MLM Herbalife: Can This Company Deliver Results?

If you are checking out the MLM Herbalife business opportunity, then there are some important things you’ve got to know BEFORE you sign up. Read on…


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MLM Herbalife? Are you checking out Herbalife because you want to make money from home?


Well, if you’re new to the online home based business world or if you’re new to mlm, then there are some things you really ought to consider before you join the Herbalife opportunity.


First, watch this video by Tim Sales…



The Herbalife Controversy – The Radio Ads


Every company at one time or another is going to have some negative press or some kind of controversy – and mlm Herbalife is no different.


Let’s just start with one of the most recent…the radio advertisement for Income at Home dot com (


You may have heard these ads over your favorite radio station or promoted by your  local radio personality.


The big controversy is that these radio ads were “blind”, which means that you didn’t know it was Herbalife (actually a team inside of Herbalife) that was running the ads.


So a lot of people responded to the Income at Home ad spots to only to learn that it was Herbalife. No big issue, lots of companies run blind ads…nothing sinister in that.


Yet there are a lot of people who got upset and continue to get upset because they didn’t know upfront that it was Herbalife.


I just have this to say to those people who got highly offended and upset at the Herbalife radio ads…


I urge you to seek the help of a professional and take a chill pill – seriously folks!!


What about that thing about Herbalife being a scam…is it? Keep on reading…


MLM Herbalife: Is Herbalife a Pyramid Scheme?


mlm herbalife opportunity

If there’s one thing a lot of pyramid schemes have in common is that there’s usually NO product or service involved. This is why you see a lot of pyramid schemes in the  mortgage / financial industries.


It’s easier to pull scams when you don’t have to provide a physical product or provide a viable service. Speaking of viable, that’s the second thing to look for, if there is a product, is it a viable one? In other words, are there real people buying the products?


If you’ve taken a look at Herbalife products then you know that ‘yes’, they are REAL products that people actually buy.


Ok, so we’ve covered the MLM Herbalife controversy and the pyramid angle so now you’re ready to join?


Hold up – wait a minute!


Now you probably are looking to make money but if you get involved in mlm did you know that it’s going to take you 2-5 years to make decent money?


And that is if you have a strong work ethic and you know completely what you’re doing. If you have advanced marketing skills and a huge marketing budget of course you can do it a lot sooner, but odds are that’s not gonna be you.


I love MLM, but realistically the thing I don’t like about it and the thing that most people hate about it is that it takes too darn long to make significant money! You see with mlm, you have to recuit people to help you sell. And because the way mlm is set up, you only get tiny commission checks from your team and their efforts.


By now you’re starting to see the picture… yes, you have to build a large team in order to make a life-changing income.


Let me re-phrase that…


mlm herbalife opportunityYou have to build a HUGE team that re-orders products every single month in order for you to make any money…AND you have to recruit more people than are leaving out the back door!


Are you up for the challenge?


Either this appeals to you or it doesn’t. But what is clear is that you can’t go into MLM Herbalife with unrealistic expectations when you NOW know what it takes to make money in this business model.


I’ve met lots of people online who come into mlm thinking they’re going to be making money right away only to walk away in debt and broken-hearted often years later.


Don’t let that happen to you!


All in all, you’ve got to be realistic as to what to expect when it comes to making money in mlm.


MLM Herbalife Alternative


I’m not here to only say what I do is the only way to make money online, but it’s a great alternative to the mlm business model, because you don’t need a lot of people to make a great income online.


This is the online home based business that’s literally turning the Internet marketing world on its ear….simply because it’s simpler to do than mlm (don’t have to build a large organization) and you get much higher commissions than you could ever earn in mlm.


Even marketers who don’t like network marketing are joining higher ticket business opportunities because the commissions are quite better than what you would find any other type of affiliate program.


Here’s the BIG question…

mlm herbalife opportunityAre you serious about making MORE money for your family or are you stuck on doing the mlm Herbalife program? Like I said Herbalife is a good company, but you have to stick it out for a few years to make any decent money.


There’s nothing quite like making $1k, $3250, and $7700 in commissions day in and day out. And you’ll never get a taste of what that’s like with mlm Herbalife unless you’ve been it a few years and you have a gigantic team.


Seriously, how long do you want to wait to begin making money?


This is the single most-important decision you’ll make in your home business career…


“Do I want to make larger commissions or do I want to build a team in hopes that someday I can make larger checks?”


It’s literally the difference of making money while your family is still young and your health is decent vs trying to make money when your kids are a lot older and you face uncertain health conditions.


All you have is right now. Who knows what tomorrow may bring. Hoping someday that you’ll make money with MLM Herbalife is not a plan for today, it’s dream that may or may not happen in the future.


The decision is yours…


If you make the smarter decision and join us, I’ll see ya at the top…


Your partner in success,




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