What Is the Internet Business Kit?

Curious about the Internet Business Kit and whether or not it will work for you? Before you pull out your wallet you’ll want to read every word of this very carefully…


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Being an Internet marketer is like being caught in a revolving door – you’re in one program for a little bit and then you’re out. You then find something else that you hope is better, but then that doesn’t “pan” out and so you’re out of that program and on to the next and the next….


Can you relate?


Do you feel like sometimes you’re treading water…only making enough money to only keep your head above the “water?” Do you feel like you’re not making fast progress in any direction?


In fact, you may have noticed that the last few programs you joined seem to only give you a partial solution to making money online.




You don’t matter to them. The gurus don’t care if what they sell you actually works – they already got your money! I’ve seen many gurus and outright scamsters sell people a bill of goods.


They never tell you all the things you ought to know in order to be successful online.


Which is why you’ve probably bumped into a lot of frustrated and broke Internet marketers trying desperately to make some money online. You may even feel like you’re one of them.


Internet Business Kit

You see, success is going to always be one step ahead of you if you were never given the truth about what it takes to succeed.


Success is going to be ten steps ahead of you if you signed up with a flawed business program that was designed solely for the benefit of the company and not you.


Seeing is Believing – Sometimes

Internet marketing has a lot of “smoke and mirrors” – in other words, things aren’t always what they seem.


Then there’s the flipside, where money can be made so much easier and faster than with a traditional business, that it makes you wonder, Is this real?


Which brings us to the Internet Business Kit


Is the Internet Business Kit a Scam?


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You’re probably quite skeptical of a lot of money programs considering that maybe you’ve been in a lot of opportunities for one reason or another that just didn’t work out for you. I can’t blame you for being somewhat skeptical of Internet Business Kit.


What you don’t want to do, however, is to be so skeptical that you label everything you come across as a scam.


How do you ever hope to be successful if you’re not open-minded – at least a little bit?


And if you’ve seen people promoting Internet Business Kit (aka IBK) by posting screenshots online of what they say is their PayPal account, then maybe it did raise some red flags for you. I see how you would feel that way.


But this is where you do a wee bit of research to see if this Internet Business Kit is really a scam or a legit opportunity.


Let me end the suspense right here and now… IBK is not a scam.


It’s a real program that has real value beyond just promoting it to make money. You may want to re-read that sentence again. This is huge point that you really want think about before you start your next money-making venture.


Keep on reading…


How is the Internet Business Kit Different Than Anything You’ve Been A Part Of…?


Have you’ve been in programs before where the product you were promoting was questionable in nature? How did it make you feel about presenting it to people? Your family/friends? Did it make you feel “icky?”


Internet Business Kit

You’ll be happy to know that you’re not going to feel that way about Internet Business Kit.


You won’t feel guilty, ashamed,or embarrassed promoting IBK suite of products to anyone – even your friends.


Look, if you don’t believe in what you’re doing, you’re gonna have a hard time making money in any kind of business.


In fact, I can almost guess that part of your problems with making money in the past, was that you lacked belief in the company and/or the products you were selling.


The Gurus Must Take Some Responsibility Too

Remember earlier where I mentioned that a lot of guru products only give you half the solution and as result a lot of people fail online? Well, Internet Business Kit has exceeded in areas where other products have failed.


Internet Business Kit


You see, in addition to not having all the right information in front of you to help you build a business online, you probably ran into money issues – like not making enough money with the products you were promoting.


In other words, you probably didn’t make enough money for all the effort you were putting in and/or your checks were so small that it almost wasn’t worth the effort.


Want to know the formula for misery?


Selling $7, $15, $25 products that pay out one time and that have no back-end profits – and expecting to make a significant income from that.


Sure you can pull off a lot of money selling those kinds of products in that price range – if you’re selling hundreds of them consistently all the time. Are you able to sell a lot of these products consistently? If not, you may want to rethink solely selling these kinds of low commission products.


So, you now you know some of the issues that a lot of Internet marketers like yourself are facing. It can be a hopeless situation if you don’t recognize the writing on the wall. Here’s where things can start to get better…


IBK Solves Three of the Biggest Problems That Most Marketers Face


1. It reveals the important ingredients you MUST have to be really successful online


2. It has real products and services that people want (and are paying BIG bucks for)


3. It shows you how to make bigger and faster checks on the Internet without selling sketchy programs (or your soul to the devil!)


Size is Everything When It Comes to Commissions


Imagine what it would be like if you could make enough money every month to pay your mortgage by just making one sale per day. It’s possible, if you’re willing to read every word of this very carefully…


Internet Business Kit

You see, the most powerful thing about Internet Business Kit is that you’re able to make 100% commissions on a product that pays out $150 to your PayPal account.


So your money is available a lot quicker than with an ordinary affiliate program where you have to wait up to thirty days plus just to get paid. Now that’s a pain if that’s your only income.


IBK strives to be different. Billee Brady, the creator of IBK, knows that the fortune is not only in the follow-up, but it’s also in faster cashflow.


The more money you can make at a faster pace, the more money you have to pay your bills and the more money you can put back into your business to grow it even faster.


Think about this…


Just on sale per day can make you $4500 per month. Would an extra $4k per month help you?


If so, keep on reading…


Curious About What You Get With IBK?


Unlike most reviews you see of the Internet Business Kit, I’m not gonna just talk about the money you can make. It’s not fair to only cover that aspect without telling you what kind of products you’re aligning yourself with.


internet business kit

What you need to know with Internet Business Kit is that you’re getting resell rights to sell the Internet Business Kit to people just like you who are looking for ways to make money online.


This is how you’re gonna get paid directly from your customers into your own PayPal account. There is no middleman.

Here’s what you get:

  • Access to Cutting-Edge Marketing Tools
  • Step-by-Step Training on How to Set Up Your New Internet Business in Under 60 Minutes
  • Pre-Written Follow Up Emails
  • Pre-Made Sales Pages/Training
  • Capture Page Templates/Training
  • Traffic Training And Resources
  • The Ability To Start Making Money TODAY!


Once you set up your own system, you’ll see how the pieces work together so that you can use this model in any kind of business. Everything is laid out for you – no missing pieces.


The Cons and Pros of Internet Business Kit

If you’re reader of this blog, you’ll see that I like to lay it all on the line so that you get an accurate picture of what it is you’re getting involved with before you get involved with it.


And so I do have to give you the cons of IBK…


Let me see…how I can say this…


IBK is not for broke marketers. Sorry. You’ve gotta have the funds to pull this program together and that includes having an autoresponder.


If you’re going to be a real Internet marketer, then an autoresponder is something you MUST have sooner rather than later. You can get one for less than $20 bucks a month. Aweber or Get Response are pretty much the top two services. Get Response has a 30 day free trial. You can get that here.


You’ve gotta be an action taker! This is not an overnight get rich scheme. Yes you can make a lot of money with IBK – if you put in the effort. This is not really a con because all programs require effort.


The Pros of IBK

  • We will show you ways to get traffic for free
  • You get paid $150 per sale (minus the PayPal fees of course)
  • You get paid instantly (takes approximately 3 days for the funds to clear for PayPal)
  • No chargebacks,
  • No waiting weeks to get paid
  • Quality products that are in demand
  • I will pay out of my own pocket for traffic to your IBK site for 30 days
  • You’re just about in profit when you make your first sale!


With a lot of programs that pay out this high, you will see that you have to invest a lot of money just to get started to the tune of hundreds of dollars and in some cases thousands of dollars. On top of that, a lot of these programs have reoccurring costs just to stay in the affiliate program to earn your check!


Internet Business Kit is different…


IBK is measley $200 bucks and no recoccuring costs. If you can’t scrape together a couple hundred bucks for something that has the opportunity to make you a six-figure income, then I question whether Internet marketing is the right place for you.


Sounds Good, But How Do I Know if the Internet Business Kit is Right For Me?


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Here’s what I like to tell people…


If you’re miserable doing what you’re doing…


If you’re not making enough money for all the effort you’re putting in…


If you’re wanting to make faster money…


If you have financial goals for you and your family that will never come to fruition unless you do something other than what you’ve been doing…


Then you owe it to yourself to at least take a look and see how IBK can help you.


===> Click here to get started…



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