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SFI Takes Tracking to a New Level

It’s always been said that if you’re not tracking your advertising you’re pretty shooting in the dark.


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SFI has upped its game again and is now allowing you to download your tracking results so you can analyze and see what’s working and what’s not working.


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You’ll want to do download your stats before each Sunday because that’s when the system automatically resets the stats. You can read more here.


To get access to your SFI Hit Tracking page, click here.


How to Do SFI’s Tracking


If you have any questions about SFI or TripleClicks, all you have to do is log into SFI and click on the red tab on top that says Ask SC.



To Track Hits…


SFI member John Gill gave an excellent example of how to do this. Just a testament on how the SFI community is always willing to help one another.

With the hit tracking, you should also use the Key Code section and you can determine which of your gateways is bringing better results and more hits.


The xxxxx should be your affiliate number, the 56 is an example you could use as a reminder for where you have your ad listed. (Say 56 is “X” advertiser).

Then choose a different number for another place like 36. (Say 36 is “y” advertiser).

Then in the hit tracking section, you can check your hits, specifically on a Saturday before they reset. You will see that “x” advertiser got more hits and “y” advertiser got less, based on the numbers you have chosen for each advertiser. Then you would know to stick with advertiser “X” instead of “Y”.

You can also use this same method with each gateway…

Choose a different key code for each gateway, keep track of which ones get the best return for you, and you will know which gateways have the biggest return for your promotions and advertising methods.


Thanks John!


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