Clickworker Jobs Review 2014


If you’ve been looking for a way to make a little bit of cash from home Clickworker may help you do just that. This may very well be the last Clickworker jobs review of 2014 you’ll ever need to read – and here’s why…



Are you worried about paying a bill or two every single month? Do you feel like you just can’t get caught up? Do you wish you had just a little bit more money every month to pay off that nagging bill that turns up at the end of month when you don’t have the money?


Ok, well I guess you get the picture and I’m sure you can probably to relate to what I’m saying. Now, If you’re thinking that this Clickworker review is gonna reveal some “secret” to you making millions of dollars overnight from home – well it’s not.


And if someone’s promising you overnight wealth and Maserati dreams, well, they’re just pulling your leg hoping you’ll buy whatever it is that they’re selling.


I have to real with ya and I don’t want to give you false hope of becoming the next millionaire. It just aint gonna happen by clicking stuff on Clickworker.


Now, if you want to make some moolah to help you pay a bill or two, then we can talk.


Read on…


What is Clickworker and is Clickworker Legit?


I know before you want to invest any time trying to make a few bucks on this site, you want to know exactly what Clickworker is and if Clickworker is legitimate.


But first you’ll want to watch this video – it’ll explain it better…



Yes, rest assured, Clickworker is legit. It’s been around since 2005.


Clickworker is a micro job site that lists tasks that can be done easily on the Internet. You don’t have to apply for each job type, but you do have to take assessment tests to make sure you’re a right fit for the tasks at hand.


Now when I say tests you probably reached for the “x” to close this web page because you’re thinking that these tests are gonna be hard. Let me tell you that they’re not. You don’t have to be a genius to do this. At least give yourself a chance to try it to see how you like it. Do it for your cable bill!


The tasks are posted throughout the day so you’ll want to check in frequently and/or just keep your browser tab open to Clickworker so you can check on tasks that are available.


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Does Clickworker Pay?


If you have caviar dreams and champagne wishes then you probably want to look elsewhere. If you have dreams of paying that phone bill you’ve been dodging because you have no money – well you may be in luck with Clickworker.



Now, I can’t say for sure (nor can anyone else) how much money you’re gonna make. The dollar amount is going to depend on your efforts and how serious you are about making some dough.


If you don’t do the assessments and you never check in to see what tasks are available, well you’re gonna end up with a big fat zero in your bank account.


Now if you do take the assessments and you check in regularly though out the day and do the tasks you will make some money.


What is the Clickworker Average Pay?


Now I’m sure you’re wanting to know exactly how much you get paid. The amount varies by the tasks. Pretty much a majority of the tasks pay in cents; however, in general, they take very little time to do. So the more tasks you get done, the more money you’re gonna make.


And like I stated before, you don’t need a Doctorate degree to do the tasks – they’re pretty simple and straightforward as long as you follow the directions. In the beginning while you’re getting used to it, you’re gonna be slow.



The more you do the faster you become and the more money you can make. All that little change adds up quickly. You do like money don’t ya?


The Little Secret That Can Bump Up Your Earnings


Now most Clickworker jobs reviews will tell you to just to do the tasks and let the money add up. There’s pretty much all you’re gonna get from the other reviews Let me be one of the few if not the first to tell you that there’s an additional way to increase your earnings.


And that way is…drum roll….





Now either you had an “a-ha” moment thinking of people in your life that would be interested in Clickworker jobs or you’re rolling your eyes wondering how in the heck are you gonna get referrals.


Let me say this…


For each newly registered clickworker who earns $10.00, you earn $5.00. For and example, let’s just say you have just five friends that earn their $10.00 – you get $25 for doing nothing.


All you did originally was just referred them to the site. No nagging, no peddling pills or lotions, no extra effort on your part at all. Referral money will be the easiest money to make by far.


Now getting referrals is an option of course. If you’ve got friends or family members that need a few bucks every month (you know the ones that want to always borrow money from you) this is a good way to for them to earn some cash while you collect a referral bonus for turning them on to the site.


Not to mention, it will stop them from asking to borrow money from you. It’s win win for all.


How to Start With Clickworker


Signing up for Clickworker is easy peezy and takes only a few minutes. The first thing you wanna do is sign up here. Next you want to complete your profile completely and take your first assessments.



After your application has been processed you’ll want to go log in and take as many assessments as you can. Get her done!


If you’re on your computer have a tab open to Clickworker so you can see the tasks as they come in. They literally take a few minutes to do and it will all add up for you.


I hope this Clickworker jobs review helps you on your path to making some cool dough for your family!





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