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360 Solutions Franchise – Really? Here’s What You Should Know BEFORE You Buy

If you’re seeking more information about the 360 Solutions Franchise, you may want to take the time to read this because it could very well change how you see this franchise.


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Imagine experiencing financial freedom in your very own business…


What would that really feel like for you? What would you buy? Where would you take your family? Those are probably the very reasons WHY you’re looking into a business.


Perhaps you ran across the 360 Solutions franchise and now you’re interested in what this business can or can’t offer you.


See this video below if you’re unfamiliar with 360 Solutions Franchise opportunity…



And in reality not all businesses are created equal; even the 360 Solutions franchise may or may not be the right business or franchise for you.


Let me explain…


Have you noticed yet that there are all kinds of businesses you can start? There are franchise opportunities, online home based businesses, network marketing businesses, eBay businesses and on and on….


You may be a bit confused as to what to start, or maybe you just want to know a little bit more about the 360 Solutions franchise to see if it’s a right fit for you.


In a moment, I’ll tell you what you need to know…


The 360 Solutions Franchise – Good, Bad, and Ugly



Here’s the Good….


They give you a custom built website and marketing materials that are custom to you. This is a plus.


They also private label everything in your company name. And the biggest plus of a 360 Solutions franchise is that there are NO royalties (which is kind odd – I’ll explain later)…


The Bad and the Ugly…


Although from all appearances, 360 Solutions is a franchise, they go to great lengths to claim that they’re not. From their website they say that they form partnerships. Although they’re not charging royalties from those that choose to “partner” with them, you do have to wonder how this company is able to survive on just selling “partnerships” or franchises.


My guess (and probably yours too) is that they make the bulk of their money by selling the 360 Solutions franchise itself – which can range from $15k to $30k.


Some of the biggest complaints I see online from people who partnered with them is that the company “nickel and dime” their partners to keep buying product after product. This could explain the varying costs to get started with the 360 Solutions Franchise ($15k to $30k).


The other complaints I see a lot of from partners is that the 360 Solutions line of products are outdated. Now, I don’t know how valid these complaints are, but I do know that this is an Internet age and people want to learn via the Internet, especially if you’re trying to market business solutions and training to other businesses.


I’m not sure if 360 Solutions products are completely tailored to todays businesses. If not, you may have a hard time finding customers if you choose to buy a 360 franchise.


Should You Buy a 360 Solutions Franchise?



360SolutionsfranchiseThe whole gist of the 360 Solutions franchise is to market business consulting and employee training to other businesses.


The questions you have to ask yourself, are:


How effective are the products you’ll be marketing? and…


How responsive are businesses to the products?


Some of the biggest reasons people get themselves in trouble with franchises, is that they underestimate the true costs of running a franchise – even if they don’t pay royalties to the franchisor. The day to day costs could literally bankrupt you if you’re not financially able to stay in the game long enough to see a profit.


The second thing that gets a lot of franchisees in dire straits is not recognizing the market they’ll be marketing to.


Is there a demand for the services/products you’ll be marketing? How big is that demand? What will your costs be to reach out to that market? Are you able to afford to keep advertising to this market in light of your profit margins?


I can’t tell you to join 360 Solutions, but I can tell you that you better do your homework thoroughly first BEFORE you spend $30k on this or any other franchise.


By now if you’re feeling a little disheartened that maybe the 360 Solutions Franchise may not be for you, know that you do have other options….


360 Solutions Franchise Alternatives



360SolutionsfranchiseHaving had businesses online and offline, I can tell you the best way to get into business is if you already have a marketable skill or product. Keep in mind that there MUST be a demand for whatever it is you’re selling.


Not everyone has a skill, a hobby, or products lined up that can make them money, which is why you want to go to the second option – especially if you want to make money quicker…


Sell someone else’s products or services. This is called affiliate marketing. The great thing is that you don’t have to pay those nagging royalty fees and the cash turnaround is much faster than with a franchise.


This is why people who do affiliate marketing with the right company/products are able to make six and seven figure incomes a lot faster than with a traditional brick and mortar business or a franchise like a 360 Solutions franchise.


If you don’t find the 360 Solutions franchise too appealing and you’re serious about having your own successful business WITHOUT the high costs of a franchise, then take the time to look at doing affiliate marketing (see recommended online digital marketing training) or joining a good network marketing company.


You can make money slow with a franchise or you can make money faster with a top-producing affiliate program or network marketing opportunity.


The choice is yours.


Your partner in success,