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Slice the Pie Review – Can You Really Make Money Listening to Music?

This is the Slice the Pie review you’ll want to read before you invest any time into this program. In fact, you may save a whole lot of time and even make a whole heck of a lot of more money elsewhere…


slice the pie review

You want to make money online. Maybe you’ve got utility bill you want to pay or a cell phone bill that’s been staring you in the face as you try to figure out how you’re gonna pay it.


It’s silly as you go through this same routine month after month as you scramble to pay your bills with what little money you have coming in.


Enter Slice the Pie.


You probably heard of this on a work from home job site or on a social networking website and now you’re really curious. Is this site really “the bees knees” and can it help you earn some serious money while listening to music?


Well, I have both good news and bad news…


What This Slice the Pie Review Will Tell You That Others Won’t


slice the pie review

Here’s the gist of it – and once you understand this, Slice the Pie will make perfect sense to you.


Let me explain…


Slice the Pie works with unsigned artists. These artists want creative feedback on their music and in return you’ll get paid pennies.


Now that word “pennies” may have completely turned you off because you were hoping to pay your car payment with the money you were going to make with Slice the Pie.


Sorry to bring you the bad news.


If you’re open to hearing about some realistic earnings you can actually make from this site, then read on because those pennies do add up rather quickly – for some people.


Here’s how to be one of those people…


How to Make More Money With Slice the Pie Than the Average Person

slice the pie review

Now listening to music isn’t like you’re doing brain surgery -right? So you get that it’s super simple easy to do. Here’s the downfall most people get themselves in when it comes to doing these types of money and survey sites – speaking of which…


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The biggest reason why people either literally make a few pennies or barely nothing at all is that they don’t take the time to really understand how sites like this work.


Let me break it down…


There are ways to make higher than average money with sites like this. If you’re willing to spend just a couple more minutes reading this let me show you how…


The Important Things You’ve Got to Understand With Slice the Pie


slice the pie review

Unequal – Not everyone gets paid the same with Slice the Pie – You want to be one of those people who makes more money.


Go Fast – Those who can type faster get paid more. Since you’re typing reviews of songs that only last 90 seconds, it’s a no-brainer that the faster you can type the more reviews you can do.


Be Complete – You’re rating music so you want o consider the lyrics, harmony, vocals, melody, arrangement, instrumentals etc… Ask yourself, “Could this song be a hit?” Rate the track based on its potential! Put these phrases in your reviews. Be detailed.


Slide the Scale – After you write your review, you’ll need to slide the scale to what you think the overall score the song should get. Keep in mind the review you just wrote.


When you put consider all these tips here, you’ll be earning more per song than the average Joe Blow out there.


The more thorough and detailed it is, the more you’ll make. It’s really that simple. And no, that picture I put up there with the gal with the gobs of cash in her hands is not realistic of the average person.


If you want to get anything close to that picture of the lady, you’ll have to adhere to the tips here, get hundreds if not thousands of referrals, and spend lots of time listening to bad music.


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slice the pie review