Real Work at Home Jobs Exist – Right?

Are you scanning the internet trying to find out if real work at home jobs exist? Well I got some good news for you and some not so good news for you. You better read this first…


real work at home jobs

Ok, you’re probably looking online to see if you can find a legitimate work at home job. Perhaps you have kids and you want to spend more time with them.


Or maybe you’re tired of wasting countless hours commuting to a job that you don’t like so much. Whatever the reasons, you’re in the hunt for some real work at home jobs.


Here’s the problem…


The biggest obstacle you’re going to find on your search for work at home jobs…is NOT knowing exactly where to find them.


And if you’re one of those unlucky people who have paid money for a list of employers that hire workers from home – only to find out the list was outdated and obsolete – I’m sorry to hear that you paid for that list or ebook…because you didn’t have to.


If you are serious about finding legitimate work at home jobs, then you need to read on…


Should You Pay For Info on Real Work at Home Jobs

real work at home jobs

If someone is selling you a list or ebook of some kind of a list of work at home jobs, know that either the list or ebook is either probably outdated or the list/ebook was compiled using FREE resources that I’m about to give to you.


So, if you paid or if you’re thinking about paying for such a list, know you are paying for the convenience of someone compiling the information for you. This is the same info that you could have easily gotten yourself at no cost.


Are You Ready to Get Over Your Disbelief?



A lot of people are disbelieving that real work at home jobs exist because they see ads for “work at home” (and assume it is a job) and because there’s usually a cost to get involved a lot of people assume that it is a rip-off or a scam.

real work at home jobs

Why is that?


There are work at home jobs and there are work at home businesses.


A job is where you are working for someone else and they set your wages. There is a limit to how much money you can make unless you happen to land a job where they give you commission.


With a job you can be fired or let go at any time. Basically you have NO control with a job.


A home based business is exactly that – a business. Think about a flower shop, McDonald’s, or a Mary Kay consultant…they are all businesses, although they are different types of businesses.


With any kind of business there are going to be costs involved. So when you see a work at home ad and it talks about investing money to get started, in all likelihood it is a home based business.


You should NEVER pay for a home job. Although, there are real work at home jobs that require you to have certain business-related products and services in place in order for you to qualify for their jobs, legit work at home jobs don’t charge you any fees for applying.


What Kind of Jobs Can You Do From Home?

real work at home jobs

You can find a wide range of jobs from home. Here are just some:


* Data Entry

* Virtual Assistants

* Telemarketing

* Sales

* Customer Service


A lot of top companies whose names you would recognize hire home based workers – it’s just cost effective that way. If you ever ordered from a catalog, odds are you are talking to a home worker.


Envelope Stuffing Jobs



There are no envelope stuffing jobs where you can make lots of money. Maybe fifty years ago it existed, but in today’s technology in the Western world, no one pays people to stuff envelopes en mass.


The only envelope stuffing jobs you could find is if you find an small office that manually has someone stuffing envelopes or putting stamps on fliers / postcards to be mailed out by the post office.


Even if you happen to land a job like this, know that you won’t get paid much and the work will be inconsistent.


Where to Find Real Work at Home Jobs


I’ve been in the home business industry for some time and I know there are two main places you should look for real work at home jobs.


Keep in mind there is A LOT of competition – who wouldn’t want to work from home in their pajamas?


It’s gonna take some “leg” work and patience if you want to eventually land a job. If you’re not willing to do your due diligence, then don’t even bother.


Here are the top two places to go to find REAL work at home jobs (for FREE).


Work Place Like Home – This is a forum for that list a lot if not a majority of the companies that hire workers from home. Yes, you WILL have to take the time to go through the forum.


Make sure you read the top important posts about the job first because it will tell you what states (or countries) the company hires and what requirements you MUST have before you apply for a job. You MUST register to access the forum.


On this forum, you can valuable feedback from current and ex-workers of some of these work at home companies – which is very important. You don’t want to just be applying blindly to these companies.

work from home jobs


WAHM Job Forum – This forum is not as quite as active as Work Place Like Home, but you’ll get a lot of tips on companies that hire at home workers and you get valuable feedback as well.


Other Work at Home Job Websites

Flex Jobs – This website finds legitimate jobs and posts them on their site for easy access. They charge a monthly fee if you want to see the full listings of jobs.


Rat Race Rebellion – This site lists work at home jobs they say they’ve screened. You’ll want to check their job listings daily (except they don’t post leads on Sunday).

The Pros and Cons of Real Work at Home Jobs


real work at home jobs

Make no mistake about it, there are a lot of advantages of real work at home jobs. For example:


 – You can literally work in your pajamas from the comfort of your own home


You have NO boss breathing down your neck


You don’t have to deal with co-workers


You have some flexibility – depending upon the job of course


You save money on gas because you don’t commute


You can spend more time with your family


Those are some very good reasons for you wanting to work from home. But, everything is not all “rainbows and Skittles.” Here are the cons…


 – You can be fired at any time WITHOUT any advance notice


 – Your wages and hours are set by your employer – your income is limited


 – Some jobs are rigid. Some jobs require you to be on standby all day in case calls come   in…which means you can’t stray too far from your phone


 – Some jobs pay you by the minute of talk time – which can lead you to literally making chump change if you don’t get enough call volume


A lot of jobs have very strict rules you must follow and any violations no matter how small can lead to you being terminated without any chances or warnings


 – Some jobs require you to become an independent contractor which means you have LESS protection than if you were in a standard employer / employee relationship


As you can see despite there being a lot of advantages to working from home, there are clear disadvantages that you must be aware of too.


What I see online are a lot of people who have a work at home job and complain that they’re NOT getting enough hours or NOT making enough money. If you don’t want to be at the mercy of a job to solely pay your bills, and you want to make SIGNIFICANTLY more money, read the following…


The Real Work at Home Jobs Alternatives


real work at home jobs

Absolutely, there are work at home job alternatives. If you want more CONTROL over your financial situation and want to get paid what you’re truly worth, then you ought to consider a work at home business.


With all the same benefits of a work at home job, you can also make a six or seven-figure income working from home.


This means that you can not only pay off all your bills, you can buy a new home, buy a luxury car or take a dream family vacation if you want to.


If you’re gonna work hard, why not work hard for yourself making MORE money?


If you’re confident enough to know that you want a better lifestyle, and you have the guts to do it, then find business you can do from home.


Your partner in success,



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