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Neucopia Review: The Main Things You Should Know About Neucopia

This may very well be the Neucopia review you’ve been waiting for – unbiased and upfront. But before you sign up for this opportunity make sure you read the following very carefully. This could save you a lot of heartache.


neucopia review

Slick and slimy…


Those are probably some of the thoughts that come into your mind as you run across various business opportunities online. But maybe you’re now willing to take a chance on another online home based business in hopes that it will finally pan out for you. This is probably why you’re reading this Neucopia Review.


In fact, this will probably be the last Neucopia review you’ll read before you make your final decision about joining it...if you do.


Let’s break-down Neucopia so that you’re absolutely sure what you may be getting yourself into…


If you’re not familiar with Neucopia, watch this video…



Neucopia Scam or Is Neucopia a Pyramid Scheme?


neucopiareviewFirst of all, the one thing most pyramid schemes and scams have in common is that there’s usually no viable product. As you continue reading this Neucopia review below, I will reveal to you what exactly the products are.


Good products or bad products?


Now there could be something said about the quality of products that are offered by Neucopia. I’m not ready to call this a scam, however, the products are real, but may not be the quality you would expect to get – read on below…


Neucopia Products


Now in this part of the Neucopia review I will talk about the Neucopia products.


Having been an Internet marketer for a while, I know when someone is trying to pull a fast-one on unsuspecting newbies…and it looks like this very well may be the case. Nevertheless, I will break down the major products Neucopia offers its members:


  • Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Real Estate Training
  • Stock Market and Forex Trading Secrets
  • Debt Consolidation and Elimination Strategies


You get to learn all these subjects in-depth according to Neucopia. In addition, you’ll get access to a bevy of basic level courses and products like a “One-Time Offer” Script. All of this comes with a price tag of $49.95/month.


If you look at their website, you’ll notice that most of the basic level products and courses are products that can be found on the Internet for little to nothing. That doesn’t mean these products can’t help you but you ask yourself these questions:


–          What exactly am I trying to learn? Real estate? Debt consolidation?

–          How can these products help me become better in my current business?

–          Is there enough value here to justify the $49.95/mo price tag?

–          How many products, and ebooks do I have currently sitting on my computer that I have never read?

–          How many people will find value with what I’m selling that they’re willing to pay $50 bucks a month for it?


If you’re sure at this point that Neucopia is not a scam, and you’ve answered the questions above (or at least thought about them), you ought to really ask this ultimate question before you join Neucopia…


Do the Neucopia products make this an opportunity worth being involved with?


I’ll let you answer that question.


I want this Neucopia review to be complete, so there’s another major point I want to touch on…


Neucopia vs Empower Network


neucopiareviewI’m not involved with either Neucopia or Empower Network (as of this writing), so I don’t have a “dog” in the fight so they say.

And here’s what it is…


It’s really obvious that even if Ray Charles was still alive, he could see the clear distinction between the Neucopia vs Empower Network rivalry (if you want to call it that).


Neucopia gives you plr content, products and ebooks that they’ve obviously gathered from around the web and then turn around and charge you $50.00 per month for it. So in a sense you could say you’re paying for the convenience of them collecting ebooks, and scripts for you – but is it worth $50 bucks a month for that convenience?


I’ll let you be the judge on that one…and I’ve given you more than enough info on this Neucopia review site thus far for you to make a sound decision.


But from a business perspective it’s as clear as day as what’s going on. Anyone who’s been on the Internet longer than a few months will realize what kind of products Neucopia are peddling and passing off as good cutting-edge information – my opinion of course.


If you market Neucopia products to newbies or those who just started on the Internet, you may be able to get away with it. But is this the kind of business you want to be known for?


Again this is your decision to make. I just wrote this Neucopia review to help you make better decisions.


If you now know what Neucopia is all about, what about Empower Network?


Well, Empower Network is in the information business like Neucopia but Empower’s products are designed to make you a better marketer so you can make more money.


That is what Empower network is all about.


If you’re an amateur then you can do the Neucopia opportunity, but you’ll also be seen as such. If you want to present a higher caliber opportunity then Empower Network may be the better of the two.


I hope you found this Neucopia review helpful. This wasn’t meant to “rip” on Neucopia but you have to really see things as they are, not for what you want them to be. If you’re still stuck on Neucopia, I urge you to get some mlm training.


If you’re wanting to make a professional level income and get bigger checks with just one sale…without all the drama of Empower Network, then you’ll have to “up your game” to this program here. It’s just as simple as that.  It’s not for everyone, only those who want faster results and are willing to put forth the effort for their dreams.


Your partner in success,