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What Can I Do to Make Money On the Side That’s Not a Business?

Having trouble paying some of your bills? Need some spending cash for your family every month? Then you’ll want to stop what you’re doing and read this..

What Can I Do to Make Money On the Side That's Not a Business?

With a computer and the Internet, the world’s your oyster!

I understand how it must feel to not have enough money to pay all your bills at the end of the month or to not be able to treat your family to a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant.

More than ever I get contacted by people who just want to make a little extra money on the side without the commitment of doing a business.

I totally get that.

Yes, you can absolutely make money on the side doing various things – from filling out surveys to clicking links in emails…and everything else in between.

Is a Business a Better Fit For You? Read Home Based Business vs Home Based Job

If you dream of having a little spending cash every month, then you’ll want to carefully look at the section below…

What Can I Do to Make Money On the Side? How About Surveys and Pay to Click Sites…


These lists will be short, sweet and to the point.

You see, people tend to not make choices when faced with too many choices. My hope for you is to get out of “analysis paralysis” mode so that you can be on your way to making some cool moolah.

With that said, here is the question I see all the time…

Do Surveys Really Work?

Yes! Yes! Yes!


I’ve probably said it a thousand times on this site, but here’s my disclaimer…you’re not gonna buy a Maserati clicking links and taking surveys. There I said it.

I have to admit that sometimes I actually enjoy being the bearer of bad news because then it sets you FREE to set realistic expectations that you can actually achieve 🙂

Here’s the reality – on average what you can earn is enough money for a bill or two every month. Some guy actually posted that he’s making $1k – $1600/month just filling out surveys! More on that later…

Consistency is your best friend. Pick an amount of time that you know that you can commit to daily. At minimum 30 minutes a day. 

Here are the TOP 3 Survey Variety Sites

These sites have many ways you can earn from taking surveys, to getting paid to watch videos to getting paid to do tasks.

  1. FusionCash
  2. Cash Crate
  3. Clixsense

Higher Paying Survey Company

Prolific – This company is sponsored by Oxford University

Other Survey Type Sites

Some of these sites pay in gift cards.

InstaGC – Surveys and trial offers

Earn Honey – Claims it offers some of the highest payouts

Swagbucks – Earn by doing surveys, doing Internet searches etc…


Think About Mystery Shopping as a Way to Make Money on the Side

What Can I Do to Make Money On the Side

I was a BIG time mystery shopper back in the day when I unexpectedly got laid off from my job. Mystery shopping can create a nice side income in addition there are times you get small items for free, free meals, free hotel stays etc…  

There are hundreds if not thousands of companies across the United States, Canada and Australia. I’m not sure about any other countries.

Remember, you NEVER ever pay to become a mystery shopper.


Here Are Some Top Picks:

A Closer Look – They’ve been in business over 20 years! They service includes restaurants, hotels, and retail establishments.

Amusement Advantage – This company services amusement parks, bowling centers, museums, etc… This company has also been in business over 20 years. This is a great opportunity if you have children or grandchildren (or if you can borrow a niece or nephew :-).

Bestmark – A leader in this industry – has been around over 30 years! They have a wide variety of shops in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada. I worked for this company way back when.

Cirrus Marketing – Another company I used to work for. They’ve been around for ages and have a wide variety of shops including theme parks and audit shops.


Micro-Tasks, Errands…
What Can I Do to Make Money On the Side

You can get paid a few cents for doing small tasks online or you can gt paid some serious money by doing errands for others.


Some of those Survey sites I listed earlier have micro-tasks you can complete and earn a few cents for. In addition you have sites like:

M-Turk – This is a company that is a part of Amazon.
ClickWorker – Read this Clickworker review I did a couple of years ago.

Run Errands

Task Rabbit


Be a Driver


Home Jobs

What Can I Do to Make Money On the Side

With these jobs you’re either employed by a company or you’re an independent contractor. Some home jobs have very strict requirements and some only hire in certain states. Make sure you read each job’s FAQ/Requirements,/Description etc before you apply.

Customer Service Agent


Internet Based Jobs


Lionbridge (very strict criteria – make sure you read carefully)

LeapForce – Do search engine related tasks

Zero Chaos – Rating ads online. There’s not a lot of English speaking jobs, but a ton of jobs in other languages such as Vietnamese, Russian, etc… If you speak a language fluently other than English then your odds of getting in improve greatly.


What Can I Do to Make Money On the Side


Get Paid For Writing

Constant Content
Content Gather


Become a Mail Decoy

US Monitor – Long time company that’s legit. You’ll only get a few bucks per month

I Have a Health/Physical/Mental Issues – What Can I Do to Make Money On the Side?


If you’re dealing with some sort of issue that prevents you from having to work with people, and/or if you have some sort of limited ability, know there are ways that you can still make money online…

Mystery Shopping – You can just do shops that are a lot simpler and easier to do (i.e. gasoline, drug store shops (Wal-Greens etc), apartment shops. Better yet, just do shops that only require phone call audits (no physical store visits).

Home Jobs – If you’re not into dealing people even on the phone, consider doing data entry, You can check with local businesses in your area to see if they need someone to do data entry for them. Also consider internet search type jobs like Leapforce, Lionbridge.

Online surveys can work well – if you spend several hours a day doing them like this guy. He says he makes about $250-$400 per week. The alternative to making that kind of money without filling out the surveys yourself is to get referrals – IMHO that is the better way.

Where to Start?

Clearly you don’t want join every single thing on here. The best approach is to find the one or two things that appeal to you and do those. My hope for you is that you don’t leave this site without putting together an action plan of how you intend to make money.

So, what can I do to make money on the side that’s not a business? Well, you got your answers…

Now go make some money!

Real Work at Home Jobs Exist – Right?

Are you scanning the internet trying to find out if real work at home jobs exist? Well I got some good news for you and some not so good news for you. You better read this first…


real work at home jobs

Ok, you’re probably looking online to see if you can find a legitimate work at home job. Perhaps you have kids and you want to spend more time with them.


Or maybe you’re tired of wasting countless hours commuting to a job that you don’t like so much. Whatever the reasons, you’re in the hunt for some real work at home jobs.


Here’s the problem…


The biggest obstacle you’re going to find on your search for work at home jobs…is NOT knowing exactly where to find them.


And if you’re one of those unlucky people who have paid money for a list of employers that hire workers from home – only to find out the list was outdated and obsolete – I’m sorry to hear that you paid for that list or ebook…because you didn’t have to.


If you are serious about finding legitimate work at home jobs, then you need to read on…


Should You Pay For Info on Real Work at Home Jobs

real work at home jobs

If someone is selling you a list or ebook of some kind of a list of work at home jobs, know that either the list or ebook is either probably outdated or the list/ebook was compiled using FREE resources that I’m about to give to you.


So, if you paid or if you’re thinking about paying for such a list, know you are paying for the convenience of someone compiling the information for you. This is the same info that you could have easily gotten yourself at no cost.


Are You Ready to Get Over Your Disbelief?



A lot of people are disbelieving that real work at home jobs exist because they see ads for “work at home” (and assume it is a job) and because there’s usually a cost to get involved a lot of people assume that it is a rip-off or a scam.

real work at home jobs

Why is that?


There are work at home jobs and there are work at home businesses.


A job is where you are working for someone else and they set your wages. There is a limit to how much money you can make unless you happen to land a job where they give you commission.


With a job you can be fired or let go at any time. Basically you have NO control with a job.


A home based business is exactly that – a business. Think about a flower shop, McDonald’s, or a Mary Kay consultant…they are all businesses, although they are different types of businesses.


With any kind of business there are going to be costs involved. So when you see a work at home ad and it talks about investing money to get started, in all likelihood it is a home based business.


You should NEVER pay for a home job. Although, there are real work at home jobs that require you to have certain business-related products and services in place in order for you to qualify for their jobs, legit work at home jobs don’t charge you any fees for applying.


What Kind of Jobs Can You Do From Home?

real work at home jobs

You can find a wide range of jobs from home. Here are just some:


* Data Entry

* Virtual Assistants

* Telemarketing

* Sales

* Customer Service


A lot of top companies whose names you would recognize hire home based workers – it’s just cost effective that way. If you ever ordered from a catalog, odds are you are talking to a home worker.


Envelope Stuffing Jobs



There are no envelope stuffing jobs where you can make lots of money. Maybe fifty years ago it existed, but in today’s technology in the Western world, no one pays people to stuff envelopes en mass.


The only envelope stuffing jobs you could find is if you find an small office that manually has someone stuffing envelopes or putting stamps on fliers / postcards to be mailed out by the post office.


Even if you happen to land a job like this, know that you won’t get paid much and the work will be inconsistent.


Where to Find Real Work at Home Jobs


I’ve been in the home business industry for some time and I know there are two main places you should look for real work at home jobs.


Keep in mind there is A LOT of competition – who wouldn’t want to work from home in their pajamas?


It’s gonna take some “leg” work and patience if you want to eventually land a job. If you’re not willing to do your due diligence, then don’t even bother.


Here are the top two places to go to find REAL work at home jobs (for FREE).


Work Place Like Home – This is a forum for that list a lot if not a majority of the companies that hire workers from home. Yes, you WILL have to take the time to go through the forum.


Make sure you read the top important posts about the job first because it will tell you what states (or countries) the company hires and what requirements you MUST have before you apply for a job. You MUST register to access the forum.


On this forum, you can valuable feedback from current and ex-workers of some of these work at home companies – which is very important. You don’t want to just be applying blindly to these companies.

work from home jobs


WAHM Job Forum – This forum is not as quite as active as Work Place Like Home, but you’ll get a lot of tips on companies that hire at home workers and you get valuable feedback as well.


Other Work at Home Job Websites

Flex Jobs – This website finds legitimate jobs and posts them on their site for easy access. They charge a monthly fee if you want to see the full listings of jobs.


Rat Race Rebellion – This site lists work at home jobs they say they’ve screened. You’ll want to check their job listings daily (except they don’t post leads on Sunday).

The Pros and Cons of Real Work at Home Jobs


real work at home jobs

Make no mistake about it, there are a lot of advantages of real work at home jobs. For example:


 – You can literally work in your pajamas from the comfort of your own home


You have NO boss breathing down your neck


You don’t have to deal with co-workers


You have some flexibility – depending upon the job of course


You save money on gas because you don’t commute


You can spend more time with your family


Those are some very good reasons for you wanting to work from home. But, everything is not all “rainbows and Skittles.” Here are the cons…


 – You can be fired at any time WITHOUT any advance notice


 – Your wages and hours are set by your employer – your income is limited


 – Some jobs are rigid. Some jobs require you to be on standby all day in case calls come   in…which means you can’t stray too far from your phone


 – Some jobs pay you by the minute of talk time – which can lead you to literally making chump change if you don’t get enough call volume


A lot of jobs have very strict rules you must follow and any violations no matter how small can lead to you being terminated without any chances or warnings


 – Some jobs require you to become an independent contractor which means you have LESS protection than if you were in a standard employer / employee relationship


As you can see despite there being a lot of advantages to working from home, there are clear disadvantages that you must be aware of too.


What I see online are a lot of people who have a work at home job and complain that they’re NOT getting enough hours or NOT making enough money. If you don’t want to be at the mercy of a job to solely pay your bills, and you want to make SIGNIFICANTLY more money, read the following…


The Real Work at Home Jobs Alternatives


real work at home jobs

Absolutely, there are work at home job alternatives. If you want more CONTROL over your financial situation and want to get paid what you’re truly worth, then you ought to consider a work at home business.


With all the same benefits of a work at home job, you can also make a six or seven-figure income working from home.


This means that you can not only pay off all your bills, you can buy a new home, buy a luxury car or take a dream family vacation if you want to.


If you’re gonna work hard, why not work hard for yourself making MORE money?


If you’re confident enough to know that you want a better lifestyle, and you have the guts to do it, then find business you can do from home.


Your partner in success,



Slice the Pie Review – Can You Really Make Money Listening to Music?

This is the Slice the Pie review you’ll want to read before you invest any time into this program. In fact, you may save a whole lot of time and even make a whole heck of a lot of more money elsewhere…


slice the pie review

You want to make money online. Maybe you’ve got utility bill you want to pay or a cell phone bill that’s been staring you in the face as you try to figure out how you’re gonna pay it.


It’s silly as you go through this same routine month after month as you scramble to pay your bills with what little money you have coming in.


Enter Slice the Pie.


You probably heard of this on a work from home job site or on a social networking website and now you’re really curious. Is this site really “the bees knees” and can it help you earn some serious money while listening to music?


Well, I have both good news and bad news…


What This Slice the Pie Review Will Tell You That Others Won’t


slice the pie review

Here’s the gist of it – and once you understand this, Slice the Pie will make perfect sense to you.


Let me explain…


Slice the Pie works with unsigned artists. These artists want creative feedback on their music and in return you’ll get paid pennies.


Now that word “pennies” may have completely turned you off because you were hoping to pay your car payment with the money you were going to make with Slice the Pie.


Sorry to bring you the bad news.


If you’re open to hearing about some realistic earnings you can actually make from this site, then read on because those pennies do add up rather quickly – for some people.


Here’s how to be one of those people…


How to Make More Money With Slice the Pie Than the Average Person

slice the pie review

Now listening to music isn’t like you’re doing brain surgery -right? So you get that it’s super simple easy to do. Here’s the downfall most people get themselves in when it comes to doing these types of money and survey sites – speaking of which…


[stextbox id=”alert”]Make sure you read “Do You Really Get Paid For Online Surveys[/stextbox]


The biggest reason why people either literally make a few pennies or barely nothing at all is that they don’t take the time to really understand how sites like this work.


Let me break it down…


There are ways to make higher than average money with sites like this. If you’re willing to spend just a couple more minutes reading this let me show you how…


The Important Things You’ve Got to Understand With Slice the Pie


slice the pie review

Unequal – Not everyone gets paid the same with Slice the Pie – You want to be one of those people who makes more money.


Go Fast – Those who can type faster get paid more. Since you’re typing reviews of songs that only last 90 seconds, it’s a no-brainer that the faster you can type the more reviews you can do.


Be Complete – You’re rating music so you want o consider the lyrics, harmony, vocals, melody, arrangement, instrumentals etc… Ask yourself, “Could this song be a hit?” Rate the track based on its potential! Put these phrases in your reviews. Be detailed.


Slide the Scale – After you write your review, you’ll need to slide the scale to what you think the overall score the song should get. Keep in mind the review you just wrote.


When you put consider all these tips here, you’ll be earning more per song than the average Joe Blow out there.


The more thorough and detailed it is, the more you’ll make. It’s really that simple. And no, that picture I put up there with the gal with the gobs of cash in her hands is not realistic of the average person.


If you want to get anything close to that picture of the lady, you’ll have to adhere to the tips here, get hundreds if not thousands of referrals, and spend lots of time listening to bad music.


Better yet start a small Internet business from home – see my recommended online digital marketing training resources 🙂




slice the pie review


TaskRabbit Reviews 2014 Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, NYC, UK, Houston, DC

If you ever thought about making money running errands for someone else, then out of all the TaskRabbit reviews of 2014, this is the one you’ll want to read…


taskrabbit-reviews-2014-los angeles

Need a little bump of cashflow in your life? Are you willing to interact with total strangers? Are you even willing to do the hum-drum things other people may find too time consuming in order to make a few bucks?


Well, if you’ve answered “yes” to any of those questions above, then you’re the right candidate for TaskRabbit. If you’ve never heard of this company with the funny sounding name, then you’ll want to see this segment that recently aired on ABC:


ABC News


TaskRabbit Reviews 2014 Application Process


First of all, the initial sign-up is easy. As of this writing, they do require that you link your TaskRabbit account with either a LinkedIn or Facebook social media account. So, before you begin the application process, make sure you have either one of those accounts.


Here are some important “musts”:

  • You must be over 21 years old
  • You must live in one of TaskRabbit’s active markets (they’re in 19 cities in the U.S. currently)
  • You must be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • You must agree that TaskRabbit can check your criminal record on an ongoing basis

If you can’t agree or be any of those things above, then you’re not a candidate for TaskRabbit so don’t even waste your time.


The Quiz


TaskRabbit Reviews 2014 Los Angeles

After you give them your consent and you fill in your info, you’re asked to look at a TaskRabbit handbook and take a short little 11 question quiz. The quiz is simple and pretty much common sense.


What You May Not Know About TaskRabbit…


You need to have a bank account in order to be paid by TaskRabbit (they’ll ask you your info such as the account number and routing number).


Now this may make a few people a little uneasy giving out this info. Whether you want to give up this info or not to any company, you’ll want to always monitor your bank account activities.


So, if you’re willing to give up the ghost on this one, you can move forward on your TaskRabbit application. Speaking of application, it helps immensely if you have a Smart Phone so you can download TaskRabbit’s app (when it’s released) which will help you stay on top of your tasks.


Getting Paid By TaskRabbit


The great thing about TaskRabbit is that you set your own rates. TaskRabbit, however, takes 20% in fees for administrative support.


askrabbit-reviews-2014-los angeles1

If you live near a bustling city like Los Angeles, then you shouldn’t have any problems at all finding people willing to hire you.


The key it appears is to make your bio and task intros sound very confident, reassuring, and interesting. Remember, these clients are opening up themselves to total strangers too.


TaskRabbit seems like a great opportunity to make some money – and who couldn’t use some extra money?!


I hope you found this TaskRabbit review of 2014 helpful!

Clickworker Jobs Review 2014


If you’ve been looking for a way to make a little bit of cash from home Clickworker may help you do just that. This may very well be the last Clickworker jobs review of 2014 you’ll ever need to read – and here’s why…



Are you worried about paying a bill or two every single month? Do you feel like you just can’t get caught up? Do you wish you had just a little bit more money every month to pay off that nagging bill that turns up at the end of month when you don’t have the money?


Ok, well I guess you get the picture and I’m sure you can probably to relate to what I’m saying. Now, If you’re thinking that this Clickworker review is gonna reveal some “secret” to you making millions of dollars overnight from home – well it’s not.


And if someone’s promising you overnight wealth and Maserati dreams, well, they’re just pulling your leg hoping you’ll buy whatever it is that they’re selling.


I have to real with ya and I don’t want to give you false hope of becoming the next millionaire. It just aint gonna happen by clicking stuff on Clickworker.


Now, if you want to make some moolah to help you pay a bill or two, then we can talk.


Read on…


What is Clickworker and is Clickworker Legit?


I know before you want to invest any time trying to make a few bucks on this site, you want to know exactly what Clickworker is and if Clickworker is legitimate.


But first you’ll want to watch this video – it’ll explain it better…



Yes, rest assured, Clickworker is legit. It’s been around since 2005.


Clickworker is a micro job site that lists tasks that can be done easily on the Internet. You don’t have to apply for each job type, but you do have to take assessment tests to make sure you’re a right fit for the tasks at hand.


Now when I say tests you probably reached for the “x” to close this web page because you’re thinking that these tests are gonna be hard. Let me tell you that they’re not. You don’t have to be a genius to do this. At least give yourself a chance to try it to see how you like it. Do it for your cable bill!


The tasks are posted throughout the day so you’ll want to check in frequently and/or just keep your browser tab open to Clickworker so you can check on tasks that are available.


[stextbox id=”alert”] Make sure you read DoYou Really Get Paid For Online Surveys[/stextbox]


Does Clickworker Pay?


If you have caviar dreams and champagne wishes then you probably want to look elsewhere. If you have dreams of paying that phone bill you’ve been dodging because you have no money – well you may be in luck with Clickworker.



Now, I can’t say for sure (nor can anyone else) how much money you’re gonna make. The dollar amount is going to depend on your efforts and how serious you are about making some dough.


If you don’t do the assessments and you never check in to see what tasks are available, well you’re gonna end up with a big fat zero in your bank account.


Now if you do take the assessments and you check in regularly though out the day and do the tasks you will make some money.


What is the Clickworker Average Pay?


Now I’m sure you’re wanting to know exactly how much you get paid. The amount varies by the tasks. Pretty much a majority of the tasks pay in cents; however, in general, they take very little time to do. So the more tasks you get done, the more money you’re gonna make.


And like I stated before, you don’t need a Doctorate degree to do the tasks – they’re pretty simple and straightforward as long as you follow the directions. In the beginning while you’re getting used to it, you’re gonna be slow.



The more you do the faster you become and the more money you can make. All that little change adds up quickly. You do like money don’t ya?


The Little Secret That Can Bump Up Your Earnings


Now most Clickworker jobs reviews will tell you to just to do the tasks and let the money add up. There’s pretty much all you’re gonna get from the other reviews Let me be one of the few if not the first to tell you that there’s an additional way to increase your earnings.


And that way is…drum roll….





Now either you had an “a-ha” moment thinking of people in your life that would be interested in Clickworker jobs or you’re rolling your eyes wondering how in the heck are you gonna get referrals.


Let me say this…


For each newly registered clickworker who earns $10.00, you earn $5.00. For and example, let’s just say you have just five friends that earn their $10.00 – you get $25 for doing nothing.


All you did originally was just referred them to the site. No nagging, no peddling pills or lotions, no extra effort on your part at all. Referral money will be the easiest money to make by far.


Now getting referrals is an option of course. If you’ve got friends or family members that need a few bucks every month (you know the ones that want to always borrow money from you) this is a good way to for them to earn some cash while you collect a referral bonus for turning them on to the site.


Not to mention, it will stop them from asking to borrow money from you. It’s win win for all.


How to Start With Clickworker


Signing up for Clickworker is easy peezy and takes only a few minutes. The first thing you wanna do is sign up here. Next you want to complete your profile completely and take your first assessments.



After your application has been processed you’ll want to go log in and take as many assessments as you can. Get her done!


If you’re on your computer have a tab open to Clickworker so you can see the tasks as they come in. They literally take a few minutes to do and it will all add up for you.


I hope this Clickworker jobs review helps you on your path to making some cool dough for your family!