Guest Post Guidelines




I’m always looking for content as long as you follow the guidelines here.


Guideline #1: Good Content


Right now I’m looking for unique articles at least 500 words in length – no fluff. This also means you do not link to spammy sites or sites of a questionable nature i.e. NO hate, cash gifting, or matrix schemes. No affiliate links either.


Your guest post must be relevant to the topic I write about on Home Business Ideas That Work. This means all things entrepreneurial and anything that falls under that category including personal development as it relates to being a small business owner, marketing, etc…


Please do NOT email me asking me what to write and what to name your article. It should be apparent if you’ve bothered to read the content here 😉


Guideline #2: Outgoing Links


You’re allowed to put links in your body as long as they link to relevant content.


You can have 1 or 2 links in your author’s resource box (bio). These links can link back to your website, your Twitter handle, your personal blog, or other social page. Again, no affiliate links.


Absolutely NO articles will be accepted that link to college paper writing services.


Guideline #3: Watch Your Grammar


I won’t accept posts with excessive spelling or grammatical errors.


Guideline #4: Reply to Your Comments


Lastly, you must reply to all comments on your guest post.


How to Submit


If you can follow those simple guidelines above we would love to have your great content. Submit your post to me using this form. Just copy and paste your article in the message area.


I will notify you by email if I choose to use your guest post.