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Le-Vel Reviews – Can They Be Believed?

You’ve seen the Le-vel reviews all over the Internet, but you’re still not quite sure what this business opportunity is really all about. Let me tell you what you should know…



You’ve seen the videos being posted all over the Internet about this company Le-vel, but you may still be on the fence as to whether or not to take the plunge.


You’re really smart to do your homework first before signing up for this business opportunity. It only makes sense to make sure that this is a fit for you before you invest your money and time into it. After all, who has money to burn and time to waste? I know I sure don’t.


Which brings us to these Le-Vel reviews you see all over the Internet. As you proabably guessed they’re by Le-Vel distributors.


There’s nothing wrong with posting your excitement about your company and it’s products, but know that these people have a “dog” in the fight and they want to win you over to their side obviously.


Nothing sinister in that, but you have to take the time to read Le-Vel reviews like this where it comes from someone who doesn’t have a fiancial stake in Le-Vel.


I really don’t care if you join Le-Vel or not. It’s your decision. I do care that you do get all the information about this company so you can make a sound decision based upon facts and not hype.


I do get a little tired of seeing people bad-mouthing a company or an industry because they failed. They failed to do proper research on the company they joined, they failed to learn what it takes to make money in the network marketing/mlm industry, and lastly, they failed to get the proper network marketing training to make it all work.


Le-Vel Review – What is All the Fuss About This Company


Watch this video first



Le-vel is a traditional mlm in that it is in the most lucrative segment of network marketing and that’s nutrition. Nutritional products have been proven time and time again to be a very reliable and steady market in mlm.


With that said, there are many nutritional companies out there, and you porbably want to know whaat makes Le-vel different than the rest?


Let’s start by taking a look at their products…


Le-Vel Supplements



Thrive Line of Products – Threre’s one line of product for men (Thrive M) and one for women (Thrive W).They call these formulations lifestyle capsules.


I’m assuming because it’s supposed to help in several areas according to their website such as: cognitive performance, weight management, digestive, and immune support.


There’s also Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix which is for both men and women and according to Le-vel’s website, this is a “ultra micronized mix” but I’m not exactly sure what that means. This mix does includes vitamins, minerals, plan extracts, and pro-biotics.


Then there is Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT. This is a time release patch that you wear that delivers nutrients through your skin,


Lastly, there’s the 8 Week Experience. It’s several of Le-Vels top products that are packed together as a system. It’s geared towards anyone who either wants to lose weight or be on the path to more healthful living.


Now all of this sounds exciting and if you seen any number of Le-Vel reviews videos on YouTube, then I’m sure you’ve seen the testimonials of people who say their life has changed for the better after they started taking Thrive vitamins and supplements.


Is it true what they say? I don’t know. All I do know is that you’ll have to start taking the product and see for yourself.


Is Le-Vel a Scam?


Just looking at this company for a short time and seeing the product that they do have, I would say that this business appears to be legit. The only concern I would have is that this company does not have a physical address – it’s a Cloud-based business. Which is quite unlike traditional network marketing companies that are run like Fortune 500 companies.


I would like to see this company really invest in itself and work out of a physical address. This is what all the big players do and if this company wants to play in that league, this is what they probably should do too.



A good thing that this company does do is that they have this program where if you refer two friends on autoship then your next monthly shipment of Thrive is free.


Should You Bit The Bullet and Join?


Well, it all depends. You know that it’s mlm so you’ve got to build a downline in order to make any decent money. Are you willing to do this?


Were you looking at how to make money on the web from home when the Le-Vel stumbled into your labp? Understand what you’re getting yourself into.


Remember what’s gonna get you sales and in turn make you money is getting enough eyeballs on your website. If you don’t understand traffic generation and you don’t want to build your business by bugging friends and family, you’ll need to get some skills under your belt.


I recommend this because it will help you get better faster results in your Le-Vel business.


All in all, I hope this Le-vel review shed some lite on this business opportunity and what you can do to maximize your profits. So far, it looks like a pretty good opportunity.