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🥇Clickbank University 2.0 Review

clickbank university review

Don’t waste your time reading any other Clickbank University review - just read this one. You will understand why… 

This is the stuff no one else will tell you.

My goal is to make you a more informed buyer so you can make the right decision for you at this time in your life.

I will even recommend alternatives to Clickbank University (aka CBU) - even one that I don’t particularly care for, so that you know you have options.

So, let me get down to the good, bad and the ugly...

Clickbank University - Is It Worth It?

So, what is Clickbank University? It is an affiliate training program that is part of Clickbank - an online retailer that sells both digital and physical products.

Clickbank University (CBU) will train you to be a successful Clickbank affiliate. The pros of going through the training is that you are taught by top Clickbank affiliates who have done millions in sales such as Robby Blanchard and Justin Atlan.  

Robby has his own Clickbank training course called Commission Hero, which focuses on using Facebook ads to drive traffic. You will need to be able to spend at least $20 daily on ads in order to make it work. Although a good course, this kind of ad spend is out of reach for a lot of newbie marketers, so it's not a course focused on here. 

In fact, here is a video with Robby talking about his success as Clickbank's #1 affiliate....

The Cost

As of this writing the cost of the training is $47/mo. Now when Clickbank University came out the first time, if memory serves me correct, the price back then was somewhere in the neighborhood of $99/mo. So, the cost has been reduced to less than half of what it used to be - which makes it a more affordable option for a lot more people.

What Do You Get

 * Funnel builder (extra charge)
 * Live Q & A
 * Pro Courses - Where you learn from top industry leaders every month
 * Expert interviews
 * Copywriting guide
 * Understanding Facebook Ads
 * Forum (currently in the process of being revamped)

So, you do get a lot of bang for your buck.

The training is broken down into bite-sized lessons to make it easier to learn and so that you’re not feeling overwhelmed with all this information coming at ya.

Clickbank is one of the world’s biggest online retailers and definitely the largest digital marketplace on the Internet. The opportunity to make a substantial income with Clickbank exists and it only makes sense to join its training program.

So, how does Clickbank University compare to other programs? Read on...

Clickbank University vs Wealthy Affiliate

clickbank university vs wealthy affiliate

If you know anything about me, you know that I’m not a huge fan of the tactics that some affiliates of Wealthy Affiliate engage in - up to and including lying, purposely giving out misinformation on competing products/services in order to make Wealthy Affiliate the “winner” in every kind of comparison. Imagine that!

However, Wealthy Affiliate does provide some decent training.

Wealthy Affiliate Cost

​The cost of this program is $49/mo - so it’s comparable to Clickbank University in terms of price range. However, there is a free membership that gives you just 10 marketing lessons. The training is broken down to individual lessons/courses i.e. Picking a Niche etc..

What Do You Get

Wealthy Affiliate has weekly live interactive classes in addition, they have classes from e-commerce to drop shipping, to lead generation and all else in between. The vast majority of classes obviously are at the upgraded membership level - not the free one.

So there is a lot of training going on at the $49 level and it covers more than just affiliate marketing. However, this could be both a blessing and curse. When you have too many options, it makes choosing ONE that much more difficult.


Who Wins Clickbank University or Wealthy Affiliate?

clickbank university review 2.0

Let me just put this out there…

Most hopeful people who try their hand at affiliate marketing don’t succeed - they make no money at all. The same can be said about e-commerce, drop-shipping, etc..

There are many reasons for this - one of which is that you’re pretty much alone as you try to build your business. In other words, you have no one to root you on or bounce ideas off of.

This is why now you see a lot of affiliate programs including forums and Facebook groups in their programs. With that said, in my opinion, this is something to consider when looking at a training program.

Communities Make the Difference

Both Wealthy Affiliate and Clickbank University have communities. Clickbank is currently revamping their forum, however, they do have weekly live Q & A sessions.

Wealthy Affiliate has its entire training site community-focused. The downside is that people can get more wrapped up in the conversations going on more than on the training. If you’re a person that is easily distracted, then you may want to look at other options other than Wealthy Affiliate.

Clickbank University has its teachings focused on one thing - making you a better Clickbank affiliate. Because it’s more focused training, your odds of success may be better with this kind of training.

Remember, that once you go through the training at WA, you still have to find an affiliate program and/or find products to promote. With CBU, all the products are contained on Clickbank itself - you don’t have to venture far to find things to promote.

If you had to choose between the two, you may want to choose CBU and master the Clickbank platform before venturing out into broader affiliate marketing.

If you want to do something other than affiliate marketing, say for example e-commerce, you may want to look at WA or better yet a program that specifically teaches only ecommerce.

What if you don’t have any money for either program?

The Third Option For Affiliate Marketing Training


Let me be a little blunt here…

Yes, you can start affiliate marketing without any money, however, In order to be in business successfully, you will eventually need money to build your business in order to pay for tools and advertising.

Free Affiliate Marketing Training

As a no cost alternative, I recommend Mark Ling’s Affilorama program. It teaches you the basics of affiliate marketing and they also offer more in-depth paid courses to help take your business to the next level. Mark has his own tools like a backlinks checker and other keyword research tools that you can use for free. See one of Mark's videos below.

Affilorama is a good program even if you have money to spend, but there is no community collaboration and some of the content produced was done years ago. The basics of affiliate marketing doesn't change - what does change are strategies and tactics especially when it comes down to getting traffic.

How to Decide Between Affilorama, Clickbank University, and Wealthy Affiliate

If you like a more interactive learning environment, and you enjoy watching videos, I would suggest Clickbank University or Wealthy Affiliate. Affilorama is mostly text based and it’s not as interactive as WA and CBU.

Mark does have two other primary products, Pathway to Passive which is all about building niche websites. This may be a little more advanced for the average newbie affiliate marketer. His second primary product is Affiliojetpack, which is almost like a business in a box, complete with your niche specific website and done-for-you emails.

If you like the way Mark teaches, I would suggest starting with Affilorama to get an overview first and then get Affilojetpack. Affilorama although very informative is just a bit to "dry" for my liking - although it may be a better fit for ​beginner marketers who just want to fully understand affiliate marketing.

Just a note - Affilojetpack is basically a business in a box where everything is done for you. Although it’s a nice way to start, in general you really need to learn how to do everything yourself - write your own emails, write your own copy, put up your own website. You want to be always growing and improving.

The MOST Awesome Affiliate Marketing Training

You can’t go wrong with any of the three suggestions here - you just need to carefully look at each one and see which is the best fit for you - and pick ONE. Try it out for a month and if it doesn't suit you, try another one.

I will say that the MOST focused training here is Clickbank University. The more focused you are, the more likely you are to be very successful as an affiliate marketer.

Here are some questions to keep in mind…

  • Do you like how the content is put together?
  • Is the trainer(s) easy to understand?
  • Can you see yourself logging in each day and reading and/or watching the training lessons? 
  • Is there something about the platform that bugs you? Or is something about the platform that you really like? 
  • Are you able to implement the actions suggested to you in the training or is the training too vague?
  • After implementing the actions, how successful were you - if at all?
  • What in the training made the difference or what is lacking in the training that you feel contributed to your lack of success?
clickbank universit vs wealthy affiliate

It Doesn’t Exist

You see there is no one best affiliate program that fits everyone. When it comes to learning the basics of Internet/affiliate marketing,

I tend to recommend products from well-known marketers not products from wanna be gurus who just want to throw together a crappy product real fast in order to make a quick buck.

A lot of these products tend to not be done very well, are not very thorough i.e you need to buy their additional upsells to fill in the gaps the main product doesn’t teach, and the person or people behind the product doesn’t stand by their product i.e. no support, the product is no longer accessible, etc. If you’ve bought products in the past, then you know this to be the case in a lot of instances.

This is why I focused on these three particular products - Clickbank University, Affilorama, and Wealthy Affiliate. People have had success because of what they learned at each one of those programs.

Watch out for all those articles you see online that recommend products no one has ever heard of. If you’re gonna dig into your wallet and spend your money on training, at least spend money on programs that have been proven to help people get started successfully as affiliate marketers.

We’re all different and we all learn differently and in different ways - like the saying goes, there isn’t a one glove fits all approach to choosing a program.

The most important thing is that you absolutely must take ACTION on the knowledge you are given. Knowledge doesn’t put money into your bank account- only applied knowledge does.

I hope you found this helpful!