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Success on the ‘Net – Eagle Marketing – Video Splash Page Creator

If you’re an affiliate that wants to stand out amongst the masses, then your own custom video splash page from Eagle Marketing may be just what you need…



Our featured Tripleclicks storefront business this week is Eagle Marketing. This business is based out of Taylorville, Illinois.


They specialize in helping SFI affiliates stand apart from the crowd with their own branded video splash page.


NOTE: Eagle Marketing may be able to help you create a custom page for your business opportunity. You’ll have to contact them here.


Eagle Marketing Video Splash Page Creation

Eagle Marketing’s main and only products are video splash pages (see demo below).



From their Tripleclicks store:


Set yourself apart from the other 1.5 million SFI Affiliates. Promote your SFI business with our video splash pages. Video converts better than other forms of advertising


With 1.5 million affiliates promoting your program, you need something to set you apart from the crowd. Here’s a new product that will do just that: Personalized Video Splash Pages


There are 3 different videos to choose from. Each video is about 60 seconds long. Each video will feature your name, your photo and a brief bio. You can also include an incentive offer to encourage people to join your program.


Each video is uploaded to YouTube and then embedded into a splash page. These attention grabbing splash pages feature 2 opportunity banners. One is featured above the video and one is featured below the video. These splash pages are perfect for traffic exchanges.


Your splash page will be hosted on our servers for free for 12 months.


Love It !! Excellent marketing tool, would recommend to all affiliates. Exceptional Value !!
-John S.


How Eagle Marketing Can Help You Get Better Results


video splash page maker

If you’re not getting good results with your standard affiliate page, consider using a video before you optin page/sales page to help you increase your conversions.


Click here to order your video splash page or to learn more about Eagle Marketing…


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Let’s all do our part in supporting small businesses!