Make Money on the Web Ideas: What You Should Know

If you’re looking for make money on the web ideas to jump-start your income for 2015, then you’ll want to carefully look at this…


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The biggest problem you’re likely facing when you’re looking for make money on the web ideas is deciding what to do. The next biggest problem is finding things that really work to make you money.


It’s no secret that one of the reasons people fail online is that they do things that are ineffective or flat out don’t work. So it’s very important that you get the right information so that you only focus on the ideas that make you money on the web.


Lack of Information Leads to Failure


I’ve seen so many blog posts and articles that list these ways to make money online:

  • Write e-books
  • Start a day care
  • Write Kindle Books
  • Sell Other People’s Junk
  • Etc….


And the list goes on. Now these are noble make money on the web ideas but these are not enough to get you really started.


In fact, if you were to try to make money online with any of these ideas without digging further into more research, you’ll likely end up feeling discouraged and frustrated.



Everybody knows that you can’t make money when you have overwhelming feelings of discouragement and frustration. Right?


So, what’s the solution?


Make Money on the Web Ideas – How to Get Really Started


Now you can sit around and bounce ideas of how to write an ebook or start a day care all day long and you pretty much will end up wasting a whole lot of time. This is an amateur way of thinking and it’s the way that a lot of people think when they’re trying to find ways to make money online.


If you want that breakthrough, you want to think in terms of niches. For example, weight loss would be a niche but if you want to drill for gold, think smaller for example, weight loss for women, senior weight loss, etc…



If you keep this in mind, it will pay off in dividends…


There also has to be enough buyers in the niche you want to go after. If there are no buyers or not enough buyers, you’re severely limiting yourself.


Sure you can sit around for hours trying to figure out how to write an ebook, but you have to determine first what niche you’re going to go after and what problem or issue your ebook will solve for people in the niche.


Are you with me so far?


Make Money on the Web Ideas – The Evergreen Niches


Now these are niches you can market in year round, which is why they’re called evergreen. This doesn’t mean you have to choose an evergreen niche but if you want something long-term and stable year in and year out, then you can’t go wrong with an evergreen niche.


make money on the web ideas

The biggest downside of an evergreen is that if you go too wide in an niche then it will be too competitive for you because you’re basically competing with people and well-established companies that have been in the niche for years that have deeper pockets than you.


The questions to ask yourself are:
1. How hard do you really want to work? And…
2. Are you willing to wait years to see results?


The Smarter Approach


Going back to the original example of weight loss. You can be in the weight loss niche, but if you want organic search results based upon the term “weight loss” you’ll likely never get it in your lifetime unless you go for a longer keyword phrase (long-tail).


Now you can do paid marketing and social networking as long as you’re willing to pay the price in money in the case of paid marketing or time as in the case of social networking.


Now if all these sounds a little confusing, well it can be if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is why I always recommend people get some kind of training that gives a basic Internet marketing foundation.


I recommend this automated business system because it gives you everything you need to know in order to start making money online – and it won’t cost you an “arm and a leg.”


Let’s look at some other evergreen niches…


  • Weight Loss/Health Related
  • Make Money Online
  • Financial (credit repair, pay day loans etc)
  • Relationships/Dating


If you just look at those niches above, the wheels in your brain should be churning on how you can find a sub-niche in each of those niches.


make money on the web ideas

I’m in a few niches, but my main niche is the make money online niche because it’s the niche that I like and know best.


You may want to start in a niche in that you’re most familiar with as long as you’re sure there are buyers in that niche.


Other Niches


You can find other niches by browsing the magazine section in your local bookstore, looking at the categories in Amazon/eBay, etc…


I can’t emphasize enough that you’ll want to do proper research before you get into one of these niches. Look at your buyers and look at your competition.


Make Money on the Web Ideas in a Nutshell


Overall, there are many make money on the web ideas that you could do. You can start in an evergreen niche and/or start in an niche that you’re most familiar with as long as you’ve determined that there are buyers in that niche.


You want to get some good solid training that gives you a basic foundation first. The reason being is that I believe, like most people, that it’s best that you know and understand what you’re doing first before you exert a lot of time, effort, and money into something. It’s just smart business.


make money on the web ideas

The vast majority of people fail because they don’t understand Internet marketing. Don’t let that be your downfall.


Invest into your education but don’t spend a fortune learning the basics because it’s just not necessary (yep I’ve seen basic training costing thousands of dollars – ouch!).


Save your money to spend on paid marketing and/or getting your infrastructure into place ie. autoresponders, website, etc….


So, what determines success on many of those make money on the web ideas?


It’s really how you approach it, your basic Internet marketing education, and your consistent actions. If you look at your goals and your dreams for yourself and you’ll see it will be worth the journey.


Are you confident enough to begin chipping away at your goals?…


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