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IBOToolBox Review – TRAFFIC Anyone?

Searching for an IBOToolBox review that’s gonna tell you everything you need to know about this social networking site? Well your search may very well be over. Learn why this site is getting so much traffic.




This will probably be the last IBOToolBox reveiew you’ll ever read. Why? Because this IBOToolBox reveiew is going to cut to the chase and tell you everything you need to know in order to get the most benefit (traffic) from it.


As a business owner I’m sure your number one problem is getting enough traffic to your site. As you’ve been searching around on the Internet for solutions, I’m sure you’ve run across or heard of IBOToolbox.


This is a social networking site that is solely dedicated to business owners who want to promote their business opportunity or other programs to…other business owners.


You have to understand that one way to get prospects, if you’re marketing a network marketing business, is to go after other network marketers…after all they bought into network marketing once, they’re likely to buy into again.


Now, if you only go to IBOToolbox to promote your biz opp to other entrepreneurs, you’re missing the “party boat”, in other words, you’re missing the point and not seeing the BIGGER picture.


And likely you will give up in frustration because you will see that a lot of people are NOT interested in your business; now there will be some that may be interested in your biz opp, but the vast majority won’t be.


This is why in this IBOToolBox reveiew, I’m going to reveal to you how you can squeeze every last drop of power from IBOToolbox to get you the most traffic to your site.


IBOToolBox reveiew – Why This Site is Sooo Hot!!


IBOToolBox  ranks very high in Google, (see image below)… It’s an authority site, which means that when you post on its platform, your posts are quite likely to end up on the first page of Google (this is of course if you know about keyword research).


See IBOToolBox Alexa Rating



IBOToolBox reveiew – How to Get the Most Traffic


Most of the traffic you get won’t be from the people using IBOToolbox, it will be from the search engines…namely, the almighty Google.

IBO toolbox review

Here are the things you should be doing to get the most traffic and benefits from this site:


Log in regularly – This site rewards those for being active.


Link to your blog – Don’t just link to your sales page or an opt-in page all the time…also link to your blog. This gives people a chance to know more about you.


 Submit “press releases” consistently – Now these are not real press releases, just IBO calls them press releases. Actually these are very short articles or posts. Because IBOToolbox is an authority site, the  press releases can rank quite high. This is why you want to make sure that you use your keywords in your press releases. This is how you will get a majority of your traffic.


Comment regularly – When you log in daily, make sure you make several nice comments on other people’s content (i.e. press releases, links that they’ve posted).


Use the Like Button – I use the like button sparingly. If you use it too much, it begins to carry less value. Be genuine and like only those that you truly like.


Be Active – You can earn ad credits by just being active. You can also purchase credits.


Use Live Chat – You can add the Live Chat widget onto your blog(s). This gives your prospects another way to get into contact with you.


As you have read, there is a lot of  traffic to gain as long as you know how to “work” this social site. I hope you found this IBOToolBox reveiew useful.


Your partner in success,



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Dani Johnson Leads – Will These Leads Work?

Are you getting frantic searching for Dani Johnson leads to help you in your home business? Before you fork out more money for leads, you better take a look at this…


Dani Johnson Leads


Here’s the bitter truth – if you can’t get enough traffic or leads for your business you WILL fail. And that’s the bottom line. I guess by now you probably already know this. This is probably why you’re looking into Dani Johnson leads. But are her leads the only solution to your lead problem?


Dani Johnson Leads – What They Don’t Tell You, But You Need to Know


 I’m a Dani Johnson fan. I’ve even been to one of her First Steps to Success events – it was awesome. I also have bought several of her training materials throughout the years – the North Carolina Cds, The Script Book, etc…


But there was a BIG problem….


It was like putting the cart before the horse. Let me explain…


dani johnson leads


Before you can use any of her materials and even before you make the decision to buy Dani Johnson leads, you need to understand this…


You must have 3-4 methods in place to help you generate traffic/leads. If one method or a lead source dries up or stops working for whatever the reason, you still have a couple more in place.


What I’m getting at is that Dani Johnson leads can be a place to start, but it shouldn’t be your only method for lead generation. In fact, unless you’re skilled at converting leads it could take you quite a while before you’re able to recruit from them.


What I’m saying is this…you can get people into your business by using Dani Johnson leads, but be prepared to have deep pockets until you’re good enough to recruit this way because Dani Johnson leads are several bucks – a piece.


Still Stuck on Using Dani Johnson Leads? You Better Add This…


Whether or not you use Dani Johnson leads, you ought to have other lead generation tactics in place like:


Forum Marketing

Social Networking


Paid Advertisements



I’ve generated a lot of leads using those above methods. Except for paid marketing, most of those techniques above require very little skill. And most importantly, they won’t cost you hundreds of dollars like buying and cold calling Dani Johnson leads.


Paid marketing does cost of course but as you know you’re constantly testing and tracking to see what works so you can get the best results. Remember this…no matter what home business ideas you’re working on, you’ll need to learn about traffic generation sooner or later.


One of the better ways (if you’re looking for free effective traffic techniques) is blogging. Not just any kind of blogging, but what I call “smart” blogging. You can get targeted traffic coming to you once you know how to do it the smarter way. This is one of the methods I’m using right now to drive traffic.


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As I mentioned earlier there are many ways, even free ways to generate traffic. If you don’t wanna become a marketing maverick and learn the ins and outs of traffic generation, the alternatives are to either just build your business in your warm market (friends and family) or buy leads. This may work for some people, but not for most.


Overall, Dani Johnson leads can work for you but be prepared to pay a lot of money until you get good at recruiting from them. And remember, don’t just have one lead generation tactic in place and commit business suicide, have multiple ways of generating leads, like blogging and social networking. This is the smarter way to ensure you always have some form of traffic generation in place.


See ya at the top!