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My Fun Life Business Opportunity or Scam Opportunity?

My Fun Life – is it as fun as it’s made out to be or will My Fun Life leave you and your wallet out to dry? Take a look at this…

my fun life business opportunity

Has My Fun Life got you hooked on the potential of making gobs of cash with it? Still unsure as to what My Fun Life really is? And most importantly, is this opportunity slash travel and health app worth your time of day?

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Is My Fun Life Just Another Travel Company?


Does the network marketing industry really need another travel opportunity? With all that has happen with the other travel companies like YTB, it’s kind of astonishing that another travel opportunity has popped up.


At least with My Fun Life, it comes with a “twist” and that would be the travel and health app. But is it really worth the $21 bucks you’ll be spending every month?


What Really is My Fun Life?


Ok, let’s just put that aside and talk about the product side – which is a “white label” of Travelocity’s booking engine. You can read more about that on Behind MLM (http://behindmlm.com/companies/my-fun-life-review-21-travel-recruitment-scheme/).


Although I don’t agree with everything (far from it actually) that’s on Behind MLM, it pains me to admit that there is some good points that are made about My Fun Life (see link above).


I’ve always stated that there has to be some VALUE in whatever product you offer to the marketplace. Does the value come in the form of an app? One-on-one travel assistance? Travel tips or advice?


If you’re looking to join My Fun Life and you’re going to focus on the product side (the travel side), you will have to provide some value.


The My Fun Life Business Opportunity

my fun life business opportunity

From the business-side of things, My Fun Life states that you don’t have to sponsor anyone to make money. Hmmmm. I guess by now you know why a lot of anti-mlm/network marketing zealots are having a field day with My Fun Life.


From what I get, the monthly membership is what drives the commissions. Wrongly or rightly, this is what it appears to be.


Is My Fun Life Worth Joining?


My Fun Life is new and sort of exciting, but you can’t build anything successful, at least not long-term if you don’t look at a biz opp from the business side of things.


There’s no reason to waste your time or your money, let alone your reputation, on something that looks like it may not past the smell test down the road.


There are still a couple of proven travel companies in the network marketing niche that have been providing travel services for over the past several years. If you’re serious about getting into the travel industry, I suggest you go with one of those.


If you’re stuck on My Fun Life, just see where it goes; it may one of those sleeping giants that emerges into a top-producing business opportunity.


If you do decide to bite the bullet and join My Fun Life, make sure you get some lead generation training so can at least give yourself a fighting chance.

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