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Mlm Ranking – Is This Important When Choosing a Company?

If a company’s mlm ranking is important to you, then there are some things you need to know so you don’t get burned!…

mlm ranking

Where does mlm ranking fit in with your criteria of choosing a business opportunity? Do you even have any criteria in place so you know a good opportunity from a bad one? Do you fully understand what it takes to build an mlm businesss so that you’re making a decent check?


Those are a lot of questions to answer, but they must be answered before you sign on the dotted line with an mlm company. After all, I’m sure you don’t have money and time to waste – right? That’s why it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.


But there is a place for mlm ranking when looking at what opportunity to go with…


The Important Part MLM Ranking Plays in Your Decision


When choosing a network marketing company, you’ll want one that obviously has products and services that real people want to buy. You’ll also want a company that is on the upswing and that has some momentum going for it. It doesn’t make since to board a sinking ship right?


So, if you’re looking at a company to join, its mlm ranking can play a role in your decision. Although a lot of people like to point to the Alexa ranking of a company’s website, I think the sales are more important than the amount of traffic (or bot traffic) that is going to a company’s website.


The Direct Selling News puts out a list of the top companies based upon a company’s reported sales. Here’s a promo video of the DSN…



You can see a snapshot of some of the top companies of 2013 below. You can click here to see the entire list.


mlm ranking

The MLM Reality


Now that you’ve got a list of companies that you’re interested in perhaps joining, next on your mind is…”how in the heck am I going to build this business?”


And that’s a very good question because most people who join a business opportunity fail to make any significant money.




They fail to realize a couple of things:


1. MLM requires you to recruit a huge downline in order to make any decent money and most people don’t have the skills to sponsor enough people outside of their family members.


2. MLM is a business and any business regardless of whether or not you work it from the comfort of your home still requires an understanding of marketingif you want to build your business with people other than friends and family.


In a nutshell what I’m saying is that you must have a complete understanding of what mlm is all about and it’s more than choosing a company for its mlm ranking.


The next thing is that you have to get the necessary skills in order to build your business. Without the necessary skills you’re doomed to become one of the 95+ percent of people who don’t make any money in mlm (or really in any kind of small business for that matter).


How to Begin Where MLM Ranking Leaves Off


You’ve either at this point have chosen your company (or you decided that building a downline just isn’t your thing), and now you want to know how to make money in your chosen company.


It doesn’t make sense to be struggling to build your business especially when you’ve just begun. This  why you’ve got to be clear as to what you want to achieve – and how you’re going to do it.


You can build your mlm business directly and not worry about list-building or making additional streams of income for your family.


Some people only build that way; however, you must understand that it puts you and the income you’ve created at a severe disadvantage because you have no control. The company can go under or change its compensation plan or worse yet, cancel your distributorship (and all the residual income you’ve produced) without any warning.


What I’m basically saying is don’t worship a company to the detriment of your family.


The smarter way that I teach and other industry leaders teach is to build a full business with multiple income streams so that if one income stream fails you’ve got other income coming in to pay your bills. It’s really that simple.


One way to start is to set this all up yourself or the easier way is to just tap into a system that’s already set up for you. I have recommended this system because it trains you while helping you make a part-time residual income. You can learn more here.


Mlm ranking has its place when you’re deciding what kind of mlm opportunity to go with, but what pays the bills is learning how to build the darn thing so that you’re making money. Money pays the bills.


Whether you choose an mlm company, a network marketing company, or plain ol’ affiliate marketing, make sure you get the training you need so you can pay the bills.


Your partner in success,