How Do I Start Making Money?

If you want to know how to make money online, then this is what you want to read so you don’t make BIG mistakes that will cost you both time and money…

How do I start making money online

If there’s one question I get more than any other it’s this one...

How do I start making money online?

This is going to be that article that will get you started on the path that is best for you considering your time, your resources, and your income goals.

By the time you finish reading this short article, you’ll be on your way to making money online.

Here’s THE most important thing you need to answer first…

Do You Want a Home Based Business or a Home Based Job?

home based job or home based business

 If you’re confused as to what you should do to make money online, it’s probably because you have not decided if you want a home based job or a home based business

They are obviously NOT the same and they are as different as night and day.

Let me explain… 

Home Jobs Overview

This is information you probably already know, but it goes without saying that a job in the real world is akin to a job you do from home.

Your pay rate is set and you'll never make more than what the job is paying and you only get the number of hours that are set for you. 

In addition, you have a supervisor to report to.

Some home jobs do require you to have certain skills in addition, you'll need to have the appropriate equipment for the job i.e. computer, noise canceling headphones, software, etc... 

Each job is going to be different as to what equipment you need to have and what skills you need to possess.

The benefit of working a job is that it can provide income stability and you may be able to get benefits like sick time and vacation.

The types of home based jobs include customer service reps, data entry typists, transcriptionists, virtual assistants, etc..

To learn more about home based jobs, check out the Home Jobs section here…

Home Based Gigs / Freelancer Overview

I’m sure you’re familiar with GrubHub, Uber, DoorDash, InstaCart, etc… 

What’s great about these types of jobs is that you can work whenever you want to. You have more freedom and in some cases, you’re able to earn tips which can bump up your pay significantly.

The biggest downside of doing gigs is that you have to be a hustler. There are no days off. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid. There’s no job stability, as you’re out of work as soon as you complete your last gig. They are good as a second job or a side hustle to make a little extra income.

These types of jobs can be stressful and in some cases dangerous because you are dealing with the public. 

Home Business Overview

A home business is much different than working a job or doing a side gig such as delivering food in your car.

With a business you ARE the boss and you set your own hours. You are not required to report to a boss nor do you have to hustle from gig to gig hoping to make enough money for the day.

Your income is not capped or limited. If you dream of buying a brand new home or paying off all your debt, then a business is the only thing that can get you there the fastest. 

 Clearly you realize that it takes special skills and money to run a business successfully even on the Internet. 

Here's are some of the traits of a successful business owner:

  • Driven
  • Ambitious
  • Realistic expectations
  • Trainable
  • Self-motivated
  • Goals Centered
  • Determined

 How many of these traits do you posses? If you don't have at least 3, then being a business owner may not be the right path for you at this time.

I've seen so many people struggle to make money online. Some people think they can "throw" money at a business and make it successful. In reality, what drives the success of a business is the person behind the business.

 Now it's time to pick your path...

[stextbox id="info"]If you're still not sure as to whether or not you want a job or a business, you really should read this article here first before going forward...[/stextbox]

What is the Best Business? 

what is the best business?

So, now you know that the sky's the limit as to what you can make with a home based business. 

If you want a complete lifestyle change, a home business is the only way you're gonna achieve that.

(Sorry, you're just not gonna become rich doing surveys.)

 The best way to start is with what you know best (interests, hobbies, etc...).

 In other words, what do you like?

This is the million dollar question…

Are you able to make money with your hobbies and interests?

 Are there people successfully selling the types of products (or services) you want to sell? You must know the answer to this before you start your business.

Now, if you don’t have any interests or hobbies that you want to turn into a business, then there are other ways to start a business.

Read this to get some ideas....

 The reality is that there is no ONE best business. What is right for me may not be the right fit for you.

With that said, there are some things to look for when looking to start an online business.

How to be Successful in Your Online Home Based Business

Having been in the home business / network marketing industry for a while, I can tell you that the vast majority of people who set out to make money online, don’t make it. 

I’m not saying anything revolutionary here as you probably already know this.

There are certain reasons why that is the case such as not having enough of the success traits I mentioned earlier in this article.

One other reason is that people lack training on what is needed to build a business successfully online.

There are a LOT of moving parts to building a business online. It can be confusing and downright overwhelming if you don’t have the proper training to sort it all out.

Confused and overwhelmed people don’t make money. 

In fact, they lose money and end up frustrated, angry, and in some cases, a lot more broke than when they first started.

Don’t let that be you.

Here are 5 Important Tips

  1. If your primary goal is to make money a lot faster, do not choose a business that is complicated to run on a daily basis. A complicated business makes it harder to make money.
  2. If you’re on a strict budget, don't choose a business where all your money is tied up in buying products i.e. inventory.
  3. Pick a business that you like. It’s hard to build a business around something that you have no interest in or don’t like. Make it easy for yourself to enjoy what you do or else you won’t do it all.
  4. The easiest and most cost effective business to start is an affiliate business with digital products. You don’t have to worry about creating your own products, buying inventory or shipping out products.
  5. Whatever business model you choose, it’s important that you work on two things -1.building a relationship with your list (you should be list-building) and 2. traffic generation.

    Not only is traffic the lifeblood of your business so is list-building because most people who see your offer will NOT buy. This is why you need to get them on your list for follow up.

Don’t let these five things scare you away from building a business online. The key is to get training and take consistent action in your business - and choose a good business to begin with.

I hope you found this article helpful and guides you to the right path to help you on your journey.