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Secret Income 14 – Is This Opportunity Real or Fake?

If you’ve heard those radio announcements for the the Secret Income 14 opportunity and you’ve been wondering exactly what it is – then you’ll want to read this before you get too excited…


You’ve heard the news about Obama’s secret income on those radio ads and now you want to know what in the heck they’re talking about. Is Obama doing something “shady” in order to make a lot of money on the side? Are politicians keeping you in the dark about untold riches that could be yours if you only knew the “secret?”


If you listen to those ads for SecretIncome14.com, you would think so. In fact, the people behind those ads are relying on you to feel “left out” so that your curiousity is peaked enough so that you check out their website.



If you’ve managed to take yourself to their website, you may even find yourself getting frustrated at the lack of information that they’re giving you.


They’re baiting you hoping that you hang on to the end of their spiel to find out this secret income that people like president Obama are milking to their advantage.


With everything said and done you may be quite let down on what you’ve heard, or downright befuddled as to what they’re talking about. If you’re in the know about investments, then you maybe your interest has been peaked by this – or maybe not…


What Really is this Secret Income 14?


This is really nothing new, it’s just that the people behind this website thought that it would be a good idea to lead people onto some new discovery that turns out isn’t really a discovery at all.


So, its basically making money from royalties – gold and precious metal royalties along with other natural resources markets.The royalties Obama gets is referred to as a Mainz income stream according to the Secret Income 14 website. You see, Obama gets royalties from the books he has written which is really no secret.

Can you really make money from this kind of investments?


Of course.


Is this something that is new or undiscovered?




Either this kind of opportunity excites you or it don’t. If you were hoping for a true business opportunity that would put money in your pocket than this was probably a big let down for you. Not that this investment cannot make you money, it has the potential to; however, you have to be realistic as to what it really is and what it can really do for you.


Not Interested in Secret Income 14?
Here are some other ways to make money online…


secretincome14There are many ways to make money besides dipping your toe into the investment realm.


If you’re a person who is looking for a business in a market that has been proven, then you’ll want to look at products and services that are in demand.


Choose the Right Business Model


The catch is that you don’t want a lot of overhead that can eat away at your profits. This is one of the reasons why online businesses have been booming for the past five years. You have your business opportunity making you money without you worrying about employees, Workers Compensation, rent, and franchise fees – if you choose a franchise-free business model.


If you don’t already have an existing product, then the fastest way to get into business is to sell an existing product in a marketplace where people are buying. If you can find the product like this, then you’re destined to hit a home run.


There are all kinds of businesses and business models, but for me and other people who want to make money quicker while selling a product that people actually want to buy, I’ve chosen a single tier affiliate product with a high payout.


This means that I don’t pay any franchise fees and I don’t have to build a large sales organization to help me make money. What I get instead is the right to sell an in demand product and earn a hefty commission for doing so.


Bigger Payouts = Faster Results


My philosophy is this… the big ticket items can get you the lifestyle change you want without worrying about investments as with Secret Income 14 .


There’s a time and a place for investments, and there’s a time where you want to build something long lasting that can put money in your pocket without all the risks and worries investing brings.


When you understand this distinction, you will always make money – almost effortlessly when sell something people actually want.


This is why I’ve recommend this….


It’s not for everyone, but for most people who want a dream car or the ability to buy a new home, you’ve got to look for opportunities that can deliver the dream.