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The American Business Systems Review You Don’t Want to Miss

What is American Business Systems (ABS) and is it the best home based business for you? Don’t bother with this until you read this…


American Business System

Are you getting tired going from site to site trying to find the perfect home business for you? Did you happen to run across American Business Systems? Did it pique your interest?


If you’re seriously looking into ABS medical billing franchise, then this is the American Business Systems review you need to read before you go into business.


What is American Business Systems?


If you’re not too familiar with American Business Systems, know that it is a medical billing franchise. It was started in 1987 by Patrick and Linda Phillips. You can watch this video below to learn more:



In this American Business Systems review you’re going to know what you need to understand about the home business industry. Without knowing what you’re facing, you’ll likely struggle and ultimately fail in any kind of business.


Are there any positives of American Business Systems? This wouldn’t be an honest American Business Systems review if I didn’t tell you the positives of the ABS medical billing franchise right upfront.


American Business Systems Review – The Positives



Having had various businesses over the years, I can tell you that the fact that American Business Systems has been in business since the late 1980s is a definite plus.  Most businesses fail within the first 24 months and ABS managed to not only survive but Patrick and Linda Phillips manage to turn it into a franchise.


Another positive is that ABS gives its franchisees a lot of information on building a medical billing franchise with American Business Systems. In fact, on their website, they give you a lot of info on their franchise and even answer questions that are probably on your mind about this business.


What You Need to Know About Making Money With All Home Businesses


 American Business System

The cost of American Business Systems, as of this writing is nearly $25,000.00.


So before you ever make one single cent, you’re already in the hole for nearly $25k grand and that’s not including your insurance that you will no doubt need for running a medical billing business.


Because you are a coming into an industry where doctors already have their own medical billing system or company that does their billing for them, you must prove to doctors that your new business is BETTER than the medical billing services they are already receiving.


Having looked into doing medical billing from home several years ago, I can tell you doctors are not about to trust a brand new company with their cashflow…their income – even if you are part of a franchise. Can you blame them?


Be prepared to “knock” on a lot of doors in order to find a practice that is open to you doing their medical billing. You will without doubt spend a lot of money on marketing in order to get into a doctor’s sphere of influence. In other words, you will have to get past their gatekeepers, which is most cases is their office manager.


Do you have a lot cash saved up for your marketing expenses? If not, you’re definitely going to need it in any kind of business especially one where there’s a lot of competition.


You must also know that a lot of medical doctors are part of organized medical organizations, which means that they must subscribe to a prearranged medical billing system – whether they like it or not.


So, whether or not you choose the ABS franchise, or any other kind of business, you have to take into consideration the operating costs and the ongoing costs of marketing. Do you have money set aside for those important business aspects?




American Business System

Although you can make good money with an ABS franchise, you must take into account the issues brought out in this American Business Systems review.


Do a little digging and see if you can find other people who have bought into the ABS franchise. Contact ABS itself and see how they help their new franchisees find clientele.


Overall, it seems like this may be one of the better franchises available especially in the healthcare niche. If you’re serious about going forward with ABS, make sure you get all your questions answered before you join.