Plug in Profit Site Review – Updated 2018

Hold on to your cash and don’t join a single thing until you’ve completely read this updated 2018 Plug in Profit Site review.

pluginprofitsite review 2018

If you’ve been looking for an updated Plug in Profit Site review for 2018, look no further.


Just so we’re clear…


This is NOT written by a Wealthy Affiliate cult member noob.


I actually used the program. And Yes, I’m NOT a fan of the cult affiliate program “Wealthy Affiliate”. A lot of their members resort to lies and deceitfullness in order to sell WA (if you gotta go to that extreme then you’re selling a whack service to begin with IMHO). I digress.


End of rant…


So, back to the 2018 Plug in Profit Site reveiw...


Plug in Profit Site 2018 –  What Went Wrong

Is Plug in Profit Site the best automated money-making system?




Now let me tell you why.


This might “sting” a little bit, but I gotta be honest here…


Like I stated earlier, I was a previous user (and promoter) of this system. After all, it was the longest running “home business in a box” system that was out there (and it still is).


The concept looks good on “paper”…


A complete automated money-making system that has autoresponder messages and multiple streams of income all built-in for you. Alls you gotta do is drive traffic to it and voila you’re making money hand over fist.






Here’s where it gets kinda of “sticky”…


Great Automated Money-Making Systems Are Few and Far in Between


As a user of the Plug in Profit Site system (PIPS), I did generate leads and make money from people joining the various programs in the system.


But not as much as I would’ve hoped for. You see, Stone Evans, the creator of this automated money-making system, changes the programs being promoted within the system quite often and without warning.


This means that as a user of Plug in Profit Site, you would join the programs that are within the system. Some of these programs do require you to upgrade into a paying member, whereas there are a couple that are completely free to join.


Imagine this…

stone evans plug in profit site

You’ve upgraded into a program in PIPS only to learn that program has been replaced with something else a month later. Now you have to upgrade into that program or lose out on potential commissions.


So you end up spending a lot of money joining program after program not knowing if the program you just joined will even be on the PIPS site tomorrow.


I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to keep reaching into my wallet to pull out my hard earned cash to join yet another business opportunity – especially one that I have no interest in and did not pick.  


In fact, one of the biggest complaints about PIPS is that the programs keep changing. You also have no say so in what Stone decides to promote on PIPS.


Remember, when you join PIPS you’re either sending your traffic directly to their landing page that promotes the five income streams or you’re sending them to your landing page that is connected to your autoresponder service in which the emails refer back to either the landing page or the PIPS back office.


So your leads, potential customers and customers are constantly are seeing the five income streams, however, some of them may not be the same five income streams you signed up with.


So, what happens if someone signs up to an opportunity that you’re not signed up in? It rolls up the next person above you who has upgraded/enrolled in that particular program. In a lot of cases, that someone is Stone Evans.


What am I really saying?


PIPS can work for you if you:

1.Don’t mind keeping up with the various business programs Stone puts into the system. You have to keep checking the landing page and/or your back office to see what is currently being promoted – and then joining those new programs.

2.Don’t mind spending money after money on various business opportunities that Stone puts into the system

3.Don’t mind having business programs and opportunities being chosen for you

4.Want a blog set up for you – even if it has business programs on it that you have no interest or financial gain in.


What About Those Other Systems?


Internet Marketing Business in a Box

I’ve seen more of my share of business systems crash and burn. I have to give props to PIPS – it’s still around whereas others have bitten the dust a long time ago.


The only other business system that seems to working quite well for some people has been around for about four years. That’s ancient in Internet marketing years. Stay tuned to this blog for more info…


Plug in Profit Site – Two Thumbs Down?


Stone Evans seems like a really nice guy. I think he really meant well when he created this business in a box system. However, you’ve got to look at it from your perspective – what’s in your best interest.


As the programs stands right now, it’s not something I can 100% endorse. And yes Stone is aware of how people feel about him changing out the programs so often – I’ve even told him how I felt and he said that he would find a core set of business programs and stick to those. So far, that has NOT been the case.


Still Want to Make Money Online?


I suggest you find a business model that you like that is in a niche that is profitable (this is key) and then roll up your sleeves and go to work. Learn how to market online effectively and in turn start building your list.

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