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Secondary Income Ideas Become Important as Abbott Laboratories Lay Off 200 People in Temecula

Do you feel your job is at risk for a layoff? Have you ever given thought to any secondary income ideas? After reading this article you may have second thoughts on how you see your employer…


secondary business ideas

Food. Shelter. Bills. Money.


Those are the things that come to mind whenever you lose your job unexpectedly. But does it ever cross your mind that maybe you should be working on some secondary income ideas…just in case you ever are without a job?


In the case of the recent layoffs at Abbott Laboratories in Temecula, California (see story here) I wonder how many of its workers had a backup plan?


With no “Plan B” or any thoughts to secondary income ideas, there will be no doubt that a lot of these workers will find it hard to get back into the workforce given the nature of the economy.


Take it from someone who had gotten laid off from a job without any warning. Not knowing how you’re going to pay bills and put food on the table is a very stressful situation to be in. Add to that all the guilt and shame you feel when you can’t provide for your family.


How to Work on Your Secondary Income Ideas


secondary income ideas

If you haven’t already begun to work on your supplemental income ideas, now is the time to do it. Take 30 minutes today and everyday just brainstorming some ideas that can make you money.


Ask yourself…


What am I good at?


What skills do I have that I can easily make money off of?


You’ll be surprised at what your mind can come up with when you ask yourself the right type of questions.


I Don’t Have Any Secondary Income Ideas


secondary income ideas

If you’re one of those people who don’t have a “bankable” skill that you can make money with in case of an emergency …like losing your job, then you’ll have to do what a lot of people have done to make money – turn to the Internet.


Although there are countless ways to make money online, the ones that you’re probably accustomed to seeing are those real paid online surveys all over the internet and those paid-to-read types of programs.


Although you can make a little bit of money doing those things, you’ll never likely ever make enough to sustain your household.


One of the best secondary income ideas that can replace your income from your job is a work-at-home business. I have made most of my money online with products and services that are legitimate and that people actually want to buy. There are many home business ideas out there – you just have to find the right one that is a fit for you.


Don’t wait until you get laid off or fired from a job to think about secondary income ideas. Do it now.


Your partner in success,