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2 Amazon Echo For $1.84? Learn How to Get Products Like This Dirt Cheap For Your Amazon Business…

If you’re looking to find products at bargain-basement prices so you can boost your profit margins, then you don’t have to look no further than this…


low investment business ideas

As a seller on Amazon or eBay, your biggest problems are finding products that are in high demand, but yet can be bought cheaply.


The lower the purchase price, the more money you have to put back into your business to purchase even more products or stash away into your bank account.


It sounds simple enough, but you’re probably wondering where to find these kinds of products.


And if you think China is the only way to get dirt cheap products, you may want to guess again. In fact, buying from China is not all flowers and rainbows…


Buying Products in China is Like Playing the Lottery


I’m sure you’ve heard about buying products in China for literally peanuts only to sell them online for nearly triple the price. In fact, this may be what you’re doing already.


If it was working 100% well for you then you probably wouldn’t be reading this. As you’re probably aware of, there are problems with buying from manufacturers in China such as…


1.Takes Too Long – It takes forever to receive products from China. Customers want their products as soon as they order it – they’re impatient.


They don’t want to wait weeks just to receive their order.shippingEven when informed of the shipping time, customers will still leave negative reviews about how long it took to get their products. You can’t win with this one!


2.Questionable Quality – You never know the quality of the products you’re going to get – until you buy them.


If you sell customers badly made products they’re gonna leave you bad ratings on eBay and voice their displeasure with your store and your products on Amazon. A lot of bad reviews can bring down your business.


It’s a myth that all products made in China are well made – they’re not. In fact, some products can be hazardous to your health because some manufacturers want to skip corners to make a buck – even it it means killing a few people along the way. See this story and this one here.


Buying products from China is very risky business  – even if you think you know the manufacturer.


3.Communication Issues – Dealing with Chinese manufacturers can be a nice experience or it can be like pulling teeth that have long roots. There is a huge language barrier if you’re dealing direct with manufacturers in China. This will become an even bigger issue if you don’t get exactly what you ordered and/or if you’re sent defective products.


Buying products from manufacturers in China is going to be hit or miss. If you get a lot of misses it’s gonna damper you spirit and ultimately affect your wallet.


There other ways to get products cheaply that few people talk about…


How to Get Products For Pennies on the Dollar in the U.S.



There is an “underground” method that a lot of sellers on Amazon and eBay use to get high in demand products for literally pennies on the dollar – all the time.


It’s called penny auctions and one of the best kept secrets is a site called Pricebenders.




What is It?


Basically Pricebenders is a penny auction site where you can get brand name, new products for up to 90% off the suggested retail price.


How much more lucrative would your eBay/Amazon business be if you could double your profit margins?





Just a few days ago the Amazon Echo, a hot new product from Amazon, was won for less than $2 bucks.


The regular retail price of an Echo is $179.99!


Unlike other penny auction websites, you can find hot products that are in demand, not obscure products no one’s buying. Remember you want to make money faster – not slower.


This is why Pricebenders is increasingly becoming the secret favorite for those who sell on eBay and Amazon.


If you want to dominate in your business and have the ability to increase your profits ten-fold, then you’ll want to check out Pricebeners today. Click here to sign up – it’s FREE!