Making Real Money on the Web?

Do you want to experience making real money on the web without pulling out your hair and going broke first? Then pull up a chair and read this…



Is it really possible to be making real money on the web?


If that’s what you’re thinking, then you’re surely in luck.


You see, I don’t know you personally, but I can almost bet you’ve been searching online for a legit way to make money from home. What you may have come up against are scams and even businesses that are so complicated that you would need a business degree to figure them out!


Well, I’m gonna go the opposite way…


I want to make this article so darn simple for you to understand Internet marketing completely. In fact, I’m gonna go the extra mile and make sure you get the necessary ingredients so that you can be making real money on the web as soon as possible.


Here’s how it all starts…


Making Real Money on the Web – What the Other Websites Won’t Tell Ya



I’ll be real honest with you here…


Making real money on the web can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be.


I have found that when you make something so complicated for someone who is new they get lost.


And hopelessly lost people stop looking for a way out. They stop believing that their dreams can come true.


Which is why I know it’s true is to keep it really simple in the beginning. I only tell you want you need to know to start making real money on the Internet. Then it will be up to you to decide if you want to start doing more advanced techniques.


Look, I know you’re absolutely serious about achieving your goals. My goal here is to be helpful to you so that you can achieve them. So, what would be the point of confusing the heck out of you so that you run the other way?


Let’s get the basics down first so you can begin making some money – ok?


What I Recommend



With so much junk on the Internet these days, it’s almost too hard to differentiate a good opportunity from a bad one.


To add fuel to the fire, there are many programs out there that’ll cost you an arm and a leg to teach you just the basics. As a matter of fact, I’m gonna show you later how to get the basics for free.


Now, don’t get me wrong, there are good paid programs for sure, but if you’re a beginner you’re gonna spend several hundred bucks at the end of it all to learn something that is so basic to Internet marketing that even a 15 year old could figure it out on their own.


It’s much better that you save your hard-earned dollars for marketing, not on an expensive course that teaches just the basics.


This is why I recommend the Plug in Profit Site (PIPS) automated business system. It’s one of the longest Internet-based business system around. It’s actually been helping people get started making money online for over 10 years…and it’s still going strong.


If I may, let me tell you why you’re gonna like this program and how it’s gonna help you build your foundation so that you can be making money online.


Making Real Money on the Web – This is How to Start Your Fortune Online…


I know you’re tired of looking for a way to make some decent money online. I know you’re probably only interested in ways that make you a significant lifestyle-changing income.


Now if I’m wrong about that, here’s a post I did about how to make money doing real paid online surveys. With that stuff you’ll only make enough to pay a bill or two unless you get referrals and odds you may not know how to do that.


Here’s the gist of it…


What no on will tell you, is that there are really three parts to making real money on the web:


1. The Foundation – This is where 80% of hopeful entrepreneurs go wrong! They don’t know what they’re doing so they go out and join a home business or they go out and try to do affiliate marketing only to fall flat on their face! Has this happened to you? If not, it will if you don’t get the Internet marketing basics down first.


So, what’s the foundation?


You must understand what Internet marketing is all about and what it isn’t. You gotta know all the moving pieces and where they all fit together. A lot of other Internet marketing programs don’t even care to show you or even tell you the foundation you need. They don’t care if you fail because after all, they already got your money. We do care.



2. Choosing the Niche/Product/Service/Opportunity – The most convoluted thing about making real money on the web is choosing the niche you want to be in.


After you’ve chosen your niche now you have to find products/services to promote in that niche.


This can be a little challenging especially if you don’t know what to look for. The same goes for an opportunity if you’re a network marketer. How do you know what company to choose?


As you can see, this part can be a little daunting especially if you don’t have the expertise or the background to know a good niche or opportunity from a bad one.


In fact, if you don’t choose the right niche or product, you’ll have a tough time making any real money on the Internet.


3. The Secret Sauce – What makes any program work online is the traffic you send to it. Traffic is the chocolate sauce on your ice cream sundae. If you don’t understand traffic generation, you’re pretty much done. If you haven’t heard about traffic generation by this point, then you’re probably spending too much time in the wrong places.


Here’s a bonus tip – spend time with people who want you to succeed and who are striving to succeed in their own business venture too. In other words, spend time with people who are going your way.


And if you’ve been part of another Internet marketing training course and they didn’t mention how important traffic is to your success, then you’ll want to re-evaluate if that’s the place you should even be associating with.


Now are you confused by all this yet? Let me help you out…


Making Real Money on the Web…the Easier Way


Well, I laid it all out for you and I know it seems like you’ve got a lot of huge tasks to complete before you even begin making real money on the web. In all honesty, I just gave you the bare bones, because that’s all you need at this point.


If you want to get more sophisticated and learn about funnels and conversions, I could send you to a lot of other places, but I know that in the end you’ll come back here. You see, all that confusing stuff isn’t really necessary right now.


Why I Like PIPS


It’s simple.



We teach you the basics of Internet marketing. How the pieces fit together and what you need to understand to start making money right now.


We give you the foundation in both video and in written format.


Whatever way you like to learn we got ya covered. And unlike other sites, it’s not gonna cost you hundreds of dollars nor will it take you months to just learn the basics.


We even give you a fast track to “run on” called 30 Days to Success. This is designed to get you up making money while you’re still learning.


The best part of PIPS is that the products are already chosen for you so you don’t have to waste your time going on massive searches looking for good products and opportunities to promote -it’s done for ya. This is especially helpful if you suffer from indecision or if you have analysis paralysis.


Lastly, we teach you very simple traffic generation tips so yo can start giving life to your business so you can begin working on your dreams for yourself and your family.


Some people choose to get only the foundation, whereas others want to finally experience success so they work the system the way it’s supposed to be done and go through the entire thing. It’s all up to you.


But I highly suggest at the very least, you start getting the foundation and then decide what your next move might be.


This foundation is like gold to you and if you don’t get it, you’re not gonna go too far in this industry. In fact, odds are you’ll lose a whole lot of money before (and if) you make any.


The foundation is what’s missing in most people’s businesses and so we’re giving it to you because we want to see you succeed.


Making Real Money on the Web: Your Next Step…



I know your goals are important to you and so the best way to be on the road to achieving them is to start right now.


Don’t procrastinate or wait til tomorrow. Do it now while this is still fresh in your mind.


Click here to get started. You’ll get the Affiliate Millionaire audios that will be a big eye-opener for you and you’ll see how you could be on the road to making real money on the web!




Scott Hilton’s Credit Secret Review 2015: Fix Credit Problems?

Are you eager to get your hands on Scott Hilton’s Credit Secret – but you’re not quite sure if this is real or whether or not it will work for you? If you’re ready to fix credit problems that are holding you back, then read up on this…



If you’re a business owner or just an ordinary run-of-the-mill person, you know how important it is to have good credit. After all, you know that you’ll pay an arm and a leg in higher interest rates if you have bad credit. Do you feel like sometimes you’re being punished?


Not only that but some creditors won’t even lend you money if your credit score is not high enough!


What’s worse is to be turned down for credit in a store where there are people all around and the cashier tells you loudly that it was denied! Has that ever happen to you? How did it make you feel?


So before you even begin to start applying for credit for any reason, let me tell you that you’ve gotta straighten out that credit first.




If you’re thinking about paying those huge fees to a credit repair company, let me tell you you’re gonna be in for a let down and a meltdown.


There are a lot of companies in the credit repair industry that are complete scams. In fact, in my mid twenties I was scammed by a credit repair company that even had the BBB plaque on their wall!


The truth of the matter is that after you’ve paid those big fees to a credit repair company there’s no guarantee that any of your bad credit will be erased. In fact, even if they do manage to get some items removed from your credit report, your creditors can put it back on months later if the found that it was accurate to begin with.


Are you gonna pay money again to get those items removed yet again? What if it takes five attempts to remove those items – are you gonna pay the credit repair company five times?


As you can see, going with a credit repair company can be very costly to the tune of hundreds of dollars. I guess you probably already know this which is why you’re looking at Scott Hilton’s Credit Secret.


Read on…


Other Scott Hilton’s Credit Secret Reviews Don’t Tell You This


I know who the person is behind this credit program and he started off being dead broke with a lot of credit card companies on his back.


In fact, he ultimately became a multimillionaire but he probably wouldn’t have gotten there if he had not sued his creditors and repaired his credit first.



So, does this guy know what he’s talking about? You betcha!


And unlike other credit repair programs you see on the Internet, the person behind Credit Secret had no intention of selling these secrets to the public.


All he wanted to do was find a way to repair the damage that was done.


And what he discovered was a little known loophole that nobody talks about that can literally raise your credit score by about a 100 points!.


One hundred points is significant. Not only would you pay a lot less for credit, but you would eligible for credit that you normally wouldn’t get if your score was one hundred points lower.


Here are just two testimonials about Scott Hilton’s Credit Secret:


My score was 497 before I started. After a month it’s at 565.
Rico A.


I raised my score 100 points in the last six months and just signed a contract to buy a house that I could previously not do. Thanks!
Christopher T.


Overall This Scott Hilton’s Credit Secret Review Comes Down to This


You really have two choices – either sit on the sideline and do nothing about your bad credit situation as time passes you by, or you could take action and finally get the credit score that’s been holding you back from buying the things that you want without paying through the roof in high interest rates.



If you’re a business owner, now is the time to get your financial situation straight for 2015 so you can have more money to put towards your business and even get out of debt.


If you’re not a business owner but just want to have more choices in life without being put into the sub-prime category with other people with low credit scores, now’s your chance to rise out of that pit of bad credit hell.


You want better credit – right?


You want to get a credit repair program that’s written by someone who knows what they’re talking about – right?


Then you want Scott Hilton’s Credit Secret.


This is the last Scott Hilton Credit Secret Review you’ll ever need to read…


Don’t let another day pass you by…


Click Here to Get Started Repairing Your Credit Today!  



SFI Strong Future International Marketing – Why This is Working

If you ever thought about joining SFI (Strong Future International Marketing) but wanted more real info before joining, then this is a must read…



If you’ve been on the Internet any length of time, I’m sure you’ve run across a company called Strong Future International (formerly Six Figure Income) or as it’s primarily known now – SFI at one time or another over the years.


Fast forward a few years and now you may be looking for a business opportunity and that little ol’ company with the strange name for some reason comes to your mind. You may wondering if this company is still around and if this is a company worth checking further into.


The answer to those questions would be “yes.” In fact, SFI is celebrating its 17th year in business – which is milestone for an Internet marketing company let alone an Internet network marketing company. You can read more about that here.


The Death of Network Marketing?



You know as well as I do that most new companies die off before their third birthday. It’s unfortunate that it happens that way, but it’s that way in all businesses not just network marketing companies.


Which is why joining a new company and putting all your eggs in that ONE basket is very risky. Which is why myself and people like Stone Evans (creator of Plug in Profit Site), teach diversification of income.


If you’re diversified then joining a start-up company is fine because you have multiple streams of income being produced in case that start-up does go out of business.


But this isn’t an article just about diversification as it is about why and how a little magazine turned into an Internet and network marketing empire with over 14 million affiliates world-wide, while other businesses in the same industry fizzled out just as quick as they started up..


What You Can Learn From the Success of This Company


Having been in this industry, I can say that Strong Future International Marketing did what companies like Avon, Xango, Yoli, Shaklee have done over the years – and that is it re-invented itself and expanded its line up.


You have to be able to go with the flow and change if need be so that you’re still relevant.


For example…


I know there are still old school network marketers who still do the tactics that were popular fifteen years ago i.e. three-foot rule, cold calling leads, etc…



There’s nothing wrong with that if it’s working for you, but happens when you sponsor someone who doesn’t want to do any of that stuff? If you can’t teach them or point them to training that shows them how to do what they want to learn, they’re outta there.


This is why a lot of people go searching for third party network marketing training – they want to fill in the missing gaps they didn’t get with their existing upline.


SFI has managed to keep up with the times and do what’s working better now, not what worked seventeen years ago.


There’s something else that has contributed to the success of SFI…


Strong Future International Marketing – Multiple Streams of Income With Low Investment


Unlike most companies where there’s only a couple of ways to make money, with SFI you have many ways to earn an income. They have a business model that puts you in the driver seat so you can choose the way you like to make money with it’s many programs. When you have choices it makes building a business that much easier.


What attracts people to SFI in addition to the multiple income opportunities, is the low to no cost to get started. I’m not gonna lie and say that no-cost biz opps are the bomb, because typically they’re not.


In fact, many no cost biz opps bite the dust sooner more than later because it’s just a flawed model. There has to be cashflow somewhere; money has to exchange hands in exchange for a product or service being sold.


This is where the genius of SFI Gery Carson has figured out how to be profitable, make people money, and still be a no cost to start business opportunity.


In fact, this is the only free business opportunity that I recommend. You can see after being in business 17 years and paying out checks consistently to people just like you and me is a testament that they’re doing something right.


SFI – The Recipe For Success in Your Own Business


Whether you join SFI or not, there are important lessons to learn here if you want to improve your odds of success in this industry. First of all, you’ve got to diversify your income. Don’t leave your family and yourself vulnerable. You can go here to learn how to use this system to help you create multiple income streams at one time.


The second lesson, is that you have to pay attention to what’s going on in your market.You may need to expand your offerings and/or begin to eliminate things that don’t work or are not as relevant as they once were.



Don’t be the last dinosaur in a sea of robots. This all goes back to attraction marketing. Why would anyone want to join you if you’re driving a horse carriage and everyone else is speeding past you in a sports car? I’m sure you get the picture.


Lastly, you’ve got to find a way to get people into your program so they can see it, test it, kick the wheels if need be. A lot of programs give trials, or they lead with an ebook or something of value.


SFI leads with a free entry into its business opportunity complete with business training. Give value and you’ll get that much back in return.


SFI is celebrating it’s 17th year in business – and it’s by no mistake. Success on purpose is the new flavor. Come on in and taste it sometime.


SFI is part of Plug in Profit Site System which means you can create multiple streams of income with one link and build your SFI business at the same time. Come and get your Free money-making system set up for you.



Small at Home Business Ideas – These Are the Ones That Work

If you’re looking for genuine small at home business ideas, then this is where you need to start so you don’t become a scam victim and waste a lot of time.



What’s got you looking up small at home business ideas?


Do you want to buy a house? Do you want to pay off all your bills? Do you want to be able to provide financially for an ailing loved one? Do you just want some time freedom to do whatever you want, when you want without having to ask permission from a boss?


These questions are here to get you thinking about your “why”; this reason will carry you through all the bumps and detours you’ll encounter on your entrepreneur journey.


So, the first step in your search of small at home business ideas is to find your reasons for having a home business in the first place. It really has to mean something to you to the point that you’re willing to sacrifice the activities you enjoy in order to work on your business.


Small at Home Business Ideas – The Starting Point



The fastest way to get into making your home business idea a success is to start with what you know.


If you already have an existing product that you created, then that’s where you want to start.


The important thing to remember is there has to be a market for whatever it is you’re trying to sell. No market = no money.


So, what if you don’t have an existing skill or product that’s marketable?


The next best thing is to tap into someone else’s product or service if you don’t have your own. That could be that you join a good network marketing company or you just do affiliate marketing.


The starting point in coming up with small at home business ideas is to decide if you’re gonna tap into an existing business or create your own business from the skills/products you already possess.


Small at Home Business Ideas – Taking the Next Step


Now here comes the fun part…


If you’ve already created your product/service, now you need to learn about traffic generation so that you can start making sales.If you’re new to Internet Marketing you’ll want learn the foundation.


[stextbox id=”info”] dotcomology

Want Faster, More Profitable Results? Make Sure You Read Dotcomology...[/stextbox]


Now if you don’t have an existing business you want to market online, then you’ll need to chose your niche. Just make sure it’s a niche that likes to buy products.


You also want to consider the expenses of getting the business up and running as well as any ongoing expenses.


Examples of some small at home business ideas:



Arts and Crafts, Clothing, Accessories – You can sell the products you create on sites like Etsy and Triple Clicks and pretty much any site you want that doesn’t charge listing fees (unless you want to pay them).


Use the power of social media to help you attract customers and get sales.Networking sites that are heavy on visuals include Instagram and Pinterest.


Life Coach / Consulting – There are many courses online that teach you how to get involved with this type of business. There are a lot of people who need some one to guide them through their life and help them set up priorities in their business. If you have the knack for helping people then this is where you’ll want to be.


Affiliate Marketing / Internet-based Business – Out of all the small at home business ideas that exist, this is the second fastest way to get started. Low entry and operating costs make this one of the best business models to turn a profit in quickly.


With the use of an automated business system and other business tools, building this kind of business on the web using social media/networking websites is very cost effective as well.


Where to Go From Here With Your Small at Home Business Ideas


Now, I just listed three very profitable business models you choose from – there are literally hundreds more. It’s up to you to decide where you want to do and how you want to start.

small at home business ideas

Like I stated earlier, the fastest way to start is to tap into someone else’s products or services via network marketing, affiliate marketing or do a combination thereof. It’s best to do one niche at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed.


Make sure that out of all the small at home business ideas that you’re considering, make sure you narrow it down to only the ones that you believe in. Belief is a very powerful thing – it can literally make or break your business.


Small at home business ideas is where you begin to narrow down your options. Taking action is where you set in motion the realization of your dreams.


See you at the top!



Le-Vel Reviews – Can They Be Believed?

You’ve seen the Le-vel reviews all over the Internet, but you’re still not quite sure what this business opportunity is really all about. Let me tell you what you should know…



You’ve seen the videos being posted all over the Internet about this company Le-vel, but you may still be on the fence as to whether or not to take the plunge.


You’re really smart to do your homework first before signing up for this business opportunity. It only makes sense to make sure that this is a fit for you before you invest your money and time into it. After all, who has money to burn and time to waste? I know I sure don’t.


Which brings us to these Le-Vel reviews you see all over the Internet. As you proabably guessed they’re by Le-Vel distributors.


There’s nothing wrong with posting your excitement about your company and it’s products, but know that these people have a “dog” in the fight and they want to win you over to their side obviously.


Nothing sinister in that, but you have to take the time to read Le-Vel reviews like this where it comes from someone who doesn’t have a fiancial stake in Le-Vel.


I really don’t care if you join Le-Vel or not. It’s your decision. I do care that you do get all the information about this company so you can make a sound decision based upon facts and not hype.


I do get a little tired of seeing people bad-mouthing a company or an industry because they failed. They failed to do proper research on the company they joined, they failed to learn what it takes to make money in the network marketing/mlm industry, and lastly, they failed to get the proper network marketing training to make it all work.


Le-Vel Review – What is All the Fuss About This Company


Watch this video first



Le-vel is a traditional mlm in that it is in the most lucrative segment of network marketing and that’s nutrition. Nutritional products have been proven time and time again to be a very reliable and steady market in mlm.


With that said, there are many nutritional companies out there, and you porbably want to know whaat makes Le-vel different than the rest?


Let’s start by taking a look at their products…


Le-Vel Supplements



Thrive Line of Products – Threre’s one line of product for men (Thrive M) and one for women (Thrive W).They call these formulations lifestyle capsules.


I’m assuming because it’s supposed to help in several areas according to their website such as: cognitive performance, weight management, digestive, and immune support.


There’s also Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix which is for both men and women and according to Le-vel’s website, this is a “ultra micronized mix” but I’m not exactly sure what that means. This mix does includes vitamins, minerals, plan extracts, and pro-biotics.


Then there is Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT. This is a time release patch that you wear that delivers nutrients through your skin,


Lastly, there’s the 8 Week Experience. It’s several of Le-Vels top products that are packed together as a system. It’s geared towards anyone who either wants to lose weight or be on the path to more healthful living.


Now all of this sounds exciting and if you seen any number of Le-Vel reviews videos on YouTube, then I’m sure you’ve seen the testimonials of people who say their life has changed for the better after they started taking Thrive vitamins and supplements.


Is it true what they say? I don’t know. All I do know is that you’ll have to start taking the product and see for yourself.


Is Le-Vel a Scam?


Just looking at this company for a short time and seeing the product that they do have, I would say that this business appears to be legit. The only concern I would have is that this company does not have a physical address – it’s a Cloud-based business. Which is quite unlike traditional network marketing companies that are run like Fortune 500 companies.


I would like to see this company really invest in itself and work out of a physical address. This is what all the big players do and if this company wants to play in that league, this is what they probably should do too.



A good thing that this company does do is that they have this program where if you refer two friends on autoship then your next monthly shipment of Thrive is free.


Should You Bit The Bullet and Join?


Well, it all depends. You know that it’s mlm so you’ve got to build a downline in order to make any decent money. Are you willing to do this?


Were you looking at how to make money on the web from home when the Le-Vel stumbled into your labp? Understand what you’re getting yourself into.


Remember what’s gonna get you sales and in turn make you money is getting enough eyeballs on your website. If you don’t understand traffic generation and you don’t want to build your business by bugging friends and family, you’ll need to get some skills under your belt.


I recommend this because it will help you get better faster results in your Le-Vel business.


All in all, I hope this Le-vel review shed some lite on this business opportunity and what you can do to maximize your profits. So far, it looks like a pretty good opportunity.




Is Plug in Profit Site Legit?

If you’re wondering if Plug in Profit Site is legit, then this what you may want to read before you do another thing…



You’ve probably had more than your share of fly-by-night businesses and skeezy Internet marketing gurus. You may have even spent some of your rent money on trying to find the right business solution for you – all to no avail.


That was when Plug in Profit Site (PIPS) for short caught your attention. Could this be your ticket to freedom or is just another one of those?


You’re gonna be quite surprised at my answer because it may not be what you think it is.


Is Plug in Profit Site Legit…and Does It Work?


What may have brought you here was your months or even years of frustration with Internet marketing and even network marketing. You may be thinking there’s gotta be something better or easier.


Having been in this industry for awhile, I can tell you that your search of something easier or better is not what you’re really after. You’re really after the keys to making it all work out for you.


The problem with most network marketing biz opps and Internet marketing gurus products is that they don’t teach you want you need to know to make it work for you.


Signing up for a business opportunity is like getting a car with no gasoline and no steering wheel. It’s a car sure enough, but you won’t get out of the driveway without gasoline or a steering wheel.


Plug In Profit is the car, but it also gives you the gasoline and the steering wheel to make it work.

You could even take what you learn from PIPS and apply it to any business. We want you to be successful. Both myself and Stone Evans (the creator of PIPS) know that giving you none of the important parts that makes a business work is really setting you up for failure. Too many network marketing businesses do this. Too many Internet marketing gurus do this as well.


How long do you want to keep being frustrated?


So, is Plug in Profit Site legit? Yes.


If you’re seriously looking at this automated business system, then I’m sure you’ve got more questions on your mind…


Read on…


Frequently Asked Questions About Plug in Profit Site

plug in profit legit

There are a lot of questions being asked about PIPS, and it sometimes is not answered in a way where you can completely understand what this program can do for you.


1. Does PIPS Show You What You Need to Know in Order to Start Making Money Online?


Yes. Most programs don’t tell you want you need to know whereas others tell you too much to the point it becomes overwhelming and so you do nothing because you don’t know where to start.


2. Who Created Plug in Profit Site?


It was created by Stone Evans.

3. Am I Able to Build My List With This Program?

This was one of the first affiliate programs at the time it got started that showed you how to do list-building. Today it still is one of the premiere programs that not only shows you how to build your list, it lets you do it.

We want you to do things the right way straight out of the gate. After all it’s in your best interest to build your golden asset – your list.

4. Do I Have to Join All Five Programs?


No you do not. In fact, I recommend you join one at a time, get to learn it and then add on at your pace. Joining all five at one time is for people who have both feet on the gas and want to get off to a faster start making more money.


5. Is This Money-Making System Really Free?


Yes it is. Because you need to have some control over your business, you need to have your website (your blog) hosted somewhere. This gives you full control over the contents like a true business owner would have.


The more control you have the more potential money you can make. This is why PIPS does things that are in your best interest, not just the creator of the system.


6. How is Plug in Profit Different Than the Other Programs That I’ve tried?


Let me answer that one by saying this…


Plug in Profit Site is Legit – But It’s Only the Beginning


plug in profit legit

There are a thousand and one businesses out there that are real. What makes Plug in Profit stand out is that it gives you a foundation to help you understand the bigger picture of Internet marketing.


Without this foundation, as you well know, you’ll struggle, jump around from program to program and even lose a lot of money.


We give you what you need to know at this time to begin making money. No fluff or filler. If you want to immediately start seeing results then you’ll want to put your knowledge to use by getting the money-making system that comes with it. It’s your choice of how fast you want to get to your goals.


PIPS give you the foundation, the training, and the business system to make it all work to help you make money online a whole heck of a lot easier. It’s up to you to do the rest.


==> Click here to begin setting up your money-making site



Fusion Cash Scam Revealed?

If you want to know if Fusion Cash is a scam then this is what you need to read before you even think about joining…


Fusion Cash Scam

Do you need a little cash? Are you thinking about joining Fusion Cash and you’re wondering if it’s a scam?


If you’re eager to make some money doing real online paid surveys, you’re in for a real treat if you’re thinking about using Fusion Cash.


You see, Fusion Cash (FC) is one of the longest online survey sites that’s still around making payments to people just like you.


So, is it legit?




Now that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some things you really ought to know about this site – because there are.


Let’s start with this…


Fusion Cash Earnings – The Reality of What You Can Make


Fusion Cash Scam

For most people doing survey sites like Fusion Cash, they will make enough to pay a utility bill or two. For most people that is all they want. Is that what you’re looking for?


The honest truth is that there are a lot of people who turn to real paid online surveys in hopes of making enough money to buy a brand new home.


And I’m not kidding either…


I’m here to tell you that if that’s you’re thinking then you’re inviting a lot of frustration into your life.


Fusion Cash earnings are meant to supplement not replace an entire income. Although Fusion Cash is no scam, you also cannot make thousands of dollars just doing online surveys.


It’s better to be real with you and upfront as to the reality of what the average person can do with Fusion Cash so you’re not set up for major disappointment later.


Now, if you want to get better than average results with FC, then you’ll to do what most people don’t do – and that’s treat it like a business.


Well, if you’re wondering how to do that, let me go on…


Fusion Cash Tips


This is how it works…


You can get paid to do certain tasks, watch videos, click on links, try trial offers, post in their forum, and lastly of course you get paid to take surveys. In other words, there are many, many, ways to make money on FC.


Now, what a lot if not most people do is just spend countless hours doing surveys and clicking links for mere pennies. Now, if you want to do that then go ahead, but it’s the fastest way to get burned out real fast.


Here are the smarter ways to use this site…


3 Simple Fusion Cash Tips to Help You Get the Most Use of this Site…


fusion cash scam

1. Limit Yourself
Set a time limit for being on Fusion Cash. Never go there without first deciding how long you plan to be there. I’d say a minimum of 30 minutes is a good starting point.


I wouldn’t suggest spending more than 2 hours on Fusion Cash unless you’re dead broke and you need every dime you can earn.


2. Be Consistent
Dong Fusion Cash daily or every other day will give you better results than if you go to it now and then.


3. Get Referrals
Like most surveys websites, FC pays you for referrals. The best part is that you can get paid multiple times from the same referrals. The FC referral program pays out like a Cost Per Action(CPA) offer, in that you get paid just for people signing up for Fusion Cash. How cool is that?


Because Fusion Cash pays out better than most other online surveys sites and is easy to make money with, you’ll see people who have been with Fusion Cash for years and years.


Fusion Cash Scam Blowout – The Overall Picture



Now we’ve blown that Fusion Cash scam nonsense out of the water, let me paint a real picture for you of what you can hope to achieve with Fusion Cash.


Fusion Cash is one of the better sites out there if not the best site for making bill money in multiple ways – from doing surveys to doing simple tasks online to getting paid for watching videos. You’ll never be bored trying to make money on this site, that’s for sure.


What’s important here is that you want to make a little bit of money online. If you don’t care about making money and you’re only on FC to pass some time away, then this area is really not gonna apply to you.




If you’re a money-seeker, then you’ll be glad to know that with Fusion Cash you can make enough money to pay bill(s) if you follow my simple three tips that I posted earlier.


The best part, is that you can start with spending only 30 minutes a day. If you got bills, then you’ve got one way to get one or more of them paid by using Fusion Cash. If you want to make enough money to get out of debt or buy a car etc…, well then you’ll need to look at an Internet-based business.


Whatever you choose, make sure you start taking action today!


===> Click here to start making money with Fusion Cash



How to Make Money on the Web From Home…Even If You’re Broke

If you’re eager to know how to make money on the web from home without being scammed and losing all your life savings, then this is what you need to read…


how to make money on the web from home

You’ve made a mistake.


In fact, you’ve probably made quite a few mistakes in your quest of wanting to learn how to make money on the web from home.


There’s no doubt about it, there are a lot of scams and schemes out there that are just waiting to gobble up your money and your dreams.


Then there’s this…


You may not have been told the complete truth about what you really need to know about home based businesses.


[stextbox id=”warning”]Must Read: Home Business vs Home Based Job – Is There a Difference?[/stextbox]


Let me explain…


How to Make Money on the Web From Home – The Facts vs Fiction


I’m really disappointed with what I see online. You’ve probably seen it too.

How to Make Money on the Web From Home


You have to not only contend with the money games but you also have the opposite extreme where certain types of bloggers try to make a name for themselves by labeling any and everything a scam.


This does you no service because you’re getting “bad” advice from people who want their fifteen minutes of glory at your expense.


It’s bad enough you have to deal with people who have their hand on your wallet selling beach front property in Arizona i.e. fake dreams that could never be real with the program they’re promoting (a scam).


So, what you’re left with are broken dreams and a empty bank account.


And all you wanted to know was how to make money on the web from home. Can it be done? Yes. Am I making money online? Yes.


The dirty little truth is that most people don’t make money, but lose money – and lots of it.


The only way you’re gonna be in the minority that do go on to make some cool dough online is if you know how to separate fact from fiction.


Here she goes…


Fiction (not true)


1. You have to join a network marketing/mlm business opportunity in order to have a home business


2. You need money to make money


3. The only way to make money online is if you have an Internet business


4. It takes years to see any results


5. You’ve got to spend thousands of dollars on training to learn the ropes




How to Make Money on the Web From Home

1. You do not have to join a network marketing business or an mlm to have a home based business.

You can do affiliate marketing by selling other peoples products and services or your own products and services online (as long there is a market online).


Check out markplaces like Clickbank, Share-a-Sale, Offer Vault, Commission Junction, Amazon, eBay, etc…


2. One you find a product you want to market, you can drive traffic via free marketing tactics such as putting up videos on YouTube, forum posting, and getting traffic from social sites like Google+ and Facebook.


All of those methods work well, if you know how to use them the smarter way.


3.There are hundreds of ways to make money online and you don’t have to start a business or be an affiliate for someone’s product or service. There are real paid online surveys, Click Worker, and hundreds of employers that hire workers to work from home.


The caveat here is that you’re not gonna make any drastic lifestyle changes by doing any of these things, just enough to get some bills paid.


If you have dreams of quitting your job, taking dream vacations, and/or buying a new home, you’re gonna have to look at a real home based business, not a home based job, surveys, or tasks you do online.


4. It doesn’t take years to see results in a home based business because:


A) Your start up costs are far lower than if you had a regular mom and pop business or a franchise (a regular Mc Donald’s franchise will cost you a mere $1 – $2 million plus ongoing monthly expenses. See here…) and…


B) You have little to no monthly overhead expenses. For just those two things alone is why you’re gonna turn a profit a lot faster online.


5. There are forums like the Warrior Forum where you can get an overall view of Internet marketing. It could be a little daunting because everyone has an opinion and not everyone agrees on any one thing 100%. The one training I highly recommend is Plug in Profits.


It gives you an overview of Internet marketing so you can see the bigger picture, but it also shows you how to market online so that that you’re making multiple streams of income right from the get-go.


So, is Internet marketing a little bit clearer for you now? Do you see where you may have made mistakes in the past? Do you get how to make money on the web from home?


Are you ready to take the next step so that you can be on the path to success?


What Now?


How to Make Money on the Web From Home

The smart thing to do is to decide how you want to make money online. Do you want a home based job, do tasks online like surveys, or do you want to aim for financial freedom with your own home based business?


To avoid misery and wasted time and money, decide what you want to do first and foremost.


Now that you have an idea as to how to make money on the web from home, you’ll want to formulate a plan to make it happen. If you’re goal is a home based job, then you’ll need to start applying for jobs.


If you want to just do simple tasks online, then you’ll want to sign up for a survey site like Fusion Cash and Clickworker.


If you want dream lifestyle results, then obviously a home based business is where you must go. Get strong practical training that you can put into use so you can start making money right away.


I recommend this automated business system because it gives you what you need right now to start generating an income online without all the fluff and filler you find with other programs.


If you want to how to make money on the web from home, now you know there are terrific ways to do just that.



Internet Marketing Course in Los Angeles?

Are you hopelessly looking for an Internet marketing course in Los Angeles but keep coming up empty-handed? Then this may be just the thing you’re looking for…



Are you looking to make money online? Do you have an existing business you want to build on the web? Do you want to find a way to reach out to your customers on the Internet?


If you answered “yes” to any of those above, you’ll be quite surprised to learn that there is a more powerful and easier way to learn Internet marketing from your home…even if you’re looking for an Internet marketing course in L.A.


Let me explain…


The Truth About Going to an Internet Marketing Course in Los Angeles


The biggest downside of taking a classroom course in Internet marketing, is that it’s usually taught by people who are not in the trenches marketing on the Internet – day in and day out.


Sure it’s good to learn theory, but what you want is real-world experience. If you’re not listening to someone who’s been there and done that, then you’ve pretty much wasted your time sitting in a classroom.


Not only that, but do you really want to battle rush hour traffic in L.A. to take an Internet marketing class that you can just as easily take online?



As an entrepreneur, among the first thing’s you are taught is to value your time. This is the question you need to ask yourself…


“Is it in my best interest to leave my family and my home and wrestle with traffic in order to take an Internet marketing course in Los Angeles?”


Hopefully you’ve gotten the bigger picture and you answered ‘No’ to that question.


This is the better alternative….


The Smarter Alternative to an Internet Marketing Course in Los Angeles


Here’s the simple truth…


You have to understand the basics of Internet marketing. Unless you’ve gotten the basics down, there’s no use doing any advance type of stuff.


What makes a a lot of people struggle online is that they try to do too much or they learn far too much than what they need at the present moment to get the job done.


I also see the opposite online too…


And that is people who haven’t got or never have gotten the proper training. If you fall into any of those three categories above you’re gonna bang your head up against the wall trying to make money online. Period.


In fact, you may already be pined up against the wall hitting your head trying to figure out how to get more customers online.


Get the foundation from someone who is an Internet marketer, not someone who’s gotten a degree but has never put it to use.



This is why I recommend this ebook…


It tells you everything you need to know about getting traffic and in turn making money online.


If you don’t understand what’s being taught to you in the ebook, you’re gonna have a challenging time trying to do social media. This is the foundation for what you’re trying to accomplish.


And if you don’t already have a Internet business already set up, you can set up a money-making website using the Plug in Profit automated business system.


This is completely optional of course, but you do want to make sure you’re able to put to use the information that you learn in this powerful ebook. Remember what I said about you needing to value your time? Well, you don’t want to let all this knowledge go by the wayside after you spent your time learning it.


Sure you didn’t have to sit in rush hour traffic as if you had taken an Internet marketing course in Los Angeles, nevertheless, you want to be accountable for all your time.


Why Dotcomology?



It’s written by a former dishwasher who turned himself into an Internet millionaire. Yep, the odds were stacked against him to make it on the Internet, but he managed to make it and do even more.


He has done what a lot of people and Internet marketing gurus have not done – and that’s create multiple six and seven figure income streams online.


There are important lessons in the book that are not even taught by traditional Internet marketing trainers and definitely not taught by degree-carrying Internet marketing instructors.


And it’s literally the difference between a little success and massive success. Although no newbie, I’m using the lessons I learned with this book and training to increase my income ten-fold.


We’re giving this ebook away for free (and at this time no opt-in is required). So hurry and grab your free copy while it’s still available (as of this writing).


After you read it and you still feel like to you need to battle southern California traffic to take an Internet marketing course in Los Angeles, then go for it.


But I know after you read this book (and if you decide to get the free business system), you’re gonna definitely have the knowledge and tools to get started right now making money online.




2 Ebay Alternatives For Sellers

If you’re sick of dealing with eBay and you want to learn of eBay alternatives for sellers, then this is the article you must read…



Tired of all the new policies on eBay? Is it getting increasingly harder to sell on eBay? Is eBay just not worth the hassle anymore?


If you’re fed up with eBay and their shenanigans and you finally want your freedom from them once and for all, then you’ll be ecstatic to know that there are other companies out that will gladly let you list your products.


eBay Alternatives For Sellers Sick of eBay Policies



I’m sure you’ve had more than your share of serial refunders – you know those people who always seem to find something wrong with their order and want a refund.


Then you have those people who use the product and try to return it for a full refund. They may even go as far as “blackmailing’ you by threatening to leave negative feedback if you don’t refund them.


The icing on the cake is that eBay is more often than not on the side of the customer even when it’s clear as day the customer is in the wrong.


It’s no wonder you’re looking for ebay alternatives for sellers. The good news is that you have choices.


Ready to know your choices?


The Alternatives




This less widely known auction site that has two features:

1) Penny Auctions

2) Regular Listings


The biggest pros of this site is that it is full of hungry buyers and there are built-in affiliates at this site that can help you sell your products.


Because there’s less competition for you here, it’s a lot easier to be noticed. This definitely isn’t the crowded ebay marketplace that you’re used to. Listings are free for commercial sellers. Other sellers pay a nominal fee.


Like TripleClicks it is a growing site with a growing fanbase. There are various types of listings.


3. ePier
This site has a Craigslist and community feel to it and it may take some time to get used to it. No lisitng fees.


Are There Other eBay Alternatives For Sellers?



Believe it or not there are quite a few sites out there that want to give eBay a run for its money. The reality is that not all these eBay alternative sites are what they’re cracked up to be.


In other words, there’s only so much room for so many auctions sites. And what gets you customers for your items is the reputation of the auction site itself.


eBay has built up a reputation and it a common household name now. That’s a lot for a site to compete with.


I could give you a dozen or so more sites that say they’re the next big auction powerhouse, but in reality it’s gonna be in your best interest to test out these three sites here and see how you do.


Go with the sites like TripleClicks and ePier that don’t have listing fees and list your products on there. You really have nothing to lose. Once you’ve put listings on these sites, then look at three more sites and so on.


This way you can see which of these sites could be your eBay alternative. It may very well be that these three here are just the auction websites you need jump-start your selling career again.


There are eBay alternatives for sellers, but you’ll have to do a little bit of digging to find the one that is right for you.


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