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Facebeast or Facebust – The Facebeast Review You Need to Read

If you’re looking for a real Facebeast review that is not done by another dime-a-dozen Facebeast affiliate, then you’ll want to pull up a chair and read this short and to the point review…


facebeast review

I was curious…


Facebeast happened to be a site I seen promoted on another website by an affiliate. You see, it was different and it stood out from among the other typical money-making programs.


Now one of the first places I look to see real reviews of a product is the Warrior Forum – not Google.


The biggest problem when you do a search for a review for a product (or as in this case a Facebeast Review) on Google (or any search engine for that matter) is that you get affiliates pushing products without any concern for you.


When I write about a product, I take into consideration my experience with the product, my research, and other people’s experiences as well. I present info so that you as a potential consumer can make an informed decision.


I do know that affiliates want to make a buck – it’s all about the almighty dollar…I get that, however, as affiliates we all have a responsibility to not promote junk. This brings us back to this Facebeast review


The Warrior Forum #1 For Reviews



Let me admit this…


There are a lot of product junkies (PJ’s) on the Warrior Forum (WF) who buy product after product.


Yes, you’ve got to be careful of the “reviews” from some of these PJ’s who never implement anything and want to blame the product for their lack of results.


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However, taking all of that into consideration, you’ll gain some insight into a lot of these Internet marketing products and services. So you could say that these people know which products/services are junk and which ones are even worth their salt.


And so off I go to see what they say about Facebeast…


The Facebeast Review That Tells You All You Need to Know...


First off my research into Facebeast starts off badly.


In fact my review starts and ends with this…


When I went to WF to look into Facebeast, I seen this thread which is actually a classified ad posted in the classified section of the Warrior Forum. It’s not an review but a promotion of Facebest (a la an affiliate).


Then you read down to the comments people have to say about Facebeast (gotta love it!)….


The Facebeast Salespage Gives It Away


Now, I can say after going to the Facebeast homepage and listening to the “customer” testimonials, they DO sound like bad actors reading a scripted testimonial, which is why I was not shocked to see WF user Paul Schlegel point out that the people behind Facebest actually got “actors” to give fake testimonials about the products!


facebeast review

The second big red flag is that Facebeast tries to convince you that they’ve been featured on several news outlets, but in reality these featured news spots are really press releases that anyone can buy.


You Have No Street Cred Facebeast!


You see, online all you have is your reputation. And when you start of by trying to deceive people and totally lie and misrepresent your product, well you’re done.


I know how discouraging it can be to think you’ve found something that works only to be let down yet again. It’s a huge waste of your time because you could be spending time doing something that really works.


Does Facebeast even work?


facebeast review

At this point it doesn’t even matter. When people go through great lengths to deceive you into getting at your hard-earned money, you better count your blessings that they didn’t empty your bank account.


Not to mention that you should not build your business totally reliant on a third-party site you have no control over.


So, What Works?


Get the basics down before you invest any money anywhere. Grab a copy of Dotcomology, read it and then either join Plug in Profit Site so you’re in a position to start earning multiple checks or pick a niche that you’re interested in (based upon the criteria in the Dotcomology report).


Don’t waste your time or money with junk like Facebeast.


Training and applied action on real proven business models are the only ways to long-lasting success!