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🥇Clickbank University 2.0 Review

clickbank university review

Don’t waste your time reading any other Clickbank University review - just read this one. You will understand why… 

This is the stuff no one else will tell you.

My goal is to make you a more informed buyer so you can make the right decision for you at this time in your life.

I will even recommend alternatives to Clickbank University (aka CBU) - even one that I don’t particularly care for, so that you know you have options.

So, let me get down to the good, bad and the ugly...

Clickbank University - Is It Worth It?

So, what is Clickbank University? It is an affiliate training program that is part of Clickbank - an online retailer that sells both digital and physical products.

Clickbank University (CBU) will train you to be a successful Clickbank affiliate. The pros of going through the training is that you are taught by top Clickbank affiliates who have done millions in sales such as Robby Blanchard and Justin Atlan.  

Robby has his own Clickbank training course called Commission Hero, which focuses on using Facebook ads to drive traffic. You will need to be able to spend at least $20 daily on ads in order to make it work. Although a good course, this kind of ad spend is out of reach for a lot of newbie marketers, so it's not a course focused on here. 

In fact, here is a video with Robby talking about his success as Clickbank's #1 affiliate....

The Cost

As of this writing the cost of the training is $47/mo. Now when Clickbank University came out the first time, if memory serves me correct, the price back then was somewhere in the neighborhood of $99/mo. So, the cost has been reduced to less than half of what it used to be - which makes it a more affordable option for a lot more people.

What Do You Get

 * Funnel builder (extra charge)
 * Live Q & A
 * Pro Courses - Where you learn from top industry leaders every month
 * Expert interviews
 * Copywriting guide
 * Understanding Facebook Ads
 * Forum (currently in the process of being revamped)

So, you do get a lot of bang for your buck.

The training is broken down into bite-sized lessons to make it easier to learn and so that you’re not feeling overwhelmed with all this information coming at ya.

Clickbank is one of the world’s biggest online retailers and definitely the largest digital marketplace on the Internet. The opportunity to make a substantial income with Clickbank exists and it only makes sense to join its training program.

So, how does Clickbank University compare to other programs? Read on...

Clickbank University vs Wealthy Affiliate

clickbank university vs wealthy affiliate

If you know anything about me, you know that I’m not a huge fan of the tactics that some affiliates of Wealthy Affiliate engage in - up to and including lying, purposely giving out misinformation on competing products/services in order to make Wealthy Affiliate the “winner” in every kind of comparison. Imagine that!

However, Wealthy Affiliate does provide some decent training.

Wealthy Affiliate Cost

The cost of this program is $49/mo - so it’s comparable to Clickbank University in terms of price range. However, there is a free membership that gives you just 10 marketing lessons. The training is broken down to individual lessons/courses i.e. Picking a Niche etc..

What Do You Get

Wealthy Affiliate has weekly live interactive classes in addition, they have classes from e-commerce to drop shipping, to lead generation and all else in between. The vast majority of classes obviously are at the upgraded membership level - not the free one.

So there is a lot of training going on at the $49 level and it covers more than just affiliate marketing. However, this could be both a blessing and curse. When you have too many options, it makes choosing ONE that much more difficult.


Who Wins Clickbank University or Wealthy Affiliate?

clickbank university review 2.0

Let me just put this out there…

Most hopeful people who try their hand at affiliate marketing don’t succeed - they make no money at all. The same can be said about e-commerce, drop-shipping, etc..

There are many reasons for this - one of which is that you’re pretty much alone as you try to build your business. In other words, you have no one to root you on or bounce ideas off of.

This is why now you see a lot of affiliate programs including forums and Facebook groups in their programs. With that said, in my opinion, this is something to consider when looking at a training program.

Communities Make the Difference

Both Wealthy Affiliate and Clickbank University have communities. Clickbank is currently revamping their forum, however, they do have weekly live Q & A sessions.

Wealthy Affiliate has its entire training site community-focused. The downside is that people can get more wrapped up in the conversations going on more than on the training. If you’re a person that is easily distracted, then you may want to look at other options other than Wealthy Affiliate.

Clickbank University has its teachings focused on one thing - making you a better Clickbank affiliate. Because it’s more focused training, your odds of success may be better with this kind of training.

Remember, that once you go through the training at WA, you still have to find an affiliate program and/or find products to promote. With CBU, all the products are contained on Clickbank itself - you don’t have to venture far to find things to promote.

If you had to choose between the two, you may want to choose CBU and master the Clickbank platform before venturing out into broader affiliate marketing.

If you want to do something other than affiliate marketing, say for example e-commerce, you may want to look at WA or better yet a program that specifically teaches only ecommerce.

What if you don’t have any money for either program?

The Third Option For Affiliate Marketing Training


Let me be a little blunt here…

Yes, you can start affiliate marketing without any money, however, In order to be in business successfully, you will eventually need money to build your business in order to pay for tools and advertising.

Free Affiliate Marketing Training

As a no cost alternative, I recommend Mark Ling’s Affilorama program. It teaches you the basics of affiliate marketing and they also offer more in-depth paid courses to help take your business to the next level. Mark has his own tools like a backlinks checker and other keyword research tools that you can use for free. See one of Mark's videos below.

Affilorama is a good program even if you have money to spend, but there is no community collaboration and some of the content produced was done years ago. The basics of affiliate marketing doesn't change - what does change are strategies and tactics especially when it comes down to getting traffic.

How to Decide Between Affilorama, Clickbank University, and Wealthy Affiliate

If you like a more interactive learning environment, and you enjoy watching videos, I would suggest Clickbank University or Wealthy Affiliate. Affilorama is mostly text based and it’s not as interactive as WA and CBU.

Mark does have two other primary products, Pathway to Passive which is all about building niche websites. This may be a little more advanced for the average newbie affiliate marketer. His second primary product is Affiliojetpack, which is almost like a business in a box, complete with your niche specific website and done-for-you emails.

If you like the way Mark teaches, I would suggest starting with Affilorama to get an overview first and then get Affilojetpack. Affilorama although very informative is just a bit to "dry" for my liking - although it may be a better fit for ​beginner marketers who just want to fully understand affiliate marketing.

Just a note - Affilojetpack is basically a business in a box where everything is done for you. Although it’s a nice way to start, in general you really need to learn how to do everything yourself - write your own emails, write your own copy, put up your own website. You want to be always growing and improving.

The MOST Awesome Affiliate Marketing Training

You can’t go wrong with any of the three suggestions here - you just need to carefully look at each one and see which is the best fit for you - and pick ONE. Try it out for a month and if it doesn't suit you, try another one.

I will say that the MOST focused training here is Clickbank University. The more focused you are, the more likely you are to be very successful as an affiliate marketer.

Here are some questions to keep in mind…

  • Do you like how the content is put together?
  • Is the trainer(s) easy to understand?
  • Can you see yourself logging in each day and reading and/or watching the training lessons? 
  • Is there something about the platform that bugs you? Or is something about the platform that you really like? 
  • Are you able to implement the actions suggested to you in the training or is the training too vague?
  • After implementing the actions, how successful were you - if at all?
  • What in the training made the difference or what is lacking in the training that you feel contributed to your lack of success?
clickbank universit vs wealthy affiliate

It Doesn’t Exist

You see there is no one best affiliate program that fits everyone. When it comes to learning the basics of Internet/affiliate marketing,

I tend to recommend products from well-known marketers not products from wanna be gurus who just want to throw together a crappy product real fast in order to make a quick buck.

A lot of these products tend to not be done very well, are not very thorough i.e you need to buy their additional upsells to fill in the gaps the main product doesn’t teach, and the person or people behind the product doesn’t stand by their product i.e. no support, the product is no longer accessible, etc. If you’ve bought products in the past, then you know this to be the case in a lot of instances.

This is why I focused on these three particular products - Clickbank University, Affilorama, and Wealthy Affiliate. People have had success because of what they learned at each one of those programs.

Watch out for all those articles you see online that recommend products no one has ever heard of. If you’re gonna dig into your wallet and spend your money on training, at least spend money on programs that have been proven to help people get started successfully as affiliate marketers.

We’re all different and we all learn differently and in different ways - like the saying goes, there isn’t a one glove fits all approach to choosing a program.

The most important thing is that you absolutely must take ACTION on the knowledge you are given. Knowledge doesn’t put money into your bank account- only applied knowledge does.

I hope you found this helpful!

2 My Funnel Empire Review – Winner or Loser?

If you’re jumping around from one My Funnel Empire Review to another trying to see if it’s legit, well I got news for you that you may or may not like. Wanna hear it?…


My Funnel Empire Review

Are you tired of looking – looking for things that actually work and do what they say they can? Are you seeking something that is so completely “newbie” friendly that you could start making money within 24 hours?


Lastly, are you sick and tired of looking at one My Funnel Empire review after another that really doesn’t tell you anything?


Let me say this…


By the time you get done reading My Funnel Empire review, you’re gonna have a clearer understanding as to what this program is all about – and whether or not it’s for you.


This may be a little controversial – but what they hey, let’s roll with it…


My Funnel Empire Review – What This Program Is and What It Isn’t…


Your biggest concern is probably whether or not this program is legit and if it is, can you make BIG money with it.


I completely understand your hesitation and wanting to know all the facts before you front your hard earned money into this.


Having been on the ‘net for a bit and seen just about every type of fly-by-night scam known to mankind, I have a perspective on this whole make money online industry that you’re not going to find with the average My Funnel Empire reviewer you encounter on the Internet.


Are You Naturally Skeptical?

my funnel empire review

I would say, when I see programs like this, my BS meter goes crazy. I’m a natural skeptic when it comes to programs that look like this. So, if you’re feeling a little nervous about this program, I would say that’s normal.


But get this…


What changed my opinion of this program, was actually watching the video on the home page and doing research on Internet marketing (IM) forums about other programs the owner of this program (Bryan Winters) has created.


I also looked at reviews from experienced marketers (not newbies) who have bought Bryan’s other products because they’re seasoned and like me, have a complete perspective of Internet marketing.


Lastly, I looked up Bryan Winters on one particular IM forum to see what this guy is all about. What I discovered is a guy that stands behinds his products and is passionate about what he does – and that’s helping people.


When I had a question about My Empire Funnel, his customer support (which turned out to be Bryan himself) responded within hours with thorough (not canned) answers. This level of responsiveness and support is unfortunately not a common thing in the home business/Internet marketing arena.


Needless to say, I was very impressed with support.


The only question that remains is what can this product do for you?


In a nutshell, the goal of My Funnel Empire is to make your list-building and money-making efforts easier and faster for you.


If you’re not putting in any efforts at all into making money and you don’t intend to (yeah, I know that sounds laughable, but there are people that think like this), then this product nor any other will help you at all. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme.


I’m just being real…


My Funnel Empire requires your participation in order to reap the huge rewards this program can offer you. Period.


If you want to make enough money to pay a small bill or two every month, then check out paid online surveys. If you want to make money that can give you the opportunity for a higher level of lifestyle i.e. the kind of money that can make real difference in your life, then this is a program you should really check out…


Okay, so you’re probably wondering…


Who is Bryan Winters and What is My Funnel Empire REALLY Selling?


my funnel empire review

Now, when I first came across MFE and the name Bryan Winters, I had no clue as to who this guy was. He wasn’t a guru that was on my radar. Actually I wouldn’t call him a goo-roo at all.


He’s just an average guy that found a way to make money and list-building much faster and easier…


If you’ve been on the Internet a couple of years or so, then you may know him best for the products he has created such as:

  • Commission Miner
  • 5FigureDay
  • Hardcore Funnels
  • 5iphon


Yes, this is the same Bryan Winters that is now behind My Funnel Empire. He has a track record of success which is huge plus because it gives My Funnel Empire more street cred.


What’s Behind My Funnel Empire…

You’ll be relieved to know that there’s no mlm behind the system – no Herbalife, no Empower Network (akin to network marketing), none of that stuff. Now there’s nothing wrong with those programs, it’s just that there have been a LOT of systems in the past that were a front for programs like that and it caught people off guard.


Most peeps want to know if network marketing is involved because some people just don’t like it. Me myself, I love network marketing.


Just to be clear, My Funnel Empire is not a part of anything like that.


What you DO have are programs inside of MFE that will enhance it and help you monetize your funnel. The programs are optional.


There’s no arm-twisting, brow-beating, or name calling for not joining the programs. If you’ve been a part of programs like that or seen them, you probably know which ones I’m referring to that resort to these desperate tactics to get people separated from their wallet.


My philosophy is this…


Do what you’re comfortable with. At the very least with MFE, you can build your list – which is your golden asset in Internet marketing. If you’re serious about producing an income faster, then you’ll put more of your resources into it.


So, if you’re still on the fence about joining My Empire Funnel, then you’re probably wondering…


Is My Funnel Empire Right For Me?


my funnel empire review

If you’ve experienced the pain of failure in Internet marketing, know that it probably wasn’t your fault. You see, Internet marketing is made up of a lot of moving parts.


You have to worry about whether to direct link to your offer vs creating your own lander. And if you create your own lander, you have to make sure it converts with the kind of traffic you’re sending to it.


For long-term profits you have to be list-building and that only works, if you have a converting funnel that converts your leads into buyers or else you just have lists of freebie seekers, and on, and on…


There’s just a lot to Internet marketing and if you have any “kinks” in the process, it will affect your bottom line – your ability to make money.


Now you can see why a lot of affiliates don’t make a single solitary dime. And since trust is a big issue nowadays, list-building is the only way to break down that fear factor and build trust, credibility, and ultimately relationships with people.


My Funnel Empire is that pass that lets you jump ahead in line so that you’re further ahead than most people. You don’t have to worry about testing and tweaking and spending loads of money optimizing a lead capture page and your marketing funnel – MFE has done it already for you. It has built-in products that work to earn you an income.


And because the way it’s coded, when you get people into your MFE funnel, it’s like you have affiliates working for you (like the big gurus do) making you money. It’s a two-tier system that works 24/7 to help build your list and earn you a paycheck.


Alls you gotta do is run traffic to your funnel. In your MFE back office you have access to the top traffic resources at no extra cost.


Who’s It For?

My Funnel Empire is for anyone who has been stung by the bee of failure and frustration trying to get affiliate marketing to work for them. It’s also for anyone who doesn’t want to spend their time and money testing and tweaking to get their funnel optimized. And if you always wanted a high converting offer that lets you build your list at the same time, then My Empire Funnel is the way to go.


Who’s It Not For?



I’m a straight shooter – MFE is not for lazy people or those who don’t wanna put in any effort into their business.


If that sounds like you, well, go do some surveys or something.


You definitely won’t make the kind of money you make with MFE, but you can pay a small bill or two every month.


My Funnel Empire Review is The Last One You’ll Need to Read…


What makes my My Funnel Empire review different than what’s out there is that I’m gonna tell you how it really is…


The big gurus only care about making money for themselves. If you happen to make money, it’s always as a by-product of the gurus making money first. Their sole purpose to creating products is not to help you, but to help themselves first and foremost.


Internet Business Kit

There’s nothing wrong with making money, but if your sole intention is to create junky products that flat out don’t work in hopes you make money before people figure out you’re running a scam – well, that’s wrong.


I’m not saying all IM gurus are like this, but there is enough of them out there that are like this that you really need to be weary of what you buy.


When you see a product that comes along that is designed to help you build a monetized list, then it’s something you’ll want to jump on while it’s still available.


Speaking of which, I can’t write a My Funnel Empire review without mentioning the cons – and there is really one…


MFE is the baby of Bryan Winters. If Bryan decides to pull the plug on this and not let any more people sign up or if he decides to take it off the market, there’s nothing you can do.


MFE is a great program to promote, but eventually you’ll want to add in a long-term residual program like SFI, a membership site, monthly coaching service, etc…. You NEVER want to put all your “eggs” in one basket in case the owner of the product (or any company for that matter) decides to call it quits.


The great thing about My Funnel Empire is that you’re building your list. Nearly most affiliate programs don’t let you build your list at the same time you’re promoting their product. Remember, you can always make money as long as you have a list.


Is This For You?

If you’re miserable jumping from one program to another in hopes of making money online and you’re willing to put forth decent effort into a powerful high converting system, then you’ll want to check out My Funnel Empire. It just makes list-building and making money that much simpler…

my funnel empire review

What Is the Internet Business Kit?

Curious about the Internet Business Kit and whether or not it will work for you? Before you pull out your wallet you’ll want to read every word of this very carefully…


affiliate marketing

Being an Internet marketer is like being caught in a revolving door – you’re in one program for a little bit and then you’re out. You then find something else that you hope is better, but then that doesn’t “pan” out and so you’re out of that program and on to the next and the next….


Can you relate?


Do you feel like sometimes you’re treading water…only making enough money to only keep your head above the “water?” Do you feel like you’re not making fast progress in any direction?


In fact, you may have noticed that the last few programs you joined seem to only give you a partial solution to making money online.




You don’t matter to them. The gurus don’t care if what they sell you actually works – they already got your money! I’ve seen many gurus and outright scamsters sell people a bill of goods.


They never tell you all the things you ought to know in order to be successful online.


Which is why you’ve probably bumped into a lot of frustrated and broke Internet marketers trying desperately to make some money online. You may even feel like you’re one of them.


Internet Business Kit

You see, success is going to always be one step ahead of you if you were never given the truth about what it takes to succeed.


Success is going to be ten steps ahead of you if you signed up with a flawed business program that was designed solely for the benefit of the company and not you.


Seeing is Believing – Sometimes

Internet marketing has a lot of “smoke and mirrors” – in other words, things aren’t always what they seem.


Then there’s the flipside, where money can be made so much easier and faster than with a traditional business, that it makes you wonder, Is this real?


Which brings us to the Internet Business Kit


Is the Internet Business Kit a Scam?


facebeast review

You’re probably quite skeptical of a lot of money programs considering that maybe you’ve been in a lot of opportunities for one reason or another that just didn’t work out for you. I can’t blame you for being somewhat skeptical of Internet Business Kit.


What you don’t want to do, however, is to be so skeptical that you label everything you come across as a scam.


How do you ever hope to be successful if you’re not open-minded – at least a little bit?


And if you’ve seen people promoting Internet Business Kit (aka IBK) by posting screenshots online of what they say is their PayPal account, then maybe it did raise some red flags for you. I see how you would feel that way.


But this is where you do a wee bit of research to see if this Internet Business Kit is really a scam or a legit opportunity.


Let me end the suspense right here and now… IBK is not a scam.


It’s a real program that has real value beyond just promoting it to make money. You may want to re-read that sentence again. This is huge point that you really want think about before you start your next money-making venture.


Keep on reading…


How is the Internet Business Kit Different Than Anything You’ve Been A Part Of…?


Have you’ve been in programs before where the product you were promoting was questionable in nature? How did it make you feel about presenting it to people? Your family/friends? Did it make you feel “icky?”


Internet Business Kit

You’ll be happy to know that you’re not going to feel that way about Internet Business Kit.


You won’t feel guilty, ashamed,or embarrassed promoting IBK suite of products to anyone – even your friends.


Look, if you don’t believe in what you’re doing, you’re gonna have a hard time making money in any kind of business.


In fact, I can almost guess that part of your problems with making money in the past, was that you lacked belief in the company and/or the products you were selling.


The Gurus Must Take Some Responsibility Too

Remember earlier where I mentioned that a lot of guru products only give you half the solution and as result a lot of people fail online? Well, Internet Business Kit has exceeded in areas where other products have failed.


Internet Business Kit

You see, in addition to not having all the right information in front of you to help you build a business online, you probably ran into money issues – like not making enough money with the products you were promoting.


In other words, you probably didn’t make enough money for all the effort you were putting in and/or your checks were so small that it almost wasn’t worth the effort.


Want to know the formula for misery?


Selling $7, $15, $25 products that pay out one time and that have no back-end profits – and expecting to make a significant income from that.


Sure you can pull off a lot of money selling those kinds of products in that price range – if you’re selling hundreds of them consistently all the time. Are you able to sell a lot of these products consistently? If not, you may want to rethink solely selling these kinds of low commission products.


So, you now you know some of the issues that a lot of Internet marketers like yourself are facing. It can be a hopeless situation if you don’t recognize the writing on the wall. Here’s where things can start to get better…


IBK Solves Three of the Biggest Problems That Most Marketers Face


1. It reveals the important ingredients you MUST have to be really successful online


2. It has real products and services that people want (and are paying BIG bucks for)


3. It shows you how to make bigger and faster checks on the Internet without selling sketchy programs (or your soul to the devil!)


Size is Everything When It Comes to Commissions


Imagine what it would be like if you could make enough money every month to pay your mortgage by just making one sale per day. It’s possible, if you’re willing to read every word of this very carefully…


Internet Business Kit

You see, the most powerful thing about Internet Business Kit is that you’re able to make 100% commissions on a product that pays out $150 to your PayPal account.


So your money is available a lot quicker than with an ordinary affiliate program where you have to wait up to thirty days plus just to get paid. Now that’s a pain if that’s your only income.


IBK strives to be different. Billee Brady, the creator of IBK, knows that the fortune is not only in the follow-up, but it’s also in faster cashflow.


The more money you can make at a faster pace, the more money you have to pay your bills and the more money you can put back into your business to grow it even faster.


Think about this…


Just on sale per day can make you $4500 per month. Would an extra $4k per month help you?


If so, keep on reading…


Curious About What You Get With IBK?


Unlike most reviews you see of the Internet Business Kit, I’m not gonna just talk about the money you can make. It’s not fair to only cover that aspect without telling you what kind of products you’re aligning yourself with.


internet business kit

What you need to know with Internet Business Kit is that you’re getting resell rights to sell the Internet Business Kit to people just like you who are looking for ways to make money online.


This is how you’re gonna get paid directly from your customers into your own PayPal account. There is no middleman.

Here’s what you get:

  • Access to Cutting-Edge Marketing Tools
  • Step-by-Step Training on How to Set Up Your New Internet Business in Under 60 Minutes
  • Pre-Written Follow Up Emails
  • Pre-Made Sales Pages/Training
  • Capture Page Templates/Training
  • Traffic Training And Resources
  • The Ability To Start Making Money TODAY!


Once you set up your own system, you’ll see how the pieces work together so that you can use this model in any kind of business. Everything is laid out for you – no missing pieces.


The Cons and Pros of Internet Business Kit

If you’re reader of this blog, you’ll see that I like to lay it all on the line so that you get an accurate picture of what it is you’re getting involved with before you get involved with it.


And so I do have to give you the cons of IBK…


Let me see…how I can say this…


IBK is not for broke marketers. Sorry. You’ve gotta have the funds to pull this program together and that includes having an autoresponder.


If you’re going to be a real Internet marketer, then an autoresponder is something you MUST have sooner rather than later. You can get one for less than $20 bucks a month. Aweber or Get Response are pretty much the top two services. Get Response has a 30 day free trial. You can get that here.


You’ve gotta be an action taker! This is not an overnight get rich scheme. Yes you can make a lot of money with IBK – if you put in the effort. This is not really a con because all programs require effort.


The Pros of IBK

  • We will show you ways to get traffic for free
  • You get paid $150 per sale (minus the PayPal fees of course)
  • You get paid instantly (takes approximately 3 days for the funds to clear for PayPal)
  • No chargebacks,
  • No waiting weeks to get paid
  • Quality products that are in demand
  • I will pay out of my own pocket for traffic to your IBK site for 30 days
  • You’re just about in profit when you make your first sale!


With a lot of programs that pay out this high, you will see that you have to invest a lot of money just to get started to the tune of hundreds of dollars and in some cases thousands of dollars. On top of that, a lot of these programs have reoccurring costs just to stay in the affiliate program to earn your check!


Internet Business Kit is different…


IBK is measley $200 bucks and no recoccuring costs. If you can’t scrape together a couple hundred bucks for something that has the opportunity to make you a six-figure income, then I question whether Internet marketing is the right place for you.


Sounds Good, But How Do I Know if the Internet Business Kit is Right For Me?


internet business kit

Here’s what I like to tell people…


If you’re miserable doing what you’re doing…


If you’re not making enough money for all the effort you’re putting in…


If you’re wanting to make faster money…


If you have financial goals for you and your family that will never come to fruition unless you do something other than what you’ve been doing…


Then you owe it to yourself to at least take a look and see how IBK can help you.


===> Click here to get started…



Affiliate Programs That Pay Instantly With PayPal – Any Legit Ones?

If you’re troubled by the lack of real affiliate programs that pay instantly with PayPal, then you’ll want to read this….


affiliate programs that pay instantly with PayPal

Are you puzzled?


You may be looking for ways to get more cash flowing into your business but you can’t seem to find the right kind of products that convert quickly into sales.


Then you have those products that seem to always have people refunding on you – ouch! It’s no fun to see all that hard work of driving traffic to an offer only to go down the drain as your customers decide they don’t “like” the product anymore.


You may scratching your head wondering, “Is it me or is it the product?”


As you were contemplating your next move to find ways to finally increase profits into your business, you probably stumbled upon affiliate programs that pay instantly with PayPal.


In fact, you may have even tried products that paid out via PayPal in the past only to discover that these so called info-products were a bunch of c#%p!


Has that ever happen to you? Have people on your list ever complain about the bad products you’ve recommended to them?


If so, then you know the despair of seeing your hopes and even your reputation go down the drain. Do you think your list is gonna trust YOU so easily again?


Here’s what it is…


If you keep promoting junk to your list, pretty soon you’ll have more people exiting your list then getting on.


[stextbox id=”info”]TIP: If you’re a small business (non-Internet marketer), you’ll want to find products/services that convert quickly. The faster you can deliver cash into your business, the faster you can put money back into your business.[/stextbox]


So, now you’re wondering if there are any instant commission products that actually work…and don’t suck.


Let me say this…


The Shocking Truth About Affiliate Programs That Pay Instantly With PayPal


Autopilot Income System

It’s no secret that there are a LOT of info programs and software that are totally and completely trash. Unfortunately the Internet is littered with this junk. There are even quite a few marketers who have made a name for themselves creating this rubbish – they’re called scammers!


To be fair, there are marketers who just create bad products – period. They offer very little support or sometimes no support at all. Then they go on to “create” products after products that may or may not work. It’s just the luck of the draw.


This brings us back to the biggest issue with instant payment affiliate programs – they’re usually not the best (to put it mildly).


You really have to do some digging or if you’re lucky like I was, stumble upon affiliate programs that pay instantly with PayPal that actually have some value.


Look, you don’t want to “stiff” your list by peddling just anything in order to put a commission check in your pocket. You’ll lose a lot more in the end, than you’ll ever gain.


affiliate programs that pay instantly with PayPal

I do understand the importance of having high converting products in your arsenal.


If you don’t have that, then at the very least you should have valuable affiliate programs that pay instantly.


If you want a powerful combination, you’ll want some of both in addition to legit CPA offers in your marketing funnel.


So, the next question on your mind is where do I find those real affiliate programs that pay instantly?


How to Deliver Value and Still Get Fast Commissions


Now, like I stated before, there are a lot of sketchy fast commission products – (no joke), which is why you sometimes need to actually buy the product to make sure that:

A) It works and…
B) It’s worthy of its price-tag


You either somewhat agree or completely disagree with that. And to that I say…

affiliate programs that pay instantly with PayPal


Go Do Something Else
If you’re not willing to at least buy some of the products that you recommend, especially if it’s in a niche that you’re already familiar with, then you may want to reconsider being an Internet marketer.


Go find another way to make money – we don’t need more uncaring people in this industry. After all you can get some bills paid by doing real paid online surveys.


I absolutely know that it’s not feasible to buy every single product you promote. After all, you’re not gonna be in the right demographics or the right target market for every product.


But sometimes you gotta reach into your pocket and spend a little dough just to make sure what you’re promoting works especially if it’s a product from a marketer you’re not familiar with or one that has a less stellar reputation.


If you’re tired of messing around with products that don’t covert and dealing with those serial refunders, then this is what you’ve been looking for…


Internet Business Kit – The Affiliate Program That Pay Instantly With PayPal


affiliate programs that pay instantly with PayPal

This is a proven product that actually works.


You’re able to give value to people who are trusting your recommendations and are willing to dive into their wallet to get a product that will finally help them make money online quickly.


How Much Can I Make?
The payout with Internet Business Kit is $150 per sale. You’re getting 100% commission on this product. If you just make one sale per day you could make $4500 per month. You won’t be able to buy a Ferrari but you could pay off some bills.


Obviously, the more sales you make, the more money you’re gonna make and you could feasibly buy that Ferrari if that’s what you’re into.


How Do I Get Sales?
Internet Business Kit (or IBK for short), shows you literally step-by-step how to get sales and how to market online for free. There’s free software included and a plugin that will make it so much easier on you to put it all in place.


[stextbox id=”warning”]HOT TIPIf you don’t have a blog, get one from Plug in Profit Site. They will set up a WordPress blog for you with a nice theme and even host it (for a limited time ONLY) at no cost. Alls you have to do is just sign up for the program here and pick at least ONE program.[/stextbox]


The Bigger Picture to Making Money Online
Internet Business Kit is surprisingly very good because it show you how to make money online selling any kind of product. It shows you how to put the pieces together so that it can work in any niche. If you take what you learn, you can apply it to anything you already doing to get better results.


Are You a Beginner?
If you’re a beginner marketer you’ll appreciate the step-by-step instructions. Instead of spending thousands of dollars trying to learn Internet marketing and putting it all in place, you can learn what you need to know to begin making money online that much quicker with this simple little system.


affiliate programs that pay instantly with PayPal

This course greatly appeals to beginners (and or Internet marketing disbelievers out there) because they have the dreaded screenshots that noobs love so much.


Not much of fan of screenshots but there is an element out there that “eat” this stuff up! To each his own I guess.


Will It Work For You?
If you’re looking for instant payment affiliate programs that are NOT sketchy, that actually helps people, and does what it says, then Internet Business Kit is one of the few that has been proven to work. With that said, If you don’t apply yourself then of course nothing is going to work for you.


If you’re tired of spinning your wheels selling products that just waste your time and money because they don’t convert into sales easily or if you’re tired of waiting thirty days just to see sales you made the previous month (minus the refunds of course), then affiliate programs that pay instantly with PayPal like Internet Business Kit is what you want if you want to see faster and bigger commission checks – and still sleep well at night.




What is the Best Affiliate Program to Make Money With?

Looking for the best paying affiliate network? Are you trying to make money as an affiliate? Are you stuck on choosing a niche? Don’t know where to start or what to do? Then this may just the thing you need to read before you waste anymore time or money…


affiliate program

Here’s a question I just got asked and I wanted to shed some light on this subject…because it’s kinda of a loaded question – let me explain…


Different Strokes For Different Folks


That’s a line from the old Sly Stone song, Everyday People. And oddly enough it rings true in marketing as well. Here’s a flashback…



There are many affiliate programs and affiliate networks. Some people like promoting Amazon products and if you ask them what’s the best affiliate program they would say it’s Amazon!


Then you have those diehard Clickbank marketers who only promote CB products. If you ask them what’s the best affiliate program they would say Clickbank.


how to choose affiliate progam

Are you ready to pull your hair out yet?



This May Be the Better Question to Ask…


Your goals as an online marketer are to provide solutions to people’s problems and in turn get paid for it. Whatever dreams you have for your family can only come true if you make money. Let’s be clear about that…


So, what does it take to make money?


Understanding it’s about traffic and conversions – and matching the offer to the right kind of traffic.


If you were selling hair combs, would you try to go out and market to men who have no hair? Well of course not. You wouldn’t get very many conversions if any at all. In fact, if you did any paid marketing, odds are you would lose a whole lot of money because you didn’t match the offer to the traffic.


If you get that, then you’re far ahead of most marketers online…many of whom struggle greatly. Don’t forget that you need a home business mindset right from the get go because this isn’t a hobby but a way to change your financial future.


So, how do you start to choose an affiliate program?


Some people start by choosing a niche and finding offers that would appeal to that niche. You can find offers on such sites like Clickbank, Commission Junction, JV Zoo, etc…


Some people find offers that they think would convert well and then drive traffic directly to that page, a pre-sell page, or to their squeeze page. People find offers on the sites listed above and also on affiliate networks like Peerfly.


There are some people who only like CPA offers, whereas there are people who only like Amazon products; and then there are those who like to promote the higher paying offers like GRN. Some people just mix it up with all kinds of offers.


Next comes traffic…


How You Promote May Determine Your Affiliate Programs


affiliate program

Choosing an offer may be the simple part, if I can call it that, but the bread and butter is getting traffic to convert on your offer.


If you’re going to do SEO (search engine optimization), you’ll want to see what kind of keywords are available (i.e. that you can rank for) that you can target.


If the keywords are going to be quite hard to rank for, then you may want to consider promoting another product or find other means to generate traffic.


If you’re going to shell out some money for paid traffic, then you’ll have more room to experiment and find out what traffic works well for your offer. The caveat is that it can take you testing various traffic methods and landing pages until you find a combination that works – and that could cost you a lot of money.


In a nutshell, you’ve got to decide how you’re going to drive traffic to your offers. The traffic methods you’re going to use may play a huge role in what kind of offers you’ll end up promoting.


The List of Affiliate Networks and Affiliate Programs


Now this list isn’t meant to be complete but just a way to get the ball rolling. Some of the listings below are either affiliate networks, websites that have their own affiliate program


Here she goes…

  •  Clickbank
  • Commission Junction
  • Share a Sale
  • JV Zoo
  • Pay Dot Com
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Expedia
  • Offer Vault – List offers that are on CPA Networks
  • NeverBlue – CPA Affiliate Network
  • Peerfly – CPA Affiliate Network


Network Marketing Affiliate Programs and Products


 Travel Programs

  • Global Resorts Network Affiliate – High commission travel program. The benefits of this program is that you get a faster turn-around of commissions and the payouts are up to $6k per sale.
  • Travelocity – Well known travel site. Also has a private branded program (white label) program.
  • Outside Agents – You get to become a real travel agent by working with this host agency. This is not an affiliate program per se, but if you want to be a travel agent in the true sense of the word, then this would be one of the best ways to go.


Putting It All Together


Now that you’ve kinda narrowed it down to perhaps a certain kind of affiliate product or a niche, your next step is to get traffic. Now this is where most people get stuck.


affiliate program

There are many ways to drive traffic. I’ve alluded to paid methods and SEO earlier. But more specifically, you’ve got to know how you plan to get enough eyeballs on your offers so you can make some cash.


Are you going to do Pay Per Click? ArticleMarketing/Syndication? Solo Ads? I suggest you pick one method and get good at it so that’s it’s producing sales for you before you add on additional methods.


For learning just about paid traffic generation, I recommend this buy web site traffic course. If you’re a network marketer (and even if you’re not), MLSP has some kick butt training on lead generation on social media sites like Facebook…not to mention you can earn multiple checks with MLSP.


So, what’s the best affiliate program? The one that you can make money with.


Your partner in success,



Adrian Morrison Internet Marketing? Can He Help You or Is There a BETTER Way?

Adrian Morrison…Internet marketing? You’ve seen those infomercials on late night TV…the guy with the Justin Bieber hair-do pitching his Internet marketing products. But is he being REALISTIC with you about what you can REALLY make on the Internet with his products? This you’ve got to read.



It’s almost too good to be true. Adrian Morrison, Internet marketing “guru”, wants you to buy his products because he’s getting really AMAZING results – and says you can too!


Do you want the truth?


I do have his Social Commissions product (just got it recently) and I just glanced over some of the content. To be fair I have not gone thoroughly over each ebook, but from what I see it is a lot of general knowledge.


I know it’s aimed at the complete beginner, but some common sense steps could be left out so he could get to the “meat” of the training.


Is it revolutionary? Hardly.


What are the odds you’ll have success just using what’s taught in this Social Commissions course? 50/50. And I’m being overly optimistic.


Here’s what’s missing that you need to know.


Adrian Morrison Internet Marketing – What You MUST Understand



Although Adrian goes through the nuances of explaining each site and how to set it up and what not, he doesn’t tell you the IMPORTANT thing you really need to understand about Internet Marketing.


You can follow Adrian Morrison Internet marketing Social Commissions product to the letter and still FAIL.




Internet marketing is more than just going up to social media sites and “setting” them up and expecting money to come rolling in. In the REAL Internet marketing world, there’s a lot more to it.


I know Adrian Morrison wants to sell products which should be the goal of every marketer, but you have to know that there’s more…a lot more to it.


What do you mean?


Adrian Morrison Internet Marketing Social Commissions is all about the social media sites, in reality it’s all about testing and ultimately conversions.


You will “dry out” your wallet trying to do paid marketing if you don’t understand traffic and conversions. If you send a lot of traffic (people) to a website that doesn’t convert them into people on your list and/or ultimately buyers, you’re WASTING your time and money.


I’ve been an Internet marketer for some time and I can tell you the top reason people fail at Internet marketing is that they don’t understand that what they sell has to convert into buyers…either immediately or inside your marketing funnel.


Should You Buy Adrian Morrison Internet Marketing Products?


adrian Morrison Internet Marketing

Adrian’s product is informative as to how to set up certain social media sites. But if you’re looking to make money right now and not five years from now, I suggest you do what’s proven to work first.


After you’re on the road to making some money then gradually buy products that will help improve your marketing skill.


(NOTE: Most people do it the other way around…they buy product after product only to get confused by all the information and ultimately FAIL).


Here’s what I suggest…

If you want to get some good solid training on how to do Internet marketing, I highly suggest you stick to my list of online digital marketing training that have been proven to work to get you the education you need so you can begin making money online.


If you want to earn as you learn and you’re willing to hit your income goals as fast as possible, I suggest a high-ticket affiliate offer.


Don’t you think it’s about time you stop wasting time and money buying products that don’t work or don’t give you all the information you need to succeed?


Well of course.


Adrian Morrison Internet Marketing worth it?  I’d say there’s better out there.


Your partner in success,



Is Viral Affiliate Marketing Institute Worth the Cost?

If you’re looking to the Viral Affiliate Marketing Institute to help teach you about affiliate marketing, you may be in for a rude awakening – let me tell you why…


viral affiliate marketing institute

The internet is littered with all kinds of training programs that supposedly teach you how to market online. One of the latest is the Viral Affiliate Marketing Institute, a program by prominent Internet marketer Frank Bauer (co-founder of Viralurl, Viralplr, etc…).


By now, you may be confused as to which of the training programs to choose from. What’s even worse is that Frank Bauer comes along with his affiliate marketing course to confuse you even more.


So, How Do You Choose the Best Affiliate Training Course?


I’ve learned a lot over the years from many different trainers and programs and I can say hands the #1 rule is that there is no single best training course. That’s probably not what you want to hear, but it’s the truth.


viral affiliate marketing institute

What I can say for sure is that there are online digital marketing training programs that are highly regarded more than others. You can read more about in the above link.


What’s important though is that the training program gives you enough substance so that you can then go out and start making money online. I’ve seen more than my share of programs that give out information so vague that you really can’t do nothing with it.


Those kinds of programs are a waste of your time and money. You do want a program that shows you how to drive traffic – I mean really show you. None of this just write articles and submit them to directories kind of training.


Unfortunately there’s no lack of programs that give you outdated training tactics that worked five years ago, but don’t work as well today. Just be aware.


What’s also important is finding a training program that teaches you the way you want to be taught. If you learn best by watching videos, then make sure the course has plenty of videos.


If you’re more of a reader, then make sure there is written content. If you like learning from both videos and written content, then make sure you choose a program that has both. If you have a short attention span, then make sure the training content is broken up so that it’s more digestible for you.


Now that you have a good idea of what you’re looking for in an training program and what you don’t want, let’s see if the Viral Affiliate Marketing Institute can measure up.


Read on…


The Viral Affiliate Marketing Institute – What You Really Get


If you’re on the fence about this program, let me share with you some of the important things you would probably want to know before you joined – such as…


    • Free 7 day eCourse – Before you pay a single cent, you can get a taste of the training with a seven-day course to whet your whistle.


    • Discount Trial – If you like the 7 days course, then you’ll want to take the $2.97 for 14-days discount trial period.


  • $19.97 /mo – After the 7 days, you will be billed at a monthly rate of $19.97 which is on the lower end when it comes to affiliate marketing training


The Training


viral marketing institute

You get training on everything from picking out affiliate programs to driving traffic using YouTube to learning how to build a relationship with your list.


The Viral Affiliate Marketing Institute seems to have everything you need to kick-start your success as an affiliate marketer. All you have to do is apply the effort. You can learn more about this program here.


Your partner in success,




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