Income at Home Dot Com AKA – What Is It?

What is, and is it something that can really work? Don’t give them your information until you read this…


income at home dot com


You’ve heard them…


Those radio advertisements on your favorite radio station for Income at Home .com. Perhaps you may have even heard your favorite radio personality like Dr. Laura or George Noory promoting it.


The shocking truth about IncomeAtHomeDotCom is that it’s (as if you didn’t know it already) Herbalife!


Now, if you’ve been on the Internet for more than 15 minutes, then I’m sure by now you’ve got the news that your favorite D.J. was pitching Herbalife all along – but you just didn’t know it.


Either at this point, you’re either like a lot of newbies, really pissed off that the ads didn’t mention it was Herbalife or you’re like a seasoned marketer who just found out that door knobs are usually found on doors – i.e. in other words, it’s no big deal!


See this Income At Home .Com Video…



Extra, Extra, IncomeAtHome.Com – Makes People Angry!


income at home dot com


That’s the headline that should run in all the newspapers (do those still exist?!) if I was the news editor.


I can’t believe the amount of “backlash” Income at home dot com is getting because they ran ads that didn’t mention the name of the company – Herbalife.


Only newbies or non-business people would truly get upset at that. Perhaps because the ads are targeted toward those that don’t know any better? Or maybe it’s targeted toward those that think having a home business is EASY?


For whatever the reason, these kinds of people are coming out in droves against Herbalife and Income at Home dot com.


C’mon folks!


I’m not here to make fun of anyone, but only to enlighten those that want to be enlighten of the ways of the home business industry and marketing in general.


If you really want to make money online then you have to act less like a scared newbie who’s always the victim of a scam and more like a successful business person.


Income At Home Dot Com – Where They in the Wrong?


income at home dot comeClearly if you made it this far down, then you know that I am of the opinion that what they did was ok. In fact, it was darn good marketing. You see, businesses run “blind” ads (where the company name/brand name product is not mentioned in the advertisement) all the time.


It’s a way to get more people in the door without hitting that objection of I’ve seen / heard of Herbalife (or XYZ company/product) before, I already know what it’s all about!”


Is there Another Way to Make Money at Home BESIDES Income at Home .Com?

Yes, of course. Just so that you’re clear, there is nothing wrong with Herbalife. They’ve been in business quite awhile and are a very successful nutritional company.


The problem some people may run into with Herbalife and other companies like it, is that it’s mlm. In other words, in order to make any significant money with it, you need to build a large sales force also known as recruiting.


So, what else is there?


There are all kinds of home business ideas that can earn you an income from home. There’s affiliate marketing, which includes doing CPA marketing (cost per action), and there’s other types of network marketing companies besides mlms like Herbalife.


You can make money with pretty much anything as long as:


1. You know about marketing


2. You have a product/service that is in demand


3. The landing page you’re promoting converts with the traffic you’re sending it


Now this seems like a lot and it is especially if you’re new to marketing. You see one of the reasons people fail online is that there are too many variables that have to be “right” in order for you to make money.


This is why I like the My Lead System Pro.¬† Although I’m not a newbie, it does give beginners and even advanced marketers “a track to run on” so they can begin having success right out the gate.

Now, it’s not a biz opp per se, but it does train you and give you a system (if you want to use the system, you don’t have to). The most important part is that it helps make generating leads more easier. The icing on the cake is that you can earn money while generating leads for your Herbalife business.
The question becomes…


Do you want to make money while generating leads for your Herbalife home business or do you solely want to rely on your one income stream from Herbalife?


Income at Home (Herbalife) In a Nutshell


income at home dot com is not a scam but is a well-known successful nutritional company. Herbalife can make you money, but be prepared to wait 2-5 years at least if you want to make a significant income.


There are other ways to make money from home. You have to decide what is the right fit for you.


Remember, if you want to be successful online, you have to start thinking like a business person.


So there you have it.


Your partner in success,




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