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What’s Missing From the Avon MLM Business Opportunity?

If you’re debating whether or not to try the Avon MLM business opportunity, then there are some things you need to be aware of.



I’m sure you’ve seen the ads on TV for the Avon mlm business opportunity. Maybe it got you thinking about seriously becoming an Avon representative and making money on the side.


If you ever had a business or any kind of home based business then I’m sure you’re aware of the high failure rate of new businesses. Even though Avon is not new, you would be considered a new business because you’re new to the Avon opportunity.


This is not to sway you from joining the Avon mlm business opportunity, it’s just to make you aware that statistically the odds are not in your favor for success.


In fact, if you search around on the ‘net, you’ll have no trouble finding a lot of ex-Avon reps who quit because either they spent more money than they made  (you get Avon products at a discount – so you know what that can do to anyone who loves to buy Avon 😉 or they fail to make enough money to make it worth their time and effort.


Not to mention that those Avon catalogs you pass out can add up to a big chunk of change real quick. Some of the Avon reps you’ll run into online who are doing the Avon mlm business opportunity are making some money but not the kind of money that is life-style changing.


And then you have a small percentage of Avon reps who are making very good money. Just like in any kind of business, only a small percent have great success – it’s just the way it is.


So, what’s missing from the Avon mlm business opportunity that makes so few people have success with it?

Avon MLM Business Opportunity – The Missing Ingredient


Again this is not to bash on Avon because it is a good company, just that it can be tough to make money with it unless you have a large customer base that orders consistently campaign after campaign.



And this is where a lot of people go wrong…


The lure of it being just a few bucks to get started can backfire on you if you’re not familiar with marketing.


You see some of the missing ingredients in the Avon mlm business opportunity are no training on:


How to get customers

How to recruit people interested in the Avon opportunity

How to get customers to place orders consistently

How to build a relationship with customers

How to market the Avon mlm business opportunity or its products to an online world


Now, if you only present Avon to those in your warm market i.e. friends and family, then of course a lot of these issues mentioned above are not relevant. But increasingly, more and more people want to build a business online.


Marketing online can be more profitable in the sense that you can reach a lot more people, however it takes some good mlm training to help you get there so that you can be effective and profitable.


The shocking thing is that there’s no lack of information and training available to help you if you decide to join the Avon mlm business opportunity – it’ s just that you have to know where to look.

Generating Leads



If you have an online home based business, then of course generating leads should be your #1 priority. Without a steady lead-flow your business is doomed to fail – taking all the money and efforts you put into it.


When (an if) you join Avon, remember that what most Avon reps struggle with most are generating leads and traffic and retaining customers. Not to mention a lot of reps don’t have the right home business mindset.


Your first order of business is learning how to attract the right kinds of people to your Avon business and generating leads in the cold market (those outside of  your friends and family) – if that’s what you want to do.


The Avon mlm business opportunity can work, if you know how to work it. And I just revealed the secret.


I’ll see ya at the top!