Does the SMC Home Based Business Really Work?

If you’re sick of working 9-5 at a job, you may be looking at a way to make money from home. As a result you probably have seen those SMC commercials and now you’re wondering if the  SMC home based business does what it says. I have news for you that you don’t want to miss especially if you’re serious about starting a SMC home business.


SMC Home Based Business


Appartently SMC sold its business to Smart Living in 2012. In 2019, it appears Smart Living ceased doing business.



Those SMC home based business commercials probably got ya! I couldn’t really blame you – there are thousands of people looking for ways to get rid of their boss for good so they can work from home. This may be the very predicament you may find yourself in.


In likelihood, you probably have run into a lot of work from home opportunities not knowing which were legit and which ones were outright scams.


Here’s what you need to know about the SMC home based business…


SMC Home Based Business Scam?


This brings us to the SMC Home Based Business. Yes, just like with any other kind of business, you will find people who complain about the SMC business and call it a scam.


SMC Home Based Business

The fact of the matter is that SMC is not a scam (in fact, I looked into it almost 15 years ago, but decided to go in another business direction).


SMC has been in business for decades and there are people who have successful SMC businesses for just as long.


Ok, the shocking thing is now you know that SMC is not a scam and you can have success with it – some people do.


The next question is – should I go out and join right now?


If you’ve seen those negative “reviews” of SMC home business, then you must know that there are “reasons” why a lot of people don’t like SMC.


Before you dig into your wallet and join the SMC home based business, read the following very carefully…


The Backlash Against the SMC Home Business


If you’re not familiar with SMC, watch this video that features the late great Tom Bosley


Here’s the revealing truth at why some people don’t fall in love with the SMC business opportunity or its products.


Most people, who attempt to start an SMC home business, are not business people. They are not marketers. In fact, I would say they know very little about anything business-related – but yet they venture out into a business.


One reason for this is that SMC, just like network marketing, is marketed toward the masses. The masses are people who work a job and typically have zero business experience.


Can you see the recipe for disaster starting to come together here?


Got Training?


If you want to succeed at an SMC home based business, you’ll have to get some business and marketing training. You will see that unlike most drop shipping companies, SMC does provide you with some guidance on building a business.


Most drop shipping companies don’t provide you with any training on how to be successful with this business model because they assume that you already have some business/marketing skill under your belt already.


The SMC products are novelty in nature; however, there is a market for these kinds of products. You have to figure out which products are in demand and then figure out how you plan to market them.


Either there’s a fire in your belly to start an SMC home based business or you’re looking to find another way to make money from home. And yes there are multitudes of ways for you to make money on the Internet. If you’re serious to learn these other ways, then carefully read the following below…


SMC Home Based Business Alternative

smc home based business

Although you can make money with SMC provided that you go out and gain some marketing training, there are other ways to make money from home.


One popular way would be to do Internet marketing by selling affiliate products – ebooks /courses or physical products. Another is to sign up with a network marketing company.



I, like many other marketers, take a hybrid approach and do both. This is why I recommend this automated business system because it teaches basic Internet marketing and helps you create multiple streams of income.


The pro of going with a network marketing company is that the products have already been chosen for you so you don’t have to worry about picking out products to promote.


Another pro of affiliate and network marketing over an SMC type model is that you don’t have to worry about drop shipping and ordering products from a company, returns, etc…


The SMC home based business is one of many options of working from home, but it’s not the only option.




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