Do You Really Need an Internet Marketing Online Degree to Make Money?

If you’re seeking out an Internet marketing online degree in hopes it will help you make money online – well I got news for you…



This is a popular question I see asked from time to time online..


Do I need a marketing/business degree in order to be successfully in Internet marketing?


When I see this question posed on Internet marketing forums, the answer is always a resounding “no” from the majority of forum members. A lot of them will even go on to say that you can learn all you need to know about Internet marketing by just reading the threads on the forum (by the way there are thousands of forum threads and posts).


Hmm – really?!


You see, I don’t agree 100% with that answer. And here’s why…

Yes, you can be quite successful without a marketing degree in any business – even an online business. However, you still need to know how to run a business and if you ever hope to make any money, you’ve got to know about marketing.


The fastest way to learn business and marketing isn’t sitting in front of your computer hours upon hours reading Internet marketing forum threads (some of which may be outdated) in hopes you can put together a working knowledge of how to build a successful business on the Internet.


Time is money and money is time. If you don’t value your time as a business owner you’re going to likely do a lot of things that do not move your business forward.


You see, when you’re just starting out in business – you want to start off on the “right” foot and not develop what we call “bad” business habits.


With that said, there is a bigger reason why a lot of people have “issues” with degrees – and I kinda have to agree…


Here’s the BIG Scandal With Internet Marketing Online Degrees



For one, like I stated earlier you do NOT need a degree to be quite successful online.  


You better brace yourself for this one…


A lot of what we call Internet marketing “gurus” do not have degrees. Like a lot of us, they went to the “school of hard knocks.” This means it’s a lot of trial and error until you find the winning formula that works.


You’ll end up spending money as you learn Internet marketing on your terms, but it’s controllable and in the process if you choose to build an online business at the same time, you’ll gain REAL experience and be able to cash real paychecks. This is referred to as “earn as you learn.”


Whereas with an Internet marketing online degree, at the end of it all you’re left with:

  • A lot of debt
  • No real world experience as a marketer
  • No job to pay off the debt


In most situations, this is a recipe for disaster. There are a lot of people who even a decade or more later are still struggling with student loan debt.


Still thinking about an Internet marketing online degree? Here’s something else to ponder…


In addition to getting yourself “ball and chained” to a lot of debt, you’ve also got to think about the people who will be teaching you Internet marketing. Some of the professors who will be teaching you are quite likely not successful online marketers themselves.


If you’re going to spend tens of thousands of dollars on an Internet marketing online degree, you at least want to be taught by people who are very successful in what they’re teaching you. Wouldn’t you agree?


This is impart why a lot of those digital marketing forum members are “down” on marketing degrees – you’re at the mercy of the school to give you professors who have successfully put into action the things they’re lecturing you on.


You see, you want to learn from people who are actively doing what they teach or else your degree is not going to open any doors for you if you’ve been given a bum education. Look, degree or no degree, you gotta have a clue as to what you’re doing. 


Practice Makes Perfect

This is why I feel it’s important that as you’re learning, whether you get a traditional education or you learn by taking online marketing programs that you put into practice what you’re learning.


Even if you plan to work for an marketing firm, ad agency or a local business, showing proof that you’ve successfully run a business and/or have successfully implemented various marketing techniques will propel you way ahead of your competition.


People with degrees are a dime-a-dozen. People with experience and who have successfully ran an online business are a shiny glistening dime in a pot full of dull dimes.


Which dime would you rather be?



So far, we have you in debt struggling to pay your student loans, the possibility of having unqualified professors teaching you Internet marketing, and now this – you still don’t have a job after you complete your degree.


Am I piling on?

internet marketing online degree

You betcha – because this is the reality that a lot of graduates face.


In fact, if there’s one thing I see over and over again about students after they graduate college is that they can’t find a job in the profession they have a degree in.


This may be your biggest fear if you decide to get an Internet marketing online degree.


Still on the fence about going to college? Maybe it’s because you’ve seen this…


Full Sail University Internet Marketing Degree Program – Is It Worth It?


Look, I’m not here to say that a degree is worthless. In certain professions, you need a degree in order to get a job.


In popular opinion from many people in the digital marketing industry (and I share this same opinion),  you don’t need a degree unless you’re solely interested in working for someone else – and even then you still want to have successful real world experience as proof that you know what you’re doing.


Marketing Graduate Speaks

I stumbled across this person who works for a marketing firm who happened to get their Internet marketing degree from Full Sail University in their online program (see story here).


Although, praising the program, he does admit that he’s bogged down with student loan debt and if you see the screenshots below, you can probably see why:

internet-marketing-online-degree-54k-undergrad internet-marketing-online-degree-undergrad


Could he have learned what he learned without that degree? Absolutely and I can tell you it wouldn’t have cost him an “arm and a leg” either.


So, if you’re looking at Full Sail University (or any other college) for your Internet marketing online degree, then you’ll have to keep in mind your end goal and decide if the cost is worth it to you.


But there is a better way…


The Internet Marketing Online Degree Alternative


internet marketing online degree

If sitting in class listening to lectures and taking tests isn’t something you want to do in order to earn your marketing degree, then you want to carefully read the following…


Yes, you can get top-level Internet marketing training on a degree level without the degree price and even earn an income at the same time with this program


If I had to do my Internet marketing journey all over, I would have invested in an in-depth program like this – a program that shows me what to do, has the important elements laid out for me, and that didn’t skimp on the important Internet marketing business parts that are critical for success.


You see, whenever you have an opportunity to learn from people who are already 7+ figure income earners – and that can actually teach, you’d be a fool to not jump on it.


An Internet marketing online degree can get you to the door – but it comes at a high price of drowning debt, years studying and taking tests, and not being guaranteed that your professors themselves are successful in their own right.


This is a gamble that may or may not pay off. Are you willing to hold your breath and hope for the best?


And spending hours going through thousands of forum threads so you can someday piece together the many moving parts of Internet marketing is not much of a better option. Yep, it’s free to do, but it will cost you valuable time and drag out the process to the point that learning becomes a burdensome chore.


If you want more doors open to you, you’ll want to leverage the expertise of highly successful entrepreneurs so that you can at the very least have bankable knowledge that can earn you a paycheck while you learn. You can have access to this same ‘earn as you learn’ system by clicking here…


Whatever you do, start by taking action now. Procrastination is the single biggest killer of dreams.



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