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How to Replace My Income: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Making Money Online

If you’re wondering “how to replace my income”, you should know that there are many ways to make money online…many of which will leave you broke and frustrated.By the time you read this short article you will have discovered a few real ideas that can make you money…and help you to replace your income.



How to replace my income…


That’s the number one question most asked online – and it can be quite a confusing one to answer if you don’t know where to start.



The Internet is a beast.


It can chew you up and spit you out broke, frustrated, and even downright angry.


There’s so much noise on the Internet.


When you’re trying to make money online, it is often very confusing and convoluted. Not to mention that there are less than honest people online who are more than willing to rip you off.


how to replace my income

In fact, when you’re wondering ‘how to replace my income’ know that there are many more people just like you who are searching for this exact same thing. Who wouldn’t want to know how to make money from home?


There are lots of home business ideas floating around that are worth you considering; however, the reality is that good hard-working people like yourself will waste a lot of time and money trying to decide what to do – there’s almost too many ways to choose from.


Most will fail. Most will give up trying.


Having been in the home business industry for a length of time, I can tell you without ever knowing you, that things don’t look good for you if:


a. You’re new at Internet marketing / home business industry


b. You don’t have any Internet marketing skills


c. You don’t know how to structure your business so that it’s profitable


How will you ever succeed online? Odds are you won’t. This is why what I’m about to say is important…


How to Replace My Income
What I can do right now to help me navigate the crazy world of Internet marketing

how to replace my income

There is a ton of ways to make money online – from selling your own product, to doing CPA offers, to network marketing, to doing straight affiliate marketing.


And if you don’t know what you’re doing you will flip flop around and not make a single dime.


1. First of all, you’ve got to know what it is you want to market online. Do you have your own product? Will you become an affiliate? If so, what kind? Will you do list-building? Will you join a network marketing company?


2. Second, now you’ve got to choose the methods to promote it. How will you drive traffic and generate leads?


3. Third, you have to make sure that whatever it is you’re selling…sells. In other words, it should be converting into sales.


If it doesn’t covert well, then all the traffic in the world you send to your offer is WASTED!


Most people fail online because they don’t know how to do #2 and #3 above. Odds are that will be the case for you. If you can do #2 and #3 above and you apply the CORE business commitments you will make money and yes…even eventually replace your income if that’s what you want to do.


Either by now you have a good idea on what you should do next to learn  ‘how to replace my income’ or you’re not sure how to start the process.


If you’re serious about making some decent money online, I recommend having multiple streams of income coming in. In other words, don’t just rely on one income stream. This is easily done when use a system like Plug in Profit Site or just by doing list-building.



Whatever goals or dreams you’re trying to achieve for yourself and your family, you’ve got to have a determination to make them a reality. Without that determination, no matter what network marketing program or affiliate program you promote you will not succeed.


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