Internet Lifestyle Network Review: What It Really Is

Are looking for a real Internet Lifestyle Network review? Do you want to know how Internet Lifestyle Network fits in with Global Resorts Network? Before you join either one of those programs, you may want to take the time to read this…

Update WARNING: This program created by Vince Ortega, went belly up a long time ago. If you choose a program (or opportunity) created by a solo-preneur, stick with the ones that have a proven track record of success. See this list.


Confused about Internet Lifestyle Network? Have you read reviews and videos about it but still don’t have a clue as to what it really is? Then you’re on the right site at the right time.


Let me explain…


But first watch this video…



Internet Lifestyle Network Review: The Two Sides


There are two sides for every Internet Lifestyle Network review you come across. There’s the side of the affiliate who just wants you to join them and not tell you anything about what you’re joining.


internet lifestyle network review

Then there’s the second type of Internet Lifestyle Network review in which the affiliate gives you a real explanation of what this program is and what it can (or can’t) do for you.


Yes, I am an affiliate but I do want you to be completely informed before (and if ) you decide to join us in the Internet Lifestyle Network.


If you want to truly get products and services that will help you build your business and in turn make more money, then carefully reading every word of this real Internet Lifestyle Network review will help you more than reading yet another “review” that only cares about making the sale.


Read on…


So, What is It?


internet-lifestyle-network-reviewThe Internet Lifestyle Network  (aka ILN) was created by Vincent Ortega Jr.


Mark Hoverson now has a small stake in this company as well which is why you see him promoting it in the above video.


First of all, it’s an education platform that can train you to become a more successful business owner on the Internet. If you like what you see and feel there is value to what’s being offered (and most people do), then you’ll want to share the training with other business owners which is where the affiliate program comes in.


Here’s the lowdown of the products in the apprentice membership, which is only $14.95/month.


    • Branded Blog – You get your very own blog hosted by ILN.


    • The FAMOUS 8-Figure Million Dollar Day course – This will show you how to end your procrastination and unclutter your life so you can become more productive.


    • 8-Figure Branding & Attraction Marketing webinar – This webinar shows you how to get people to click on your links. If you’re going around from social network to social network posting link after link without much success, then this is what you need to watch in order to get better results in your business.


    • Solomon CEO Discovery – The Proverbs Of Solomon Raises You Up To 8-Figure Standards.


  • 8-Figure Facebook Marketing – This will show you how to dominate Facebook like an 8-figure earner.


As you can see, you get a lot of value for a mere $15 bucks/month. Of course, you can expect this low price-point not to last too long. If you’re sitting on the fence about joining, now would be a good time to experience the value of this membership while still at this price. You can learn more here.


Where Does Global Resorts Network Come In?


globalresortsbluelogoILN has lower entry products that you can promote to get your prospects into your funnel. What myself and other people have done is just add Global Resorts Network to the end of the marketing funnel.


What this does is offer people a valuable product that your prospects actually benefit from. That sounds a little odd to say, but the industry is littered with products that only the distributors themselves would only buy.


Global Resorts Network offers you the opportunity to make generous commissions by helping people save money and get more value when they travel.


[stextbox id=”alert”]If you’re not familiar with Global Resorts Network (or GRN for short), you’ll want to learn more about it by going to this Global Resorts Network site.[/stextbox]


In a nutshell, Global Resorts Network has the higher-end product that you can promote. GRN is its own separate business and is an option.


What Internet Lifestyle Network Can (or Can’t) Do For You


If you’ve been around me for any length of time, you know I’m a big advocate of getting the right tools and training to help you build business much more successfully online.


With Mark Hoverson’s training and Vincent Ortega’s insight, the membership is really a no-brainer for someone who’s looking to get an edge in their business and take it to the next level.


internet lifestyle network reviewWhether you’re just starting out or whether you’re already a six-figure earner, you will learn some valuable tips to help bump up your business another notch.

The only way you’re going to succeed online on a massive scale is if you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen, whether that’s business tools, systems, training, or whatever.


Warning: This program is not for slackers. If this is you, I suggest you not join this or any other program.


If you want any measure of success online, you must be willing to go to “bat” for yourself and your family.


Ask yourself these questions…


What’s really driving you to succeed in your business?


Do you want to spend more time with your kids?


Do you want pay off your car?


Do you want to take a nice long vacations?


Do you want to have the financial means to take care of a sick relative?


Are you tired of being treated like a child by your boss…and you’re ready to do what it takes to quit?


internet lifestyle network review

Here’s the secret to making any money online…


You must be willing to do whatever it takes…


If you’re sick and tired of sitting on the sidelines watching other people make money, then the Internet Lifestyle Network just may be able to provide the missing ingredients that could make all the difference in the world.


Your partner in success,



P.S. If you want to learn more about Internet Lifestyle Network I suggest you watch the webinar here.

Secondary Income Ideas Become Important as Abbott Laboratories Lay Off 200 People in Temecula

Do you feel your job is at risk for a layoff? Have you ever given thought to any secondary income ideas? After reading this article you may have second thoughts on how you see your employer…


secondary business ideas

Food. Shelter. Bills. Money.


Those are the things that come to mind whenever you lose your job unexpectedly. But does it ever cross your mind that maybe you should be working on some secondary income ideas…just in case you ever are without a job?


In the case of the recent layoffs at Abbott Laboratories in Temecula, California (see story here) I wonder how many of its workers had a backup plan?


With no “Plan B” or any thoughts to secondary income ideas, there will be no doubt that a lot of these workers will find it hard to get back into the workforce given the nature of the economy.


Take it from someone who had gotten laid off from a job without any warning. Not knowing how you’re going to pay bills and put food on the table is a very stressful situation to be in. Add to that all the guilt and shame you feel when you can’t provide for your family.


How to Work on Your Secondary Income Ideas


secondary income ideas

If you haven’t already begun to work on your supplemental income ideas, now is the time to do it. Take 30 minutes today and everyday just brainstorming some ideas that can make you money.


Ask yourself…


What am I good at?


What skills do I have that I can easily make money off of?


You’ll be surprised at what your mind can come up with when you ask yourself the right type of questions.


I Don’t Have Any Secondary Income Ideas


secondary income ideas

If you’re one of those people who don’t have a “bankable” skill that you can make money with in case of an emergency …like losing your job, then you’ll have to do what a lot of people have done to make money – turn to the Internet.


Although there are countless ways to make money online, the ones that you’re probably accustomed to seeing are those real paid online surveys all over the internet and those paid-to-read types of programs.


Although you can make a little bit of money doing those things, you’ll never likely ever make enough to sustain your household.


One of the best secondary income ideas that can replace your income from your job is a work-at-home business. I have made most of my money online with products and services that are legitimate and that people actually want to buy. There are many home business ideas out there – you just have to find the right one that is a fit for you.


Don’t wait until you get laid off or fired from a job to think about secondary income ideas. Do it now.


Your partner in success,



Got a Successful Etsy Business? We Want to Hear From You

Got a good thing going with your Etsy business? Want to share a few tips to help other hopeful Etsy business owners while at the same time get more free publicity for your own business? Read this…


etsy business


If you’re not familiar with Etsy, and there will be people who aren’t here’s a short a clip from Etsy showing the many ways Etsy can be used to turn your passion into a money-making venture…



How to Get Started…

I’m only looking for Etsy businesses that have:

  • Been in business at least 6 months
  • Have more than 25 reviews on Etsy (of course predominately positive)
  • Consistent revenue coming in

How You Can Benefit

You’ll get added exposure and social buzz for your business.

What You Have to Do

If you meet the criteria above, you will need to answer the short questions on this site here. Your survey (if you’re among the few that are chosen) will then be featured on our new Success on the ‘Net series.

If you are chosen you will be contacted by email on Etsy. Please only apply once. If you have multiple businesses on Etsy just list all the urls in the appropriate section on the survey.

This is an ongoing series. Please if you are brand new to Etsy and/or not consistently making money with your Etsy business please don’t apply. You will want to stay tuned to this blog for tips that can help you get better results in your Etsy business.

Click Here to Access the Survey

To your success,


Is Paul Blanco Fresh Start Program the Place to Start?

Whether you’re looking for Paul Blanco Fresh Start Program or Paul Blanco Sacramento car inventory, there are things you can do to help yourself…

paul blanco fresh start program

You’ve seen the website or maybe you’ve heard the radio ads on your favorite radio station and now you may be a bit intrigued about Paul Blanco’s Fresh Start Program.


To jog your memory, here’s a video testimonial about Paul Blanco (note – this is NOT an endorsement)….



Ok, so here’s the other side...


This really isn’t about how great (or bad) this business is, as it is about:

1. How to take the time and do your due diligence and carefully research any business before you do business with them and…


2. How you got yourself in the situation to do business with Paul Blanco to begin with. Let me explain…


The Dirty Truth About What Brings You to Paul Blanco


There’s no way around it…

paul blanco sacramento

Paul Blanco Fresh Start Program targets those with less than perfect credit…and given the state of our economy for the past few years, there are a lot of people out there that fit this description.


Whether you go to Paul Blanco Sacramento, or do the Paul Blanco Fresh Start Program (or any other dealership), know that there is still a problem that needs to be fixed.


Either you need more income coming in or you need to repair your credit – or maybe both.


The first step in repairing your credit is of course paying your bills on time. And if you don’t have the money to pay all your bills on time, then you have a money problem. We’ve all been there at one time or another.


[stextbox id=”alert”]FYI: If you haven’t read Home Business Ideas I suggest you give that a read to get some ideas flowing on ways to make more money…[/stextbox]


In the meantime, until you’ve decided on a business, you may want to consider doing online surveys – the ones that pay in money, not prizes. As of this writing I recommend you start with Fusion Cash.


If you take the strategies discussed in the article here you can make enough to pay a small bill and if you take a few more minutes a day you can make a considerable amount more.


Ok, Online Surveys Can Make Me Money, But I Still Need a Car


I get that despite knowing that you can do online surveys for cash, you still may need a car right now. Here are some tips that can help you out with that…

paul blanco fresh start credit programA lot of car dealerships have their own go-to-list of sub-prime auto finance companies. You can also go directly to sites like GM Financial and Roadloans. These companies specialize in subprime lending.


It’s always better if you can get pre-approved first before heading into dealership. Once you have your pre-approval and you know what interest rate you’re getting, you have some bargaining power when it comes to dealing with the dealer’s financing – they need to beat the interest rate of what you’ve already been pre-approved for.


Before Heading Into Paul Blanco Fresh Start Program…


1. Make steps to start bringing in more income. Start with something as simple as doing online surveys and then graduate to doing a home based business part-time.


2. Get pre-approved for a car loan before doing Paul Blanco’s Fresh Start Program (or going into any other dealership). If you can’t get pre-approved then you’ll have to go with dealer financing. You may want to go to a regular dealership first before going with Paul Blanco.


3. Compare the interest rate on what Paul Blanco Good Car Company can give you vs a regular dealership. Walk away if you’re not satisfied.


4. Once you have enough income coming in to pay for your bills, then you’ll want to work on repairing your credit.


Paul Blanco Fresh Start Program is a way to get into a car, but you’ll also want to address the other issues that got you looking for Paul Blanco in the first place.


To your success,



Herbalife Work Home Business Opportunity – Don’t Join Just Yet

If you’re seriously looking at the Herbalife work home business opportunity you may want to read this short article first – it may change the way you view the Herbalife home business.


Herbalife Work Home Business Opportunity

If you’re frantically searching for information on the Herbalife work home business opportunity, then you’re in luck. In fact, this may be the very last information you’ll need to read on the subject before and IF you decide to join.


Despite what you’ve been reading online, Herbalife is a legitimate business that’s been around a long time. The biggest complaint about the Herbalife work home business opportunity is the way they advertise.


Some call it sneaky others call it a good mlm marketing strategy. And if you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about, perhaps “Income at” may ring a bell if you’re an avid radio listener.


A team within the Herbalife company ran “blind” ads on popular radio stations and had popular radio personalities like Dr. Laura endorsing it as a legitimate way to make money from home. What the ads and personalities didn’t mention was that it was the Herbalife work home business opportunity.


This made some people think Herbalife was being deceptive; whatever you think about this, still the question is whether or not the Herbalife work home business opportunity can make you money.


Read on…


Making Money With the Herbalife Work Home Business Opportunity


Herbalife Work Home Business OpportunitySomething has you drawn to the Herbalife work home business opportunity. Perhaps you know someone in it, or maybe you’re just interested in making money from home. Here’s what you need to know:


Herbalife is an Mlm which means that you need to build a sales force to help you sell products. If you don’t want your income to be based on how well you recruit people, who must order products every single month, then Herbalife may not be the right fit for you.


Herbalife is a nutritional company. If you don’t believe in taking supplements and vitamins and/or don’t want to sell them, then you will have difficulty making money in the Herbalife work home business opportunity.


Since Herbalife is an mlm, you must know that you have to build a large sales force in order to make any decent money. In other words, you’ll get tiny commission checks until you’re able to either sell a whole lot of products consistently every single month or either you’ll have to recruit like a maniac and build a large sales team.


Like it or hate it – this is the nature of mlm. Does the Herbalife work home business opportunity seem like a fit for you so far?


Although Herbalife is a real legitimate company with good products, you have to decide if the Herbalife work home business opportunity is the way you want to make money from home. If you ever want to make significant  money online in the Herbalife work home business opportunity (or another business opportunity if Herbalife don’t “float your boat”), know that you must learn how to drive traffic online sooner or later. This has worked well for a lot of Herbalife distributors…


I’ll see ya at the top!



Income at Home Dot Com AKA – What Is It?

What is, and is it something that can really work? Don’t give them your information until you read this…


income at home dot com


You’ve heard them…


Those radio advertisements on your favorite radio station for Income at Home .com. Perhaps you may have even heard your favorite radio personality like Dr. Laura or George Noory promoting it.


The shocking truth about IncomeAtHomeDotCom is that it’s (as if you didn’t know it already) Herbalife!


Now, if you’ve been on the Internet for more than 15 minutes, then I’m sure by now you’ve got the news that your favorite D.J. was pitching Herbalife all along – but you just didn’t know it.


Either at this point, you’re either like a lot of newbies, really pissed off that the ads didn’t mention it was Herbalife or you’re like a seasoned marketer who just found out that door knobs are usually found on doors – i.e. in other words, it’s no big deal!


See this Income At Home .Com Video…



Extra, Extra, IncomeAtHome.Com – Makes People Angry!


income at home dot com


That’s the headline that should run in all the newspapers (do those still exist?!) if I was the news editor.


I can’t believe the amount of “backlash” Income at home dot com is getting because they ran ads that didn’t mention the name of the company – Herbalife.


Only newbies or non-business people would truly get upset at that. Perhaps because the ads are targeted toward those that don’t know any better? Or maybe it’s targeted toward those that think having a home business is EASY?


For whatever the reason, these kinds of people are coming out in droves against Herbalife and Income at Home dot com.


C’mon folks!


I’m not here to make fun of anyone, but only to enlighten those that want to be enlighten of the ways of the home business industry and marketing in general.


If you really want to make money online then you have to act less like a scared newbie who’s always the victim of a scam and more like a successful business person.


Income At Home Dot Com – Where They in the Wrong?


income at home dot comeClearly if you made it this far down, then you know that I am of the opinion that what they did was ok. In fact, it was darn good marketing. You see, businesses run “blind” ads (where the company name/brand name product is not mentioned in the advertisement) all the time.


It’s a way to get more people in the door without hitting that objection of I’ve seen / heard of Herbalife (or XYZ company/product) before, I already know what it’s all about!”


Is there Another Way to Make Money at Home BESIDES Income at Home .Com?

Yes, of course. Just so that you’re clear, there is nothing wrong with Herbalife. They’ve been in business quite awhile and are a very successful nutritional company.


The problem some people may run into with Herbalife and other companies like it, is that it’s mlm. In other words, in order to make any significant money with it, you need to build a large sales force also known as recruiting.


So, what else is there?


There are all kinds of home business ideas that can earn you an income from home. There’s affiliate marketing, which includes doing CPA marketing (cost per action), and there’s other types of network marketing companies besides mlms like Herbalife.


You can make money with pretty much anything as long as:


1. You know about marketing


2. You have a product/service that is in demand


3. The landing page you’re promoting converts with the traffic you’re sending it


Now this seems like a lot and it is especially if you’re new to marketing. You see one of the reasons people fail online is that there are too many variables that have to be “right” in order for you to make money.


This is why I like the My Lead System Pro Although I’m not a newbie, it does give beginners and even advanced marketers “a track to run on” so they can begin having success right out the gate.

Now, it’s not a biz opp per se, but it does train you and give you a system (if you want to use the system, you don’t have to). The most important part is that it helps make generating leads more easier. The icing on the cake is that you can earn money while generating leads for your Herbalife business.
The question becomes…


Do you want to make money while generating leads for your Herbalife home business or do you solely want to rely on your one income stream from Herbalife?


Income at Home (Herbalife) In a Nutshell


income at home dot com is not a scam but is a well-known successful nutritional company. Herbalife can make you money, but be prepared to wait 2-5 years at least if you want to make a significant income.


There are other ways to make money from home. You have to decide what is the right fit for you.


Remember, if you want to be successful online, you have to start thinking like a business person.


So there you have it.


Your partner in success,




Home Businesses For Vets

Are you looking for information on home businesses for veterans? In a still very though job market, this may the only avenue for you. Here are the important things you need to know…


If you’re looking into a home based business it may be because you are tired – tired of putting in resume after resume and tired of going to interviews only to be let down time and time again.


If you watched the 60Minutes television episode that showed how some vets are putting their financial destiny back into their own hands by taking the entrepreneurial plunge, you may be hopeful that you can do the same too. If you didn’t see the segment you can see it below:



How to Begin Searching For Home Businesses For Veterans


Tap Into Your Existing Skills


When it comes to looking for a business, especially a home based business, it’s best to start with your existing skills, interests, and hobbies.


These are the million dollar questions you’ll want to ask yourself…


What am I good at that will allow me to build a successful business around?


What interests or passions do I currently have that I can make money with?


If you notice that each of those questions have either success or make money in them.




There has to be a buying market for your product or service. Just building a business around your passion or interest without regard to if there’s a market for what you’re selling is foolhardy.


If no one is buying what you’re selling, no matter how passionate you feel about it, you will not make money. And if you borrowed money to start a business without first doing your research into the market, well you could be on the road to a financial mess.


So, the first step is to start with your current interests and skills and see if there’s a buying market for what you want to market.


Here’s a another question to ask yourself…


Does your market exist online or offline?


The next big question is…


How do you intend to reach your market? In other words, how do you intend to market to them?


Now that you’re getting some ideas of what you can possibly to start a home business, let’s talk about the what if’s… what if you don’t have any ideas as to what hobbies/interests you can turn into a business.


Read on…


No Marketable Skills – Now What?


If you’ve decided that you don’t have any skills or interests you want to turn into a business, don’t give up because all hope is not lost. There are lots of home businesses for veterans you can get into.


If you’re looking to be an online marketer, the way a lot of people get started is by selling other people’s stuff. That could mean selling ebooks other people have written and it could mean becoming an affiliate for Amazon and selling products off of their website.


It could also mean becoming a distributor or representative for a network marketing company. Think about Tupperware, Avon, Usana, Shaklee, etc…


Once you get some Internet skills and know-how under your belt, you can even help offline businesses get started marketing online. There are a lot of outsourcers and seo companies you can partner with to do the “work” for you – all you have to do is get businesses interested in the services you offer.


The Key to Success


After you’ve decided what kind of business you’re going to get into, and you’ve done your market research and know that there are buyers for your product or service, you’ll need to develop a marketing plan to reaching your market.


Now if by now you have not decided what kind of business you’re going to go into or if you have not done your research I suggest you take the time and do that right now before going on.


If you’re leading more towards an Internet business and becoming an affiliate I highly suggest you get some training. I suggest you check out online digital marketing training.


The secret ingredients to making a success of your home business is traffic – the more targeted the better. Now I’m assuming that you have your business essentials in place, i.e. your converting website/lead capture page (if you’re building a list) and so on. There’s no use trying to get traffic if you have no place to send them.


You must take the time and learn about lead generation. There’s a lot of talk about free traffic and SEO but you must know that getting traffic from the search engines is not as easy as it used to be.


I suggest you work on building your website with the keywords you want to rank for and in addition use paid traffic generation techniques so you can start driving traffic to your site immediately.


Yes, there are plenty of good home businesses for veterans but you have to do your due diligence first and foremost and back it up with a solid marketing plan for getting traffic to your business.

Remember this is going to be a marathon, not a sprint to success.



Dove Chocolate Discoveries Reviews? Read This BEFORE Joining

Are you searching all over the Internet for the most insightful Dove Chocolate Discoveries reviews that will convince you to join this company? Just hold off a minute because what I’m about to tell you can make a HUGE difference in whether or not you become successful with Dove Chocolate Discoveries.


Dove Chocolate Discoveries
Courtesy of Dove Chocolate Discoveries


This is not going to be your run-of-the-mill Dove Chocolate Discoveries reviews where you get all excited about the company and then join only to discover (no pun intended) that you have NO clue on how to build this business.


In fact, you may be on your last nerve with your significant other who may be tired of you spending money joining company after company only to lose MORE money than you ever make.


By the time you finish reading this article I want you to have a clear concise plan at the very least how you plan on building your Dove Chocolate Discoveries business.


Dove Chocolate Discoveries Reviews – Let’s Be Clear on What This Really Is

Dove Chocolate Discoveries reviews


If joining new companies puts you on edge, then you’ll be happy to know that Dove Chocolate Discoveries was started in 2007 and is part of the Mars brand. This company is a member of the Direct Selling Association, which may or may not mean a whole lot to you.


Dove Chocolate Discoveries uses the direct selling platform; what this means is that its products are directly sold to the consumer.


How you go about this is completely up to you, but you must know that Dove does want you to go about selling its products their way. You’ll learn more as you read on…


Is Dove Chocolate Discoveries a Scam?


In a lot of Dove Chocolate Discoveries “reviews” you see online you may see this issue addressed time and time again. The reason it may come up so often is that because this is a network marketing / direct sales company.


First of all if you’re concerned about Dove Chocolate Discoveries being a scam, know that most scams don’t have products or services attached to them…it’s all a money game. Second, the scams that have a products/services attached are shoddy at best – they’re not viable and it’s clear that they’re not.


Just look at the picture below of Dove’s chocolate-covered cinnamon dusted almonds below… ummmmm!


Dove Chocolate Discoveries


As your mouth waters you know in fact that Dove’s products are indeed REAL.


So far, you know that the company is backed by a major corporation and has been in business a number of years. You also know that the company and its products are real and viable mouth-watering products.


But if you’re serious about becoming a Dove Chocolate party consultant, how do you get paid?


Dove Chocolate Discoveries Compensation Plan

There are five ways to make money in the Dove Chocolate Discoveries compensation plan (courtesy of Dove Chocolate Discoveries )


Commissions – No matter what your rank, you can earn up to 40% on your personal sales volume (PSV) each month.


Earnings Assurance – If someone passes you in rank, you are still paid on their PSV if they are in levels 1, 2 or 3 of your downline.


Once in your downline, always in your downline – The career plan is designed to easily move up in the ranks, making it easy to achieve success.


Manager Bonus – Once promoted to Manager, you’ll be rewarded with a one time $500 promotion bonus plus an additional bonus is paid on your entire personal group volume as deep as your team goes


Generation Overrides – Generation overrides are paid 4 levels deep and paid out at a higher percentage than the 3% Manager Bonus.


In most Dove Chocolate Discoveries reviews, they neglect to tell you about how the company pays you, so I made sure that I covered the Dove Chocolate Discoveries compensation plan here. How can you make an informed decision without knowing how you’re going to get paid?


Now, I’m going to “rock your world” and tell you that everything you’ve read here so far means absolutely nothing!




Let me explain…


There’s an important part MISSING and unless you know what it is and how to do it you’re likely go broke trying to make money.


Why You’re Likely to NOT Have Success as a Dove Chocolate Discoveries Consultant…
and What You Can Do About it Right NOW – Before You Join)

dove chocolate discoveries


I don’t mean this to be a scare tactic so you don’t join Dove. This is meant for you to go one step beyond where most people leave off so that you CAN have success as a Dove Chocolate party consultant if that’s what you want to do.


As a person who has been in the home business and Internet marketing arena I can tell you that most people who start a home business will either fail or quit. Have you ever quit a home business before?


If you’re like most people, then you’ve probably joined a few and quit a few. This is actually quite normal.


As you probably know, when you quit (or fail to make money), all that time you spent and all that money you invested go right down the toilet. It’s very disheartening and frustrating to say the least.


But what if I can tell you something that could make all the difference in the world in whether you succeeded or failed?


As a potential Dove Chocolate Party consultant, you must know that the way Dove wants you to build this business is via home parties. Are you ok with that?


There’s nothing wrong with home parties. But how are you going to get the word out that you’re in business as a Dove Chocolate Party consultant? Well, of course the Internet. If you’re NOT using the Internet in your business on some capacity you’re leaving money on the table!


Not only that, but how would people find you? If you go the party plan route you have to know a lot of people that would be open to hosting parties for you. Then at some point your circle of people to go to may get smaller and smaller.


Or maybe you want a Dove business but you’re not too keen on doing home parties…how are you going to build a business then?


If you choose to become a Dove Chocolate Party consultant, make sure you think it through on HOW you’re going to go about building the business. Most people don’t which is why so many people fail.


I want to see you succeed. I have tools and resources available to help you…click here to see one of our top producing lead services.


As always….your partner in success,




P.S. Out of all the Dove Chocolate Discoveries Reviews you’ve read, I hope you found this one the most helpful!

My Fun Life Business Opportunity or Scam Opportunity?

My Fun Life – is it as fun as it’s made out to be or will My Fun Life leave you and your wallet out to dry? Take a look at this…

my fun life business opportunity

Has My Fun Life got you hooked on the potential of making gobs of cash with it? Still unsure as to what My Fun Life really is? And most importantly, is this opportunity slash travel and health app worth your time of day?

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Is My Fun Life Just Another Travel Company?


Does the network marketing industry really need another travel opportunity? With all that has happen with the other travel companies like YTB, it’s kind of astonishing that another travel opportunity has popped up.


At least with My Fun Life, it comes with a “twist” and that would be the travel and health app. But is it really worth the $21 bucks you’ll be spending every month?


What Really is My Fun Life?


Ok, let’s just put that aside and talk about the product side – which is a “white label” of Travelocity’s booking engine. You can read more about that on Behind MLM (


Although I don’t agree with everything (far from it actually) that’s on Behind MLM, it pains me to admit that there is some good points that are made about My Fun Life (see link above).


I’ve always stated that there has to be some VALUE in whatever product you offer to the marketplace. Does the value come in the form of an app? One-on-one travel assistance? Travel tips or advice?


If you’re looking to join My Fun Life and you’re going to focus on the product side (the travel side), you will have to provide some value.


The My Fun Life Business Opportunity

my fun life business opportunity

From the business-side of things, My Fun Life states that you don’t have to sponsor anyone to make money. Hmmmm. I guess by now you know why a lot of anti-mlm/network marketing zealots are having a field day with My Fun Life.


From what I get, the monthly membership is what drives the commissions. Wrongly or rightly, this is what it appears to be.


Is My Fun Life Worth Joining?


My Fun Life is new and sort of exciting, but you can’t build anything successful, at least not long-term if you don’t look at a biz opp from the business side of things.


There’s no reason to waste your time or your money, let alone your reputation, on something that looks like it may not past the smell test down the road.


There are still a couple of proven travel companies in the network marketing niche that have been providing travel services for over the past several years. If you’re serious about getting into the travel industry, I suggest you go with one of those.


If you’re stuck on My Fun Life, just see where it goes; it may one of those sleeping giants that emerges into a top-producing business opportunity.


If you do decide to bite the bullet and join My Fun Life, make sure you get some lead generation training so can at least give yourself a fighting chance.

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