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My Partner in Profit Review aka My PIPS

If you’re wanting more info on My Partner in Profit, then you’ll want to stop and read this short My Partner in Profit review. It may change your mind about joining this program.



Are you confused by all the “reviews” of My Partner in Profit? Do all the reviews seem to be by affiliates of this program…in hopes that you “buy” from them? After all, you know that a lot of affiliates are biased and they only want to tell you what they want you to hear.


In addition, most people you see promoting this may not have a lot of experience with Internet marketing or using systems – I do.


I understand how you may still be unsure as to how My Partner in Profit works and you want to know if you can truly benefit from this system.


By reading this My Partner in Profit review, you’ll understand about how this program works and what you can reasonably expect from such a system. In fact, this will be quite likely the last My Partner in Profit review you’ll ever read before (and if) you join this program.


So, What is My Partner in Profit (My PIPS)?


I chose to include this video in this My Partner in Profit review to help explain it a little better. Watch below…



My Partner is Profit is a funded proposal system that works with pretty much any type of business opportunity. It is meant to be a “lead in” to your primary opportunity. Not everyone will join your opportunity, so you benefit by offering programs and services in addition to your primary program.


In a nutshell, whether or not anyone joins you, you still make money when they, your prospects, take you up on your other offers.


Sounds good so far?


Well, let me say that this is how all funded proposal systems work and My Partner in Profit isn’t any different. Having been on the ‘net for a while, I can tell you I have seen many “systems” come and go.


So, with so many systems “here today and gone tomorrow”, is it worth it getting involved in a system like My Partner in Profit?


Is My Partner in Profit Worth It?



This wouldn’t be a complete My Partner in Profit review if I didn’t be completely honest; after all I have nothing to gain by promoting it – I’m not an affiliate and I don’t desire to be.


I like good funded proposal systems because typically it gives the average person (and even a beginner) a way to start making money quicker than if just leading off with an opportunity.


Notice I said “good”? Well there have been quite a number of systems that have been bad – where the only person benefiting is the owner/creator of the system. Those are not good systems for you to get involved in and in fact, you’ll end up looking like an amateur promoting these types of “Mickey Mouse” systems.


Paul Birdsall, the creator of My Partner in Profit, has had a number of “systems” and “programs” over the years, and My PIPS is just one in a string of them.


So, is My Partner in Profit worth getting involved in? I’ll let you be the judge of that.


You do get training, which is always a plus with any kind of system.


However, I wouldn’t endorse this system since there are more advanced and better systems out there on the Internet, with this mlm system being the top one for the past few years.


What to Look For in a Good Marketing System



Again, I don’t want this My Partner in Profit review to be bashing of anyone or any system, but I do want you to see the bigger picture.


If you’re going to tap into someone else’s system, you want all the tools, bells, and whistles that can help you to come with it. You also want something that has been proven to work and has been around a long time.


You don’t want to get involved in another fly-by-night system. I’ve seen so many come and go taking people’s hard-earned efforts, time, and money along with it.


It’s just not worth it. Even if a system is “free” there will be a cost of time. What’s the point of getting a free system if it doesn’t help you in generating leads that convert into buyers? Not only have you wasted time, which you can never get back, but you’ll end up frustrated and irritated that your free system didn’t work like it said it would.


The Main Point You Need to Get From My Partner in Profit Review


The main takeaway from this My Partner in Profit review is this…


If you’re going to be involved in someone else’s system, make sure that:


It benefits you i.e. you have a way to make money with the system and its products


 – There are products and services inside the system that truly help people become better marketers


 – The system has been around for quite a while helping people convert people into buyers of the products and/or your opportunity


The system allows you to build your list


If, the marketing system doesn’t help you do all those things above, then quite likely the creator of the system is getting the most benefit of the system and making more money off of the leads you generate. I’m sure you don’t want to be anyone’s sucker!


In fact, My Partner in Profit was once a highly popular system when it first came out a few short years ago, but now it’s barely a blip on the radar. This program has greatly waned over the years and hasn’t withstood the test of time.


For these reasons, I can only recommend this system.


So you don’t become a victim of a less-than-honest system creator, I suggest you chose the system listed above, or use the criteria given  here and do your due diligence to pick a system that is going to serve you well so you can generate leads and upfront cash-flow.


And that may or may not be My Partner in Profit.


That concludes My Partner in Profit review. I hoped this helped you some.


Your partner in success,