What is the Most Lucrative Home Based Business Opportunity?

If you’re searching for the most lucrative home based business opportunity online, these are the most important things you’ve got to look for… If you get this wrong be prepared for a rude awakening…

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You’re stuck..


You’re probably looking for the most lucrative home based business opportunity but not quite sure what you should be actually looking for.


You see, unless you have some criteria at hand, you’re likely to make some big, big mistakes…mistakes that could leave broke and broken down.


What do I mean?


There’s more to choosing the most lucrative home based business opportunity then what you’ve probably been told.


Let me explain further…


If you do what they say, you’ll likely end up with a business you totally hate or you’ll end up in a business you’re embarrassed to be a part of.

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I guess my napkin drawing circle days are over!


Do you really want to be the laughing stock of your family?


Well of course not.


Let’s break it down so that it completely makes sense…


The Most Lucrative Home Based Business Opportunity – Setting the Standards So You Don’t Fail


Here’s the weird thing about the home business industry…


They’ll never tell you what you need to know to make an informed decision. They figure the less you know the more likely you are to join the hot new biz opp without asking any questions.


Because you are a smart person, I know you realize that there are important questions you really need to ask before joining anything…




Is what I’m selling a REAL product or service that REAL people want to buy?


In the case of network marketing, which can be a very easy and lucrative business model to get into, too many people join a company to only focus on the product side – not the business-side.


Then they realize after they joined that no real person outside of the distributors themselves would want to buy the products – especially at the price-point they’re selling it at.




Blood, sweat, and tears down the drain…at least on the product side. No wonder your friends and family run from you when you try to pitch your products to them.


If your product/service can’t compete in the marketplace in price and quality or just can’t deliver results that it says it can, you’re wasting time trying to push your network marketing products and services.


If you struggled in the past trying to convince your friends and family to even try your mlm products – well, you’ve probably came to this same conclusion a long time ago. I’m probably not telling you anything you didn’t figure out for yourself.


[stextbox id=”info”]Money-Making Key: The most lucrative home based business opportunity has products and services that have mass appeal to people outside of the network marketing industry.[/stextbox]


The Second Question You Need To Ask – (This is Do or Die)…


I know you understand the importance of the people managing the company, the compensation plan, the length of time in business, etc…


There’s no use even hitting on those topics because you get that any business under two years old is just riskier than a business that’s been around five years.


I’m sure you’re smart enough to know that a nice compensation plan can pay off in dividends down the road once you get your momentum going.


But here’s the question so few people ask – and you may be wondering…


How do I build the business?



Ok, I joined now what?

Here’s the dark pit people find themselves in after they signed their name on the dotted line…


They don’t know what to do.


Perhaps the company or even their upline has only one way of building the business. What if you don’t want to build the business that way?


They may tell you to buy costly leads…


They may tell you to buy into their expensive advertising co-op…


They may tell you to go on Facebook – but never show you or tell you what exactly to do while you’re there…


And so you find yourself stuck with a tough decision to make.


Do you stay in your current company or find third-party training that’s gonna show you how to build your business?


Having been in this industry for a bit, I can tell you a lot of people quit company after company because they’re not getting what they need. Have you ever done that?


Then you have a few people who will stay put but go and find outside training to help them build their current business. This can be a distraction and can even slow you down if you’re not careful. This is one of the reasons why I only recommend a handful of home business training products and services. The rest will rob you of your time and money.


So, when you’re looking for the most lucrative home based business opportunity, you’re gonna want one that does offer you some training so you can get off the ground making money fast.


I’ve Tried That People


most lucrative home based business opportunity

What else ya got?

There are a lot of people that I run into online who have been there and done that.


What I mean is that they’ve tried the traditional network marketing companies – the exotic juices, the vitamins, the anti-aging creams, laundry soaps, cosmetics, etc…but now they want something they haven’t tried before…


In other words, they’re closed to the old and they want something new. I’m sure you’ve met people on Facebook or Google+ who are looking for something new or different. You may even be one of those people.


A good network marketing company in this day and age gives its distributors more ways to build the business besides the same old tired ways. The offer products and services that are different, yet have been proven to sell to people outside of the industry. This is key.


If you’re looking for a program outside of network marketing, make sure it’s a product that people are already buying. Its tough to be a category creator – that’s why when you sell what’s already in demand you’ve already won half the battle.


Where’s the Joy?


most lucrative home based business opportunity

I love my new business!

If you don’t enjoy building your business, you won’t do it for very long. To find the most lucrative home based business opportunity is to find one that gives you many choices when it comes to building your business.


Far too many people join a stale business that’s just not exciting or even interesting to them.


If you can’t find some interest or excitement in the program you’re contemplating joining, then don’t even bother signing up. It doesn’t matter how great the comp plan is or how great the products/services are – you’ll never do what it takes to build the business anyway and those just become moot points.


There Are Lots of Choices…


There’s gotta be momentum in a company – either there are new products and services coming out, or the company is rolling out various programs, or the company has a lot of facets to it that there’s always something to talk about.


lucrative home business

See honey, it works!

What’s HOT right now are companies that I call “Business in a Box” programs. These programs are gaining more and more global mass appeal.


Besides straddling the line between Internet and network marketing, these programs are able to help its people make money a lot easier and faster than in a traditional network marketing company.


If you go this route, make sure you choose one that’s able to help you create multiple income streams – not all of them do. The only exception would be this program and that’s only because you can hook up your autoresponder to the program and build your list. Most programs don’t let you do this.


Remember, the more opportunities you have to make money, the better off you are in the long run.


What is the BEST Program?


Let’s be real here – you can make six or seven-figures in a year with any good company. Don’t let people convince you that their network marketing company or their program is the only one that can do that. Run away from people who try to push that baloney on you.


There are millionaires in every great network marketing company – and so what?! What they don’t tell ya is that it took these people many, many, years and in some cases decades to get there. Yep, network marketing works, I’ve made money in network marketing, but it is typically a very slow build.


The fastest money I ever made was as an affiliate – not a network marketer.


So, if you’re debating whether to do network marketing or one of those home business systems like this one, know that typically you’re going to make money a lot easier and faster with the latter because:

  1. You don’t have to build a big salesforce in order to make money…
  2. You can get into profit with just a few sales whereas with a a traditional network marketing company it will take you a lot of sales every month to get into profit


If someone were to ask you if you wanted to buy your dream home now or ten years from now, what would you say?


Well, obviously now – right?


So if making money faster is important to you, why wouldn’t you do the things that can make it happen faster? There’s only a handful of programs that are put together in such a way where you can make a lucrative income without spending decades trying to do it.


The gist of what I’m trying to convey is that your goals have to be in alignment with your business model.


I remember I seen this gentleman online who was ranting and raving on a forum because in his mind the American Dream wasn’t being fulfilled because he couldn’t make enough money to live off of doing those paid surveys. And yes he was serious. And he was REALLY pi###d!!


And I still see network marketers online complaining about recruiting. I’m like, Why are you doing network marketing if you don’t want to recruit?


You always have choices. It’s up to you to find the business that you have a interest in and that can help you achieve your goals.


The Big Picture on Choosing the Most Lucrative Home Based Business Opportunity


lucrative network marketing

The faster you can make money, the faster you can recoup your expenses…

As you can see, when it comes to choosing the most lucrative home based business opportunity, you’ll want one that you have a strong interest in.


Next you’ll want a business that gives you many ways to build the business.


The more choices you have the more likely you’re gonna find at least one way to make it work for you.


Lastly, you want mass appeal when it comes to a business opportunity. The more people you run into who have a desire for your product/service, the more money you’re gonna make. It’s really that simple.


The most lucrative home based business opportunity can be found – but there’s only a handful that can get you off to a nice income in half the time of a traditional company.


Choose well and you’ll be handsomely rewarded. 🙂




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