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Small Startup Business Ideas 2015 – What’s Hot

It’s that time of the year where you begin to look at some small startup business ideas in 2015– and beyond. Before you even begin to look, you’ve gotta decide some important things first…


small startup business ideas in 2015



So, what are some of the best small startup business ideas in 2015?


Well, that’s gonna depend on who you ask. If you ask someone from Silicon Valley you’ll get one answer, if you ask a franchiser they’ll give you another answer, and if you ask a top double diamond network marketing superstar, you’ll get an entirely different answer all together.


Where does one make sense of it all?


Well, the best plan of action is to always start with what you know best. Do you have an existing product or service? Can you turn your interests and hobbies into a lucrative business? Do you even know if there are enough buyers in your marketplace? This is the time where you want to carefully do your research.


Now if you discover that your favorite hobby cannot be made into a business or if you learn that there isn’t a huge buyers market for your existing product or service, then you’ll want to do the next best thing – and that’s sell other peoples products.


When it comes to finding small startup business ideas in 2015, you’ll want to find what people are already buying. This is the fastest way to get into profit faster when you already know what people want and what they’re willing to buy.


Small Startup Business Ideas in 2015 Doesn’t Include Being a Category Creator?


If you have an idea for a product or service that doesn’t exist already, you can bring that idea to market and hope for the best. You could be that bold creator and take a daring chance that your new innovative idea is something that people need…even if they never knew it even existed before.


After all, Topsy Tail the inside-out ponytail creator never had an audience of buyers until it created a strong desire for women to wear their hair this way. The creator of that gizmo and the other category creators took a gamble that paid off big time.



Now in the back of their minds I’m sure they knew that there was always a strong chance they would fail and fail miserably.


The problem with category creators is that you only hear about the ones that succeeded.


What about the ones who failed and ended up losing everything they put on the line? No one talks about them. And there’s much more of them then there is of those who rolled the dice and made it.


But the question you really want to ask yourself is, “how much risk do I really want to take?”


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Sure you can be a category creator and hope that luck’s on your side, but why would you want to do it at this point in the game when you’re trying to get a foot in the door? In nearly most cases you don’t want to be that category creator. Do what’s been proven to work and you’ll be so much further ahead in the game.


Forbes Hot Business List Tells a Different Story


According to an article in Forbes magazine, the top industries to start businesses in include:

  • Electronic Shopping and Mail Order Houses
  • Software Publishers
  • Computer Systems
  • Investigative and Security Services



What you notice in this Forbes list small the top three are internet/computer related. This is the future of business worldwide.


Everyone has heard of these industries – they’re nothing new. What a lot of successful ‘net companies have done is to improve upon existing concepts.


Blogging and instant messaging have been around for quite awhile, but Twitter saw an opportunity to literally merge the two concepts into 140 characters or less.


Revolutionary – no. Innovative – definitely. Do you have ideas coming into your head of how you can take an old concept and put a new spin on it?


This company took an existing concept – money back rebates for shopping and turned it into a huge online shopping mall complete with a business opportunity for those who want to take advantage of the electronic shopping mania…


Where to Go From Here


Take stock of your current skills, talents, and interests. Is there an place for your talents on the Internet and/or can you use the Internet to help you build your existing business?


No skills or existing product? Sell someone else’s product and services that have already been created. When you go this route, the most challenging part, product creating, has already been done for you. All you have to worry about is getting traffic.


Are You Down With OPP? Small Startup Business Ideas in 2015 With Other People’s Products



You basically have a couple of choices: Affiliate marketing and network marketing


Affiliate Marketing


With affiliate marketing you get a percentage of the sale. You can go to such sites as Clickbank and Amazon to become an affiliate.


There’s basically three steps to this:

1. Understanding Internet marketing. I suggest you download a free copy of Dotcomology

2. Picking a niche and finding offers in that niche

3. Learn about traffic and start sending traffic to your offers


Network Marketing


It’s basically the same as affiliate marketing in concept except that you’re leveraging other people by building a salesforce or a team. You have a lot more leverage with network marketing than affiliate marketing.


Amazon/eBay Selling


Lastly, a lot of success can still be had by selling products on eBay and Amazon. There are a lot of videos on YouTube that’ll show you how it’s done.


These are just a few small startup business ideas in 2015. Whatever you choose make sure you can leverage the Internet to increase your profitability.


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