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Do You Really Get Paid For Online Surveys?

Yes, you do really get paid for online surveys. But here’s the kicker, most people go about online surveys all wrong. They end up wasting their time, being frustrated, and with little to no money to show for it.  Let me share with you some tips about how to go about it the better way so you end up with some change in your pocket…

do you really get paid for online surveys

If you ever felt hopeless or lost in a sea of online survey scams, know that you’re not the only one who’s experienced that.

You may be feeling like you just want to make a little bit of money just to pay a couple of bills – that’s all. You don’t want to buy a Maserati and you don’t want to buy that mansion in a gated community.

In other words, you just want to make a little cash. We’ve all been there. In fact, when I lost my job (without any notice mind you), many, many years ago, I had to rely on these types of income streams just to get by. I didn’t become a millionaire and I definitely didn’t make enough money to pay off my mortgage…although, it would’ve been nice if I could’ve 😉

I was realistic in my income expectations – and you should be too.

Anyone who’s telling you that you’ll be rich overnight doing these online surveys are blowing smoke up your ***! Excuse my French, but it does make me a little peeved when people mis-represent the truth so they can line their pockets with your hard-earned money.

If you’re still reading this and you want to get paid cash for online surveys, then you’ll want to keep reading…

Do You Really Get Paid For Online Surveys?

Obviously, the question is ‘yes’ you do. Do all surveys pay you? The answer would be ‘no.’ Some surveys pay in cash, whereas some pay in points that you can redeem for prizes like gift cards and cash. There are some that just enter your name in a drawing to earn cash. Since your time is valuable, I suggest you stay away from the ones that only enter your name in drawings. There are much better survey companies that will pay you in cash or at the very least, points.

Now that you understand that you do really get paid for online surveys, you may also be wondering about the highest paid online surveys.

How to Go About Finding the Highest Paid Online Surveys

A lot of surveys online are done by third-party companies. The companies that pay you money for doing them usually pay anywhere from $.50 to $5. The survey companies that don’t use a third-party to conduct their surveys usually pay a lot more. These are typically done by market research companies.

These companies sometimes conduct focus groups that you can be a part of. Focus groups can pay a few bucks to hundreds of dollars.

Market research companies, just so you know, also have mystery shopping  opportunities, although more and more of them rely on third-party companies to conduct their mystery shopping assignments.

I don’t want to get too off topic here, but the point to remember about looking for the highest paid online surveys, is they pretty much all pay in the same range unless you’re dealing directly with a market research firm.

How to Get Paid For Online Surveys

One of the biggest reasons why you may be skeptical about online surveys, is that you’re  having trouble finding the legit ones that actually pay. So if you want to not waste your time or money, you definitely need to know how to get paid for online surveys and it starts with this…

  1. Choose the survey companies that have been in business awhile… These are the ones that have a history of paying its survey takers on time.
  2. Choose Either a third-party company that gets surveys from market research companies like Fusion Cash or deal directly with a survey company.
  3. If you want to only get paid in cash – in other words, you only want to do an online survey for money, then choose the survey companies that pay you that way.
  4. Complete surveys honestly and regularly.

Beware of the paid online surveys scams. These are the fly-by-night companies that you see popping up everywhere. Like I stated before, only go with the companies that have proven to work and pay out like they say.

Still skeptical? Still wondering…

Paid surveys online legit?

I’m here to say that some are and some aren’t. As long as you follow the tips I’ve laid out here before you, there’s no reason why you couldn’t make a side income to pay off some bills.

So, do you really get paid for online surveys? Umm, yes, you absolutely do. Now that I’ve given you the inside scoop to how to go about it, there’s no reason why you can’t at least make some money starting today!

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