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Boeing Everett to Lay-Off 800 Workers

In as many months another major company is forcing the layoffs of a significant number of its employees – and in this case it’s Boeing Everett doing the dirty deed. If you’re a part of this company, now is the time to take action so that you’re prepared in case the next lay-off notice comes looking for you…




Layoffs are hard – real hard especially if you’re NOT expecting it. Having been a former worker in a major manufacturing plant that got laid off without advance notice, I can tell you it’s a scary feeling.


What saves most people when layoffs happen is having a Plan B; in other words, having another way to make money so that you can pay your bills and feed your family in case you lose your job.


Shaws Supermarket layoffsEvery person, in my humble opinion, should have another way to create income.


Whether you’re selling your arts and crafts at a flea market or you’re repairing appliances on the side – there should be something you can rely on when times get tough.


And with the potential layoffs of 800 workers at Boeing Everett (see story), there’s no better time than the present to start working on your side income.


For most people this starts with something they already know well enough to make money off of. What services or products can you create or do for money?


For other people who aren’t as skilled to make money off of an existing hobby, there’s the online world where you can start a side business even on a shoe-string budget.


Curious? Read on…


How to NOT Worry About the Next Boeing Everett Layoffs



I’ve talked to a lot of people over the years about the benefits of working from home in a home based business.


Notice I said home based business – not a job. You don’t need another unpredictable finicky job that you can’t rely on.


Isn’t it about time you take charge of your future and not leave it to chance on a job that can fire you or lay you off at will?


Let me show you how to begin right now making money from the comfort of your home with a business that can make you a life-changing income.


So that when the next layoffs occurs, you’re not caught with your pants down in a very vulnerable position.


With this business, you’ll be able to even laugh off the next layoffs and maybe be able to quit Boeing Everett altogether if you so wish. It all starts with one decision…


Click here to learn how we may be able to change your life BEFORE the next layoffs hit…



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