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Network Marketing Travel Companies: Real or Scams?

There’s no lack of network marketing travel companies in this industry. And as you can imagine, there’s no lack of controversy when it comes to these types of travel companies. If you’re serious about making money – and there is quite a bit of money to be made in travel, then this is THE review of network marketing travel companies you need to read…


network marketing travel companies

If you’re a lover of travel and you want to make money in the travel industry and you don’t want to go through the hassles of becoming a travel agent, then this is probably what you need to read right now.


If you’ve been online for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve run across your share of naysayers of the mlm /network marketing industry and of travel network marketing companies in general.


So, let’s just get this out the way and air out the dirty laundry of network marketing travel companies…


The Controversy Over Network Marketing Travel Companies


As you may be aware of the biggest complaints against mlm are that there are no REAL legitimate products being sold and that the emphasis is on recruiting to make commissions.



courtesy of javidluffy.deviantart.com

In the case of network marketing travel companies, a lot of the naysayers say that there are no real savings with the travel products promoted by these travel companies.


They say that these “fake” travel products give the illusion that people are saving money but in reality they’re not…according to them.


They also say that the travel company only exist to pay out commissions a la Ponzi Scheme.


Here’s the bombshell…


Yes, just like with anything in life, there are going to be good companies and products and there are going to be not so good types of network marketing travel companies.


So, yes there is some truth in these complaints about these companies. But the mistake a lot of these naysayers make is putting all these types of companies in one basket only to slap them all with the same broad brush.


And for some who hate that fact there is recruiting involved, they will never be won over by any type of network marketing company, especially a travel one.


Now that the cat is out of the bag and you know that there are network marketing travel companies you should probably steer clear of, you really need to understand that the focus has to be on the product or service provided by these travel companies. In other words, there has to be value for the end user. And in case you didn’t know, you are not the end user, it’s the product/service buyer.


Without products/services being “moved” by real people, there is no business only the mystical illusion that there is. And for those very reasons you will find a lot of travel companies coming and going out of this industry like a swinging door on a windy day.


On the positive side, if you can find a network marketing travel company that can deliver a quality product and have a nice commission structure to it, you can make a nice income in this industry doing something that you actually like.


Without further ado, here are some of the better-known network marketing travel companies…




World Ventures 



This compnay sells memberships or what they call “DreamTrips.” There are three types of memberships each with a monthly fee you’ll have to pay.


Pay Plan: Mlm (binary)


What I Don’t Like: From their website, “Numerous local opportunities and valuable deals at fine restaurants, fun clubs and friendly hotels.” What you’re actually saving and what kind of deals you’ll get with your membership is very vague. To commit to a membership without knowing what it is you’re getting is a bit dangerous for your wallet.


What I Like: I like their cutting-edge website and photos…not boring at all. It catches your attention which you need to do nowadays to get people to pay attention to your message. And the best thing about World Ventures is that it’s backed up by Rovia, a 25+ year old company.


Worth Joining?: Maybe. If you wanted a mlm travel company then this would be one worth looking further into.




Paycation Travel Club (formerly TraVerus)



It appears to be some sort of booking engine similar to Expedia. In one form or another (or one name or another) this travel company has been in the travel business ten years according to its website.


Pay Plan: MLM (matrix)


What I Don’t Like: The name change from TraVersus to Paycation raises some eyebrows as the main site (Paycation.com) focuses on…drum roll, making money. The icing on the cake is that when I went to their booking engine I put in two hotels on its site and then put the same two sites on Expedia and the prices were identical. So, where’s the savings by going through Paycation? Or am I missing something?


What I like: Nothing in particular stands out as a travel company or a business opportunity. There are better network marketing travel companies out there.


Worth Joining?: No.




Mor Vacations


mor vacations

Once popular a few years ago, it seems like a ghost town when you go to the websites that used to promote it. Around 2008 a lot of people stopped promoting it and/or the company closed shop on the biz opp side. Next…


Pay Plan: Not sure… Not really relevant at this point.


Worth Joining?: As a business opportunity – no. It may be worth looking into the travel side.




World Discovery Club


world discovery club

It’s a travel membership club that was started by former travel distributors/reps of Mor Vacations. They offer discounts of airline tickets to rental cars and all else in between. They have several memberships from around $500 to over $19k. No mention of the opportunity when you go to the main site and even when you search on Google.


World Discovery Club apparently was quite popular in 2011-2012. Then it seemed to drop off the radar. Again, not sure what happened with this company.  The most recent content I found online is from early 2012. It does appear that this company is still in business, but info on the biz opp side is very hard to find.


Pay Plan: From sites I found online, not related to WDC, it appears it is an mlm with a unilevel pay plan


What I Don’t Like: Info is pretty vague as to what kind of discounts you could expect to get with its membership. This company needs more transparency as to what its members are getting for their money.


What I Like: They offer discounts from car rentals to accommodations.


Worth Joining?: As of this writing, I would say you would need to do more research on this company and whether or not the savings are worth the cost of membership. Based on the info I found so far online and the amount of digging I had to do to get it, I would say stick with the other better known travel companies.




Coastal Vacations 



Coastal Vacations offer discount travel cards from hotel discount cards to golf discount travel cards and pretty much all else in between. You join by purchasing a travel package. The prices range from $1200-$11k. You can earn $1k – $9k per sale depending upon your level.


Pay Plan: Not mlm. Single tier affiliate and you pass up sales.


What I Don’t Like: Hard to find real info on Coastal Vacations from the Official site. I had to do some digging to get the info. Not sure why their “home” site is not ranking at the number one spot or at least at the top for ‘Coastal Vacations’.


What I Do Like: There are a lot of discounts cards you can use in your day to day life.


Worth Joining?: Coastal Vacations had its heyday several years ago, but changes within Coastal Vacations has had a massive exodus of people leaving for greener pastures elsewhere.


From a product perspective, the retail side, perhaps it is worth looking into. The biggest turn-off for most people, even back when Coastal was in its prime is the passing up of sales.


This is one of only a handful, (more like a couple) of network marketing travel companies that is not based on the mlm compensation model. For that reason, it may be worth looking into.




Global Resorts Network

UPDATE 11/30/14


Lots of changes with this program – some not so good in my humble opinion. Cannot recommend at this time.


Network Marketing Travel Companies Resources and Alternatives


So, there you have it. The travel industry is one of those evergreen lucrative niches that you can make really good money in by providing valuable products and services.


network marketing travel companies

Now, you don’t have to join a network marketing company in order to get into the travel industry.


All the popular travel booking sites offer affiliate programs and some even offer a white-label program you can brand with your own company.


If you like the idea of being a travel agent, there are host agencies that will hire home travel agents (see below).


If you’re looking to get started in the travel niche and you have no desire to jump through the hoops and training of becoming a travel agent, then these network marketing travel companies are great place to start your travel career.


If I missed any companies that are still ACTIVE leave a comment below.




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