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Income at Home Dot Com AKA – What Is It?

What is, and is it something that can really work? Don’t give them your information until you read this…


income at home dot com


You’ve heard them…


Those radio advertisements on your favorite radio station for Income at Home .com. Perhaps you may have even heard your favorite radio personality like Dr. Laura or George Noory promoting it.


The shocking truth about IncomeAtHomeDotCom is that it’s (as if you didn’t know it already) Herbalife!


Now, if you’ve been on the Internet for more than 15 minutes, then I’m sure by now you’ve got the news that your favorite D.J. was pitching Herbalife all along – but you just didn’t know it.


Either at this point, you’re either like a lot of newbies, really pissed off that the ads didn’t mention it was Herbalife or you’re like a seasoned marketer who just found out that door knobs are usually found on doors – i.e. in other words, it’s no big deal!


See this Income At Home .Com Video…



Extra, Extra, IncomeAtHome.Com – Makes People Angry!


income at home dot com


That’s the headline that should run in all the newspapers (do those still exist?!) if I was the news editor.


I can’t believe the amount of “backlash” Income at home dot com is getting because they ran ads that didn’t mention the name of the company – Herbalife.


Only newbies or non-business people would truly get upset at that. Perhaps because the ads are targeted toward those that don’t know any better? Or maybe it’s targeted toward those that think having a home business is EASY?


For whatever the reason, these kinds of people are coming out in droves against Herbalife and Income at Home dot com.


C’mon folks!


I’m not here to make fun of anyone, but only to enlighten those that want to be enlighten of the ways of the home business industry and marketing in general.


If you really want to make money online then you have to act less like a scared newbie who’s always the victim of a scam and more like a successful business person.


Income At Home Dot Com – Where They in the Wrong?


income at home dot comeClearly if you made it this far down, then you know that I am of the opinion that what they did was ok. In fact, it was darn good marketing. You see, businesses run “blind” ads (where the company name/brand name product is not mentioned in the advertisement) all the time.


It’s a way to get more people in the door without hitting that objection of I’ve seen / heard of Herbalife (or XYZ company/product) before, I already know what it’s all about!”


Is there Another Way to Make Money at Home BESIDES Income at Home .Com?

Yes, of course. Just so that you’re clear, there is nothing wrong with Herbalife. They’ve been in business quite awhile and are a very successful nutritional company.


The problem some people may run into with Herbalife and other companies like it, is that it’s mlm. In other words, in order to make any significant money with it, you need to build a large sales force also known as recruiting.


So, what else is there?


There are all kinds of home business ideas that can earn you an income from home. There’s affiliate marketing, which includes doing CPA marketing (cost per action), and there’s other types of network marketing companies besides mlms like Herbalife.


You can make money with pretty much anything as long as:


1. You know about marketing


2. You have a product/service that is in demand


3. The landing page you’re promoting converts with the traffic you’re sending it


Now this seems like a lot and it is especially if you’re new to marketing. You see one of the reasons people fail online is that there are too many variables that have to be “right” in order for you to make money.


This is why I like the My Lead System Pro Although I’m not a newbie, it does give beginners and even advanced marketers “a track to run on” so they can begin having success right out the gate.

Now, it’s not a biz opp per se, but it does train you and give you a system (if you want to use the system, you don’t have to). The most important part is that it helps make generating leads more easier. The icing on the cake is that you can earn money while generating leads for your Herbalife business.
The question becomes…


Do you want to make money while generating leads for your Herbalife home business or do you solely want to rely on your one income stream from Herbalife?


Income at Home (Herbalife) In a Nutshell


income at home dot com is not a scam but is a well-known successful nutritional company. Herbalife can make you money, but be prepared to wait 2-5 years at least if you want to make a significant income.


There are other ways to make money from home. You have to decide what is the right fit for you.


Remember, if you want to be successful online, you have to start thinking like a business person.


So there you have it.


Your partner in success,




Dove Chocolate Discoveries Reviews? Read This BEFORE Joining

Are you searching all over the Internet for the most insightful Dove Chocolate Discoveries reviews that will convince you to join this company? Just hold off a minute because what I’m about to tell you can make a HUGE difference in whether or not you become successful with Dove Chocolate Discoveries.


Dove Chocolate Discoveries
Courtesy of Dove Chocolate Discoveries


This is not going to be your run-of-the-mill Dove Chocolate Discoveries reviews where you get all excited about the company and then join only to discover (no pun intended) that you have NO clue on how to build this business.


In fact, you may be on your last nerve with your significant other who may be tired of you spending money joining company after company only to lose MORE money than you ever make.


By the time you finish reading this article I want you to have a clear concise plan at the very least how you plan on building your Dove Chocolate Discoveries business.


Dove Chocolate Discoveries Reviews – Let’s Be Clear on What This Really Is

Dove Chocolate Discoveries reviews


If joining new companies puts you on edge, then you’ll be happy to know that Dove Chocolate Discoveries was started in 2007 and is part of the Mars brand. This company is a member of the Direct Selling Association, which may or may not mean a whole lot to you.


Dove Chocolate Discoveries uses the direct selling platform; what this means is that its products are directly sold to the consumer.


How you go about this is completely up to you, but you must know that Dove does want you to go about selling its products their way. You’ll learn more as you read on…


Is Dove Chocolate Discoveries a Scam?


In a lot of Dove Chocolate Discoveries “reviews” you see online you may see this issue addressed time and time again. The reason it may come up so often is that because this is a network marketing / direct sales company.


First of all if you’re concerned about Dove Chocolate Discoveries being a scam, know that most scams don’t have products or services attached to them…it’s all a money game. Second, the scams that have a products/services attached are shoddy at best – they’re not viable and it’s clear that they’re not.


Just look at the picture below of Dove’s chocolate-covered cinnamon dusted almonds below… ummmmm!


Dove Chocolate Discoveries


As your mouth waters you know in fact that Dove’s products are indeed REAL.


So far, you know that the company is backed by a major corporation and has been in business a number of years. You also know that the company and its products are real and viable mouth-watering products.


But if you’re serious about becoming a Dove Chocolate party consultant, how do you get paid?


Dove Chocolate Discoveries Compensation Plan

There are five ways to make money in the Dove Chocolate Discoveries compensation plan (courtesy of Dove Chocolate Discoveries )


Commissions – No matter what your rank, you can earn up to 40% on your personal sales volume (PSV) each month.


Earnings Assurance – If someone passes you in rank, you are still paid on their PSV if they are in levels 1, 2 or 3 of your downline.


Once in your downline, always in your downline – The career plan is designed to easily move up in the ranks, making it easy to achieve success.


Manager Bonus – Once promoted to Manager, you’ll be rewarded with a one time $500 promotion bonus plus an additional bonus is paid on your entire personal group volume as deep as your team goes


Generation Overrides – Generation overrides are paid 4 levels deep and paid out at a higher percentage than the 3% Manager Bonus.


In most Dove Chocolate Discoveries reviews, they neglect to tell you about how the company pays you, so I made sure that I covered the Dove Chocolate Discoveries compensation plan here. How can you make an informed decision without knowing how you’re going to get paid?


Now, I’m going to “rock your world” and tell you that everything you’ve read here so far means absolutely nothing!




Let me explain…


There’s an important part MISSING and unless you know what it is and how to do it you’re likely go broke trying to make money.


Why You’re Likely to NOT Have Success as a Dove Chocolate Discoveries Consultant…
and What You Can Do About it Right NOW – Before You Join)

dove chocolate discoveries


I don’t mean this to be a scare tactic so you don’t join Dove. This is meant for you to go one step beyond where most people leave off so that you CAN have success as a Dove Chocolate party consultant if that’s what you want to do.


As a person who has been in the home business and Internet marketing arena I can tell you that most people who start a home business will either fail or quit. Have you ever quit a home business before?


If you’re like most people, then you’ve probably joined a few and quit a few. This is actually quite normal.


As you probably know, when you quit (or fail to make money), all that time you spent and all that money you invested go right down the toilet. It’s very disheartening and frustrating to say the least.


But what if I can tell you something that could make all the difference in the world in whether you succeeded or failed?


As a potential Dove Chocolate Party consultant, you must know that the way Dove wants you to build this business is via home parties. Are you ok with that?


There’s nothing wrong with home parties. But how are you going to get the word out that you’re in business as a Dove Chocolate Party consultant? Well, of course the Internet. If you’re NOT using the Internet in your business on some capacity you’re leaving money on the table!


Not only that, but how would people find you? If you go the party plan route you have to know a lot of people that would be open to hosting parties for you. Then at some point your circle of people to go to may get smaller and smaller.


Or maybe you want a Dove business but you’re not too keen on doing home parties…how are you going to build a business then?


If you choose to become a Dove Chocolate Party consultant, make sure you think it through on HOW you’re going to go about building the business. Most people don’t which is why so many people fail.


I want to see you succeed. I have tools and resources available to help you…click here to see one of our top producing lead services.


As always….your partner in success,




P.S. Out of all the Dove Chocolate Discoveries Reviews you’ve read, I hope you found this one the most helpful!

Limitless Worldwide 3 Little Known Tips for Success in Limitless

Limitless Worldwide is supposed to be “The Next Generation in Network Marketing” but in reality it can very well end in failure if you don’t plan appropriately. This is one Limitless Worldwide review you don’t want to miss…




What is Limitless Worldwide? Watch this video…



Steve and Melyn Campbell are the brains behind Limitless Worldwide with Basic Research bringing in the science aspect to this company. Basic Research has decades of experience in the anti-aging, personal care, fitness and nutritional industries.


What does that REALLY mean to you?


It means that Limitless Worldwide is likely a great opportunity IF you know what you’re doing.


The reason I say if, is because I’d be willing to bet that you’ve probably been in other network marketing companies. Am I right?


Were you successful or did you lose money?


I’d also be willing to bet that you didn’t have the success you thought you would have. Now here’s the kicker…


You have another chance at network marketing with Limitless Worldwide.


But don’t you blow it!


There are some important things you really ought to know so you don’t blow it…but first, let’s talk about the Limitless Worldwide compensation plan.


The Limitless Worldwide Compensation Plan – How You’re Gonna Get Paid




The “official” title of their comp plan is the Limitless TriBrid Overlay Compensation Plan™.  It’s a fancy sounding name, but what IS the Limitless TriBrid Overlay Compensation Plan?


The “tri” comes from the multiple income streams that make up the comp plan. In other words, you can make money from their three product categories.


The “Overlay” portion of the name is because of the genealogy of how you can make multiple streams of income.


It sounds a little convoluted – but hey it’ll work but only if you follow the three steps below. Let me just state this…


Limitless Worldwide Means Nothing to You Unless…


In all likelihood you won’t make a single solitary dime in Limitless Worldwide. It’s not really the opportunity that’s at fault it’s the industry. You see, most people in network marketing don’t make any money or don’t make the kind of money they thought they would make.


I’m sure you don’t want a repeat of your last business opportunity (unless you made a six-figure income)…


How to Avoid Failure…


1. Before you get into Limitless Worldwide, you must decide if this IS the business you’re willing to spend your time, effort, and money promoting.


One reason a lot of people experience failure is that they jump from one thing to the next thing and on and on.


This is a sure where to create network marketing fatigue…and failure.


Before you invest any money into Limitless Worldwide make sure this is the company you want to partner up with. Is it?


If yes, go on to two…


2. People join people who have leadership ability. Are you a leader? Why would anyone join you in Limitless Worldwide? Why would anyone buy products from Limitless Worldwide?


Ok, these are some hard-hitting questions, but unless you can present yourself and the products in Limitless Worldwide in the best light, you’re going to have a difficult time promoting this business and its products.


Do yourself and Worldwide Limitless a favor and spend some time developing your unique selling proposition (USP). What do you have to offer people who join you in this opportunity? Do you offer a training site, a system, one-on-one coaching? What makes you different from the rest of the people who are promoting Limitless Worldwide?


Now you want to spend some time learning about the Limitless product line. What makes them special than what’s already on the market? Just take a few minutes each day and learn about the products and what makes them unique.


Now, just by taking the time to think about and DO those two steps you’re far ahead of most of your competition – almost.


Now the third step is the MOST important step because it is what usually makes or breaks you in network marketing. If you had bad experiences in network marketing, I can almost bet that it was because you didn’t do this step very well or if at all.


Or perhaps you got bad advice from your upline and it ended up costing you a fortune and led to you quitting your last opportunity altogether.


So what’s that third step?


3. Traffic!


How are you going to get traffic to your Limitless Worldwide website? You see joining an online home based business is just the first part (and the easy part). Learning about the Limitless Worldwide compensation plan is just useless information UNLESS you have a plan in place to get traffic to your website.


I have to admit that the Limitless TriBrid Overlay Compensation Plan sounds very lucrative but you won’t see any money until you can get targeted traffic to your Limitless business site.


How are you going to do that?


I’ve been an Internet marketer for a quite a while and I have had lots of people ask me about traffic generation. In fact, I recently met a gentleman online who had numerous businesses on the Internet. In our conversation I asked him how he was getting traffic to his sites and he said, “Mainly word of mouth”…


Now word of mouth works if you have a HUGE circle of friends or your name is Donald Trump, otherwise you’re gonna STRUGGLE getting real qualified traffic to your website.


You’ll also likely to go broke and/or put your family in serious debt if word of mouth is your sole strategy for getting traffic.


Help Building Your Limitless Worldwide Business




Traffic generation to your Limitless Worldwide business is going to take some time to master in order to get it right. This is why you want to do the most effective and simplest thing to get traffic – one of which is blogging.


But not just any kind of blogging because most network marketers who blog don’t do it right.


You want traffic…now NOT five years from now. Now there are other methods to get traffic and you should always have at least 3-5 methods in place at all times.


How Do I Learn About Traffic?


There are many ways I recommend you go about learning about traffic. You can invest in a course in a specific traffic strategy. You can search on the ‘net for that. The other way is the way I recommend. That is  joining a program that is tailored towards network marketers and traffic generation. There are a couple of places I recommend:


My Lead System Pro – It’s a marketing system and has a wealth of traffic training to help you build your business using their marketing system and/or building your business directly.


Daily Marketing Coach – This is Ann Sieg’s training site that shows you from the get-go how to go about building an authority presence and driving traffic to your business.


Would like to get targeted traffic for your Limitless Worldwide business? Then make sure you do the smart thing and get the right kind of training.


Limitless Worldwide Review Re-Cap


Don’t sign up for Limitless Worldwide unless:


 1. You’re sure this is the business you want to partner up with


2. You do some work on yourself and develop some leadership skills and a USP that sets you apart from other distributors who will be promoting Limitless Worldwide


3. Know HOW you’re going to get traffic. If you can’t get enough targeted traffic then all the money you’ve spent signing up, buying products, getting autoship, and everything else will go right down the toilet because  you can get enough traffic to your website. No traffic = No money…no matter how good the compensation plan is.


Get some training so you can begin to get targeted traffic to your business


So there you have it…


I wish you well in your Limitless Worldwide business!




What’s Missing From the Avon MLM Business Opportunity?

If you’re debating whether or not to try the Avon MLM business opportunity, then there are some things you need to be aware of.



I’m sure you’ve seen the ads on TV for the Avon mlm business opportunity. Maybe it got you thinking about seriously becoming an Avon representative and making money on the side.


If you ever had a business or any kind of home based business then I’m sure you’re aware of the high failure rate of new businesses. Even though Avon is not new, you would be considered a new business because you’re new to the Avon opportunity.


This is not to sway you from joining the Avon mlm business opportunity, it’s just to make you aware that statistically the odds are not in your favor for success.


In fact, if you search around on the ‘net, you’ll have no trouble finding a lot of ex-Avon reps who quit because either they spent more money than they made  (you get Avon products at a discount – so you know what that can do to anyone who loves to buy Avon 😉 or they fail to make enough money to make it worth their time and effort.


Not to mention that those Avon catalogs you pass out can add up to a big chunk of change real quick. Some of the Avon reps you’ll run into online who are doing the Avon mlm business opportunity are making some money but not the kind of money that is life-style changing.


And then you have a small percentage of Avon reps who are making very good money. Just like in any kind of business, only a small percent have great success – it’s just the way it is.


So, what’s missing from the Avon mlm business opportunity that makes so few people have success with it?

Avon MLM Business Opportunity – The Missing Ingredient


Again this is not to bash on Avon because it is a good company, just that it can be tough to make money with it unless you have a large customer base that orders consistently campaign after campaign.



And this is where a lot of people go wrong…


The lure of it being just a few bucks to get started can backfire on you if you’re not familiar with marketing.


You see some of the missing ingredients in the Avon mlm business opportunity are no training on:


How to get customers

How to recruit people interested in the Avon opportunity

How to get customers to place orders consistently

How to build a relationship with customers

How to market the Avon mlm business opportunity or its products to an online world


Now, if you only present Avon to those in your warm market i.e. friends and family, then of course a lot of these issues mentioned above are not relevant. But increasingly, more and more people want to build a business online.


Marketing online can be more profitable in the sense that you can reach a lot more people, however it takes some good mlm training to help you get there so that you can be effective and profitable.


The shocking thing is that there’s no lack of information and training available to help you if you decide to join the Avon mlm business opportunity – it’ s just that you have to know where to look.

Generating Leads



If you have an online home based business, then of course generating leads should be your #1 priority. Without a steady lead-flow your business is doomed to fail – taking all the money and efforts you put into it.


When (an if) you join Avon, remember that what most Avon reps struggle with most are generating leads and traffic and retaining customers. Not to mention a lot of reps don’t have the right home business mindset.


Your first order of business is learning how to attract the right kinds of people to your Avon business and generating leads in the cold market (those outside of  your friends and family) – if that’s what you want to do.


The Avon mlm business opportunity can work, if you know how to work it. And I just revealed the secret.


I’ll see ya at the top!



Asea MLM – Is This It?

There’s no lack of nutritional companies in the marketplace, so is there another spot for the Asea mlm opportunity? If so, can the average person be successful with it? Before you whip out your wallet, you’ll want to read this very carefully.


Asea mlm


Asea mlm?


With the entry of yet another nutritional company into the already crowded network marketing arena, you have to wonder if this business can deliver results.


If you’ve been involved in the network marketing industry and had less than stellar results, then you may be hoping that the Asea mlm opportunity may be just the thing to help you make money online – finally.


In reality, the Asea mlm opportunity is just like any other online home based business…you’ve got to know HOW to generate leads to your website or lead capture page. Without traffic and leads you have no business.


The number one question that may be on your mind if you’re seriously looking at the Asea mlm opportunity is how to succeed in network marketing. If you don’t know how to answer that question then you are doomed to repeat the same past mistakes.


Asea MLM – This is What You REALLY Ought to Know


Watch this Asea Video if you’re not familiar with it…



As you probably are aware of Asea is a dietary supplement that provides balanced, stabilized Redox Signaling molecules to the body.


Now sounds very good and all, but in reality it means absolutely nothing if you can’t get people interested in hearing what you have to say, or even get them to your website.


I remember a few years back I was on a forum and a guy was bragging that his nutritional company was better than mine because it had better antioxidants, a better comp plan…and yada, yada, yada.


He was feverishly married to the idea that whoever has the best products makes the most money; of course his reality was flawed because nothing could be further from the truth.


The marketplace i.e. the buyers determines if your products are worthy or not. If you can’t get people to buy your products, you have no business no matter how great you think your products are. And if you can’t people to your website to even know and try your products then you’ll never sell any.


The same goes for the Asea mlm opportunity. If people don’t know about this opportunity, how it can help them, or how you’re able to help them make money with the Asea mlm business, you’ll never get enough people into your business to make any decent money.


If you want to struggle in Asea, then don’t learn about traffic generation.


How to Get Traffic to Your Asea MLM


As an Internet marketing and home business coach I’m often asked, “How do I get traffic to my XYZ business?” Or I’m asked, “How are you driving traffic to your site?”


asea mlm


This is how I answer both those questions…


You have to start with your existing skills, assuming that you do have some. If you’re good at doing videos, then start there as long as you’re effective at driving traffic with them. If you’re good at writing then you want to make sure you’re doing content marketing with your articles that drive traffic to your site.


In other words, whatever you’re doing, you have to make sure it’s a good use of your time and that it works.


If you don’t have any skills or don’t know any effective ways to drive traffic, then you must get some training if you want your Asea mlm business (or any other business) to survive.


What traffic generation techniques that work for me, may not work well for you and vice versa. We all have different skill levels and we all have different amounts of time we devote to our business.


One of the methods that I’m using heavily right now that works for most people across the board is blogging in combination with SEO and social networking. If you’re going to do blogging, do it the smarter way so that it brings you lots of traffic.


[stextbox id=”alert”]If you need more help in traffic generation, consider getting a subscription to the My Lead System Pro program. Commit to it for at least 6 months so you get at least several traffic techniques down.[/stextbox]


Remember, whether or not you join the Asea mlm business opportunity, you’ve got to get some lead training so you don’t waste your time, energy, or money on yet another opportunity. Give yourself a fighting chance at success – make sure what you’re doing works or get trained!


I’ll see ya at the top!



What is the Best Network Marketing Travel Business?

If you’re looking for a profitable network marketing travel business, then you’ll want to read this very carefully…


network marketing travel business

What makes the best network marketing travel business? Is it important that the company be a public company – or does it not matter? Do you want to build a downline in your travel business and get residual income (mlm) or do you prefer upfront larger commission checks? Does it matter how long the travel company has been in business?


Think about those questions. Those questions and your honest answers to them will become very important when it comes down to choosing a network marketing travel business.


He Wrote The Book on Choosing a Network Marketing Company


Daren Falter

courtesy of


Having been around this industry awhile and having had the privilege of learning from Daren Falter, the guy that wrote the original book on how to choose a network marketing company, I can tell you that you’re likely to get it wrong the first few times…


This is why you’ve probably been in quite a few programs in a short amount of time – you’re trying the right business that is the right fit for you.


If you get anything out of this, remember this…


Choose a company (affiliate product, etc…) based upon business reasons. Leave your emotions out of it.


If you’re really serious about finding the right network marketing travel program, then you’ll want to keep on reading…


The Criteria For Choosing the Best Network Marketing Travel Business


Why are you even looking for a network marketing travel business? Do you enjoy travel? Do you want to get paid doing something you love? What will it mean to you to have your own travel business?


network marketing travel business

It’s NOT only about the money!


Remember, choose a network marketing travel business for business reasons to give yourself a fighting chance at success.


Here’s some criteria to keep in mind….


Public Companies – You’re not important as a distributor – only the shareholders are.


Valuable Products and Services – Network marketing travel companies have a reputation for selling junk travel certificates and/or travel programs. And in some cases, this reputation is definitely earned.


Make sure you choose a network marketing travel business that has REAL products that REAL people who are interested in travel would want to buy. Make sure that whatever it is you’re selling is competitively priced.


Ask yourself, why would anyone want to buy_____? If you can’t answer that simple question, you’re gonna have a hard time getting people interested in what you’re selling.


[stextbox id=”alert”]If you want to be taken seriously, remember this… It’s all about giving value, not just about making money. People can sense when you’re only in interested in making money off of them. [/stextbox]


Remember your reasons for wanting your own travel business?


Well, if you want to hit your goals (buy a new home, pay for your kids college expenses, be debt free, etc…), you’re going to have to put the odds of success on your side and the biggest way to do that is to choose a network marketing company that has valuable products/services that people want to buy.


The last criteria, which is an important one, is to think about HOW you want to get paid. Do you want an mlm network marketing travel business? Or do you like to make the one-time larger commissions?


MLM vs Affiliate


This may offend some people, but here it goes…


MLM Travel Companies


MLM works well in some industries (vitamins, cosmetics, etc…), especially those where there are consumable products.


MLM doesn’t work well in a lot of industries, especially where there’s no consumption of products – like travel.


Remember, mlm refers to how you’re paid – on levels. The reason you’re paid on levels is because you’re building a distributor sales force and you’re creating volume. You’re paid on the volume of your organization. Your sales force is supposed to keep producing volume via autoship of consumable products.


There aren’t consumable products in the travel industry. This is why you’re not going to see the level of duplication in a network marketing travel business as you would see in a network marketing nutritional company.


If you’re not seeing duplication in your network marketing travel business, then odds are you’re making very small checks.


Travel Affiliate Programs


An affiliate travel program is typically a single tier payout. Some network marketing travel companies have 1-ups and 2-ups. This is where you pass up some sales to your sponsor or the next qualified person in your upline.


The biggest pro of an affiliate travel program is that you don’t have worry about building a huge downline to make decent money. There are travel programs that have higher payouts, so it takes less effort to make more money.


Naturally if you’re interested in making more money with same amount of effort, you’ll want to go with a travel program that pays you bigger commissions.


Thertravelagent4e are a lot of network marketing travel companies, but only a few have good solid products and even fewer have a well-designed comp plan to make you a nice livable income.


Should you go with an mlm travel company or should you stick with higher payout travel program? The choice is yours. Now you know what to look at when choosing the best network marketing travel business.


Your partner in success,





SeneGence Reviews? DON’T Join Til You Read This

Looking for SeneGence Reviews? Well, there are hundreds of cosmetic companies around…but how do you choose which one to join? Most importantly, once you join one WHAT do you do next to make money?



You can do a search on the Internet and get all kinds of information on SeneGence and on being an SeneGence distributor. Some are written by distributors, ex-distributors, the company itself and so on.


You’ll get so many different angles that you may even get a little confused. By the time you finish this short SeneGence review article you will clearly understand what Sengence is and what you can do to build a SeneGence distributor business with it.


SeneGence – What is it?


SeneGence is a privately owned network marketing cosmetics/personal care company that was started in 1999. This company’s started with its flagship product, LipSense® Liquid Lip Color back in 1999.


You can learn more by watching the video below…



What Makes SeneGence Different?



What a lot of articles you see on the Internet about SeneGence leave out is…


What sets this company apart from other personal care/cosmetic companies?…i.e. what does SeneGence say is its “claim to fame?”


Without knowing this information how can you make an informed decision about SeneGence?


Here’s what SeneGence reviews don’t say but you ought to know:


* Made in the United States for tight quality control


 * All products formulated in compliance with FDA regulations


 * No animal testing  – (They test on themselves)


 * Naturally reoccurring natural ingredients


 * Made in pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facility


 * No animal by-products –  (They use alternative sources)


By now you’re either seriously looking at becoming an Senegence distributor…(or else you would have probably left by now!)


What Most SeneGence Reviews Don’t Tell You About Being a SeneGence Distributor


SeneGence has been around quite a while…which is good, but if you’re seriously looking at building a SeneGence business you have to think about HOW you’re going to build your business.


Here are some questions to consider:


Are you going to build your business by talking to your friends and family


Will you build your business primarily offline? If so, what will you do?


Will you build your


business online? If so, HOW will you do it? What techniques you use to bring traffic to your SeneGence website?


Remember, if people don’t know about you and what you do i.e. if you can’t get targeted traffic to your website – you have NO business.


This was not your run-of-the-mill SeneGence reviews – this article was designed to help you understand what you should be thinking about NEXT if you choose to partner with SeneGence and build a business. I’ve seen so  many good people give up their business in frustration because they neglected to think about how to get traffic.


Your partner in success,





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Motor Club of America Compensation Plan: A BIG No-No?

If you’re looking at the Motor Club of America compensation plan (MCA) then there are some things you’ve got to know first before you become an agent for them.


What’s so special about the Motor Club of America compensation plan? If you’ve been trying to find a business that you can do from home, then perhaps you’re looking to see if there’s money to be made by selling these memberships.


I can tell you from experience that people looking at the Motor Club of America compensation plan (or any company’s compensation plan for that matter) first before doing their due diligence will run into problems.


If you’re tired of wasting time, money, and efforts on programs that don’t work or plain don’t work out for you, I suggest the first thing you NOT look at is the Motor Club of America compensation plan – there are more IMPORTANT things to consider first.


Motor Club of America Compensation Plan – Can You Make Money? 


So, here’s the million-dollar question – can you make money with the Motor Club of America compensation plan? Here’s the tricky answer…yes, but you’re not likely to. And here’s why.


When joining a business some of things to consider are the compensation plan, the products/ services, the management team, etc… But what puts money in your pocket isn’t the Motor Club of America compensation plan – but the ACTIONS you take to get people to sign up for the memberships.


I repeat…


The best Motor Club of America compensation plan gets you NOTHING unless you know how to get traffic to your website and /or get people to sign up for the memberships.


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How to avoid another business failure? Don’t make the Motor Club of America compensation plan the ONLY thing you consider if you’re looking into this business opportunity.


Make Money with the Motor Club of America Compensation Plan – Do This First


By the time you get down to the bottom of this article you will know exactly what you need to do in order to have success with this program…


What makes some people successful with Motor Club of America compensation plan and others not so successful is their ability to drive traffic to their websites and/or sell memberships.


MotorClubofAmericaCompensationPlan Are you ready for the truth? If you can answer these two questions you already got money in your pocket from the Motor Club of America compensation plan.


Ask yourself right now…


“How will I get people to buy these memberships?”


“How will I get people to my website so I can sell memberships and/or get people into the business?”


If you’re scratching your head and don’t have a SOLID answer to at least one of those questions, you’re digging yourself into a pit of frustration trying to build a Motor Club of America business.


For anyone – beginner or advanced, the simple thing to do is to pick one traffic technique and use it to drive traffic and/or generate leads. Notice if it’s working. If it’s not either tweak it or dump it.


So what traffic technique should you start off with first?


Take into consideration the skills you already have right now, how much time you have to put into your business, and your budget. The other alternative would be to get some Dani Johnson leads – but know that you will end up spending a lot of money until you get good at recruiting from them.


Just to Recap on the Motor Club of America Compensation Plan


Motor Club of America compensation plan means absolutely nothing…what makes you the BIG bucks is getting enough traffic to generate leads and ultimately sales. Now that’s something you can bank on!


Your partner in success,




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Income at Home Dot Com: Is Legitimate?

If you’ve ever wondered if those radio spots done by your favorite radio personality for IncomeAtHome.Com are real…well they are. In fact, the business opportunity promoted is a 100% legitimate and bonafide company.

Income at Home dot Com


I’m sure you’ve realized that the radio stations playing those advertisements are getting paid by the people behind…as are the personal endorsements by the radio personalities.


With that in mind, I’m sure radio stars like Dr. Laura would not promote something that they felt was a scam, in which this business opportunity is not.  Hopefully that puts your mind at ease but it doesn’t answer the very important questions you need to ask yourself before you join Income at Home dot com (or any business opportunity for that matter).


Although the advertisements are a little vague, you must know that this is not a job. It’s a business opportunity in which you will be required to fork up some “dough” to get started with this business enterprise. There’s nothing in itself sinister in that because nearly all if not most businesses (even the ones you start at home) require some money to get started.


Now if the thought of you putting money into your very own business that can potentially reap great rewards down the line is offsetting to you, then going into any kind of business may not be the right thing for you.


With that said, you may be wondering what kind of person would be right for a business of this sort. Well, it comes down to a  person who knows:

  •  That  money needs to be invested into the business
  • That the ability to be a self-starter is important for success
  • That a ambitious success-driven personality is important for long-term success
  • That marketing is a very important ingredient in running a business successfully


Now that you know what it takes to be successful in a home based business, you’re probably left wondering what exactly is Income at Home dot com.


You may (or may not be) shocked to learn that the company advertised at is Herbalife. If you’re not familiar with Herbalife know that this is a health and wellness type of network marketing company. FYI…Network marketing is when you market within your network of people you know.

Income at Home dot com


Although you may have seen negative reactions to Herbalife or maybe even network marketing for that matter on the Internet, you must understand that neither entity is sinister in and of itself. Network marketing (sometimes referred to mlm), has been around for over 50 years.


Herbalife is no fly-by-night company…they’ve been around for a very long time too.
The fact that Herbalife is not mentioned in the radio advertisements shouldn’t be of a concern as some people make it out to be. A lot of advertisements are “blind” in that you don’t know the name brand or company behind the advertisements.


If you choose to start your home business enterprise with (Herbalife), then there are some very critical questions you need to ask yourself before doing so:

  1. How much is it going to cost you to get started?
  2. How much product do you have to order every single month to be an active distributor and earn your full commission check?
  3. What is the compensation plan?
  4. How are you going to build your business? In other words, what plans do you have to market your business and what is your advertising budget?

Now that you know that Income At Home dot come is a legitimate home based business, it’s really important that you answer those questions above before joining this or any other type of home based business.

The time to have regrets is not after you’ve invested hundreds of dollars into a business.

Your partner in success,