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Vector Marketing Reviews – Does This Company Make You Feel Creepy?

If you’ve been looking at a Vector Marketing job or have been called in for an interview- and you feel really weird about it, then this Vector Marketing review is something you need to read ASAP…


Vector marketing

courtesy of deca.org


Make no mistake about it – Vector Marketing is one strange company. So strange that many people quickly quit when they find out what it really is.


Here’s some people’s experiences with Vector Marketing that I found on the Internet (click here, this window will stay open).


So with all the weirdness and aura of foreboding, does this job really pay well for what you have to do?


First of all, just so that you know you’re NOT going crazy, odds are you’ll have your interview in usually a dingy looking or run-down looking business office.


After you pass your “interview” you then are usually are invited to work for free – yes FREE to see if you can do the job. Vector Marketing wants you to give up your valuable time and work for them for free.


Do you have the word “Idiot” written on your face?


Idiot must be written on some people’s faces because a lot of people, especially women buy into it (blame the desperation on the economy I guess), only to find out that they’re selling cutlery.


From all reports I’ve seen, Vector Marketing wants you to sell Cutco cutlery. And in some areas, they want you to go to people’s homes with a set of these knives. vector marketing




From all accounts it doesn’t appear that Vector Marketing even pays that well. How could it if it wants you to spend several hours working for them for free?


Now, if you were gonna go into sales, why not go into sales for yourself where you can make ALL the money?


Well you can and you don’t have to go to a creepy Interview in a dilapidated building or fear for your safety to do it.


If you’re into marketing, but NOT Vector Marketing, let me show you how to make a life-style changing income from the comfort of your own home…


[stextbox id=”info”]Considering this company’s checkered past, make sure you do your due diligence if you’re seriously checking out this company.[/stextbox]
Based upon all the online Vector Marketing reviews, this company is no-go in my book!


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