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Using Penny Auctions to Build Your Business

Need leads for your SFI business? Need products to sell on Amazon or eBay? If you haven’t seen Pricebenders penny auctions in awhile, you’ll be quite amazed at what you can find there for your business – on pennies on the dollar!…




Past Auctions 

Here’s are some of the auctions that happened recently:

  • Syma Remote Control Helicopter w/Camera
  • TCredits – 400 pack
  • Silver76Pack–Silver Bar & 75 TCredits
  • 50 PSAs (you can bid for leads for your SFI business!)
  • Apple iPad Mini 3 (space gray)
  • Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity
  • Apple iPod touch 16GB 6th Generation
  • O-Ion B-1000 Ionic Air Purifier

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Previous Items Won on Pricebenders




How Bidding Works



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How to Get the Lowest Price Per Credit

Out of all the penny auctions I’ve seen, Tripleclick’s Pricebenders auctions have the lowest cost per credit at only .29 cents. To get this low price you do have to become a member of SFI – which is no cost. Click here to join in a few easy steps.


How to Use These Auctions in Your Business

There are many,  many ways to build an SFI busines and promoting these penny auctions are just one way. If you’re not is SFI but you sell products online on eBay or Amazon, you can get high value in demand products for just pennies on the dollar.


DS Domination/eBay/Amazon Sellers

You also  have the ability to bid on T-Credits, the currency used to bid on products on Tripleclicks/Pricebenders. A smart strategy would to win as many T-Credit auctions as you can.


You can get T-Credits on pennies on the dollar in Pricebender auctions. This way when you do win auctions say for example an iPad, your credits cost you very little to obtain thereby increasing your profit margin that much more!


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SFI Introduces New Programs to Help SFI Affiliates Build Their Businesses

If you’re an SFI affiliate, you’ll be eager to know that SFI has launched two new programs to help you build your business…


work at home mom home business

It’s no secret that most people who join a network marketing company become disappointed in the amount of resources and tools that these companies offer its distributors.


After all, it’s in the companies best interest to give its distributor force as many tools as it can to help them build their business – right?


Unfortunately, most companies leave their reps empty handed thereby forcing them to seek out third-party network marketing training.


Where other network marketing companies have dropped the ball, Strong Future International or SFI  for short has taken the ball and ran with it.


You see, SFI is always improving and focusing on getting more education, tools, and resources in the hands of its distributors so they can build a better business. In fact, you can even take what you learn at SFI and apply it in another business.


SFI Business Tools



The latest tools to come out of SFI are T-Credit Welcomes  and Cash Welcome.


Both of these programs address the biggest problems in network marketing  – getting people engaged and involved in their business.


If you’re a network marketer, then I’m sure you’ve faced those challenges in your business at one time or another.


Incentives Build More Interest



By giving small incentives (heck, everybody likes free stuff) to new enrollees, these programs aim to help people become more active in their business.


SFI again proves that it’s ahead of the curve and really care about helping people build successful businesses.


Not a member of SFI? What are you waiting for? Join through the Plug in Profit Site and get a money-making blog and custom WordPress blog at no cost to you. Click here to get started…