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What Makes a Great Direct Sales Opportunity?

If you’re looking to make a significant income with a direct sales opportunity, then there are some very important things you really ought to know…


direct sales opportunity

So, how do you find the best direct sales opportunity?


You may looking all over the web, in newspapers, and online job sites trying to find the perfect direct sales opportunity – but to no avail. After all, if you’re going to do sales, it might as well be worth your while.


There’s no lack of direct sales opportunities – but there is a lack of the ones that pay you a decent commission. When I say decent, you know the kind that can pay out a nice commission per sale that can really make a lifestyle impact for you and your family.


Choosing a Profitable Direct Sales Opportunity – The Things to Consider…


direct sales opportunity

Here’s what you really need to know…


If you’re going to put in the same amount of effort, you might as well choose the direct sales opportunity that provides the biggest commission.


With so many network marketing and mlm companies out there competing for your attention, time, and wallet, you need to decide if you want to join one of these companies or choose a direct sales job.


Network Marketing



The biggest con is that if you join an mlm, it is required that you recruit a downline if you ever hope to make any decent money.


On top of that choosing a good mlm can be tricky – you can’t always go by a company’s mlm ranking.


The biggest pro is that some network marketing companies pay out larger commissions in a single tier compensation pay plan instead of an mlm compensation plan (where you must build a downline).


The other biggest pro of choosing a network marketing company, mlm or single tier, is that you’re able to work from the comfort of your home.


Car Sales



If you’ve been in direct sales for any length of time, odds are that you’ve either been a car salesman or you thought about being one.


The biggest con is that you’re literally waiting around all day at the dealership hoping that the next “up” that is yours will be an actual buyer not another browser.


The other con is that for the most part, being a cars salesman is a very passive way to earn a living. You don’t control any advertising, and you’re relying on foot traffic and any adverting the dealership is doing to bring you customers.


For these few simple reasons alone, is why there is a high turnover rate in this profession.


However, on the flipside, the biggest pro is that if you can sell a lot of cars you can make a decent commission.


Insurance Sales/Real Estate Agent


When looking at a direct sales opportunity you’ve got to look at how you want to get paid. Do you like your money now or are you willing to wait for your commission check?



In the case of an insurance agent, are you willing to spend countless hours every week answering people’s questions in hopes of them getting a policy with you?


If you’re thinking about being a real estate agent, are you willing to spend lots of hours shuttling people around from house to house?


Something to think about… Here are three more things to consider:


Do You Want Commission Only, Hourly or Both?


If you’re looking for a direct sales opportunity that you can do from home, then obviously you’re not going to get an hourly wage. 



The upside is that you can make a six or seven figure income if you know ho to build your business – and get all the tax advantages that come with having your own business.


If you want a job that pays you an hourly or an hourly plus commission, then you’ll want to find an employer that pays this way. The downside is that the commissions do tend to be smaller, but it’s not always the case.


The upside is that you still make a hourly wage even if you don’t sell anything; however, your hourly wage is typically minimum wage and it’s not usually enough to live off of.


Your commissions are your bread and butter, so make sure you get with a direct sales opportunity that is willing to pay you a nice commission for your hard work.


What I Recommend…


Decide if a job or business is what you’re after. Having spent countless hours at sales jobs that didn’t pay diddly squat, I can tell you that if you have the hustle and the drive to work for yourself, a direct sales business opportunity can typically yield better rewards in the end.



But it all depends on you and what you’re willing to do to provide a better lifestyle for your family. If you’re willing to go the distance for you family, then you’ll want a direct sales opportunity that is willing to do the same.


This is how you can bump up your lifestyle more quicker than the average direct sales opportunity…