills because they couldn’t get their business going the way they wanted it to go… i.e. making money at it.


Some of Reasons That Could Be Blocking Your Wealth


As someone who’s been in the home business industry for a length of time, I can tell you some of the reasons people struggle in their business. They include:



a. Not a good business


b. Not set up to receive income


c. Negative environment (i.e. well-meaning family and friends)


Let’s delve just a little bit into each one…shall we?


How to Pick a Good Business


First of all you want a business that has products and services you believe in.




One that has products and services that actual REAL people want to buy (in the case of network marketing). In other words, there has to be a demand for your products.


To maximize your profits, your marketing funnel should have at least one residual income producing service and at least one high-ticket product or service.


 Setting Up Your Business For Success


The next thing you want to work on is spending a majority of your time building your list. If you’re just an affiliate marketer who’s in several niches, then it’s understandable that you don’t want to build  a list in all those different niches…but you could if you intend to stay long-term in a niche.



In the case of network marketing you want to take some time to develop your list-building skills. Now if you don’t know how to set up a marketing funnel that converts then you need to partner up with a company that has one already set up. Then all you have to do is drive traffic to it.


This is one of the biggest reason I leverage this system here. It works and works quite well.


I can tell you one thing, there’s no greater struggle then to keep sending traffic to a website that doesn’t convert – that’s a waste of good traffic!


Who’s in Your World?


The last thing that can block wealth is the thing that is most often underrated..and that’s your environment.



Are you around negative, pessimistic people all the time?


Do you have people around you (and yes that includes family) that are constantly telling you that “Those things never work?”


How in the world can you expect to build a successful business when you’re surrounded by doubters and negative people – people who most likely have zero experience running a business?


Well you can’t. You’re going to get frustrated with all the negativity and most likely quit without giving yourself a fair shot.


Think about Donald Trump – like him or hate him, do you think he surrounds himself around negative people and doubters? Of course not. He has some of the sharpest smartest minds around him…and you should do the same.


You’ve come this far, why quit now?


So , if you’re struggling in your business take a look at what you’re promoting and make sure it converts into sales. Check out your environment. If it’s not conducive to your business building then you’ve got to make changes.


The great thing is that all of this is under your control. The question remains – how bad do you want success?


Your partner in success,




About the Author

Internet marketing geek & on again/off again coffee addict from beautiful southern California who wants to change the world one click at a time.