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WAHM Home Based Business – How to Pick a Winning One



If you’re a mom trying to find the perfect online WAHM home based business, then you may be having a hard time choosing a legit one that is the right fit for you. This is why knowing these three simple things will make your decision a whole lot easier and more profitable.


So, you want to start a WAHM home based business?


As you’re well aware of, being a mom is a full-time job in and of itself. Being a full-time working mom adds another level of stress. For these two reasons alone, you’re probably looking for a way to:


1. Make a livable income from home and…

2. Have more time to spend with those you love the most.


What Stops Most Women From Being Entrepreneurs


If you’re like most hopeful entrepreneurs, then you’ve probably had a gazillion home business ideas that for one reason or another just never came to fruition.

wahm home based business


Perhaps you thought your ideas weren’t good enough or unique enough.


I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be the next Silicon Valley miracle dotcom business in order to make money on the Internet.


In fact, you don’t even have to come up with your own ideas in order to have a successful business.


Never before has it been easier to become an entrepreneur and make significant money without worrying about costly leases, employees, and other high overhead expenses that can eat up your profits.


When it comes to a WAHM home based business, what’s important are these three things…


WAHM Home Based Business – The Three Action Points


1. Timing is Everything


As a mom who may be spending a great deal of time away from home, you want to really consider a business that you can do in the time you have available.


In other words, if you can’t carve out at least an hour a day, preferably 2-3 hours per day to build your business, then maybe this isn’t the right time to start a business especially if you’re new to entrepreneurship.


You see, if you don’t have experience running a business, you’re going to encounter a huge learning curve. You must not only have time to work your business, but you also must have time to learn how to build your business.


wahm home based business

You may already be stretched to the limit with commuting and childcare and adding an additional thing to do may not be the best thing at this time.


Action Step: Decide how much time per day you can commit to your business. Write out your new schedule on some sort of calendar like Google Calendar.


You also want to schedule your family time to make sure that you’re not so absorbed in your business that you forget that you still have a family to attend to.


You’re going to need your family support and you don’t want to alienate your crucial team players – your family.


2. Make Money Now


Here’s the simple truth of it all…


I like the television show Shark Tank and I love original creative products. What you need to know is that if you don’t already have a unique product created by now, it can take a long time and a whole lot of money to get your product into the marketplace.


For some people this is a gamble they want to take because they have a lot of passion behind their idea.


If you’re reading this then you probably don’t fall into that category. Quite likely you’re looking for a WAHM home based business because you want to make money right now, not five years from now.

wahm home based business


With that said, it becomes apparently obvious that you probably don’t want to spend $20k for a business.


You see, with such high start-up costs comes a greater commitment from you and your family.


And that means that you’re going to likely need to manage workers and deal with a lot of overhead expenses – and maybe not make a profit for a few years. Are you up for the challenge?


If not, then you’ll want to get into business the fastest and more economical way and that is to sell someone else’s products and services. There are two routes to this:


1. Affiliate Marketing and…

2.  Network marketing


In today’s age, a lot of people like myself have combined the two and have made money a lot more faster and do I say easier than before.


As a person looking for a WAHM home based business, I’m sure you’re interested in making money a whole faster rather than slower. After all, your children are getting older and what better time to have the financial means to improve their lives than right now – right?


In a nutshell, you want a product/service that already exists in order to make money a lot faster. There will be time down the road to create your own products/services if that’s what you want to do, but right now you’re concentrating in getting a home business up and going as fast as possible and that can only be done if you tap into someone else’s existing products.


Action Step: Decide if you want to do affiliate marketing or just join a network marketing company or do a combination thereof.


3. Hobby vs Business – Don’t Get it Twisted



This is probably the biggest mistake I see moms-preneurs make… Let me explain…


A hobby is something that you do for the fun of it. You don’t care about making money, because you get so much joy out of your hobby.


Now here’s the flipside…


You can turn your hobby into a business as long as there’s money to be made. Not all hobbies can produce a livable income so you really have to do your research.


Let me explain it like this…


You can take an empty ketchup bottle and squeeze it until your fingers turn red and numb and still nothing will come out if the bottle is empty – no matter how long and hard you squeeze.


The same goes for your hobby that you’re trying to turn into a business. If there’s no money to be made in your hobby, then there’s no point in trying to make money at it. Just keep it as a hobby and find a products/service that people are already buying and make that your business.


Traditional Women Businesses


When you think of WAHM home based business, you immediately think of women products like make-up and jewelry. There’s nothing wrong with that, in fact, you can find affiliate products and network marketing companies in these types of women-dominated niches.



Maybe you have no interest in selling jewelry or make-up, but just want a business that really works so that it can give you the opportunity to achieve all your financial goals.


In general, as a working mom, you’ll want to be able to make money now rather than later. The fastest way to get into profit mode is to choose a business where the overhead costs are low to nonexistent…and most importantly, where there are hungry buyers.


Action Steps:

1. Get clear on the distinction of a hobby vs a business and decide if you want to turn your exiting hobby into a profitable business. Do your research first and foremost.

2. When it comes to choosing a WAHM home based business, what are you looking for in an opportunity? Is there a particular niche that you’re interested in?


Evergreen WAHM Home Based Business I Recommend



There are lots of Internet based businesses, affiliate programs and network marketing companies out there – which makes it pretty confusing for you to choose.


Sadly, most affiliates/distributors fail to make any decent money.




The breakdown lies in those three points you just read. Some people join or start a business that they completely have no interest in and so it becomes a burden to them to build the business day in and day out.


Very few people are able to be successful at something they completely have no interest in. If you’re chasing dollar signs hoping that you’ll become rich doing something you completely hate or don’t have no interest in, I’m here to tell you that you’re stacking the odds of success against you.


The other notable reason why affiliates and distributors fail to make money is that they don’t understand traffic generation and how it fits into their success. It’s no secret that most network marketing companies and affiliate programs don’t teach you how to get traffic – they leave it up to you to figure out.


The unfortunate thing is that there lots of people who don’t even know that they need traffic to their offer to make money (yes, there are people who just sign up for an affiliate program and then think that the dough i.e. money is gonna come rolling in without any effort on their part- no joke!).


So, what program do I recommend?


Join a program that you have interest in…preferably one that’s going to have resources and training to help you become successful.



Since programs change from time to time, you’ll want to check out the “Recommended Resources” section…