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Real Paid Online Surveys

If you’re looking for REAL paid online surveys that pay in cash,  points, or a combination thereof, then this may be the last article you will need to read on this subject – and here’s why…

paid online surveys

If you’re looking to make a boatload of cash, well, let me be honest with you upfront – it’s not gonna happen by filling out paid online surveys. Surveys are NOT designed to make you rich.

It’s designed to give companies honest feedback on its products and customer service. In exchange for your time, input, and honesty, they sometimes give you financial rewards or FREE products.

For nearly most products there is a set of a demographics that the company is looking for. Survey companies must match you up to the demographics and in turn you must “qualify” for surveys. You will not qualify for every survey.

Why Write About Paid Online Surveys?

A lot of mis-information online prompted me to write this blog post because a lot of people have it “twisted” about paid online surveys.

If you’re looking to make a lot of money I suggest you get a business. Having a business is the only way to make a nice significant income outside of being a good investor, winning the lottery, or working a great paying seven-figure job  – which most people don’t have.

I’m gonna make this list an on-going one to help out people who understand about paid online surveys and who are solely looking to make a few bucks for their efforts.

If you’re lucky enough you can even make enough to pay some bills. If you’re serious about doing surveys, then you must be realistic as to what you can really make by doing them.

Here’s the list. All sites listed here are REAL. (Bookmark this site and check back periodically. NOTE: the topic of this blog is not doing surveys, it’s home business ideas, and so my focus is on that, however I will add sites on here when I get the time.)


Cash Paying Paid Online Survey Companies


Survey Savvy


survey savvy

When Started: This site has been around since 1999.

What Countries Do They Support: Survey Savvy is international, however, if you don’t see your country listed, contact support for more info.

How They Pay: Cash (in the form of a check). From their site: “Once you have accumulated more than $1 USD in incentives, you can request payment by using the “Request Payment” tool under the Account section once logged in. Payment is made by check in USD and will be mailed via U.S. post to the residence on file.”

Important Info to Know: Survey Savvy has a desktop application that is optional for you to install. It looks at your behavior from when you browse the Internet. It helps their clients get a better grasp on online behavior and as a result of you participating you can receive supplementary paid surveys as long as you remain active.

What Survey Savvy Has to Say: “Our surveys are designed to gather opinions on a wide range of products and services. We may need your opinions on anything ranging from laundry detergent to automobiles; current events to computers. The client conducting the survey determines the topic and the qualifications for each of the surveys.”

Proof They Pay: You can see more pictures of people posting pictures of their checks – Google it.

survey savvy checks






Other Cash Paying Survey Sites


Points Paying Online Survey Companies



American Consumer Panel –

You’re paid in points and one point equals one penny. For example, 100 Points is equal to one dollar. Once you have earned 1,000 Points, you may redeem your Points for cash, or donate them to a charity.

Multiple Streams of Income Survey Sites

These are sites that not only pay you for taking online surveys, but you get paid for viewing ads, watching videos, taking trial offers of products and services, and much more…

If you’re serious about earning cash in this realm, it’s best to start with these websites first because they give you many more opportunities to make money.

  1. Fusion Cash
  2. CashCrate
  3. Inbox Pays


There are many real paid online survey sites – many of which do pay you in cash. I suggest start registering with the multiple streams of surveys sites first before registering with the individual survey companies themselves. Make a daily plan (30 minutes minimum per day) to do these surveys…and you will make money. Go get it!




Surveys Paid Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Are you looking at Surveys Paid as a way to make a lot of money online? Well, I’ve good news and bad news. In fact, of all the Surveys Paid reviews you see online, this is the ONE you will want to really pay attention to – and here’s why…


Watch This Video…



Surveys Paid Reviews – What the Other Reviews Won’t Tell You…

surveys paid


That ol’ saying of a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” ring true about Surveys Paid. I’m not gonna say that Surveys Paid is a scam, but I will say that what it does is deceptive, especially when it doesn’t fulfill the promises it makes on its own website.

Most Surveys Paid reviews don’t tell you the truth about how deceptive those claims are on its website are. After all,  most of the reviews you see are by affiliates – nothing wrong with that, but you have to tell the good and the bad about what you’re reviewing and with Surveys Paid, there’s a lot of “bad” to mention.

You’re probably wondering if the other sites like Surveys Paid are just as scandalous as them – and I would have to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

You see, a lot of them do the same thing that Surveys Paid does and that is that they put together a list of companies that “pay” people for surveys. It’s a list that anyone can put together with a little elbow grease and some understanding of how to find survey companies.

A lot of Surveys Paid reviews sites won’t tell ya what Surveys Paid really is and what exactly it does. Well, I just did and now you can pretty much put your money back into your wallet.

To explain surveys a little bit more deeper, let me give you this example…

I recently read a post on a blog about Surveys Paid and the consensus was that it was a scam and that ALL survey sites are scams. Really this is the “wrong” attitude to have.

Let me explain…

surveys paid

Here’s the BIG thing that a lot of people miss and what you may not fully understand about survey companies and how they operate…..

In fact, let me re-post my reply:

Corrisa says: [in regards to Surveys Paid]


Surveys can be broken down into three main groups…


The kind that pays you money…


The kind that gives you points you can redeem for prizes like gift cards…


The kind that enters your name in like a raffle for a chance to win some cash…


In other words, not all surveys pay you money. In fact, I would say most pay you in points that you can redeem for prizes and even cash when you’ve accumulated enough points.


Sites like Surveys Paid are sites that put together a listing of places like research companies that “pay” people to complete surveys.


In essence what you are paying for is the convenience of what Surveys Paid has done – put together the lists of survey sites. Survey Paid is NOT a survey site, or a research company.


If you do the “leg” work yourself, you can find the actual research companies that pay people to do surveys, participate in focus groups, etc… and work directly with them instead of relying on a third-party site to sell you the names – which is really what you paid for.


FYI: Many years ago, I did focus groups, surveys, etc… to pay the bills, so I have some experience in this area.


Good luck to all!



It doesn’t get any simpler than what I’ve stated above.  Yes, you can make money doing surveys, but don’t expect to pay off your mortgage or buy a new car with the money you do make. It aint gonna happen – sorry.

If you want to make some change to pay some bills, then you can do some surveys, but keep in mind that a lot of them pay in points. If you want to make a lifestyle changing income you’ll need to get a business. I’ve reviewed some businesses and business models here on this blog.

Should you  believe all the Surveys Paid reviews? Is Surveys Paid legit? Well, now you know the answers.

Your partner in success,