Retirement Income Opportunity: What You Need to Look For

When you’re looking for a retirement income opportunity, you’d better make sure certain things are in place or else you could waste a lot of time with not very much to show for it.


retirement income opportunity

In case you’re wondering what makes a good retirement income opportunity, there are some things you’ve got to get clear.


When you’re looking at an opportunity, you’ve got to know what kind of opportunity you’re willing to get involved with. There’s franchising, gumball vending machine opportunities, affiliate marketing, carpet cleaning opportunities, network marketing opportunities – and the list goes on.


If you want to do some labor in your business, then you’ll want to drift that way and find a business where you’ll have to roll up your sleeves and go to work. For most people, especially those in retirement age, this is not ideal.


retirement income opportunity

If you’re going to take the time and look for a retirement income opportunity, at least find one that is not so labor intensive.


After all, you’re not in your twenties anymore and what’s the point of working yourself like a work-horse in your retirement years?


What is the Best Retirement Income Opportunity?


If you don’t want to work yourself to death in your new business, then you’ll want a business that doesn’t require you to do hard physical labor. You definitely do want a business that can produce an income rather quickly.




retirement income opportunity

In the case of franchises, depending on what kind it is, you may have to do most of the leg work yourself until you’re able to hire employees.


The biggest downside to franchises as you probably know is the cost of getting started. The next biggest pitfall to franchises is that it can take years for you to see a profit in your business. Do you really have years to waste in hopes of seeing a real profit?


retirement income opportunity

This is a big gamble and if the franchise doesn’t become profitable or puts you in a boatload of debt, then your heirs and your estate will likely have to deal with that.


Franchises make sense for certain kinds of people and particular times in their lives. In terms of  retirement income opportunity, a franchise may not make complete sense at this time in your life.




I’m sure by now you’ve probably heard of companies such as Avon, Tupperware, and Amway. These companies are in the network marketing business model and some of them use the mlm compensation model. If you’re not familiar with mlm, it’s when you have to build a large distributor force in order to help you sell your company’s products.


retirement income opportunity

Some people have good success in mlm and some don’t. The biggest downside to a traditional mlm is that you have to build a large sales force in order to make any decent money – and that could take 2-5 years.


Do you have the patience to wait that long? Are you a people person? Do you like helping people? If you answered “no” to any of those questions, then perhaps network marketing may not be for you.


If you like some aspects of network marketing, then you’ll want to choose a network marketing company like SFI. This company does a hybrid of network marketing and affiliate marketing. This is the only company that I know of that has done this successfully on a massive scale.


If you’re just not into network marketing or mlm, then there are other home business ideas that can produce an income for you without having to recruit for a sales force.


Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is the fastest way to get into business without having a product or service of your own.


retirement income opportunity

If you can find offers that convert well, all you have to do is drive traffic to the webpage.


Traffic generation can especially be a challenge if you don’t understand Internet marketing or how to drive targeted traffic.


If you have a huge warm market (friends and family) or a large circle of influence around you, you can get by without knowing about traffic generation. Most of the time that’s not going to be the case. Most affiliates go into the cold market for traffic.


You Have a Winner


If you have a product/service that works for both your warm and cold markets, then you’ve got a real winner on your hands.


Not everyone will have the patience to learn about traffic generation in the beginning, yet most people do have a circle of people around them. At the very least you can make money from your warm market while your learn how to drive traffic.


When choosing a product or service to promote, think about one that has more mass appeal especially if you’re going to tap into your warm market to get sales.


If you’re going to be strictly an online marketer, you want to find a niche. So, it basically all depends on how you plan to market.


Faster Profits


retirement income opportunity

When it comes to a retirement income opportunity, you want the ability to make money rather quickly.


The key to business success is turning a profit quickly so you can recoup your business expenses and put more money back into your business and in your wallet at the same time.


Internet-based businesses tend to produce faster revenue because there is literally little to no overhead expenses.


When you add up all of those elements together – a product that works for cold and warm market, and that produces faster money for you, you’ve got a triple whammy that has the potential to make a complete lifestyle change for the better for your family.


Where to Find Your Next Business


Like most affiliate offers, they can be found on such sites as Amazon, Clickbank, Share-a-Sale, Commission Junction, and OfferVault. But the problem is that you’ll have to weed through a lot of offers til you find one that has a decent payout and even then, depending on the network, you may have to apply to see that offer.


retirement income opportunity

If you’re serious about starting a retirement income opportunity as soon as possible, you’ll want to find offers that you don’t have to apply and wait to be accepted.


If you like network marketing, then choose a good network marketing company. If you have a hobby or interest that has proven buyers in that market, consider turning it into a business.


If you’re still not to sure what business you want to do, check out the “Reviewed and Recommended” section of this website.


The Key to Being Successful in a Retirement Income Opportunity


Whatever kind of business you decide to do, you want to remember these key points:

  • You absolutely MUST understand Internet marketing sooner or later
  • Choose an Internet-based business so your overhead expenses are low; this way you can turn a profit faster
  • Be dedicated to learning about traffic generation – this is a MUST
  • Choose a business that has proven buyers in it. If you go with network marketing, make sure it has products/services that real people are buying.


What I Recommend


If you want to cut your learning curve in half and get a step-up above most online marketers,  it’s to your benefit to get a copy of Dotcomology. You can download it here.


This gives you the basic foundation of Internet marketing. Without it you’re gonna struggle like the 90%+ of online marketers do.


If you’re serious about retirement income opportunity, then this is the best place to start.






Adrian Morrison Internet Marketing? Can He Help You or Is There a BETTER Way?

Adrian Morrison…Internet marketing? You’ve seen those infomercials on late night TV…the guy with the Justin Bieber hair-do pitching his Internet marketing products. But is he being REALISTIC with you about what you can REALLY make on the Internet with his products? This you’ve got to read.



It’s almost too good to be true. Adrian Morrison, Internet marketing “guru”, wants you to buy his products because he’s getting really AMAZING results – and says you can too!


Do you want the truth?


I do have his Social Commissions product (just got it recently) and I just glanced over some of the content. To be fair I have not gone thoroughly over each ebook, but from what I see it is a lot of general knowledge.


I know it’s aimed at the complete beginner, but some common sense steps could be left out so he could get to the “meat” of the training.


Is it revolutionary? Hardly.


What are the odds you’ll have success just using what’s taught in this Social Commissions course? 50/50. And I’m being overly optimistic.


Here’s what’s missing that you need to know.


Adrian Morrison Internet Marketing – What You MUST Understand



Although Adrian goes through the nuances of explaining each site and how to set it up and what not, he doesn’t tell you the IMPORTANT thing you really need to understand about Internet Marketing.


You can follow Adrian Morrison Internet marketing Social Commissions product to the letter and still FAIL.




Internet marketing is more than just going up to social media sites and “setting” them up and expecting money to come rolling in. In the REAL Internet marketing world, there’s a lot more to it.


I know Adrian Morrison wants to sell products which should be the goal of every marketer, but you have to know that there’s more…a lot more to it.


What do you mean?


Adrian Morrison Internet Marketing Social Commissions is all about the social media sites, in reality it’s all about testing and ultimately conversions.


You will “dry out” your wallet trying to do paid marketing if you don’t understand traffic and conversions. If you send a lot of traffic (people) to a website that doesn’t convert them into people on your list and/or ultimately buyers, you’re WASTING your time and money.


I’ve been an Internet marketer for some time and I can tell you the top reason people fail at Internet marketing is that they don’t understand that what they sell has to convert into buyers…either immediately or inside your marketing funnel.


Should You Buy Adrian Morrison Internet Marketing Products?


adrian Morrison Internet Marketing

Adrian’s product is informative as to how to set up certain social media sites. But if you’re looking to make money right now and not five years from now, I suggest you do what’s proven to work first.


After you’re on the road to making some money then gradually buy products that will help improve your marketing skill.


(NOTE: Most people do it the other way around…they buy product after product only to get confused by all the information and ultimately FAIL).


Here’s what I suggest…

If you want to get some good solid training on how to do Internet marketing, I highly suggest you stick to my list of online digital marketing training that have been proven to work to get you the education you need so you can begin making money online.


If you want to earn as you learn and you’re willing to hit your income goals as fast as possible, I suggest a high-ticket affiliate offer.


Don’t you think it’s about time you stop wasting time and money buying products that don’t work or don’t give you all the information you need to succeed?


Well of course.


Adrian Morrison Internet Marketing worth it?  I’d say there’s better out there.


Your partner in success,



How to Replace My Income: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Making Money Online

If you’re wondering “how to replace my income”, you should know that there are many ways to make money online…many of which will leave you broke and frustrated.By the time you read this short article you will have discovered a few real ideas that can make you money…and help you to replace your income.



How to replace my income…


That’s the number one question most asked online – and it can be quite a confusing one to answer if you don’t know where to start.



The Internet is a beast.


It can chew you up and spit you out broke, frustrated, and even downright angry.


There’s so much noise on the Internet.


When you’re trying to make money online, it is often very confusing and convoluted. Not to mention that there are less than honest people online who are more than willing to rip you off.


how to replace my income

In fact, when you’re wondering ‘how to replace my income’ know that there are many more people just like you who are searching for this exact same thing. Who wouldn’t want to know how to make money from home?


There are lots of home business ideas floating around that are worth you considering; however, the reality is that good hard-working people like yourself will waste a lot of time and money trying to decide what to do – there’s almost too many ways to choose from.


Most will fail. Most will give up trying.


Having been in the home business industry for a length of time, I can tell you without ever knowing you, that things don’t look good for you if:


a. You’re new at Internet marketing / home business industry


b. You don’t have any Internet marketing skills


c. You don’t know how to structure your business so that it’s profitable


How will you ever succeed online? Odds are you won’t. This is why what I’m about to say is important…


How to Replace My Income
What I can do right now to help me navigate the crazy world of Internet marketing

how to replace my income

There is a ton of ways to make money online – from selling your own product, to doing CPA offers, to network marketing, to doing straight affiliate marketing.


And if you don’t know what you’re doing you will flip flop around and not make a single dime.


1. First of all, you’ve got to know what it is you want to market online. Do you have your own product? Will you become an affiliate? If so, what kind? Will you do list-building? Will you join a network marketing company?


2. Second, now you’ve got to choose the methods to promote it. How will you drive traffic and generate leads?


3. Third, you have to make sure that whatever it is you’re selling…sells. In other words, it should be converting into sales.


If it doesn’t covert well, then all the traffic in the world you send to your offer is WASTED!


Most people fail online because they don’t know how to do #2 and #3 above. Odds are that will be the case for you. If you can do #2 and #3 above and you apply the CORE business commitments you will make money and yes…even eventually replace your income if that’s what you want to do.


Either by now you have a good idea on what you should do next to learn  ‘how to replace my income’ or you’re not sure how to start the process.


If you’re serious about making some decent money online, I recommend having multiple streams of income coming in. In other words, don’t just rely on one income stream. This is easily done when use a system like Plug in Profit Site or just by doing list-building.



Whatever goals or dreams you’re trying to achieve for yourself and your family, you’ve got to have a determination to make them a reality. Without that determination, no matter what network marketing program or affiliate program you promote you will not succeed.


Not sure where to start? Check out the “Reviewed and Recommended” section…




What’s BLOCKING Your Wealth?

If you’re struggling at all in your business, you’ve got to see what some of those issues could possibly be. In this short article, I’m going to narrow down a few culprits that could be standing in your way of success.


internet lifestyle network review


No traffic to your website…


No profits…


Increasing business expenses…


What a predicament to be in yet many entrepreneurs find themselves in such a situation.




It’s like the domino effect…


One thing breaks down and it leads to the next thing and so on and on. Pretty soon you’ve got a mess and you have to retrace your steps just to figure out how all of it got started.


Here’s the funny thing…


If you can’t figure out what caused the break-down in the first place it could very well end your business – and all your future business ventures.


You see history tends to repeat itself when you don’t learn from it. And how can you learn from it if you don’t know what the initial cause is?


Well, you can’t.


For this very reason so many well-deserving hard-working entrepreneurs pack up their bags and head for the hills because they couldn’t get their business going the way they wanted it to go… i.e. making money at it.


Some of Reasons That Could Be Blocking Your Wealth


As someone who’s been in the home business industry for a length of time, I can tell you some of the reasons people struggle in their business. They include:



a. Not a good business


b. Not set up to receive income


c. Negative environment (i.e. well-meaning family and friends)


Let’s delve just a little bit into each one…shall we?


How to Pick a Good Business


First of all you want a business that has products and services you believe in.




One that has products and services that actual REAL people want to buy (in the case of network marketing). In other words, there has to be a demand for your products.


To maximize your profits, your marketing funnel should have at least one residual income producing service and at least one high-ticket product or service.


 Setting Up Your Business For Success


The next thing you want to work on is spending a majority of your time building your list. If you’re just an affiliate marketer who’s in several niches, then it’s understandable that you don’t want to build  a list in all those different niches…but you could if you intend to stay long-term in a niche.



In the case of network marketing you want to take some time to develop your list-building skills. Now if you don’t know how to set up a marketing funnel that converts then you need to partner up with a company that has one already set up. Then all you have to do is drive traffic to it.


This is one of the biggest reason I leverage this system here. It works and works quite well.


I can tell you one thing, there’s no greater struggle then to keep sending traffic to a website that doesn’t convert – that’s a waste of good traffic!


Who’s in Your World?


The last thing that can block wealth is the thing that is most often underrated..and that’s your environment.



Are you around negative, pessimistic people all the time?


Do you have people around you (and yes that includes family) that are constantly telling you that “Those things never work?”


How in the world can you expect to build a successful business when you’re surrounded by doubters and negative people – people who most likely have zero experience running a business?


Well you can’t. You’re going to get frustrated with all the negativity and most likely quit without giving yourself a fair shot.


Think about Donald Trump – like him or hate him, do you think he surrounds himself around negative people and doubters? Of course not. He has some of the sharpest smartest minds around him…and you should do the same.


You’ve come this far, why quit now?


So , if you’re struggling in your business take a look at what you’re promoting and make sure it converts into sales. Check out your environment. If it’s not conducive to your business building then you’ve got to make changes.


The great thing is that all of this is under your control. The question remains – how bad do you want success?


Your partner in success,




Web Business Opportunity? Read This First Before Joining One

Are you struggling to find a good web business opportunity? Before you pick a business you may want to give this a quick read first..

web business opportunity

The biggest obstacle you’re going to face initially when looking for a web business opportunity is finding one that you believe in…and one that actually works.

When I say ‘works’ I mean one where the products and services are good and that there is a demand for those products and services.

If you’re looking for a franchise, then you’ll want to take into consideration the costs of getting started along with the costs of the royalty and franchise fees you must pay in order to stay in business. Some franchises can be run from a home office. These will give you less overhead expenses than one where you have to lease a building and hire employees to staff it.

In some cases, it could very well take you several years before you see an actual profit. That’s the nature of franchises. You must really do a lot of “leg” work before you take on this business model.

In the case of network marketing, you’ll want to make sure there is good  management in place and there are legitimate products/services involved. You’ve also got to ask yourself if you want an mlm business model or a regular single tier affiliate program.

In mlm, you are required to build a large sales force in order to make any decent money. The biggest pro of mlm is that you get a residual income as long as you have people in your organization producing sales and/or ordering product every month.

The biggest con as I stated earlier is that you’ve got to build a large organization in order to see any decent money coming in. In some cases this could take 3-5 years.

In a single tier network marketing company, the payouts are larger and you’re not required to build a sales force to make good money. In some cases there isn’t a residual income earned.

web business opportunity

Web Business Opportunity – Your Market Must Be Reachable

The differences between a franchise and a network marketing web business opportunity are huge.

It can be a challenge trying to decide what kind of business to start; however, the important point is this…

If you’re going to be successful in any kind of internet business, you need to partner with one that is going uphill, not downhill i.e. one where the product demand is increasing, not decreasing.

Another thing to keep in mind is whether or not you’re going to use the Internet to build your business.

Some products and services lend themselves to be very successful on the Internet, while others may don’t. Your target market has to be reachable online if you want to use web marketing.

When it comes to network marketing, your opportunity has to have tools and websites available that makes it easier to market the opportunity or product on the web. Why waste your time with a company that doesn’t have the necessary ingredients you need to succeed online?

In some cases, you may be better off leaving, in other cases you can partner with a third-party training site that gives you the necessary mlm marketing training you need to succeed.

Web Business Opportunity Criteria

When it comes to online business opportunities, most people either are referring to either Internet affiliate businesses or network marketing businesses.

NOTE: Although there are other home business ideas besides those listed here, I wanted to focus on the most popular choices people tend to gravitate to.

Since there is much scrutiny in the network marketing arena, the following criteria is directed towards those looking into network marketing.

web business opportunity

1. Make sure the management is solid as are the products/services you’ll be marketing.


2. Find a company that lends itself to being built on the Internet (if that’s how you plan to build your business).


3. Make sure there are tools in place to help you succeed (opportunity calls, webinars, websites, etc…).


If you can find a company that helps you do your list building and/or has a converting marketing funnel you can put your prospects through then the odds of success are on your side. I recommend MLSP to learn how to build a solid profitable business.

Once you take into consideration the tips and the criteria listed above, you’ve got a web business opportunity that you can bank on!


Your partner in success,



Is Willow House and the Southern Living at Home Opportunity Worth It?

If you’re looking at the Willow House Southern Living at Home business opportunity, there are some important things to consider before you become a consultant. Read on…



Willow House, formerly known as Southern Living at Home, is a home based business opportunity in the home decor and jewelry niche. Which is probably one reason why the Southern Living at Home direct sales opportunity caught your eye – there aren’t too many companies like this in the network marketing industry.


If you’re not familiar with Willow House, watch this:


This opens up a whole large field for you to build your business in, however, there’s a huge stumbling block in the Southern Living at Home direct sales opportunity.


You see, although Willow House/Southern Living at Home is a party-plan type business, you may later want to take your business online and try to build it that way.


And herein lies the problem…

Making Money With Southern Living at Home – Online


Southern Living at Home direct sales is meant to be an offline home based business. This means that you find people like your friends and family to host Southern Living parties.




Which can create a problem is you want to build your business online – which is the way that most home based businesses are built nowadays.


The good news is that Willow House does give you a website. The bad news is that you probably won’t know how to drive traffic to your Willow House website.


Without a way to generate leads, your Willow House/Southern Living at Home direct sales business will wither away like an old forgotten flower.


Dramatic – sure, but when you put all your hopes, and your heart and soul into a business and then later watch it die a slow death taking all the time and effort you put into it, you can’t help but feel sad, angry, and even downright frustrated.


 The Latest News With Willow House


If you think that building your business online is the biggest problem you’re facing, you may be in for quite another shock.

willow houseApparently Willow House has decided to discontinue the home decor line and focus on its jewelry line (see story here).


This may be another bump in the road if you were looking forward to sharing the home decor line with your friends and family. This is definitely disappointing but whether or not it’s a deal-breaker is up to you.


Here’s the bottom line…


If you’re still thinking about joining the Southern Living at Home direct sales business opportunity (or Willow House as they are now called), do yourself a favor and learn HOW to build your Southern Living at Home direct sales business online…even if you plan to do parties.




Somewhere down the road, you’re going to run into lots of people who want to join your Willow House business – but they’ll want to build their business on the Internet. How will they feel about you once you tell them that you don’t know how to use the Internet to build a Willow House business?


Either they will join another consultant or they may even decide to join you only to give up in frustration after trying to build the Willow House business online.


If you want to prevent all that heartache and not lose business, then learning how to generate leads online is a skill you must learn right now.


As someone who’s been an Internet marketer for a bit, I can tell you a couple of the easiest ways to generate traffic online are with social networking sites (Facebook, etc…) and blogging.


Social networking requires you to have an authority posture which is basically attraction marketing. Beginners and people new to the home business field typically have a hard time attracting people to them because they smell “green” i.e. a little “wet behind the ears.”


The good thing is that the longer you work on yourself, the more attractable you’ll be to other people. And if you’re not attracting people to you, then odds are you’re driving people away. Keep in mind that there are other home business ideas that are competing for your prospects attention – you want to stand out amongst all the “noise” online.


The main takeaway is this…


Yes, Willow House can be built online and yes they have products that are not commonly found in the network marketing industry. However, before you join Southern Living at Home, give yourself a chance at success by learning traffic generation. Your wallet will thank you later 😉


Your partner in success


Neucopia Review: The Main Things You Should Know About Neucopia

This may very well be the Neucopia review you’ve been waiting for – unbiased and upfront. But before you sign up for this opportunity make sure you read the following very carefully. This could save you a lot of heartache.


neucopia review

Slick and slimy…


Those are probably some of the thoughts that come into your mind as you run across various business opportunities online. But maybe you’re now willing to take a chance on another online home based business in hopes that it will finally pan out for you. This is probably why you’re reading this Neucopia Review.


In fact, this will probably be the last Neucopia review you’ll read before you make your final decision about joining it...if you do.


Let’s break-down Neucopia so that you’re absolutely sure what you may be getting yourself into…


If you’re not familiar with Neucopia, watch this video…



Neucopia Scam or Is Neucopia a Pyramid Scheme?


neucopiareviewFirst of all, the one thing most pyramid schemes and scams have in common is that there’s usually no viable product. As you continue reading this Neucopia review below, I will reveal to you what exactly the products are.


Good products or bad products?


Now there could be something said about the quality of products that are offered by Neucopia. I’m not ready to call this a scam, however, the products are real, but may not be the quality you would expect to get – read on below…


Neucopia Products


Now in this part of the Neucopia review I will talk about the Neucopia products.


Having been an Internet marketer for a while, I know when someone is trying to pull a fast-one on unsuspecting newbies…and it looks like this very well may be the case. Nevertheless, I will break down the major products Neucopia offers its members:


  • Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Real Estate Training
  • Stock Market and Forex Trading Secrets
  • Debt Consolidation and Elimination Strategies


You get to learn all these subjects in-depth according to Neucopia. In addition, you’ll get access to a bevy of basic level courses and products like a “One-Time Offer” Script. All of this comes with a price tag of $49.95/month.


If you look at their website, you’ll notice that most of the basic level products and courses are products that can be found on the Internet for little to nothing. That doesn’t mean these products can’t help you but you ask yourself these questions:


–          What exactly am I trying to learn? Real estate? Debt consolidation?

–          How can these products help me become better in my current business?

–          Is there enough value here to justify the $49.95/mo price tag?

–          How many products, and ebooks do I have currently sitting on my computer that I have never read?

–          How many people will find value with what I’m selling that they’re willing to pay $50 bucks a month for it?


If you’re sure at this point that Neucopia is not a scam, and you’ve answered the questions above (or at least thought about them), you ought to really ask this ultimate question before you join Neucopia…


Do the Neucopia products make this an opportunity worth being involved with?


I’ll let you answer that question.


I want this Neucopia review to be complete, so there’s another major point I want to touch on…


Neucopia vs Empower Network


neucopiareviewI’m not involved with either Neucopia or Empower Network (as of this writing), so I don’t have a “dog” in the fight so they say.

And here’s what it is…


It’s really obvious that even if Ray Charles was still alive, he could see the clear distinction between the Neucopia vs Empower Network rivalry (if you want to call it that).


Neucopia gives you plr content, products and ebooks that they’ve obviously gathered from around the web and then turn around and charge you $50.00 per month for it. So in a sense you could say you’re paying for the convenience of them collecting ebooks, and scripts for you – but is it worth $50 bucks a month for that convenience?


I’ll let you be the judge on that one…and I’ve given you more than enough info on this Neucopia review site thus far for you to make a sound decision.


But from a business perspective it’s as clear as day as what’s going on. Anyone who’s been on the Internet longer than a few months will realize what kind of products Neucopia are peddling and passing off as good cutting-edge information – my opinion of course.


If you market Neucopia products to newbies or those who just started on the Internet, you may be able to get away with it. But is this the kind of business you want to be known for?


Again this is your decision to make. I just wrote this Neucopia review to help you make better decisions.


If you now know what Neucopia is all about, what about Empower Network?


Well, Empower Network is in the information business like Neucopia but Empower’s products are designed to make you a better marketer so you can make more money.


That is what Empower network is all about.


If you’re an amateur then you can do the Neucopia opportunity, but you’ll also be seen as such. If you want to present a higher caliber opportunity then Empower Network may be the better of the two.


I hope you found this Neucopia review helpful. This wasn’t meant to “rip” on Neucopia but you have to really see things as they are, not for what you want them to be. If you’re still stuck on Neucopia, I urge you to get some mlm training.


If you’re wanting to make a professional level income and get bigger checks with just one sale…without all the drama of Empower Network, then you’ll have to “up your game” to this program here. It’s just as simple as that.  It’s not for everyone, only those who want faster results and are willing to put forth the effort for their dreams.


Your partner in success,



MLM Herbalife: Can This Company Deliver Results?

If you are checking out the MLM Herbalife business opportunity, then there are some important things you’ve got to know BEFORE you sign up. Read on…


mlm herbalife

MLM Herbalife? Are you checking out Herbalife because you want to make money from home?


Well, if you’re new to the online home based business world or if you’re new to mlm, then there are some things you really ought to consider before you join the Herbalife opportunity.


First, watch this video by Tim Sales…



The Herbalife Controversy – The Radio Ads


Every company at one time or another is going to have some negative press or some kind of controversy – and mlm Herbalife is no different.


Let’s just start with one of the most recent…the radio advertisement for Income at Home dot com (


You may have heard these ads over your favorite radio station or promoted by your  local radio personality.


The big controversy is that these radio ads were “blind”, which means that you didn’t know it was Herbalife (actually a team inside of Herbalife) that was running the ads.


So a lot of people responded to the Income at Home ad spots to only to learn that it was Herbalife. No big issue, lots of companies run blind ads…nothing sinister in that.


Yet there are a lot of people who got upset and continue to get upset because they didn’t know upfront that it was Herbalife.


I just have this to say to those people who got highly offended and upset at the Herbalife radio ads…


I urge you to seek the help of a professional and take a chill pill – seriously folks!!


What about that thing about Herbalife being a scam…is it? Keep on reading…


MLM Herbalife: Is Herbalife a Pyramid Scheme?


mlm herbalife opportunity

If there’s one thing a lot of pyramid schemes have in common is that there’s usually NO product or service involved. This is why you see a lot of pyramid schemes in the  mortgage / financial industries.


It’s easier to pull scams when you don’t have to provide a physical product or provide a viable service. Speaking of viable, that’s the second thing to look for, if there is a product, is it a viable one? In other words, are there real people buying the products?


If you’ve taken a look at Herbalife products then you know that ‘yes’, they are REAL products that people actually buy.


Ok, so we’ve covered the MLM Herbalife controversy and the pyramid angle so now you’re ready to join?


Hold up – wait a minute!


Now you probably are looking to make money but if you get involved in mlm did you know that it’s going to take you 2-5 years to make decent money?


And that is if you have a strong work ethic and you know completely what you’re doing. If you have advanced marketing skills and a huge marketing budget of course you can do it a lot sooner, but odds are that’s not gonna be you.


I love MLM, but realistically the thing I don’t like about it and the thing that most people hate about it is that it takes too darn long to make significant money! You see with mlm, you have to recuit people to help you sell. And because the way mlm is set up, you only get tiny commission checks from your team and their efforts.


By now you’re starting to see the picture… yes, you have to build a large team in order to make a life-changing income.


Let me re-phrase that…


mlm herbalife opportunityYou have to build a HUGE team that re-orders products every single month in order for you to make any money…AND you have to recruit more people than are leaving out the back door!


Are you up for the challenge?


Either this appeals to you or it doesn’t. But what is clear is that you can’t go into MLM Herbalife with unrealistic expectations when you NOW know what it takes to make money in this business model.


I’ve met lots of people online who come into mlm thinking they’re going to be making money right away only to walk away in debt and broken-hearted often years later.


Don’t let that happen to you!


All in all, you’ve got to be realistic as to what to expect when it comes to making money in mlm.


MLM Herbalife Alternative


I’m not here to only say what I do is the only way to make money online, but it’s a great alternative to the mlm business model, because you don’t need a lot of people to make a great income online.


This is the online home based business that’s literally turning the Internet marketing world on its ear….simply because it’s simpler to do than mlm (don’t have to build a large organization) and you get much higher commissions than you could ever earn in mlm.


Even marketers who don’t like network marketing are joining higher ticket business opportunities because the commissions are quite better than what you would find any other type of affiliate program.


Here’s the BIG question…

mlm herbalife opportunityAre you serious about making MORE money for your family or are you stuck on doing the mlm Herbalife program? Like I said Herbalife is a good company, but you have to stick it out for a few years to make any decent money.


There’s nothing quite like making $1k, $3250, and $7700 in commissions day in and day out. And you’ll never get a taste of what that’s like with mlm Herbalife unless you’ve been it a few years and you have a gigantic team.


Seriously, how long do you want to wait to begin making money?


This is the single most-important decision you’ll make in your home business career…


“Do I want to make larger commissions or do I want to build a team in hopes that someday I can make larger checks?”


It’s literally the difference of making money while your family is still young and your health is decent vs trying to make money when your kids are a lot older and you face uncertain health conditions.


All you have is right now. Who knows what tomorrow may bring. Hoping someday that you’ll make money with MLM Herbalife is not a plan for today, it’s dream that may or may not happen in the future.


The decision is yours…


If you make the smarter decision and join us, I’ll see ya at the top…


Your partner in success,




Autopilot Income System? Is it Real or Buyer Beware?!

Are you looking at the Autopilot Income System because you need to make more money online? Then you better read this carefully…


Autopilot Income System

Liar…thieves…and scammers!


If you could categorize most income opportunities online, I’m sure these three things would probably come to mind.


Why do these people prey on hard-working hopeful entrepreneurs who are just trying to make a better life for themselves?


Enter Autopilot Income System


If you’re seriously looking at the Autopilot Income System and you want to know if it’s a scam, let me just give some valuable info so that you’re less likely to become a victim of a scammer…


But first…


So, what exactly is it? See this guy’s explanation of what it is. Notice that his links no longer work and his website privileges have been suspended. Are you really serious about joining this? Take just a couple of minutes and see a little bit of what this program is all about.



How to Spot a “Less-Than-Honest-Program”…

The RED flags you should NOT ignore


Autopilot Income System

1. If the program/business opportunity is vague as to what it is you’ll be doing to make money, walk away


2. If the program wants you to pay money first BEFORE you know what it is you’ll be doing/selling, walk away


3. If the program use generic testimonials that are obviously FAKE, walk away


4. If the program takes a generic testimonial and turns it into a testimonial deception for the program (deception), as in the case of the Autopilot Income System using the news video footage of Patricia Feeney – walk away


NOTE: that video on the website does NOT mention the Autopilot Income System at all – it just talks about working from home in general…sleek but slimy!


5. If there’s no mention of the products/services at all, walk away (HUGE red flag)


Why People Fail (Not Including Falling For Schemes Like the Autopilot Income System)


Yes, it’s true people fail, but I will reveal to you the “secrets” of making money online later on…


Autopilot Income System

Here in a nutshell are reasons why people struggle and fail online:


 * Promote products/services that people aren’t buying


* Affiliates/distributors given websites and/or lead capture pages that don’t convert very well


* Promote products that pay small commissions AND solely rely on that site to make a significant income


* Join programs that use the mlm pay plan structure AND don’t realize that a large sales force is needed to make a decent income


Have you ever struggled to make money online? Was it because of any of those reasons above?


The REAL Ways to Make a Significant Income Online

Hint: It has NOTHING to do with Autopilot Income System


By now you may feel that it’s despairing news to learn that Autopilot Income System is “not all that.” The great news is that I’m here to tell you that ‘yes’, you can absolutely make a nice income from the comfort of your home.


But first…


Now, let me be brutally frank, if I may…


If you’re only interested in making $10, $20, $30 dollars a month, then you can probably just close out this website and go find some REAL paid online surveys to do. In other words, if you’re just interested in “shoe-money” then this is not for you to read.


Now, if you’re hungry for success and want a way to make money that could impact your lifestyle, then you want a business that can provide that.


There are many ways to start an online home based business; in fact, it will just confuse the heck out of you if I list them all and you’ll most likely not make a single cent online, let alone even start the process.


The fastest way to make money online is to promote a product/service that people want to buy and ARE buying. You want products/services that have webpages/lead capture pages that convert. You also want products/services that pay out a HIGH commission.


In network marketing, there’s GRN and Empower Network.


If you follow these rules you will make money (as long as you know how to drive traffic).


Here’s the Breakthrough…

Autopilot Income System

Have you noticed yet that I just repeated the “secret” to making extra income working online from home?


Now, you could be an amateur and waste a lot of time searching for these dynamic opportunities (I just listed two of them above) and cutting-edge training programs or do what thousands of people just like you have done and tap into a business marketing system that is already created for your success.


Now when I say system, I mean a well-planned program that shows you how to market and gives you the tools to market with. The icing on the cake is when the program is so good, you can’t wait to share it with other people and in return make an additional stream of income. I still suggest you have a primary program or business.


You see, unless you have the skills and the best tools to succeed, you will no doubt struggle needlessly. You could be in the best business opportunity, but if you lack skills and the right tools you are putting your business in grave danger.


The choice is yours…


Your partner in success,




Is Viral Affiliate Marketing Institute Worth the Cost?

If you’re looking to the Viral Affiliate Marketing Institute to help teach you about affiliate marketing, you may be in for a rude awakening – let me tell you why…


viral affiliate marketing institute

The internet is littered with all kinds of training programs that supposedly teach you how to market online. One of the latest is the Viral Affiliate Marketing Institute, a program by prominent Internet marketer Frank Bauer (co-founder of Viralurl, Viralplr, etc…).


By now, you may be confused as to which of the training programs to choose from. What’s even worse is that Frank Bauer comes along with his affiliate marketing course to confuse you even more.


So, How Do You Choose the Best Affiliate Training Course?


I’ve learned a lot over the years from many different trainers and programs and I can say hands the #1 rule is that there is no single best training course. That’s probably not what you want to hear, but it’s the truth.


viral affiliate marketing institute

What I can say for sure is that there are online digital marketing training programs that are highly regarded more than others. You can read more about in the above link.


What’s important though is that the training program gives you enough substance so that you can then go out and start making money online. I’ve seen more than my share of programs that give out information so vague that you really can’t do nothing with it.


Those kinds of programs are a waste of your time and money. You do want a program that shows you how to drive traffic – I mean really show you. None of this just write articles and submit them to directories kind of training.


Unfortunately there’s no lack of programs that give you outdated training tactics that worked five years ago, but don’t work as well today. Just be aware.


What’s also important is finding a training program that teaches you the way you want to be taught. If you learn best by watching videos, then make sure the course has plenty of videos.


If you’re more of a reader, then make sure there is written content. If you like learning from both videos and written content, then make sure you choose a program that has both. If you have a short attention span, then make sure the training content is broken up so that it’s more digestible for you.


Now that you have a good idea of what you’re looking for in an training program and what you don’t want, let’s see if the Viral Affiliate Marketing Institute can measure up.


Read on…


The Viral Affiliate Marketing Institute – What You Really Get


If you’re on the fence about this program, let me share with you some of the important things you would probably want to know before you joined – such as…


    • Free 7 day eCourse – Before you pay a single cent, you can get a taste of the training with a seven-day course to whet your whistle.


    • Discount Trial – If you like the 7 days course, then you’ll want to take the $2.97 for 14-days discount trial period.


  • $19.97 /mo – After the 7 days, you will be billed at a monthly rate of $19.97 which is on the lower end when it comes to affiliate marketing training


The Training


viral marketing institute

You get training on everything from picking out affiliate programs to driving traffic using YouTube to learning how to build a relationship with your list.


The Viral Affiliate Marketing Institute seems to have everything you need to kick-start your success as an affiliate marketer. All you have to do is apply the effort. You can learn more about this program here.


Your partner in success,




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