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Fusion Cash Inc Survey Reviews 2014 – An Honest Opinion

If you’re looking for Fusion Cash Inc survey reviews that really tell you the truth about this program, then this is the last Fusion Cash review you’ll ever need to read. Here’s why…

FusionCash Inc Survey Reviews 2014


Were you looking for some extra cash to pay some bills? Did someone tell you that Fusion Cash is where you can go to make a lot of money doing surveys?


Now, if you think you’re gonna get rich overnight, think again. If you think you’ll be rich by next month, you may want to rethink that one too.


If you think you can make some easy cash doing a few surveys to pay a bill or two, well, you’d be right on the money with that one.


Let me explain in the most simplest way what Fusion Cash is all about…


But first watch this video…



Is Fusion Cash Legit?


First of all, if you’ve read down this far I’m assuming that you realize by now that Fusion Cash is legit. It’s been around several years and is one of the longest running programs that offers people just like you a way to earn some easy moolah by taking part in surveys.


So, with Fusion Cash you get real paid online surveys that really do pay.


You do like cash don’t ya?


Well, here’s the bombshell…


Most Fusion Cash Inc Survey Reviews Don’t Tell You the Full Story…


Fusion Cash Inc Survey Reviews 2014

Here’s what most sites that talk about online surveys tell you…




They tell you nothing that you couldn’t figure out yourself. If you want to use this site to your best advantage, then you need a Fusion Cash review such as this one to really spill the beans so you can make an above average paycheck.


First of all, Fusion Cash works with all kinds of companies that gather research. This research comes in the form of surveys that is targeted toward the demographics the research company is looking for.


So you’re not just filling out surveys for the heck of it, you’re actually providing truthful, honest feedback to these companies so it can help them in their product/service research. In a nutshell, they are paying you to help them.


Fusion Cash Earnings


Here’s both the reality and the let down that you need to know about…


You see, most people who join these types of survey sites have big hopes and dreams of making thousands and thousands of dollars overnight.


And then reality sets in and they see what they can really make doing surveys and those caviar dreams and champagne wishes turn to dust. They get discouraged and quit soon after signing up.


Fusion Cash Inc Survey Reviews 2014


Because they had unrealistic expectations and didn’t know how to maximize their time and efforts to make the most amount of money.


The average person on survey sites like Fusion Cash spends hours clicking for pennies and soon quits because they believe it’s not worth the effort.


Do you want to be the average person?


If you want to make more money than the average person, then you’ll want to spend some time getting referrals. That’s where the big money is at.


That’s right referrals. Once you start getting referrals you’ll start making passive money without any additional effort on your part.


The next question on your mind is how do you get referrals…

  • Your friends
  • Your family
  • Classified Ads
  • Flyers


There are endless ways to get referrals. The good thing about Fusion Cash when it comes to making money off of your referrals is that it pays out like a CPA offer (cost per action). If you’re into doing CPA offers, then you know what I mean. Let me break it down like this…


No one has to buy anything in order for you to make money. You basically get paid for people signing up. You earn multiple ways from each referral. Let me go more deeper so you get the bigger picture…


  • You EARN $1 when a referral confirms their email
  • You EARN $2 when they complete a Paid to Sign Up offer
  • You EARN $5 each time they are approved for a cashout – for life!


That’s $8.00 per referral and even more if your referral continues to cashout.  I’m into multiple streams of income and Fusion Cash is only a tiny fraction of what I make online.


I only do FC on my off time (while I’m eating or having a snack, when I’m on hold with no customer service reps, etc..) and only for about 30 minutes a day because in order to get paid for your referrals you do have to complete $10 in offers, etc.. for that month which is easy to do. Once you start getting referrals on autopilot you will start making passive income.


The only way to get around this is to find the Fusion Cash offer on Offer Vault or Flex Offers (I seen it on one of those sites; but it may not always be available). The biggest downer if you choose to go that route is you only make a buck per sign up if I’m not mistaken and not the $8+ per referral you can make by going directly to Fusion Cash itself.


Fusion Cash Cash Out is Simple


Once you hit $25 you can cash out as long as you have $10 in offers. You’ll want to cash out on the last day of the month. You’ll also want to request your forum posting payment at the same time (you’ll get paid $3/mo for posting in the forum).


FusionCash Inc Survey Reviews 2014

You’ll need to have 30 posts in a month to qualify and posts only need to be a sentence or two. It doesn’t get any easier than this making money with Fusion Cash.


Hot Tips For Making the Most of Fusion Cash


Be Dedicated – Set a number of minutes or hours you can commit to doing Fusion Cash everyday. I suggest starting out with 30 minutes to (1) hour per day – max unless you really, really need money. Once you decide on a time, stick with it.


NOTE: Some people do FC as a hobby or it just gives them something to do. If that’s you then what I’ve wrote her really doesn’t pertain to you. Really no offense if this is you.


This Fusion Cash review is for people who want to make as much money as they can with Fusion Cash without spending hours a day clicking for pennies – don’t do that! Your time is better spent elsewhere making a whole heck of a lot more money.


Do the Right Things – Do the things on Fusion Cash that you enjoy and that makes the best use of your time. Unless you’re dead broke (and don’t want to start a home business), don’t spend hours a day doing surveys!!


Do Forum Posts Daily – Make (2) posts daily. This will give you 60 posts a month even though you need only 30. It’s better to be over in case you miss some days during the month. These two posts should take you between 2-5 minutes max to write and post.


Spread the Word – Make a plan to get referrals.


Fusion Cash is More Than Surveys


Although Fusion Cash is known for paying for people to take part in surveys, there are many other ways to earn money on Fusion Cash such as:

  • Get paid to watch videos
  • Get paid to listen to music
  • Get paid for trying various products and services
  • Get paid doing small tasks on the Internet


As you can see there are many, many ways you can get paid with Fusion Cash besides doing surveys. This is why this company is a favorite with a lot of people because they know there are always many opportunities to earn some money on this site.


If you spend time doing those things for pennies makes sure it adds up to $10 in offers and make sure you get referrals. I can’t say it enough that the bigger money in sites like this is in getting referrals, not doing the surveys.


Do you need to make some money to pay some bills? Do you have some credit card debt you want to begin to tackle? Do you want som extra spending money?


Fusion Cash is one of the best ways to do any of those simple things.


If you want to make bigger checks enough to change your lifestyle, then you will either need to get referrals (this is the case with most survey sites) or you’ll need to start an online business.


Now you got the inside scoop on making the bigger bucks with Fusion Cash. I told you that this Fusion Cash Inc survey review is going to be way more hepful than most others. I hope I delivered on that promise.


TIP: If you join from my referral link and you need help getting referrals, use the contact form on this site and I can share with you some tips. This is only for people who have joined via my link and who have cashed out at least once.