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Do SFI Online Business Operators Make Money or Lose Money?

If you’re on the lookout for SFI online business operators to see if they’re actually making money online, then you’ll want to carefully read this…

SFI Online Business Operators

SFI online business operators – you can’t help but run into them on the Internet. After all, it’s not a typical thing to see a lot of affiliates promoting a successful network marketing company that’s been around such a long time.


Sure you have Shaklee, Amway, and the Mary Kay’s of the world, but a company that is not so widely known yet be nearly two decades old and still have thousands and thousands of affiliates promoting its products really says something.


It works.


Now, if you’re scratching your head wondering just how a company like SFI can survive and even thrive in these tough economic times and under the watchful eye of the Feds, well you gotta read on because this will change your whole outlook on network marketing….


What Most SFI Online Business Operators Won’t Tell You, But I Will…


Let me come clean and be really transparent…

SFI Online Business Operators


I first encountered Strong Future International or SFI for short, many, many years ago. I didn’t get and so I didn’t join.


In the meantime, I joined other network marketing companies eventually spending (or wasting) thousands of dollars in the process with not much to show for it.


What I lacked and what I really needed was not taught by the network marketing company, nor my upline. Which is something that commonly occurs in this industry.


This is one of the many reasons why  a lot of people fail in network marketing.


So, what has this got to do with SFI?




I am an affiliate of SFI and I joined and re-joined a couple of times and have managed to create a paycheck faster than in any of the other business opportunities I ever joined. And SFI is a free to join program.


What a lot of other SFI online business operators won’t tell you is that a lot of them come from network marketing backgrounds and have had “bad” experiences as well.


SFI online business operators who have been in other traditional network marketing companies don’t want to talk “bad” about the industry.


If you’ve been in network marketing, odds are you’ve struggled a lot and probably spent a whole lotta money.


But you see the income potential and you want to give it one more try. This is probably one reason why you’re looking into the SFI affiliate opportunity.


Traditional Network Marketing vs Hybrid Network Marketing

SFI Online Business Operators

What makes SFI different is that it is no-cost to join and you can build it without stacking your garage full of product you’ll never use or sell.


In other words, you’re not gonna go broke trying to build your network marketing business.


To top if off, you can make money without ever touching the network marketing side of SFI because they have a huge customer base with its 80k+ products. There are a lot of SFI affiliates who only do the affiliate side of SFI.


The way the Feds are cracking down on network marketing companies, you’d better make sure you choose a company like SFI that has a clear cut customer base with real products people are buying.


Limit Your Risk 


Now, to be fair, I can’t say you’ll never lose money with any opportunity – the risk is always there with anything. Run away from anyone who tells you there is no risk in their business because they’re lying to you.


You do want to limit your risk.


For example, if you’re spending hundreds of dollars a month on a biz opp  autoship and/or you can’t recruit enough paying distributors or sale the products consistently, you’re digging yourself into a huge hole that you’re likely to not come out of.


SFI online business operators are not starting off in a hole or in deficit position because the barrier to get in is no cost.


It’s easier to actually make a profit when you’re not spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on autoship products.


You’ll want to re-read that again…


SFI Online Business Operators

Before you join another network marketing company or another affiliate program, take a look at SFI – especially if you’ve been burned financially with other programs and/or are on a limited budget.


In the era of multiple streams of income, you want a residual money stream in your arsenal that won’t drain your bank account, and SFI is forefront and center to creating that repeat income you’ve been looking for.


Click here to learn how SFI can help you earn money on the side…

What is SFI Online Marketing?

So what is SFI online marketing and should you even get involved with it?


SFI Online Marketing

Imagine what it would be like if you didn’t have to worry about spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on autoship of your network marketing products – that you most likely will never use…


How much money would you save every month if you didn’t have an expensive autoship to pay?


Can you remember a time where you joined an opportunity that you knew was too expensive for your budget but joined it anyway? Did you lose a whole lot of money on that deal? Was your significant other happy about that? How long did you have to put up with the “I told you so’s?”


Were you ever part of a company where your fellow distributors got busted for making claims they weren’t supposed to? Did the FTC had to get involved? How many times did it cross your mind that the company may very well go under because of rogue distributors in the organization?


So, what does this all have to do with SFI online marketing? Lots. Let me explain…


What Keeps SFI Online Marketing in Business


Lets be clear – there are huge issues with certain types of network marketing companies. I’m sure you already figured this much out.


SFI Online Marketing

The Money Issue

The biggest problem and the problem you see all around the ‘net from ex-distributors is that they went broke trying to build their network marketing business. Why?


You can point the blame square at the monthly autoship of products. Some companies’ comp plans are designed for its distributors to buy a certain volume of product every month in order to earn their full paycheck.


This is fine if:

  1. You know how to “move” a lot of product every month i.e. retail sales.
  2. You intend to give it away as samples, party favors, host favors etc… to help you build your business.
  3. You intend to consume all the products yourself.


The down-right dirty truth of it all, is that most people who come into these kind of comp plans don’t fall into either one of those categories. And that’s how you get a lot of the negativity and backlash towards network marketing and certain types of companies.


It’s not fun going into debt trying to make a better life for your family.


[stextbox id=”info”]Make sure you read How to Make Money With SFI[/stextbox]


Which is why a lot of veteran network marketers have joined forces with SFI Affiliate Marketing Group (better known in some circles as Strong Future International or just SFI).


High outrageous autoship costs (on products that no person could reasonably consume in a month) are non-existent. Yes you have the option to get on autoships with SFI but it’s not required at all – but I do recommend it for the simple fact is reasonably inexpensive for most people.


Unlike most companies, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars every month just to receive product that’s gonna likely sit in your garage. To be on a high dollar autoships program when you don’t fall into any of those categories I mentioned earlier is plain silly.


Low Cost, Great Support

The shocking truth about SFI online marketing is that you can get started at no cost. If you just want to kick the tires and see what it’s all about before committing anything, you can do that. WhatisPluginProfitSite


I do recommend that you invest into your business at some point. You’re not gonna work hard at something if you have nothing invested.


What draws people into SFI is not only the inexpensive costs to get started but also the various ways to make money within SFI itself.


You have great support from your upline and not just the one who sponsored you. There’s a forum where you can post questions that other distributors and even Gery Carson (creator of SFI) can answer for you. You are never alone to figure it out. In fact, this level of transparency is practically unheard of in this industry.


Bad Distributors Can Ruin a Company

The rogue distributors that run rampant on the Internet making income and product claims is a huge thorn in the side of network marketing companies. For a nearly most cases, this is how the network marketing company gets the un-wanted attention from the FTC.


You just don’t see that with SFI affiliates. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, it means that for the most part its affiliates are aware of what to do and what not to do when it comes to marketing their business and behaving online. It’s more professional than a typical network marketing company where anything goes.


SFI Online Marketing Give You Many Opportunities


What makes SFI unique is that there are numerous ways to make money with SFI.


SFI Online Marketing

SFI is part affiliate marketing and part network marketing. It’s a hybrid of sorts that’s been around nearly two decades.


Because there a lots of ways to make money with SFI, you will never get bored with its products (there are currently 80,000+ products you can promote with SFI).


The world is your oyster and you finally have choices on how you choose to build your SFI business. You are not stuck or forced to sell a particular product.


Tools to Help You Become Successful

SFI Online marketing offers banners, postcards, ecards, text ads, flyers, co-op advertising shares, leads, and scripts to help you make your SFI business a success. You’re just not gonna find the wealth of resources with other kinds of network marketing companies.


You’re not only rewarded for buying products from within SFI itself, you’re also rewarded for buying business-building products/services. If you choose to do an autoship you’re not limited to only a couple of items, like with most network marketing companies. Your autoship can be products and services that help you build your business – not products that you have no use for or don’t want.


SFI Online Marketing Group is About You


It’s about you having choices and not spending your life’s savings trying to get a traditional network marketing company to work for you. That can be an uphill battle as I’m sure you’ve realized. If you’re one of the many people who have had it with traditional network marketing companies and now you want something of a different flavor, then come check out SFI.


You’ll actually have the most fun building your business with SFI – and you don’t have to worry about being “garage qualified”…


==> Click Here to Get Started With Us…


2 How to Make Money Using the SFI Marketing Group Affiliate Program

If you’re curious about the SFI Marketing Group affiliate program and how to make money with it, then this just what you’ll want to read…


SFI Marketing Group affiliate program

If there’s one thing I hear over and over again from people about Strong Future International (also known as SFI Marketing Group) is that “they don’t get it.”


Let me lay it all on the line so that by the time you reach the bottom of this article, you’re either gonna be in or you’re gonna be out.


Truth of the matter is that whether you join the SFI Marketing Group affiliate program or not, you’ll never make any money hemming and hawing over it.


You see, “fence sitters” don’t make money.


SFI Marketing Group affiliate program

Here’s that famous saying from Yoda (of all people), “Do or do not. There is no try”


So, let me get down to it – the good, the bad, and the ugly…


SFI Marketing Group Affiliate Program – Getting People to Help You Build Your Business


If there ever was a network marketing company that straddles the line between an affiliate program and network marketing, then the SFI Marketing Group affiliate program would be it.


This is one reason why a lot of people get confused as to what SFI is really all about. In reality it is a network marketing company that has affiliate components thrown in for good measure.


The side that you see promoted the most by SFI affiliate is the sponsoring side. This is where you help other people get started in a SFI business.


Get Leverage By Sponsoring
When you build your salesforce (sponsoring/recruiting) you are getting leverage in your business. You see, everyone has 24 hours in day. There are only so many hours a day you have available to work on your business.


SFI Marketing Group affiliate program

When you build out your salesforce, you’re tapping into the efforts of other people and in turn tapping into their 24 hours to help you build a business around the clock.


The Truth About Affiliate Marketing
One of the main reasons why a lot of regular affiliate marketers don’t make any money is that they don’t take enough income producing actions in their business and they’re not leveraged.


Of course the owner of the affiliate program is leveraged because they have hundreds if not thousands of affiliates working for them getting them sales.


And the best part is that they doesn’t even have to pay their affiliates until they produce results.


With network marketing, in which SFI falls under, you as an affiliate are leveraged. This is why you’ll always earn a check as long as you have people under you producing sales. This will never happen in standard affiliate marketing.


Is Sponsoring Mandatory?
Do you have to build a salesforce in order to make money in SFI? Nope. There aren’t not too many legit network marketing companies around that can say that. SFI is indeed a rare breed.


I will say that if you don’t like network marketing, even knowing that you can make money outside of sponsoring people into SFI, just simply don’t join.


If you don’t believe in your business and the industry, you’re gonna have a rough time making money. Do yourself and everyone else around you a favor and don’t join.


The SFI Marketing Group affiliate program allows you to build a salesforce to give you leverage 24/7.


How to Get Your Piece of the E-commerce Pie

E-commerce is enormous and it’s constantly growing everyday.


Many people have discovered that it’s simple to sell things online and in turn make a nice livable income.


Strong Future International saw the writing on the wall and decided to step into this goldmine.


What a lot of people don’t know about SFI is that there is an e-commerce division called ECA.


You simply introduce either existing e-commerce sellers (or those wanting to do e-commerce) to the program. SFI then handles it from there. Once they become approved, you then can earn a percentage of that stores sales for its entire lifetime!


SFI’s ECA program is just another way to add an additional income stream to your SFI business – and you don’t have to recruit or train anyone.


The icing on the cake is that there are over 80,000 products you can promote from its ECA stores. You could even build niche websites just using the products in the ECA program. If you’re tired of seeing the same old products being promoted online, you’ll want to check out the products from these stores.


This brings us to another amazing aspect of SFI…


Penny Auctions Produce Astonishing Revenue


SFI Marketing Group affiliate program

What I didn’t know about penny auctions before coming aboard with SFI is that penny auctions are quite lucrative.


I hate to compare this with gambling, but it’s the closest thing I can compare it to.


People like risk and reward – if the reward is strong enough.


Which is why SFI Marketing Group affiliate program has a penny auction division called PriceBenders.



Unlike, a lot of other penny auction sites, SFI has in demand products that appeal to the masses. You won’t see weird obscure products that no one wants.


You will see Amazon Echo, Chromebooks, iPads, Keurig Coffee Brewing systems and other hot household appliances.



As an SFI affiliate you sell the currency that is used in these auctions called T-Credits.


And because people tend to buy a lot of credits at one time, you can make a nice chunk of change just focusing on providing currency to people interested in penny auctions.


You can even participate in these auctions and even sell products that you win. If you’re an ebay or Amazon seller then there’s a huge profit potential selling the products that you win.


There’s unlimited income potential here just within Price Benders.


Multiple Streams of Income With SFI
Did you know that SFI had all these different kinds of programs that can earn you multiple income streams?


If you’re like most people, then you were probably unaware of all the income potential within SFI.


This brings us to the most pressing issues you may be wondering about SFI…


What Do I Need to Know to Get Started With the SFI Marketing Group Affiliate Program?


There’s no monthly cost to be an affiliate. You can join for free and get access to all the marketing tools, web/squeeze pages, and mailers at no cost to you.


SFI Marketing Group affiliate program

Are There Any Cons to the SFI Marketing Group Affiliate Program?
There will always be pros and cons to any kind of business and SFI is no exception.


Since I’ve pretty much listed all the pros of doing this kind of business, let me tap into some of the negatives of this program.


The biggest negative I see floating around on the ‘net is that SFI is a very slow business to build. And there is some truth to that statement. Let me explain why…


You see, SFI is going to be slow in the beginning because as you can see there’s a wealth of opportunity at SFI and you need to have a little bit of knowledge to get going.


Now you don’t have to know everything inside and out, but you do need to have a firm grasp about what SFI is all about and what it can offer you.


And like most programs – network marketing or affiliate marketing, you set the pace. Your business can only go as fast as you’re going.


If you’re a slow learner or if you don’t have a lot of time to devote to a business, then know that it’s gonna be slow in the beginning…


Remember that building a business online is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.


If you don’t have patience I suggest you do something else. Any business you start will require you to put in consistent effort and have a considerable amount of patience.


Don’t expect to build SFI fast if you’re not going fast or putting in consistent income producing actions. I see so many people start businesses with very unrealistic expectations.


My Best Tips – What No One Tells You About SFI Marketing Group Affiliate Program


SFI Marketing Group affiliate program

I see a lot of SFI affiliates online telling you to sign up here and do this and do that, but very few will tell you what you must do to get off on the right foot…


1.Discover which aspect of SFI you want to focus on. Sure you can do all of them, but I almost bet you’re gonna feel overwhelmed at the enormity of it all.


I highly suggest you pick one area to focus on – at least in the beginning.


2.Decide what actions you’re gonna do daily to get the right kinds of people looking at your SFI website. In other words what kind of marketing tactics will you be using? If you’re unsure, get with me after you sign up and I can help you out.


3.You absolutely must spend at least 15-30 minutes daily going through your daily tabs (the red tabs when you log in). This will shorten your learning curve and get you acclimated to SFI quickly.


It’s Not a Should, It’s a Must!
If you’re not able to do all three of those steps above, then I will be the first to tell you to not bother with SFI.


Also, your why has to be strong enough to make you want to do whatever it takes to achieve success. If you’re slacking off or uncommitted, then your why (the reason why you’re in business – more money, new home etc..) is not strong enough.



Either develop a stronger “why”, or do something that is low commitment like real paid online surveys.


Of course with surveys you’ll never make the big income, but you can make enough money to pay a utility bill or two every month.


SFI Does Work – If You Work SFI
Absolutely, you can make a nice income with SFI Marketing Group affiliate program. Take it seriously and really commit to the three steps above and you’ll see your business starting to take off…


==>>> Click here to start creating income streams with SFI


Strong Future International Marketing Group Review (SFI) 2015

If you’re looking for a real Strong Future International Marketing Group review (SFI) without all the hype, you’ll want to read this before investing any money or time. Here’s why…


Strong Future International Marketing Group review (SFI)

Who’s to be believed?


If you’re looking online for a real objective Strong Future International Marketing Group review (SFI) that is:
A) Not full of hype and
B) Is not trying to push you into another program
…then this is for you.


How many times have read a review that really told you nothing at all and then you get down to the end of the article and they’re trying to flip you into their program?


It’s kinda sucks for lack of a better word. At the very least there should be some good content their to help you make up your mind one way or another about the program you’re looking at.


I’m not gonna waste your time. In fact, by the end of this Strong Future International Marketing Group review (SFI) you’re either gonna love SFI and want to join or you’re gonna just pass on it for now.


So, what is SFI?


Watch this video:



Strong Future International Marketing Group review (SFI) – the Gist of It All


SFI is unlike any other kind of network marketing company out there. In fact, it’s more like an affiliate program than a network marketing company. You still have the leverage of building a salesforce to help you build your business, however, there are thousands and thousands of products you can sell for a commission.


SFI is the best of network marketing and the best of affiliate marketing combined into one good program.


Now, I’m not gonna sit here and say that I was on board with SFI right from the get-go, because I wasn’t. I didn’t get it at first and it wasn’t until partnering up with Stone Evans for the second time that I really understood what this program is all about.


Strong Future International Products


Strong Future International Marketing Group review (SFI)

Like I stated before there are thousands of products you can promote in SFI’s marketplace called TripleClicks.


With that in mind, you can get businesses to list their products in this marketplace. Do you know anyone who sells digital or physical products?


In addition, SFI also offers a penny auction called PriceBenders. You can get Chromebooks, Apple products, Smart Phones, Blenders, Keurig Coffee Brewing Systems, Dyson Vacuums, and pretty much anything else under the sun for pennies on the dollar.


If you’re a winner of any of these auctions, you can turn around and resell these products on Amazon, eBay or just keep it for yourself or give as a gift.


As an SFI affiliate, you sell the credits that are used in these auctions. You can earn a nice income just from people buying these credit (T-Credits) as they’re called.


What would you say if I told you that you can also find business building tools in these auctions like co-op advertising that produces distributors/affiliates for your business?


As you can see, there are many ways you can benefit from being an SFI affiliate. Unlike nearly most network marketing companies, there are real products that you can actually want to use and benefit from.


The best part is that you don’t have to stockpile a bunch of products in your garage. If you ever been with a company where you had to do this, then you know how frustrating and draining it is to your bank account.


Strong Future International Marketing Group review (SFI) – The Good and Bad


By now you’re either moving closer towards SFI or further away. And that’s ok. What you don’t want to do is be so indecisive that you’re afraid to make a decision that could impact the rest of your life and change it for the better.


So, what’s the bad of SFI?


Now, this Strong Future International Marketing Group review (SFI) would be incomplete if I didn’t tell you the bad. I’m not gonna sugar coat this at all…


SFI can be started for FREE. The bad of this is that you will get a lot of people who sign up and don’t do anything because they have nothing invested.



In pretty much every network marketing company you will get people who join and then do nothing to build the business – that’s just a given.


One way to combat this is to simply focus on the people who do take their business serious.


Remember, only a small percentage of people make it to the top. Because you’re reading this I can tell that you’re either already in that small percentage of people who are making good money in this industry or you’re on your way to this elite group.


So, just focus on people like yourself – action takers. With all the e-postcards and email messages you can send out from your SFI back office, this makes it much more simpler to do.


Another way to combat this is to use a funded proposal system like My Lead System Pro.This is where you put retail products/services in front of a primary offer to get up front retail cashflow before anyone ever joins your primary deal.


Now that brings us to the pros of SFI…


And that is that it’s FREE to join. Anyone who’s on a budget or is cash-strapped can make money in their very own business from anywhere around the world. You will see people from all over the world successfully making money with SFI. If someone in Nigeria, Denmark, Serbia, or Italy can make money with SFI, so can you as long as you have determination.


Another reason why SFI is so popular is that it’s unlike any other network marketing company out there. There are so many ways you can build your SFI business that you’re bound to find at least a couple of ways that appeal to you.


SFI has so many business tools you can use like postcards, e-cards, an email system, banners, co-op advertising etc… to help you build your business that it makes you wonder why more network marketing companies don’t do more to help its distributors.


How to Get the Most From This Strong Future International Marketing Group review (SFI)


By now you, you’ve got either a lot of interest in joining SFI or a little bit of interest. I suggest you join and get a feel for this program. It’s free so you really have nothing to lose.


strong future 2015

I personally use SFI with the Plug in Profit Site program (PIPS). This is where you build multiple streams of income by promoting just one link.


If you choose to go this route you will have the opportunity to generate multiple paychecks. This will also help you combat that issue of tire-kickers that you will no doubt get in SFI.


In addition, when you sign up with PIPS, you will get a blog set up for you on your behalf and get free hosting to boot! (not sure how long this will last – so grab your PIPS membership fast).


So, it’s a win-win situation especially if you’re cash-strapped or if you’re on the fence about this whole make money from home thing. When you sign up for PIPS there will be section on the site where you’re able to sign up for SFI. I have found this to be the best way to use SFI (in addition to using a funded proposal).


Any which way you choose, you can’t go wrong with SFI – whether you want to buy products or win products in the penny auctions or if you want to earn an income by building the business.


SFI is the only legit business opportunity (that I’m aware of) that is truly 100% free – and that you can really make money with.


The next move is yours…


Click here if you want a FREE blog and join SFI


How to Make Money With SFI

Do you really want to know how to make money with SFI? Well, if you could imagine what it would be like to make money by referring people to online games and penny auctions, then you’ve probably got a business that may be worth taking a closer look at…


SFI is uncommon…


If you’re tired of the usual suspects in network marketing like vitamins, juice, and cosmetic companies, then know that SFI could be a breath of fresh air if you’re looking for something different but yet proven to work.


Global Business = Global Profits


How to Make Money With SFI

SFI or Strong Future International, has been around a long time. With that longevity you’ve got a proven global business model that works not only in the U.S. but also globally.


Whether you’re sitting at home in Florida or sitting at home in Serbia, SFI can work for you.


So, in essence you have tremendous opportunities to make money worldwide all from the comfort of your home. There are SFI affiliates in all parts of the world making money – so why not you?


How to Make Money in SFI – The Breakdown…


What sets SFI apart from other companies is the types of products that are offered. The core of SFI is its auction and listing website called Tripleclicks. It acts like a storefront where merchants or pretty much anyone for that matter can set up shop there in mere minutes.


How to Make Money With SFI

SFI affiliates have the opportunity to promote any item in these storefronts and gain a commission for doing so.


In addition to this, there’s the penny auction side where such popular items like computers, tablets, and TVs are bid on by using credits.


When the bidders want to participate in these highly popular auctions, they buy credits from people like you.


You can make a nice income just selling these credits, referred to as “T-Credits” to bidders. There’s more than enough information on SFI’s site that goes into more detail, so there’s no use rehashing it all here.


How to Make Money in SFI From Gamers


In case you haven’t realized it yet, there is a huge market for people who like to play games. Have you ever played a game on your phone or computer? What if I could tell you that’s there’s a remarkable way for you to make money when people play games?


How to Make Money With SFI

And it goes back to T-Credits that I mentioned earlier.


When people want to play the SFI games known as Eager Zebra (funny name, don’t ask me how they came up with that one), they will need to buy credits from you.


Again there’s a huge market for these people and you can capitalize on it by becoming an SFI affiliate.


I’ve always said that the fastest way to make money is to sell what people are already buying. SFI has made it so much easier for you by providing the services that are in demand.


If you ever wanted to know how to make money in SFI with its popular games and penny auction site, now you’ve got a front row seat on how it all works to give you best opportunity to make money.


Team Building


Like with all business opportunities, SFI does offer you the opportunity to build a sales force. This is how you leverage your time and increase the potential of your profits.


With its helpful mailer system in the back office, SFI has made it simple to keep in contact with your team.


So, you wanted to know how to make money with SFI? Well, now you have it.


As you can see, there are many, many, ways to make money with SFI.


Click here to clam your SFI affiliate membership – no strings attached!…

What is the Most Lucrative Home Based Business Opportunity?

If you’re searching for the most lucrative home based business opportunity online, these are the most important things you’ve got to look for… If you get this wrong be prepared for a rude awakening…

lucrative business opportunity


You’re stuck..


You’re probably looking for the most lucrative home based business opportunity but not quite sure what you should be actually looking for.


You see, unless you have some criteria at hand, you’re likely to make some big, big mistakes…mistakes that could leave broke and broken down.


What do I mean?


There’s more to choosing the most lucrative home based business opportunity then what you’ve probably been told.


Let me explain further…


If you do what they say, you’ll likely end up with a business you totally hate or you’ll end up in a business you’re embarrassed to be a part of.

most lucrative mlm

I guess my napkin drawing circle days are over!


Do you really want to be the laughing stock of your family?


Well of course not.


Let’s break it down so that it completely makes sense…


The Most Lucrative Home Based Business Opportunity – Setting the Standards So You Don’t Fail


Here’s the weird thing about the home business industry…


They’ll never tell you what you need to know to make an informed decision. They figure the less you know the more likely you are to join the hot new biz opp without asking any questions.


Because you are a smart person, I know you realize that there are important questions you really need to ask before joining anything…




Is what I’m selling a REAL product or service that REAL people want to buy?


In the case of network marketing, which can be a very easy and lucrative business model to get into, too many people join a company to only focus on the product side – not the business-side.


Then they realize after they joined that no real person outside of the distributors themselves would want to buy the products – especially at the price-point they’re selling it at.




Blood, sweat, and tears down the drain…at least on the product side. No wonder your friends and family run from you when you try to pitch your products to them.


If your product/service can’t compete in the marketplace in price and quality or just can’t deliver results that it says it can, you’re wasting time trying to push your network marketing products and services.


If you struggled in the past trying to convince your friends and family to even try your mlm products – well, you’ve probably came to this same conclusion a long time ago. I’m probably not telling you anything you didn’t figure out for yourself.


[stextbox id=”info”]Money-Making Key: The most lucrative home based business opportunity has products and services that have mass appeal to people outside of the network marketing industry.[/stextbox]


The Second Question You Need To Ask – (This is Do or Die)…


I know you understand the importance of the people managing the company, the compensation plan, the length of time in business, etc…


There’s no use even hitting on those topics because you get that any business under two years old is just riskier than a business that’s been around five years.


I’m sure you’re smart enough to know that a nice compensation plan can pay off in dividends down the road once you get your momentum going.


But here’s the question so few people ask – and you may be wondering…


How do I build the business?



Ok, I joined now what?

Here’s the dark pit people find themselves in after they signed their name on the dotted line…


They don’t know what to do.


Perhaps the company or even their upline has only one way of building the business. What if you don’t want to build the business that way?


They may tell you to buy costly leads…


They may tell you to buy into their expensive advertising co-op…


They may tell you to go on Facebook – but never show you or tell you what exactly to do while you’re there…


And so you find yourself stuck with a tough decision to make.


Do you stay in your current company or find third-party training that’s gonna show you how to build your business?


Having been in this industry for a bit, I can tell you a lot of people quit company after company because they’re not getting what they need. Have you ever done that?


Then you have a few people who will stay put but go and find outside training to help them build their current business. This can be a distraction and can even slow you down if you’re not careful. This is one of the reasons why I only recommend a handful of home business training products and services. The rest will rob you of your time and money.


So, when you’re looking for the most lucrative home based business opportunity, you’re gonna want one that does offer you some training so you can get off the ground making money fast.


I’ve Tried That People


most lucrative home based business opportunity

What else ya got?

There are a lot of people that I run into online who have been there and done that.


What I mean is that they’ve tried the traditional network marketing companies – the exotic juices, the vitamins, the anti-aging creams, laundry soaps, cosmetics, etc…but now they want something they haven’t tried before…


In other words, they’re closed to the old and they want something new. I’m sure you’ve met people on Facebook or Google+ who are looking for something new or different. You may even be one of those people.


A good network marketing company in this day and age gives its distributors more ways to build the business besides the same old tired ways. The offer products and services that are different, yet have been proven to sell to people outside of the industry. This is key.


If you’re looking for a program outside of network marketing, make sure it’s a product that people are already buying. Its tough to be a category creator – that’s why when you sell what’s already in demand you’ve already won half the battle.


Where’s the Joy?


most lucrative home based business opportunity

I love my new business!

If you don’t enjoy building your business, you won’t do it for very long. To find the most lucrative home based business opportunity is to find one that gives you many choices when it comes to building your business.


Far too many people join a stale business that’s just not exciting or even interesting to them.


If you can’t find some interest or excitement in the program you’re contemplating joining, then don’t even bother signing up. It doesn’t matter how great the comp plan is or how great the products/services are – you’ll never do what it takes to build the business anyway and those just become moot points.


There Are Lots of Choices…


There’s gotta be momentum in a company – either there are new products and services coming out, or the company is rolling out various programs, or the company has a lot of facets to it that there’s always something to talk about.


lucrative home business

See honey, it works!

What’s HOT right now are companies that I call “Business in a Box” programs. These programs are gaining more and more global mass appeal.


Besides straddling the line between Internet and network marketing, these programs are able to help its people make money a lot easier and faster than in a traditional network marketing company.


If you go this route, make sure you choose one that’s able to help you create multiple income streams – not all of them do. The only exception would be this program and that’s only because you can hook up your autoresponder to the program and build your list. Most programs don’t let you do this.


Remember, the more opportunities you have to make money, the better off you are in the long run.


What is the BEST Program?


Let’s be real here – you can make six or seven-figures in a year with any good company. Don’t let people convince you that their network marketing company or their program is the only one that can do that. Run away from people who try to push that baloney on you.


There are millionaires in every great network marketing company – and so what?! What they don’t tell ya is that it took these people many, many, years and in some cases decades to get there. Yep, network marketing works, I’ve made money in network marketing, but it is typically a very slow build.


The fastest money I ever made was as an affiliate – not a network marketer.


So, if you’re debating whether to do network marketing or one of those home business systems like this one, know that typically you’re going to make money a lot easier and faster with the latter because:

  1. You don’t have to build a big salesforce in order to make money…
  2. You can get into profit with just a few sales whereas with a a traditional network marketing company it will take you a lot of sales every month to get into profit


If someone were to ask you if you wanted to buy your dream home now or ten years from now, what would you say?


Well, obviously now – right?


So if making money faster is important to you, why wouldn’t you do the things that can make it happen faster? There’s only a handful of programs that are put together in such a way where you can make a lucrative income without spending decades trying to do it.


The gist of what I’m trying to convey is that your goals have to be in alignment with your business model.


I remember I seen this gentleman online who was ranting and raving on a forum because in his mind the American Dream wasn’t being fulfilled because he couldn’t make enough money to live off of doing those paid surveys. And yes he was serious. And he was REALLY pi###d!!


And I still see network marketers online complaining about recruiting. I’m like, Why are you doing network marketing if you don’t want to recruit?


You always have choices. It’s up to you to find the business that you have a interest in and that can help you achieve your goals.


The Big Picture on Choosing the Most Lucrative Home Based Business Opportunity


lucrative network marketing

The faster you can make money, the faster you can recoup your expenses…

As you can see, when it comes to choosing the most lucrative home based business opportunity, you’ll want one that you have a strong interest in.


Next you’ll want a business that gives you many ways to build the business.


The more choices you have the more likely you’re gonna find at least one way to make it work for you.


Lastly, you want mass appeal when it comes to a business opportunity. The more people you run into who have a desire for your product/service, the more money you’re gonna make. It’s really that simple.


The most lucrative home based business opportunity can be found – but there’s only a handful that can get you off to a nice income in half the time of a traditional company.


Choose well and you’ll be handsomely rewarded. 🙂




Home Based Direct Sales Businesses – Confused About Choosing?

If you’re seeking home based direct sales businesses that have been proven to work, then you’ll want to take a cold hard look at this. It may change the way you view your next opportunity…



There are too many home based direct sales businesses! To make matters worse, you may not even know how to tell a great business opportunity from a bad one. What then takes place is that you end up either losing a lot of money, and/or time, and increasing your frustration level by about ten-fold.


Now you don’t want any of things do ya? Well of course not. They key to narrowing down the list of home based direct sales businesses comes down to a few simple things – simple things that can literally mean the difference between massive success and failure. Read on…


Home Based Direct Sales Businesses:
Narrow Down the Field With These Criteria…


I’m gonna take a leap of faith and assume that you’re looking for a business that you can do from home because you want less overhead expenses and you don’t want a long commute to an office.


Another reason why you’re probably looking at a home based business is that you don’t want to spend $250k for a business and then still have to deal with employees that show up late and managers that don’t show up at all.



For those very reasons alone, it’s no wonder that home businesses are the leading and most popular ways people like you are getting started in business.


And because of those low costs to get started and lower overhead expenses, it’s a lot easier to get into profit faster than in a traditional business.


So, with that said, what should you really look for in a direct sales business?


1. Demand


This is the number one criteria a lot of people don’t take into consideration when choosing a home-based business. It’s also the number one reason why a lot of people go out of business as well.


Here’s the gist of it all…


There has to be a demand for your type of product. If you want lasting success, there has to be a year-round demand for your product.


Let me ask you this…


What would be better – selling Halloween costumes or selling anti-aging skin cream? Sure they’re both in demand, but one is in demand year round vs just one month out of the year.


So, in a nutshell, you want a product/service that is in demand year-round and that is not a fad that’s here today and gone tomorrow. In other words, stay away from gimmicks.


2. What Type of Business?


When it comes to home based direct sales businesses you can either sell your own products and services or sell someone else’s. Of course the fastest way to get into business so you can begin making money is to sell someone else’s products if you don’t already have products of your own.


There are only two roads to take if you don’t have your own products to sell – either become an affiliate for another company/person’s products and/or services or join a network marketing company.



In today’s era, it’s common to see a lot of people merging both entities – Internet marketing and network marketing.


Before you turn your nose up at network marketing, consider that a lot of what you see in Internet marketing has been “borrowed” from the network marketing industry.


Network marketing isn’t the same as it was even fifteen years ago. A lot of network marketers are successfully utilizing the Internet to build their businesses.


This is the model that has worked best for me because it has leveraged me so that I’m more profitable.


3. Profit Potential – When looking at home based direct sales businesses, you’ve really go to take into consideration the profit potential of the business you’re looking at.


How much money can you make per sale? What do you have to do to earn your full commission check? Are there any bonuses? Is there mass appeal? Remember I said to stay away from fads and gimmicks. And most importantly, are there multiple ways to earn money?


That last question is important because you’ve got to know that you have options when it comes to building your home based business.


One of the reasons a lot of people give up on their business is that they begin to lose interest. There’s no excitement there or it’s the same thing day in and day out, or no options of making it interesting while building the business.

home business direct sales


So the next question to ask yourself is if the business you’re looking at offer any type of training calls/webinars or if there’s a community available to help you as you build your business.


I know when you’re a beginner at this, you need all the support you can get until you get going. So when choosing a business, make sure there is support available to you.


4. Ease of Building Business – What drive more people away from most direct sales businesses is how hard some companies make it to build the business.


I’m assuming that because you’re looking for a home based business, that you want ease and comfort as you build your business. So, why would you choose a business that’s extremely hard or difficult to build? Well, you wouldn’t.


If you find that a business is way too difficult to understand, don’t have a viable or real products that real people use everyday, or a company has too many rules that make it nearly impossible to build online, you may want to rethink joining that business and/or selling that company’s products and services.


With these quick tips here, it makes it that much easier to choose home based direct sales businesses that is even worth your time.


So, probably your next question is where do I begin?


Home Based Direct Sales Businesses – The Fastest Way to Get Started Without Going Back to School and Getting Your Degree in Marketing


Let me be honest here. Most new home based businesses don’t make it. Some are finished long before they ever get started. While others die a slow and agonizing death.



Most amateurs will be quick to tell you that it’s the luck of the draw and you have no control over your success. All you have to do is carry a four-leaf clover in your pocket and just wish for the best. (yeah right!)…


Whereas other people like myself who have been on the ‘net for a length of time can tell you that it’s all about being prepared and ready to seize upon a good opportunity when it’s presented to you.


If you’re serious about making money in the home based direct sales businesses industry, then it’s imperative that you understand a few simple concepts like Internet marketing, traffic generation, and time management – all of which are critical to your success.


Most businesses you see online and nearly most affiliate programs don’t teach you what you need to know in order to have success with their program. They expect you to either come with the required tools of success or be able to learn them as you go.


The problem is that they don’t tell you that upfront. If you’re new to the home business world, you may not know this going in. This is one of the biggest reasons why a lot of new entrepreneurs fail online. But it doesn’t have to be this way.


You can learn everything you need to know about making money in an online business in a rather short time…and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it – as long as you know where to go and what to do.


Home Based Direct Sales Businesses in a Nutshell


nutshellWhat you’ve go so far is a revealing look at home based direct sales businesses.


The smarter way is to partner up with a home business that has products/services in demand, have multiple ways of building the business, and makes it easier for you to build it online.


You can spend time and search online for turn-key home businesses and/or affiliate programs or you can look at the programs that I recommend below…


What I recommend


Have seen a lot of businesses come and go, I can tell you you this is a business that takes the best of Internet marketing and merges it with the best of network marketing. It’s no wonder seven-figure earners have dropped their other businesses to work this one.



I can’t sell you on what I believe in – you have to do what you believe in. Whatever home based direct sales businesses you choose make sure you choose wisely so you don’t waste your time, money or efforts.




SFI Strong Future International Marketing – Why This is Working

If you ever thought about joining SFI (Strong Future International Marketing) but wanted more real info before joining, then this is a must read…



If you’ve been on the Internet any length of time, I’m sure you’ve run across a company called Strong Future International (formerly Six Figure Income) or as it’s primarily known now – SFI at one time or another over the years.


Fast forward a few years and now you may be looking for a business opportunity and that little ol’ company with the strange name for some reason comes to your mind. You may wondering if this company is still around and if this is a company worth checking further into.


The answer to those questions would be “yes.” In fact, SFI is celebrating its 17th year in business – which is milestone for an Internet marketing company let alone an Internet network marketing company. You can read more about that here.


The Death of Network Marketing?



You know as well as I do that most new companies die off before their third birthday. It’s unfortunate that it happens that way, but it’s that way in all businesses not just network marketing companies.


Which is why joining a new company and putting all your eggs in that ONE basket is very risky. Which is why myself and people like Stone Evans (creator of Plug in Profit Site), teach diversification of income.


If you’re diversified then joining a start-up company is fine because you have multiple streams of income being produced in case that start-up does go out of business.


But this isn’t an article just about diversification as it is about why and how a little magazine turned into an Internet and network marketing empire with over 14 million affiliates world-wide, while other businesses in the same industry fizzled out just as quick as they started up..


What You Can Learn From the Success of This Company


Having been in this industry, I can say that Strong Future International Marketing did what companies like Avon, Xango, Yoli, Shaklee have done over the years – and that is it re-invented itself and expanded its line up.


You have to be able to go with the flow and change if need be so that you’re still relevant.


For example…


I know there are still old school network marketers who still do the tactics that were popular fifteen years ago i.e. three-foot rule, cold calling leads, etc…



There’s nothing wrong with that if it’s working for you, but happens when you sponsor someone who doesn’t want to do any of that stuff? If you can’t teach them or point them to training that shows them how to do what they want to learn, they’re outta there.


This is why a lot of people go searching for third party network marketing training – they want to fill in the missing gaps they didn’t get with their existing upline.


SFI has managed to keep up with the times and do what’s working better now, not what worked seventeen years ago.


There’s something else that has contributed to the success of SFI…


Strong Future International Marketing – Multiple Streams of Income With Low Investment


Unlike most companies where there’s only a couple of ways to make money, with SFI you have many ways to earn an income. They have a business model that puts you in the driver seat so you can choose the way you like to make money with it’s many programs. When you have choices it makes building a business that much easier.


What attracts people to SFI in addition to the multiple income opportunities, is the low to no cost to get started. I’m not gonna lie and say that no-cost biz opps are the bomb, because typically they’re not.


In fact, many no cost biz opps bite the dust sooner more than later because it’s just a flawed model. There has to be cashflow somewhere; money has to exchange hands in exchange for a product or service being sold.


This is where the genius of SFI Gery Carson has figured out how to be profitable, make people money, and still be a no cost to start business opportunity.


In fact, this is the only free business opportunity that I recommend. You can see after being in business 17 years and paying out checks consistently to people just like you and me is a testament that they’re doing something right.


SFI – The Recipe For Success in Your Own Business


Whether you join SFI or not, there are important lessons to learn here if you want to improve your odds of success in this industry. First of all, you’ve got to diversify your income. Don’t leave your family and yourself vulnerable. You can go here to learn how to use this system to help you create multiple income streams at one time.


The second lesson, is that you have to pay attention to what’s going on in your market.You may need to expand your offerings and/or begin to eliminate things that don’t work or are not as relevant as they once were.



Don’t be the last dinosaur in a sea of robots. This all goes back to attraction marketing. Why would anyone want to join you if you’re driving a horse carriage and everyone else is speeding past you in a sports car? I’m sure you get the picture.


Lastly, you’ve got to find a way to get people into your program so they can see it, test it, kick the wheels if need be. A lot of programs give trials, or they lead with an ebook or something of value.


SFI leads with a free entry into its business opportunity complete with business training. Give value and you’ll get that much back in return.


SFI is celebrating it’s 17th year in business – and it’s by no mistake. Success on purpose is the new flavor. Come on in and taste it sometime.


SFI is part of Plug in Profit Site System which means you can create multiple streams of income with one link and build your SFI business at the same time. Come and get your Free money-making system set up for you.



Le-Vel Reviews – Can They Be Believed?

You’ve seen the Le-vel reviews all over the Internet, but you’re still not quite sure what this business opportunity is really all about. Let me tell you what you should know…



You’ve seen the videos being posted all over the Internet about this company Le-vel, but you may still be on the fence as to whether or not to take the plunge.


You’re really smart to do your homework first before signing up for this business opportunity. It only makes sense to make sure that this is a fit for you before you invest your money and time into it. After all, who has money to burn and time to waste? I know I sure don’t.


Which brings us to these Le-Vel reviews you see all over the Internet. As you proabably guessed they’re by Le-Vel distributors.


There’s nothing wrong with posting your excitement about your company and it’s products, but know that these people have a “dog” in the fight and they want to win you over to their side obviously.


Nothing sinister in that, but you have to take the time to read Le-Vel reviews like this where it comes from someone who doesn’t have a fiancial stake in Le-Vel.


I really don’t care if you join Le-Vel or not. It’s your decision. I do care that you do get all the information about this company so you can make a sound decision based upon facts and not hype.


I do get a little tired of seeing people bad-mouthing a company or an industry because they failed. They failed to do proper research on the company they joined, they failed to learn what it takes to make money in the network marketing/mlm industry, and lastly, they failed to get the proper network marketing training to make it all work.


Le-Vel Review – What is All the Fuss About This Company


Watch this video first



Le-vel is a traditional mlm in that it is in the most lucrative segment of network marketing and that’s nutrition. Nutritional products have been proven time and time again to be a very reliable and steady market in mlm.


With that said, there are many nutritional companies out there, and you porbably want to know whaat makes Le-vel different than the rest?


Let’s start by taking a look at their products…


Le-Vel Supplements



Thrive Line of Products – Threre’s one line of product for men (Thrive M) and one for women (Thrive W).They call these formulations lifestyle capsules.


I’m assuming because it’s supposed to help in several areas according to their website such as: cognitive performance, weight management, digestive, and immune support.


There’s also Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix which is for both men and women and according to Le-vel’s website, this is a “ultra micronized mix” but I’m not exactly sure what that means. This mix does includes vitamins, minerals, plan extracts, and pro-biotics.


Then there is Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT. This is a time release patch that you wear that delivers nutrients through your skin,


Lastly, there’s the 8 Week Experience. It’s several of Le-Vels top products that are packed together as a system. It’s geared towards anyone who either wants to lose weight or be on the path to more healthful living.


Now all of this sounds exciting and if you seen any number of Le-Vel reviews videos on YouTube, then I’m sure you’ve seen the testimonials of people who say their life has changed for the better after they started taking Thrive vitamins and supplements.


Is it true what they say? I don’t know. All I do know is that you’ll have to start taking the product and see for yourself.


Is Le-Vel a Scam?


Just looking at this company for a short time and seeing the product that they do have, I would say that this business appears to be legit. The only concern I would have is that this company does not have a physical address – it’s a Cloud-based business. Which is quite unlike traditional network marketing companies that are run like Fortune 500 companies.


I would like to see this company really invest in itself and work out of a physical address. This is what all the big players do and if this company wants to play in that league, this is what they probably should do too.



A good thing that this company does do is that they have this program where if you refer two friends on autoship then your next monthly shipment of Thrive is free.


Should You Bit The Bullet and Join?


Well, it all depends. You know that it’s mlm so you’ve got to build a downline in order to make any decent money. Are you willing to do this?


Were you looking at how to make money on the web from home when the Le-Vel stumbled into your labp? Understand what you’re getting yourself into.


Remember what’s gonna get you sales and in turn make you money is getting enough eyeballs on your website. If you don’t understand traffic generation and you don’t want to build your business by bugging friends and family, you’ll need to get some skills under your belt.


I recommend this because it will help you get better faster results in your Le-Vel business.


All in all, I hope this Le-vel review shed some lite on this business opportunity and what you can do to maximize your profits. So far, it looks like a pretty good opportunity.




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